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SUPER New Moon in Scorpio: Divine Alchemy

On November 15, 2020, at 5:07 GMT we will be blessed with a SUPER New Moon in Scorpio. This moon is gracing us right in the middle of a MASSIVE potent portal that is being activated by the 11/11 Gateway. Each day following the gateway opening, we have another dimensional level activation taking place through 11/22 before entering into the Eclipse Portal to close out November.

This New Moon falls in the middle of this portal and is bringing in significant energetic and physical changes to assist us with stepping into a new world. This is closing the door on the old and shedding the old from our being. This is SUPER charged by the Sun being in the Sign of Scorpio, both meeting for this beautiful event in the 8th House (the home of Scorpio), which is all about death, rebirth, sex, transformation, the mystical and mysterious, and deep emotional connection that moves beyond words and transcends us into another state (often associated with that of a higher power).

Things are about to get emotional with this one as it is in close relationship to Neptune in Pisces, stationed in the 12th house, which is all about revealing what is hidden.This is also heightening the dream state. Having very strange, intense, vivid, astral dreams right now is normal as we purged lots in the unconscious state and are retrieving soul pieces through many different planes. We are also working through and releasing a lot of relationships during this time through the dream state. You are not meant to attach to these people, situations, etc. you are meant to move through them. Don’t allow yourself to get stuck on the past. Illusions are clearing. Allow them to pass through don’t attach to them, don’t second guess yourself.

This New Moon is working on the Root Chakra and the connectivity of the Root Chakra to the Solar Plexus. We are heavily clearing and rewriting the Root Chakra as the energetics of our planet shift, the way we connect to our foundation, needs, desires, and energy itself is drastically shifting at a rapid rate. This energy may feel like an unexplainable heartbreak and emotional pressure that is coming in to clear out any of the illusions that have been stored within the body.

This is a collective purge, unexplained mood swings and emotions are normal right now as the collective (esp. Divine Feminine Energies) merge to create a global space for transmutation. The sign of Scorpio is all about transmuting. This is awakening us to many mini deaths and rebirths as we are called back to the truth within our heart of hearts. Whatever dreams you have shoved away and the emotions you have stored within you around them will be surfacing to clear. This is closing out a massive chapter for humanity as we rise into a New Age. Many who have pushed their gifts and healing aside will have no choice but to face the truth at this time.

This powerful moon is blasting through illusions. It is showing us that the dark and the womb of darkness represented by Lady Ishtar is the birthing center for the magical creation of New Life. We enter into the darkness to fully allow ourselves to see that there is nothing to fear here. The darkness is meant to be played in, worked with, and charged up to fuel our power. Many begin to move through patterns FULLY that began in 2013, 2015, and 2017. We’ve collectively been given the chance to purge in many different phases. We now are asked to completely release and surrender into the new, this is the grande finale. This is most likely a voided black space for many, causing us to be unsure of the path that lay inside the doorway of New Earth, but we are meant to come to a space of understanding that there is nothing to fear. Where fear lies is the suppression of our power, reclaim it.

Our ability to rely on the unseen, our guides, Source, God, energy etc. to support us now is imperative. This moon is encouraging us to strengthen our psychic senses and come into the undeniable awareness of what exists beyond our third dimensional state and space. When we trust in the unknown we are guided to places we’d never imagine we’d reach. The unspeakable happens.

This moon is about transcending our reality fully. Many may be experiencing exhaustion, vertigo, headaches, feeling ungrounded, vivid intense dreams, astral traveling, heightened awareness, feeling “crazy” with this energy as the veil completely dissolves and all worlds are integrated together. Nothing can remain hidden now. Visits from passed loved ones, intergalactic forces, guides, angels, and weird phenomenon is highly likely now. Psychic senses reach a peak and are the guiding force that many begin to trust and come into now.

This is igniting our ability to alchemize our reality and our emotions into power. St. Germaine is the main energy coming to assist the collective with this transit. This is about beginning to recognize your light as a creator of divine reality and your experience. We cannot always control the path in which we walk and the storms that we must walk through to get to the other side, but we can use our innate power of alchemy to transform and utilize unwanted energies into fuel for the desires we long for. He is assisting the body with naturally transmuting negative energies that cause illness into a higher frequency light. He is assisting the collective with understanding that unwanted emotions, hardships, and more are an opportunity to harness that power and shift it into strength and abundance.

