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Venus Retrograde 2020: The Crystal Gate of Ascension

We have three planets joining Pluto in Retrograde this week Saturn, Jupiter, and Venus. Saturn and Jupiter have extremely mild transits and are only heightening the collective energy at this time. However, this is also marking an important energy portal opening: The Crystal Gate of Ascension. This is opening us up to our I Am presence and our truth as sovereign creators of ourselves and our world. However, the heart has to ascend first and then the rest follows. Which leads us to Venus.

The planet of Love is going retrograde on May 13, 2020 through June 25, 2020 and has a stronger effect than other retrogrades at this time. Retrogrades are not all the same potency; the degrees, placements, and emphasis on the planet holds an influence on the strength of the retrograde.

Venus is the sign that is all about love, art, romance, soul relationships, pleasure, art, sex, and money.

Retrograde periods are when a planet appears to move backwards creating a re-evaluation period.

Venus is stationed Retrograde in the sign of Gemini. Gemini is an Air sign that is represented by the twins and embodies the teacher, the talker, the story teller, they love exchanging words and conversation. Gemini represents the child-like spirit and youthfulness of the zodiac that wants to understand everything and is curious about everything. They are adaptable and they question everything much like a child. They are sociable and adaptable and often moving from one thing from the next excitably. They need and crave a variety of information and interaction to take in and sample a multitude of peoples, facts, and information. Gemini is ruled by Mercury which governs communication, peer relationships, travel, electronics, mental and intellectual energy.

This will be bringing up past relationships and having them reemerge. This is bringing a reevaluation to the past relationships we have had as well as the current relationships in the sense of our romantic partners and our closer friend groups. This is catapulting us to review our relationships to purge the emotions and reintegrate the lessons that they have taught us. This is an assessment period in which we will be evaluating our relationships to see if they meet our soul’s truth and desires. Soul contracts have been rewritten and are being rewritten as the timelines continue to shift and change. This is shaking up some relationships and as the old timelines clear and purge- our past relationships will be surfacing as they clear from our auric fields.

Our relationships have been our biggest teachers in this life and we are often teaching each other whether we realize it or not. We have formed the connects we have due to a contracted determination which was imprinted into our Akashic Records for this lifetime. The Akashic Records are rewriting and clearing as the timelines shift during this monumental time on Earth. Meaning the relationships and connections that play a significant role in our life will be shifting too. All relationships are under review. Whatever is no longer aligned with the soul’s new trajectory and path will be leaving. We often have the biggest illusions within our relationships and now is the time they will be revealed. This is a stalling in the forward progression of movement in relationships and a slowing down to properly reevaluate who is in our life now. Whatever loose ends were left untied expect communication to be coming up directly loud and clear to get the closer that you’ve needed, or the other party, has needed to move on. This is also giving way for soul’s to rekindle relationships that have been now cleared of karmic ties and have taken a new contracted meaning to assist and guide in missionary work on Earth during this time. This is facilitating the union of many Soul Flame’s and Twin Flames as it is initiating communication and contact with a level of light-heartedness and loosing the rigidity and intense approach.

Communication with ex’s, old friend’s, and past business partners are highly likely to be emerging now. Dreams of old lover’s, past relationship issues, and of past situations within your close relationships will also be prominent as they subconsciously are cleared from your being. This is continuing to assist in the clearing of our Sacral Chakra from the past and past life experiences. The womb is where we store the most of our trauma especially in the realm of the Divine Feminine. Sex and repression, shame, harassment, and misuse of sex as well as abuse, rape, and more has been a reoccurring theme for centuries. We now are healing and purging these energies completely from the collective Sacral Chakra. This is a deep purge of the Sacral so that we can fully embody a healthy divine masculine energy and purge all distortion.

This is expanding our Heart Chakra and sending us into total healing of the heart. Our relationships with others is where we have acquired the most conditioning in this world. Many have lacked the raw realness in relationships and interactions today that are required for real intimacy. Intimacy- meaning and signifying, into me you see. We have hidden behind ego wounds and masks out of fear that we will not be accepted or loved. We have a collective fear of not being loved as our true selfs and our natural light. We have had condition for beauty, pleasure, and stereotypes that have led to massive suppression and repression of power and ability.

