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Taurus New Moon 2020: Earth Star Portal Activation

We have the beautiful celebration of Earth Day and the New Moon in Taurus (an earth sign) synchronistically aligning on April 22, 2020 at 9:25 CST (or April 23, 2020 2:25 UT).

With the welcoming of the New Moon Earth Day energy, we are blessed with the opening of the Earth Star Gate Portal. This is encouraging us to reconnect to our Earth Star Chakra which sits below the feet and makes up part of your etheric body. This chakra connects directly to the core of Earth. It is the grounding cord for your entire chakra system and etheric existence. It connects you to not only Earth but the entirety of existence. It is also connected to all the past and future lives of your incarnation on Earth. This is helping us balance all the clearing and reestablishing of the Root Chakra and dispel any negative energy we have picked up throughout the collective. This Chakra upgrade and focus is helping us gain a stronger connect with Earth to understand intuitively how to help her at this time and transition. This is the Chakra representation of collective consciousness, oneness, humanity, the crystalline grid, and all that is. With this clearing and rejuvenation you are completing massive healing and clearing for yourself, for the Earth, and for the entire collective. With this activation, it is bringing us closer to the magic, healing, and sacred wisdom of the energy of Mother Earth. As we ascend to higher levels of conscious, it is exceptionally important for us to anchor, and this gives us the anchor that we have been heavily needing throughout the rise and pressure cooker that has been most of our heads. This brings the functioning of the higher realms down to Earth allowing you to be fully functional in this dimensional reality of the physical while accessing a higher conscious dimension. It creates a balance between the two realms.

We have become so distanced and separated from the connection with Mother Gaia and therefore ourselves. In order to truly rise in consciousness, we need to reconnect to the planet in which mothers us and has nourished us despite our lack of reciprocation for her. She has been undergoing a rejuvenation and upgrade all of her own- and her wisdom and process serves as a guide. She holds the keys to being able to connect what we receive from the higher realms and ground them into physical manifestation on Earth.

She speaks:” My loving children, I have stood the test of time many many cycles to watch your negligence for yourself be reflected in my light and in my body. I have watched and stood here hanging on to the essence of myself as many of you have turned your back on me as you have turned your back on yourself. I have been enslaved and my power withheld just as you have allowed yours to be. I have remained in loving concert with the breathe of life that flows from the tree’s into your lungs as best as I have been able to. However, my loved ones, you have strayed too far away for too long from the loving nest of my grounds and have become too distanced from the home that it is yours. You have created a dissonance between the arms I open for you to call home and that of yourself. You have forgotten that which you are. You have forgotten that you created me to be a source of wisdom within you and within your life. That you, each and every one of you, has been a creator of my birth and the creator of my deterioration by the way in which you have tended to yourself. You have lost touch with the reality in which was intended, the intentional degree of connecting with this part of you that is here to nourish you and fulfill you more than the distractions of your realities today. Here is a time in which I lead you back home. Here is a time when I rise up to allow you to hear me, loud and clear. Here is a time when I call upon you my children, to come gather with me, to hear me speak, to receive my love, and to be guided back, back into the arms of this home. There are wonders that are built into my core, magik that spills from the inner most parts of my existence, and beings that lay within me that usher you forward now to heal. For where you are lacking within you will see the lack in my body. I have become a representation for the destruction of your own self- of the distraction from tending to your own internal garden- of the hurt, pain, suffering, burning, killing, and dying within you. There is no more time to allow yourself to continue in this way. There is no more time to allow myself to continue to be less than I was intended to be. For my creation, by you-for you, was to be a home of love, unity, connection, cultivation, and creation. I usher you back here- to the SOURCE - of your human experience. For you to find yourself immersing yourself into conversation with the tree’s thanking them with gratitude for the air that you breath, flowers for dancing in beautiful wondrous colors for the pure pleasure of your sight and smell, the birds that serenade you as you walk to and from singing truth back into you, the skies that watch over you showing off in sun rises that awaken you to wondrous luscious light, and moon beams that tuck you in at night. Come back, come back to the root of existence here on this planet. Reconnect with me and I will reconnect you to the source. Find solace in the comfort of my existence now as your reality gets turned upside down. I have my arms always open- to hold you tightly, and nestle you within me, comforting you with the wisdom of the ancient ages of my being. Your ancestors are here with you- on the land you stand- ushering you to return to the connect that lay in your blood through the lineage of them- they usher you forward now to connect back with me, the earth, your mother, to help you heal- to help you rise- to open your eyes to the power of yourself. We are here to help you understand that all of this you feel - is the beginning of unearthing that which you have been told to be - and the recreation of that which you are. The brush fires that burn within you now- clear the way for new crops to grow. You are not alone. Speak to me - and listen as I guide you. Speak to the spirits of this land, and watch as they serenade you in tribal songs that call you back to the connection of what it truly is to be human roaming my body as your home. “

