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New Earth Manifesting Workshop

New Earth Manifesting Workshop

Have you tried all the programs, workshops, and memberships and still can't manage the BIG things in life and are left feeling like you're continually picking old wounds and conditioning to get nowhere? This replay of my live workshop is all about manifesting at a quantum level to finally stop working through reparenting and conditioning to manifest your desires!

In this workshop you'll learn: 

The necessary steps for reclaiming your creative power and recognizing your own power. To amplify your manifestation essence. 

How to release victim mentality and adopt a creator mindset. 

How to reprogram your energetic belief patterning and subconscious, which is constantly manifesting whether we like it or not. 

How to get rid of those "blocks" FOR GOOD! 

How to stop recreating the same situations and scenarios. 

The process of quantum leaps and how to manifest at a quantum level.

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    $24.00Sale Price