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Super New Moon in Virgo 2020: Soul Mission Activation

We have a divine SUPER New Moon in Virgo gracing us on September 17, 2020 at 11:00 GMT.

Leading up to this New Moon we’ve closed a energetic portal that opened in 2017. This portal was all about building the momentum and alignment necessary to prepare us for what was to come. To prepare us for our soul’s path. Whether you were conscious of it or not, 2017 marked a significant and prominent time of divine alignment. Rearranging and reassessments came from this period. With our last Full Moon in Pisces and this portal closing, we have finalized all lessons and cycles from the past three years. This is why so many have been feeling as if they have been on an emotional roller coaster between love, compassion, anger, frustration, and sadness as of late. This is why we have been experiencing so many physical symptoms as our bodies shed and release at a deeper level than before.

The New Moon is a new beginning that aligns to the opening of a new energetic portal. This is why so many have been experiencing such a wide variety of sleep disturbances, vivid dreams, night sweats, awakening to new gifts, heightened gifts, muscle spasms, muscle aches and pains, heart palpitations, and more. The body is upgrading and receiving high potency energy to upgrade your entire being. As the consciousness expands so does the body. Divine intervention has been at play in the lives of many in the collective. There has been a lot of the unknown before us. Relationships ending, jobs ending, careers shifting; yet we’ve seemed to miss out on the next steps. Many have been left in a voided state where they know change is coming and is needed yet really perplexed on where to go and what to do next. Feeling lost, confused, disconnected, stuck, etc. has been in the cards for the collective. There is also another collective group where it seems things are happening and moving so quickly it’s hard to stop and breathe.

This New Moon in Virgo is about connecting with humanity. This is about being of service to the world for a greater good. Many shifting at this time are finding that ego desires and patterns and anything less than their soul purpose just doesn’t feel fulfilling anymore. This is because you came here to be a beacon of light in your own unique way and to shine that light at this time for the greater good of the human race, for the animals, for the plants, for the planet. You did not come here to settle for the ego trap of the material world. You came here to awaken to a greater understanding of the spirit within your heart and allow that being to perform miracles through your human body. Now we undergo a transformation like no other.

We have been so keen on the worlds definition of success. We have had this idea that in order to give, in order to serve, we must receive in return. This New Moon is bringing us back into the heart of the divine, of selfless service, and what it truly means to be one with God, to be One with the world. This is about being selfless in the way you give to others, in how you show up for others. This is about giving without expectation, without the need for something from them, but simply showing up to be of service in the way you have been called and extending your gifts to the world to help. There is nothing more fulfilling than to serve to the human divine heart. Nothing. That joy, that fulfillment, that wholeness, is what we have been searching for. Not the success, the money, the stuff, the things of the material world, but the emotional feeling of belonging and purpose that comes from extending ourselves to be of service to the greater good of the world. This New Moon is ushering us back to this principle. This is bringing light to the illusions of what and who has not been operating from a place of genuine light and authenticity. Trust your intuition. If you have been grinding, pushing, forcing to make your way to the top, to try and achieve success, and if you have had other motives to “serving” others- expect all illusions to come crashing down now. This is the New Earth, this is the truth.

In order to be of service from a genuine place of selflessness, we must first serve ourselves. Wherever you have stuffed away your needs, desires, and truth expect it to be surfacing now. This is calling many healers to the surface to see the role they have to play here. This is awakening the guidance of our ancestors that held the medicine of the Earth and the seasons of the Earth close to their heart. They come now to the collective with this transit to direct us back to the healing we need, the healing that lies in the skin to Earth resonance, the medicine that lay in the plants, the remedy of the land, the answers that are written on the falling leaves of the approaching transition of the seasons.

This is the time to reconnect with your ancestors. This is the time to reconnect with the planet. When you are disconnected with the planet, you are disconnected from yourself, you are disconnected from humanity; you serve no one and no thing when you are disconnected. Illness on any level is caused by misalignment and the blockages that cause stagnated energy flow within you which occur from negative beliefs. This energy is sending our bodies some MASSIVE healing energy to clear away any stagnated negative patterns and cycles which has taken away our power to heal ourselves and to find that we are naturally healthy and vital. This is awakening the power within us, that we are our OWN healer. If you have been suffering with illness to no end, you are being called. When we are suffering from illness that is persistent with no cause or relief, no answers- look within, you will find that you created this amongst your soul’s journey so that you could awaken to the power of your healing abilities within, the power that comes from your OWN discernment. This is awakening all healers to pass through this right of passage and on to the next level of assisting others. Your healing is needed now. Your service is needed now. You must help yourself, you must learn to heal yourself to understand the ability you have to heal others.

Additionally, this New Moon is about letting go of self-sabotaging, perfectionist oriented, self-critical, abandonment behaviors to see yourself as the divine light you are here to be. You are here for a purpose and that purpose doesn’t involve comparing yourself to everyone around you, or making sure that everything is right before you are qualified, you are qualified because you are ALIVE. This New Moon is inviting you to take a deeper look into your soul, to connect with your soul to understand why it is here. You have been preparing for this moment for some time now, and now it is time to let go of anything else that has held you back from seeing your DIVINE power. This is about getting out of your own way to unlock your destiny. This is asking you to see past all the mundane details of your life, to stop analyzing your plans, your ambitions, your blueprint- to allow the steps to your soul’s path to be gifted to you. Surrender to the transformation of this moon, you are being asked to step into the fullness of your being that is encompassed by your heart, your human, and your soul.