There is additionally a major focus on the energy portal within us- unlocking that of the Throat Chakra. Our power of voice has been greatly suppressed more than we’ve realized. Now, during this time many as being mandated to wear a mask. The symbolic representation of keeping the mouth shut- of handing over the power of your voice, of your discernment, and the embodiment of slavery. We have been enslaved on this planet far too long. Our voice is the creator of our reality- our voice is the key to manifesting our reality. Without the power of our voice and the truth of us echoing - we simply cannot manifest a new reality. This portal is helping to clear this energy portal with you - to highlight where you’ve handed the power of your voice over, where you’ve been too concerned about saying too much, not enough, the right thing, the wrong thing, where you have listened instead of speaking up- where you have failed to liberate the abundance of your voice fully. Leading up to this and during this time many can experience sore throats, hoarse voice, loss of voice, jaw clenching, TMJ, and feeling the need for silence as we clear and recalibrate.

This time is focused on the ability of you to find your higher calling and initiate the movement of that now as you reconnect with yourself. As many shift, so has the purpose for many. This is illuminating anything that has held you back within your belief system from stepping into the role that you have now been called to- or from receiving the guidance for that role. It is about understanding that you are worthy of creating your own reality, that you are the creator of everything you are currently, have, and will experience, it is about taking life by the horns and taking charge of it. You are the only one that controls your destiny, you are the only one that controls your experience, you are the only one that controls what you can and cannot do. There is no outside source to dictate these things. This moon will be illuminating where you have given your power away or withheld it from it’s highest potential. This is a calling back of your power. Reclaim it as you step into your new self now. This is also highlighting the realm of work- new ideas, new opportunities, new ventures, new callings are all in store now. The difference is that once something is received - you must have the confidence to take action to bringing it to life- and this is assisting us with that now.

There is a vicious cycle around fear that has held us back from trusting ourselves, others, and the world around us. This cycle has to be broken NOW and can only be broken when these patterns of negative conditioning are broken. This Moon and stargate are helping us do just that. The chains, ties, and boundaries are being obliterated for you to expand into the very being you’ve come to be. This is also ushering in early childhood wounds, doubts about yourself/life, home, family, and relationship dynamics that have created blockages and wounds within you to be fully cleared and purged from your essence. Anywhere there has been fear within your relationship with yourself and others and the deeper core of why that has manifested will be surfacing for you to be able to fully open your heart and connect with the world around you now. This is also highlighting the relationships with parents - and what was witnessed in your upbringing- to eliminate anywhere that you learned to be less than you are. It’s a ending of cycles, patterns, and behaviors that have kept you small. This can create further mood swings, irritability, emotional waves, and reclusiveness.

This moon is also highlighting the intuition and the utilization of it in the realm of the arts. This moon and energetic portal are really opening us up to understand that amongst all of the changes that are occurring, there is a beautiful new view that provides us with so much knowledge and wisdom. We are looking back and reviewing our life to pull from experience to help us get through this current time. We are looking back to see how far we have come and to see the growth we have made to help motivate us to get through this period. This influence is providing a keen sense of awareness that stems from the intuition in combination with personal experience to help us find direction, take action, and move forward. This is encouraging us to step out of our comfort zone and away from what we have known in a new direction. We are being asked to step away from the ordinary and into the uniqueness of our being with confidence.

You have come to be much more than you’ve settled for- the earth was designed to be much more than it’s been. Reconnect with the mother of earth, the birther of the existence of the physical nature that surrounds you- and find your sovereign divinity- here within her bosom of life.

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