Goddess Freya comes to assist the collective at this time. “Endings and beginnings are meant to be the process of transformation. Yet you have clung so deeply to things that the natural rhythm has been disrupted which has caused many illness, unhappiness, and misalignment. I come to the collective to assist with the releasing of control, allowing themselves to fall into the flow of the Universe trusting that they are being carried. The mental mind does not need a plan and when you tune into your heart at this time you will feel that you can trust that you are safe that you are taken care of. So leap, fall, let go. There will always be more awaiting you when you release all that you have been holding on to that is no longer serving you. Space must be created for your deepest dreams and desires to come through. Trust in the space that is being created. Trust in the space that have been creating itself. Trust that you will receive for all of your devotion to your path. Calm the worries of the mind and listen to me. When you look up to the sky and you see the stars shining brightly remember that you too are comprised of light that was designed to shine in the darkness. That you too were here to be a guiding light in times of unknown. Many of you have been conditioned and are very fixed in this way, allowing the mind to think that it knows the way to your desires, it knows the how, it knows the path. However, at this time, your mind does not know how the world is shifting because it has yet to experience it. Allow yourself to fall into the flow of your emotions, seeing that when you release and clear the way internally the physical does the same. The answers, the guidance, the path, the love, the dreams, it all manifests here in the space of darkness. You are a light, designed to shine in the darkest of places, you are never blind, you are never in the dark when you remember YOU are the light. Stop denying this. Come into the trust of YOURSELF. Come into the trust of me and my allied ascendant masters and allow us to guide you. Allow yourself to trust in us to receive without condition.”

This is also bringing in the second wave of kundalini activations. The collective has moved through a Kundalini Awakening, yet the process of this is not immediate. With this New Moon we move into the further process of RISING the Kundalini. The Kundalini is the mergence of Shakti (divine masculine) and Shiva (divine feminine) power. When they combine and rise from the root (the earth) and connect to the third eye, they receive the potent light from the crown and soul star chakras to be the highest embodiment in human form. There is no need to transcend your body when you kundalini has risen. This is a higher self mergence with your human self. The kundalini is comprised of TWO serpents that represent the divine masculine and the divine feminine, the light and the dark, the underworld and heaven. We are meant to be comprised of BOTH energies to reach our highest potential and fullness. We have to see that shadow isn’t meant to be completely eliminated because it is what births things into the light. This is brining about a full shadow integration and merging it with the divine, bringing many into their full power. This is about feeling the sexual energy (the highest charge energy we experience in a body) and understanding the potency it holds. Sex is something that is vastly misused. Sex is the only experience that requires a human body and is very grounding in the physical yet has the ability to transcend the physical without detaching the human form. This is bridging us to understand the wholeness of life. This is about feeling the shadows for the beauty that they hold and the power that is behind them. They too are necessary, they too deserve to be celebrated, they too deserve to be held- not cast away. We’ve confused shadows as something we’ve had to quickly throw out and detach from, which has created more emptiness within as those are essential parts of us. Now, they return to be felt, held, accepted, and nourished to reintegrate them into our being to reach our full power.

Kali Ma is also coming in with this transit to assist the collective with cutting away any and all of the illusions that have been created by the ego. Many are moving through a ego death to allow themselves to return to the core truth of their spirit, the heart. The ego is not inherently bad, it is a essential part to operating in this reality and planet. Yet, it needs to be aligned with the soul to create the desires that will truly assist us in our soul missions and serve a divine purpose. Many have created and manifested their reality from ego, and yet are still unhappy. When the ego is in control of manifesting, you end up living in a world of illusions such as we have. Now Kali Ma comes in, which is the highest form and most powerful expression of Shakti, which allows us to break free from the fear, illusions, and conditions of the ego and rise into the wild, peaceful, unified energies of the new paradigm. This is encouraging and heightening the connect to rhyme, music, movement at this time as a way to shake the energetic body and alchemize deeper emotions into life force energy and divine power.

