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Book a Session with Lindsey

Lindsey is energy healer and energy reader. She is also what you’d call an angel and spirit guide medium... but we don’t like boxes or labels here ...


In a reading Lindsey channels directly your spirit guides and the information they are wanting to deliver to you based on what questions and areas of life you’re wanting to focus on. She pulls up your soul blueprint to look at any past life and karmic patterns that may be affecting your current situation. 


Energetically she works on clearing out stagnated and stuck energies from your centers that are holding you back from embodying your highest power, or that have created emotional, mental, physical ailments and imbalances. 


This reading is NOT here to tell you all the answers and predict this and that. 


This is about reawakening you to your own connection, gifts, spirituality, and power. This is about cutting cords with conditioning, karmic ties, and past life traumas to free you into your wholeness. This is about rekindling the empowerment within you. Not handing it over to someone to tell you what to do. 


This is SOUL deep; it’s about you diving into what’s right at the soul level and uncovering all the conditioning, fears, karma, and whatever else might be hiding you from experiencing your own energy and connection. This is about YOU. Not that one guy or your sisters best friend, it’s about tuning into YOU at a soul level. 


Lindsey does pick up on deceased loved ones when THEY want to come through. The soul has its own evolution and she will not disrupt their process to pull them in. If they choose to pop in (it might be the first or the fourth reading, all their timing), then she will make note of what’s coming through. 


Why Lindsey started doing this was to reconnect others to their own power and to gift clarity through guides when navigating uncertain, healing, awakening, and transitional phases.

Come OPEN to the experience and drop all expectations. 

Live sessions are NOT recorded. You can record the conversation yourself if you wish. If not, note taking is encouraged.

Prepare to start the conversation with diving into what questions you have for your guides, where you are at in life, and what brought you to this space. 

This is a sacred space that is here to hold you. Your trust and vulnerability are honored here with more guidance. The more you share- the more you receive. Prepare to voice your vulnerability.