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SUPER Full Moon in Scorpio 2020: The Collective Kundalini Awakening

We have a potent Super Full Moon in Scorpio waving in on Thursday, May 7th, 2020 at 10:45 AM UT or 5:45 AM CST. Super moon’s indicate a phase in which the Moon is at a closer position to Earth, which creates a heightened energy and influence. This is the grand finale of the consecutive super moons we have seen this year.

The energies leading up to this Moon have been felt in waves, the energetic rising of the tides for them to recede once more. Leading up to this moon we have been bathed in high frequency energies pouring into earth much like the ocean coming in waves, to pull back and gain momentum, to rush into us again. This has caused many to have irregular sleep patterns, influxes of energy/exhaustion, nausea, headaches, teeth sensitivities, TMJ, mood swings, feelings of restlessness, rising of emotions, and the beginning of cleansing all of the lower frequency energies from the personal being.

Scorpio is a massively intuitive, instinctive, magical, mysterious creature and finds thrills in using it’s psychic, magnetic, and sexual energies (Shakti energy/life force energy) to feel it’s way through the darkest of darks. Just as the Scorpio trusts it’s instinctive awareness and qualities to guide it to the treasures hidden where no one has dared to look, we now are being gifted the same opportunity.

This Full Moon is all about full surrender. The ability to surrender everything over in the trust in faith of yourself as the birther of your experience and the trust and faith in Source to provide for you all you’ve ever wanted regardless of the physical. We have focused too long on the physical world and reacting based on what we see and not on what we FEEL. Our energetic system is navigated by feeling and our senses. Yet, we’ve for too long allowed our eyes to be the determination in what we experience. This is about trust in the highest degree.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto which is currently retrograde (read about it here). It is representative of death, rebirth, transformation, alchemy, and sex. Sexual energy is life force energy- the creator energy -the most powerful magnetic energy there is in creation - it is what creates realities, births new energies, and gives way to manifesting all desires. Ancient wisdom referred to the womb or the pelvic region as the Gateway to God. You can expect this energy to being the unveiling of the energy portal to the Christed Creator. This energy connects to our Root Chakra and our Sacral Chakra, which have remained the two biggest vaults to stored and carried ancestral and all-life traumas. The repression of these energy centers have inhibited the collective from fully tapping into the Christed energies of their incarnation; stagnating the ability to know one’s self in truth, utilize the ancient magik of earth, connect to the intuition, psychic abilities, powerful manifestation, God, abundance, and prosperity. This repressed energy has caused the collective to be victims to circumstances of the material world instead of the creators; it has caused us to feel shame, unworthy, unsafe, guarded, and undeserving without compensation, effort, and “grinding”. The world and experience of life was never something that required you to force your way through to make your desires materialize. The masculine energies have remained out of balance, disconnecting and causing shadows in these two energetic centers that have distorted our I AM presence. Unbalanced masculine energy has made society believe that we must push forward, grind, analyze, rationalize, and push our way to the top - it has been a industrial force of building and utilizing the mind to navigate through effort and physical force- we can bring forth what we want. Which has overtaken our beloved Earth. With power struggles, control, and slavery. It has taken us away from our navigational systems and away from our understanding that the power truly lies in Spirit and our connection with Source. It has distorted God. It has taken us away from Christed nature our incarnations have been blessed with. This Full Moon will be focusing on a deep clean and purge of the Root Chakra and Sacral Chakra, washing away all that has been to restore the balance of the Divine Feminine Nature. Suppression of ancestral lineages will be purges as well. As such, recalling past life’s, connecting deeper with ancestral guides, and your heritage is relevant now.

This is additionally the marking of the collective’s Kundalini Awakening/Rising (or reawakening for some). This is Divine Feminine life-force energy that sits coiled at the lower chakra points at the base of the spine. It is the cosmic universal omnipresent power that has been placed for potential rise and awakening within the human energetic centers. Meaning we were born for this time, to awaken to our highest sense of be-ing. The rising of this serpent energy allows life force energies to activate each chakric center and allow Source energy to rise through all chakras to embody your highest self. This is activating dormant crystalline codes and awakening the crystalline DNA in the collective. Many will be exhibiting hip pains, low back pain, urinary issues, UTI’s, bladder infections, kidney infections, gall/kidney stones, sexual dysfunction, heavy menses, pelvic pain, yeast infections, increased sex drive, financial worries and concerns, recalling and reliving past sexual experiences, and restructuring of what basic needs truly are.

Earth has been predominately inhibited with the masculine nature of energies. For long standing periods, we see the predominate energy and figures as males that have paved pathways and have taken positions of power and leadership. Even in the Egyptian era when women held high positions of power they were still accompanied by a male represented whom they worked through. Often times they had to change their name to continue to scale the positions of high leaderships and undergo another identity to be able to securely obtain higher ranks. There has been a long standing agenda on women. Many prominent figures such as Mary Magdalene had to work through the figure of Jesus and were not highly recognized for their work and genius that created massive trajectories of positive change for society. The Divine Feminine has remained hidden in it’s highest glory. Now we are in the Golden Age of Aquarius - where we see the resurrection of the Divine Feminine as the Christed Leader. This does not mean the woman incarnation but the feminine energies that exist within all. This Full Moon is igniting the Divine Feminine energies and acting as a full baptism of our beings to return to the sacred balance of energy within and without. We will be seeing many woman who lead this revolutionary time, and many men who have successfully balanced these energies being called now to rise into their positions as teachers in the Divine Feminine. This Full Moon is the start of this revolutionary point in which the Divine Feminine is soaking us and bathing us all, returning us from the cold material world to our softened emotions, our highest intuition, our God-self, the birther of new realities, the gifted mystic and psychic abilities that lay within us all.

