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Divine Alchemy Workshop

Divine Alchemy Workshop

So many enjoyed the live workshop, I wanted everyone to have access to this potent teaching. Enjoy the replay of the live teaching and activation to help yourself harness the abilities of true divine alchemy to shift yourself, your life, and the planet. This workshop includes: 

-The understanding of true divine alchemy 

-The Violet Flame

-Vortex points of the violet flame 

-Guides of the Violet Flame: St. Germaine, Lady Portia, Archangel Metatron, and a message from Kuan Yin 

-How to utilize and work with the Violet Flame to transmute and alchemize ANYTHING. 

-Programming Crystals with the Violet Flame 

-Opening Portals

-Violet Flame Attunement  

-Manual with symbols and overview of teachings 

-and more!