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SUPER Full Moon in Libra 2020: Love Is The Only Truth

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

We have the beautiful SUPER Full Moon in Libra arriving on April 8th, at 2:34 AM UT, or Tuesday April 7th, 9:34 PM CST. This energy is heightened and will be felt the day before and up to a week after.

This Moon is all about LOVE. Libra is all about justice, peace, romance, and the collective. They make decisions based on the needs of all involved rather than the personal self. They take into consideration all sides to every story finding the truth through the culmination of all. They find a balance between their self and the world. They find that love is the centralized purpose of being and without love- there is no point. They are peace keepers by understanding there is an infinite number of truths available to us at every given moment and that each individual has their own truth. They see and understand that there is no “wrong” or “right” answer, they understand that this is flexible based on the individual. They see the bigger picture and are analyzing the ways in which each person can have a piece of the pie. They are here for everyone, they are selfless, loving, friendly, sociable, and kind beings who are filled with fantasy’s of love everywhere they go. They are an air sign always dreaming of more romantic situations that could pop into their sphere and partnership is highly valued and important to them. They are all about balancing their time with the time they give. THIS is the energy we are being pulled towards now.

This SUPER (heightening the energies even more) Libra Full Moon is about the culmination and finalization of the heart chakra. With the recent upgrades to our physical and conscious beings during this time- the heart chakra has undergone an upgrade and transformation all of it’s own. The heart is the centralized motor of our existence as we move into the New World. As such, the heart chakra is culminating into a larger center that is split amongst three separate chakra’s holding more energetic power than ever before. This is about the heart, this is about the LOVE - this is about feeling the LOVE generating through your existence, charging you up, and letting you feel the blissful high of that as it unfolds before us.

This Moon is about finding the love and the peace, this is understanding that it isn’t just about the “I”. That we have created so much injustice and duality in the world by being concerned about the “I” and not considering the “we”. We are here to be collected, united, and a community- we are here to be together. We are now being pulled to see the ways in which our own personal decisions have created the world we’ve been living in and how we can begin to find a balance between the selfishness we’ve been taught to embody by society and a way of living for the WHOLE world. We are told to be independent, to be selfish, to be weary of others, to do it alone. This is not the way the world has been created to operate. Now the Libra energies SUPER CHARGE us with the understanding that we cannot do this alone and were never meant to; we are here to be united as one earth. We are here to connect, we are here to embody love, we are here to help one another, and we are here to create peace. “We are all walking each other home”. A New World is uncoiling and being rebirth underneath our feet- but it cannot continue and fully transition until the beings of this planet being to shift as well. This is the time we are being called to rise into our roles of transforming this earth- transforming ourselves, and transforming each other. This is the time to let go of the self-interested ego and fall back in love with ourselves at the core of who we are without the materialistic world- we find the truth- we find the truth that love is the central connection between us and everything around us.

This is the time we are beginning to realize that we need to rely on one another to guide us home, to guide us back to the truth within us. This energy is about us being eachothers guides on earth. We each have a part and role to play in the collective. We are each here with a very specific soul mission to help during this time. We are meant to help one another find our way and our role. We are here to support each other during this transition. We are here to reach out and extend ourselves to be of service to one another - extending our hands, reaching out, and picking each other up. This energy is about How can I serve? How can I help? What is my purpose here? What is my role at this time? What can I do to help others now? Many are being jolted to ask these questions with this energy and there is a large need amongst many and growing to find their mission and purpose, to “get to work”. There is a “all hands on deck” energy surfacing with this moon, that we can accomplish more when we all channel our energy into our unique soul roles. Other’s are coming in to provide clarity on individual missions and roles now. Other’s are coming together to complete missions together, to work together, to serve together. We are all here for one another- there is no separation- there is no more “self”. The “self” is every single person, thing, animal, object, etc. around you. EVERYTHING- and your unique role first involves understanding that.

This energy is also being carried over in more of a internal way. Many are being asked to help the collective purge and heal. Emotions may be surfacing within many that they have no attachment to. This may be confusing and result in outburst of emotions that you do not resonate with - they are sudden, feel strange, and make no sense. Many are being asked to “pick of the slack” and help purge at the collective level, taking on collective emotions, karma, etc. to help purge and regenerate more readily as this time. Again, there is no singularity- we are all one. If you have undergone your unique process of purging and clearing expect to take on the role of helping others do the same now- working through these emotions within yourself for the rest of the world. Empaths often complain of the ability to feel into others- but now they are needed to help transform the world. They are needed to work through these emotions within themselves to clear them within the collective energy. The mentality of “these aren’t mine, why do I have to do this, why me, this isn’t fair, etc.” is no longer necessary and will not survive in the new earth. There is no separation - there is none- their emotions are your emotions. The emotions of the individual are the emotions of the world. You want a better world- surrender, humble down, and see the dissolution of the boundaries and lines that kept you as separate from anyone else living and existing today. This isn’t about YOU … this is about the WORLD. THE ENTIRE COLLECTIVE. Every single person is YOU- another incarnation of you - these emotions are not “others” they are YOURS because everything is YOU. The New Earth trajectory is that of christ consciousness of unity consciousness- in this consciousness you see that you are the creator - the god - of everything and everyone here. You understand that it is therefore not a “you” and “them” it is a all encompassing “I AM” it is an all encompassing “we”.