This moon is a potent and powerful healer- transforming us and the way we see ourselves. This moon is awakening us to our unlimited potential and eliminating anything that has held us back from embracing the true sovereign divinity of our being. This is centering on reinvention of healing the image of self, the ego, and life. This is bringing upon most of the collective a massive ego death. Killing away the remnants of what our ego has attached to, ending the cycles of the distorted ego, to be rebirthed. The ego is not inherently bad; however, it is the vault of the shadow. All is ending now - in order to begin again in the divine light it was created to be without the hurt, pain, suffering, and trauma we’ve thought we needed to endure. Without the cycles of such that have been remained trapped in familial lines for lifetimes and lifetimes. Kali Ma is working heavily with us now stepping to the forefront- not afraid to kill what has been driven from ego, to rebirth the soul in it’s authentic and pure light. What has been manifested out of ego will be ending, dissolving, and dying, to serve as the soil for the seeds of the soul to grow in light and love.

This is a big release for the collective. This is unveiling the deepest, darkest, intense emotions that have imprinted in the body and washing them clean. This is illuminating all secrets and anything kept hidden; secrets, emotions, trauma’s, and all. Jealousy, possessiveness, power struggles and manipulation will be surfacing now - anything inauthentic will not survive. All suppression of emotions will be rising with the waters of Scorpio, revealing what’s been left in the dark.

The major focus of this full moon is on relationships; business, love, and deep soul family connections. With the ruling planet of Scorpio being, Pluto, which is retrograde, and the Full Moon stationed in the 7th house, ruled by Venus, which is in a shadow phase of it’s retrograde, this is ALL about re-evaluating, re-thinking, re-kindling, re-assessing, remembering, reminiscing past relationships. Scorpio is a highly passionate sign that can be possessive, obsessive, and controlling in relationships. This is ending karmic relationships and further working out the imbalance in masculine and feminine energies. As we have shifted to a new timeline, all relationships will be clearing out that are no longer aligned. Relationships ending, old relationships coming up (emotionally, psychologically, and physically), purging old relationships and the divine meeting of new ones are all in store this Full Moon. Clearing old sexual energies from the Root Chakra and Sacral Chakra are in store as well. Sex is a physical energetic exchange and when not enacted in a mindful way, energies can be exchanged and stored in this area - causing major shadows. This Full Moon in Scorpio is clearing and purging all energetic, physical, and emotional relationships that are no longer aligned with your soul.

Lady Nada has been working with many twin flames and soul flames during this period, and this Full Moon brings union and reemergence of these soul initiations. New soul contracts are being established and brought into union to establish new missions to help the progression of the collective. Many will find themselves longing for a deeper and more intense relationship at this time, finding themselves more committed, and longing for support from partnerships. This is unifying the collective to come together as one unit to support and rely on one another during this time of transition and clearing. This can leave many feeling lonely, longing for deeper love, unsatisfied/desiring more in their current relationship, desiring a deeper emotional understanding and fulfillment from relationships beyond surface level and physical. This is about guiding each other through the tides at a deeper level and all those who enter during this phase and period have been contracted to you for a distinctive purpose and reason. What relationships may return have been contracted and rewritten to enter and emerge in a new light, rebirthing connections that are divinely orchestrated. Relationship shifts and changes, as soul contracts shift, will been happening rapidly. Relationships are transforming as vehicles of awakening and greater purpose. Meaning an ending of one relationship might lead to an almost immediate doorway into another. A relationship that had died will be rapidly resurrected. The truth is our relationships are being revealed now- clearing karmic slates, and rewriting contracts for the new timelines we have now acquired.

The collective has had long standing trust issues - with themselves, with a higher power, and in relationships. Our guards have remained up and we have doubted, especially during the current socio-economic times, that we are taken care of, we have doubted our own instincts far too long and have not trusted our own intuitive guidance. We have not trusted God/Source to provide for us and to take prominence in the pathway of your life. Thus, Archangel Micheal (Angel of healing and leadership) and El Morya (Master of God’s Will) are working with the collective energies with this Full Moon to establish and aid in the assistance of healing all wounds that have led us to feel fear around trusting a divine bigger plan that has been put in motion and to let go of all that has kept us from trusting our own divine being. Calling on these beings now for assistance in your transformation is highly recommended.

This Full Moon is the baptism of the collective to return us to our divine Oneness of the divinity of Christed Consciousness. It is washing away all that has left us in hurt, pain, and dualistic separation to awaken to the truth we are all connected. Telepathy will be heightened, intuition and third eye initiations are taking place, psychic gifts are being revealed, restored, and heightened, the senses are extremely heightened now. There is a extremely high connection to the realm beyond this one. There will be many experiencing otherworldly phenomenon and communication with higher beings. Dreams will be oracles for guidance, initiations, and instructions during this time. Creative energy will be surging and flowing effortlessly. Many may find they are extremely energetically very sensitive at this time and feel the need to take space to ground the energies pouring in.

This energy is HIGHLY powerful and potent. Working with water rituals and with tantric practices for healing, release, and manifesting are highly suggested.

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