This energy is continuing to rewire and clear our Solar Plexus Chakra. The Solar plexus is our power center, our energy center, the center that allows us to feel confident, vital, and to manifest our soul’s desires. This is why many in the collective have been experiencing low energies, energy swings, nausea, vomiting, gas, bloating, GI issues, and appetite changes.

This energy is illuminating the lesson that your imperfections are the gift and guidance that leads the way to your unique expression and purpose. Your imperfections, your unique weirdness, things that set you apart from the collective, that make you human- that is your super power. Your ability to be imperfect in your humanness and perfect in your divineness is the key that unlocks the abundant alignment of your path. Now we are ushered to see that we were never needing to be perfect in order to receive. We never needed to have the perfect skin, the perfect hair, the perfect home, the perfect car, the perfect clothes, the perfect job; searching for perfection in the material world has left us running on a hamster wheel for too long. This cycle has led us away from our power by creating the idea that we will never be good enough no matter what, that we have to keep doing more, grinding, altering ourselves, buying, etc in order to try to obtain a unobtainable standard that our backwards material world has created to hold us back from awakening to the truth within, and to keep us buying into products and things endlessly trying to find our value. YOU are worthy, YOU are perfect, YOU are deserving, YOU are qualified right here, right now. Your qualification to serve others does not come from a piece of paper and a $50,000 a year tuition; it comes from your life experience, your internal experience, your emotional experience, the path that you have walked, that you have lived, that you have survived, that you have resiliently overcome. THAT- the chaos, the mess, the bad habits, the trauma, the karmic cycles, the turmoil, the shadow - IT is your greatest secret weapon, that is the key to your purpose.

This New Moon is illuminating a life review so that we may look back and analyze our path- to help us realize our future. This is about opening us up to being of service in the way that is most fulfilling to our heart. This energy is working heavily on our Root Chakra (and has been in the weeks leading into this energy). We’ve been asked to rewrite how we are provided for and the conditioning around needing to do, do, do in order to receive. This is where the dellusional idea of serving came from. We will begin to see that when we are aligned with serving from the pureness of our purpose as so aligned with our HEART, that abundance pours into our life, that success rains over us, that we are taken care of far beyond our wildest dreams when we align with the true essence of our soul and the power of Christ. You are here to be God incarnated, to walk the path of the Holy Spirit, and to abundantly share your unique and divinely created path with others as a guide, as a healer, as a teacher, as a leader, as a light, as a truth seeker, as a conduit of Source energy.

If you have been unsure, lost, in a holding period, in the void, this transit is gifting you the steps, ideas, and blueprint for what is next. This energy is revealing the new timelines to us that have been underworks for the past month and a half. This is the opening where the steps start to reveal themselves one-by-one, and we are being asked to trust, and follow. Clarity will be revealing itself when we move out of the overactive, irritated, frustrated mind and ground and secure ourselves into the wisdom of the Earth.

This is additionally calling our attention to reconnect with our mother, Gaia. This is about being of service to the planet. There has been devastation all over the world in different forms, from violation of human rights, racism, pollution, hurricanes, floods, fires, etc. Do you hear the call of our true mother? Do you hear the cries of her animals? Do you hear the cries that they mirror within your own heart. The world is a direct representation of the innermost being of humanity. The Earth is shifting and changing, but yet she is all apart of our transformation as well. She ushers us to look inward at the destruction we have caused within ourselves, to see the destruction that we have created in the world. This is about connecting to hear once more. We have White Buffalo Woman, Hopi Spider Woman, and our divine ancestors coming in to awaken the Guardians of the Earth. The Earth cannot be neglected for our own ego desires any longer. We are being asked to call upon our ancestors for the rituals we need to come into sacred union with to end all suffering.

Animals are prominent messengers during this time. They speak to us through their presence with the messages that we need the most. They represent through their synchronistically the answers we so seek, they come to remind us that we are never alone, that there is always support in the world and that we are always being guided, by everything and everyone. Pay attention to the animals that continuing to appear on your path at this time. They hold the messages that you have been begging for. They hold the symbolic representation of what your soul needs to know at this time, they come as a beacon of light to remind you of your unique totem animal and the connectivity to this Earth.

This New Moon is about realizing that we never had control, and that when we try to control everything, we miss out on the very path that is perfect for us. We have been releasing our plan and our ideas to surrender to the gift of the divine plan. This energy is gifting us the unfolding of that very essence. Pay attention to what ideas, inspiration, and what doorways open for you now. Pay attention to the divine guidance that comes from others. We are all angels guiding one another back into alignment. Trust yourself to open to receiving help. You cannot do this all alone. You were never meant to do this alone, you were never meant to fight, you were always meant to surrender, and to allow yourself to be taken care of. Put the swords down, and allow others to take you under there wings to assist you, like you have done and will do for so many.

I love you dearly. We are here to help guide each other, heal each other, teach each other, be the light for one another. The light in me recognizes the light in you and I ask you to gaze into the most imperfect parts of yourself and see them as the light that you have been searching for.

Rituals, shamanic practices, ancestor offerings, and grounding in nature are all beneficial to harness the power of this New Moon.

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