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The purpose of existence, life, and all it's moving parts.

I am moving out of my comfort zone into a place that is very personal to me. Revealing more of the inner workings of my soul- the personal writings that I store away. I have felt called to bring them forward for whatever and whoever is attracted to this space, in hopes of reawakening you to the power you have, who you truly are, and the purpose of your existence, to connect with other incarnations of, well, me (us)! So let's dive right in...

The thing i’ve learned along this journey is it really isn’t about you but it’s all about you. For who you are - is who the world is. When you go within yourself you begin to see how others around you are just mirrors and reflections of who you are. Mirrors and reflections you call in YOURSELF to give you the dose of what you need; whether that be shaking you back to your core to your soul, to self-love, to bravery, to action, whatever it is you need- you call in these different characters into your story. Who created them? Well, you did. You created them. You chose them; you created them at the beginning of it all - birthing them from the same source that you were brought into existence- you see you aren’t just a speck; an ant in a big wide world; no you are the world, you are the space between the planets, you are the planets, the sun, the moon, the comets, the stars- they are all you. Who created that? Well, you did.

You create this universe - it is yours, and outside of that lies another universe, in which you too created. Everything and everyone you can see, imagine, and search is you. Everyone you cross is you, everything you touch is you. So when you see yourself you see the world, when you recognize yourself you recognize the world, and when you love yourself, you love the world. When you write, when you pour yourself into letters, they are you, and when you share- you share for yourself. There is no line; no limit, no boundary, you are everything. There is no man who can truly understand this better than the incarnate of who you are in this moment. However, the man that cannot understand is also you. When you have compassion and love for that man; you show yourself love and compassion. When you show one forgiveness; you forgive yourself. When you find peace in the endings of new beginnings; you find peace within yourself. When you admire and gaze at the stars shouting up at them for guidance; you’re shouting and looking to yourself. You see, when you go so far you begin to realize there is no destination- because you are everything- and when you are everything- the destination is always the same.

When you realize this you stop searching, you stop doing, you start being and in the moment of being- you allow yourself to tap into this here, these extensions the micro parts of you floating around in the energetics of space- and you’re able to bring them into physical tangible things with a picture, a view, a word, a letter, something identifiable. You see- everything starts as energy that is unable to be seen, unable to be read, unable to be touched, unable to be identified with the human eye- but through the presence of creation of being in the moment- you allow the genius creator within you to see the way in which you can manifest that which is intangible and ungraspable into something physical, into something viewable with the human eye, something that can be read, that can be touched, that can be grasped. Do you not see the magic in your ways, do you not understand the magic you have? You are the source; you are the creator. It begins within the ability to withstand the silence, until inspiration strikes, until you feel into the energies around you- when you allow yourself to be here- the possibilities of that which you can splatter onto the canvas of earth is limitless - the things you can hold, have, touch, see, feel, become that which you felt first. that which you sensed first.

It starts as energy and builds momentum and then once you hold and maintain focus on that- you curate it into a physical thing- in which can be experienced by the body in the physical reality- why - because thats the reality you currently reside in- in energetic form- all you see, feel, know, and experience is energy - there is the sensation of all that which you experience on earth - but outside of the body. only that which is irrelevant to the body. Thus, when you feel these emotions, when you feel heartbreak, or hunger, or an orgasm - all of these things are only that which can be experienced while on earth in a body. Touch, smell, sight, hearing, it is only that which you can experience while human. Sound - sound doesn’t exist in the astral plane. Only the energetic waves of sound. Music is something that is not beyond the physical - yes it is on other planets but beyond this realm - music doesn’t exist. However, you incarnated - and when you incarnated you felt the frequency of notes and melodies within you - you felt the energy of something that would move your body and please the ears - so you incarnated music - sounds - experimenting and playing with them- curating notes, and different frequencies of sound into the physical. Then it evolved into what it is - different sounds, different genres, different notes, instruments, electronics, it all stemmed from this feeling of frequency and energy. A means of executing the energy which is felt which is tapped into within. The reason it calls you so is because this is what you created- this is what you birthed; just as you have birthed these letters, the alphabet, the languages, the words, the ability to speak and understand, the ability to write and understand to have it be legible into a way of interpreting it into a language of vocality instead of felt in the form of vibration; but through words- we see, hear, and know- we also feel underlying vibrations that which are behind them- that which has birthed them- and then comes tone- and the way in which they are interpreted- when you curse it has a negative meaning a vibration of low impact or chaos- as they were created in such states of frequency- when you say the word love- it is because it was created at a high frequency- it brings and evokes the emotions of that which frequency birthed it into the physical expression.

Everything starts here- even you- even you started here- so before you had legs, eyes, teeth, hair, nails, and fingers that which type this you were a frequency- you were energy - and now your body and it’s parts have their own frequency and energy that is curated and conducted by that of yours- and when you are removed from circumstance of human nature- you are one singular frequency and energy - high - blasting beaming high flying energy - that of music- that of joy and rejoice- that of love- that of excitement - that of dance- that of the sun and the moon- that of the stars - the highest highest evolvement of energy there is and ever will be - and it is only when you become too focused on the world on the tangible on the physical that you loose or lower this frequency. It is only when you move about looking and focusing only on what the eyes can see that you loose this frequency- it is only when you are too immersed in the physical that you loose touch with your source- the source of yourself- the high frequency in which is you.

You’re purpose- you’re purpose is to remember and remain in this highness - to remember and recall and remain in touch with the source of what you are- you are not a human- you are a frequency- the highest there is and ever will be. That, that is your purpose. You’re purpose isn’t to discover, or find, your purpose is to create and recreate.

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