Master Odin comes in to assist the collect as well. He encourages the energy of Kali Ma to bust us out of the spiritual closest. We cannot deny our gifts any longer, you cannot deny this path, you cannot deny that there are other forces at play, other senes available to us, other entities that exist beyond this current world. This is opening up our collective clairsentience, so that we can connect with the emotions of the collective to unify. We are meant to be connected, we are all empathic, you cannot shut this down and off anymore. Through the emotional realizations of the truth of truths your intuition will be here to assist and guide you to the heart of your happiness. This is about allowing your intuition, your feelings, to guide you to deepest dreams.

This is gifting us insights and awareness beyond the physical if we surrender into it. Call upon your guides, connect with them at this time. They will be assisting you very closely. They wish to connect further, they wish to have you know them like you know others in the physical. Choose that connection. They are assisting with the necessary changes that are needed in your life to take you to the destination of our biggest wildest dreams and soul’s desires; however, the path may not always look as we expected it to. Surrender to trust.

King Tutankhamun and Supreme Goddess Isis assist the collective with this transit they are assisting with the resurrection of God. The word and image of God has become distorted much like it’s people, it has caused many to stray away from their Source, their self. It has long created the destruction and unhappiness of the global world. It has created separation from the true self the soul and the spirit, which has created separation from one another. We must learn to see each other as brothers and sisters again, rising to our feet to stand hand in hand to honor the light within, to honor the emotions that we feel, to encourage one another to uncage the soul that has so desperately longed for it’s Source. Without the connection to the Source, your soul, it creates illness and disease on a physical, mental, and emotional level. The most underrated healing lies in community. Open up and express the feelings within your heart, do not hide away any longer the Source that aches to be freed from your heart. Do not hide your emotions, they tell others that you are alive and connected. We’ve had this idea that healing and shadow work must be done alone and in solitude. This is the farthest thing from the truth and only delays the full integration. We are meant to be open with our community in our hurt, pain, suffering, imperfection, and shadows; for this is what allows us to truly connect and heal. You are meant to express this to the world to bring others together, not to distance yourself. They come to resurrect the power of Source energy and the magical essence of the Divine for the devotion to this path of enlightenment.

Amara and Adama of Lemuria come to the collective now strongly. They are assisting the collective at a very high rate. Many of those awakening now and that have been guiding, serving, and healing the collective during this time were the highest servants and members of the lemurian council. Many fear subconsciously now that they will not be enough, that there gifts will not be enough, that they are not seen, heard, and recognized, there is fear of failure again. Come out of the fear and allow them to soothe your sorrows seeing the strength that lay in your heart. You are here for a reason, your gifts are needed to be shared now. If you resonate with lemuria, they are specifically calling you now. This is a great time to work with hypnosis and past life regression mediations to retrieve the lost ancient wisdom of Lemuria. This is the blueprint for our current shift. What was not completed during that time, is now commencing again in a New Era. Allowing us the space to autocorrect and successfully shift this planet into a higher awareness of grace, love, and compassion. Call upon Adam and Amara to help you reconnect with your purpose now.

Emotions are beautiful they are part of the process your soul contracts again and again to be incarnated. Emotions do not exist beyond the body, they are the beautiful expression of being in a body. Allow yourself to see the beauty in the emotions that are arising now. Allow yourself to be grateful to be chosen to be incarnated at this time, to experience the whirlwind of this ascension, give gratitude for your emotions. Your emotions are your guidance system, do not ignore them any longer, but do not get stuck in them. Emotions come and go, and see how just when it seems life is over; something new begins. This is about understanding at a deeper level the cycles of life. Life never ends, change is everlasting, there is no death, there is no failure, there is no birth- there is only transformation. Celebrate the shedding of the old skin knowing that this is the womb space that is squeezing you through to the new. Release the resistance.

You are not alone. Everyone. EVERYONE is moving through a shift, a great change, this is collective. WE are in this TOGETHER! Allow yourself to find comfort that you are doing your role when you shift your energies. You are exactly where you need to be. You are not lost. The world is changing, the energies and dynamics of this planet are changing- you are changing. Give yourself time. Give yourself space to FEEL, to take care of you, your body, your soul now. Treat yourself to what you need now without condition stop waiting to earn it, to work for it, or receive it.

Honor yourself and your need for space and rest at this time. Force is no longer needed or necessary. Stop forcing things. Relax into the cosmic shift and the assistance that is here for you now.

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