This Full Moon energy is bringing to us the healing of all and any areas in which we have failed to operated under this mindset- anywhere we have failed to see ourselves as equal and balanced with others. Anywhere we have held ourselves “above” others. Where have I held back out of fear of being overtaken in relationships? Where have I not given enough because of duality? Where have I been selfish with my time and self in relationships? What wounds have held me back from freely showing up in relationships? What wounds have held my back from giving and receiving love? Are questions to begin to ask yourself now. This is about healing the wounds that have kept us stuck in a “us” vs. “them” mentality, the victims mentality, the cycles of karma that have kept us circling around perpetuating a dueling of energies that have caused us to believe that we were separate from anyone. This is the healing of relationships past, present, and future to clear the slate and timelines. This is about relationships at the deepest core- because they are our biggest teachers. You can do the work alone, you can up level, you can ascend, you can heal, but the minute you step into a relationship that can all mean nothing if you have not learned to operate at a collective level. This is showing us those triggers of past, new, and current relationships to help us move forward now. To help us heal the wounds. When we enter in relationships with wounds we will continue to create duality. Healing is needed now to end duality to see the truth in each relationship and being we interact, engage, and encounter. Much of this healing is occurring in the unconscious state- during dreams and in dreaming of past situations, relationships, or other timelines.

There is a balance that is culminating with this Libra energy in terms of the divine masculine and divine feminine energies. We have seen a dueling of these energies for far too long- and we have been going back and forth over about the past 12 months HEAVILY bouncing from one to the other - clearing- healing- regenerating. Now, they symbiotically come together. They merge, they balance, and they unite within and without. The divine masculine is understanding that he must get out of his roots and into his more feminine natured gifts and that he cannot do this alone. The divine masculine energies are awakening to the feminine spiritual gifts within and wishing to enhance these at this time. They are diving into the work, getting their hands dirty, and FULLY jumping in. They are awakened to the emotional nature of the feminine and understand that this is their guide, their intuition, and they follow the calls of it now. The divine feminine is understanding the beauty that comes from the balance of feeling into the emotional wells, she is stepping up to find a balance of the divine masculine energies and taking action. The divine feminine energies are aiding the masculine in healing, clearing, and purging now. She is understanding the power of her emotions, her stillness, and her divine gifts and that all come to be incorporated together in a flow that breaks through damns like a raging river when she finds the grounding of the divine masculine energies. There is no more duality. We have created an illusion that these energies are represented by the external factors and have neglected for far too long that these energies are BOTH within us all. We are finding the balance between these energies internally and externally now. When we internally create this balance, we externally create this in the world. What happens with that? We end duality on a MAJOR level. When we are balance within we no longer see the codependency, power struggles, imbalances, etc. in our external relationships and world. This is the awakening of that balance - the culmination of a beautiful process of symbiosis of the divine masculine and divine feminine coming together to become one. There is no masculine and feminine - because we are ALL both.

Libra is also airy. This is a dreamy time- this energy is bringing us some relief from the stuck and stagnated pause of the world and bringing us inward to use the power of our minds. To dream the world into being. This is about utilizing the mind to indulge in fantasy and create the dream world within your head, visualize it, see it, and watch as the magnetic forces of Venus support you in pulling in your desires now. It is this energy that pulls us into this ethereal nature having us see that anything we can dream up in our head can actually be rooted and grounded in the material world. It’s demonstrating that actually - that’s how it all is created and is birthed. You are a divine creator and when the balance of energies occurs within you - you are limitless. Dream, fantasize, rewrite the romance novel that is your life NOW. This energy is creative, pleasurable, and sultry. Flirty, talkative, and vivacious is the Libra spirit- embrace this - let go of the rigidity and seriousness - being to fall into the land within the clouds where you can dream up anything you desire.

Anything an everything that is not LOVE is an illusion; LOVE is the only TRUTH. This is what it is all about- everything begins with LOVE. You were brought into this life because of love, you remain here because of love, and you have a duty now to be exactly that and to obliterate any blocks that have held you back from being, seeing, and giving just that.

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