Venus rules our magnetism, how we attract what we want into our world and how we are able to create our desires into the physical world. Where we have remained repressed in love and close relationships, where we have shied away from love, where we have closed off our heart, is where we have lacked within our physical experience and that which we have stagnated within our creation. The heart is the centralized motor for our existence and being- it is the connection to the higher realms and love is the catalyst of everything. We have fallen into the illusions that we have to be, do, look, or act a specific way to be worthy of love. We have fallen in the trap that love must be earned and is something that can be acquired. The heart is where we have access to the mind of God and we have remained estranged from God or Source due to the hurt and pain we have carried in our heart. We have allowed the ego to hold the purest golden light from our heart hostage due to the conditions of our external world. The heart is connected to the Divine Mind of God and until you reach a state of total openness and healing within the Heart space the ego and the mind will continually rule. This in turns causes karmic cycles in relationships and habitual patterns to keep occurring through different incarnations. Leaving many stuck and stagnated, attracting the same situation with different relationships over and over, attracting relationships based on money/fame, physical attributes, shallow chemistry, and that lack a real soul purpose. This is a period of reassessment and resurfacing of all that has kept the heat stagnated and away from it’s truth to be healed in order to awaken and reawaken to the truth of all, love. This is the rekindling of the love of self and the love of other, the love of Earth and the Love of Source. This is a return to the heart.

This is opening up and focusing on the Throat Chakra as well. We have repressed our voice and truth in our relationships out of fear. In order to really embody the energies of Venus and return to Love in life we have to cast out all fear. This is the period in which the things we have been too scared to say to our partners, and in our close relationships will be finding a way to be expressed ready or not. The urge to speak your truth to reach out to ex’s, past business partners, and close friends to really speak the truth of your emotions and feelings will be strong. This can be like a volcanic eruption sporadic, speedy, and quick; however, it can also be witty, playful, child-like banter. What truth’s have yet to be spoken and have remained unspoken will be surfacing in all relationships. This can be said during dreams, but; given the nature of the aspects of this event most will be expressed utilizing technology. Have you ever noticed the way a child communicates? Most children have no shame in loudly professing their thoughts, feelings, desires, and expressions, even when parents are not always proud, they fight for their freedom of expression without guilt, shame, or repression. They blurt out their true inner desires and feelings without much thought and do not hesitate to express their truth. You can think of this Retrograde much like the inhibitions of a child. We have been conditioned in so many ways against our natural expression of voice that many overthink endlessly before expressing themselves, if at all. We will see a massive throat chakra release with this phase and Retrograde..

This is leaving us reevaluating our desires and our truth in the realm of home, family, work, diet, indulgences, and material needs and desires. This phase is helping us develop a level of discernment. We have remained an overindulgent, materialistic, and ever consuming society. This aspect is really pushing us to rethink that which is truly pleasurable to us. This is reevaluating the temptations of the material and physical world to rekindle the real value of love. We have based love in the collective as a material and physical expression, rather than the soul expression and life that glows within our heart. Additionally, this is having us reassess our values in terms of our home and family matters. This is reassessing where we live, our living space, environment, and in addition to who we share this space with. We have remained a collective who has the luxury of overindulging in distractions of substances, alcohol, and food. With this period you can expect the collective to be presented with an energetic reassessment of addictive, overindulgent, and gluttonous behaviors and consumption.

Additionally, this aspect can leave many feeling the affects of the current affairs, feeling exceptionally lonely, isolated, and longing for love more than ever. Venus and Gemini are both very sociable and relationship oriented aspects and this can leave many mourning the social environment we had prior to the current events on Earth. A “breaking point” of the structures that have been in place during this time. As many in the world begin to integrate back into the regular social structure and way of life this is a time when we will be reevaluating what connections mean. Even with the opening and lifting of closures, life ceases to continue the way it had. We have changed, you have changed. This is a space and time to reconnect with the love within yourself. To find that companionship within you, to date yourself, to be your own lover and to explore and reassess who you are. This is a time that follows a massive rebirth and in the process falling back in love with your truth self is in the cards. This is a place in time to reconnect with your passions, your pleasures, and what truly lights you up.