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Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 2020: The Rainbow Gate of Gaia

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

We have a beautiful fiery Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius blazing in on Friday, June 5, 2020 at 19:12 UT or 2:12 PM CST. This is a special initiation that is bringing forward more support from the higher realms than we have seen thus far at a singular given moment.

Leading up to this the collective may have been feeling exceptionally indecisive, very much in the head, and bouncing back and forth between the old self and the new self. Leading up to this transit, past timelines have been clearing and merging with future timelines to regenerate the current structure of timelines that are available to us now. Thus, many may be experiencing time disorientation, deja vu, memory issues, feeling forgetful, and loosing your train of thought often. Additionally, leading into this heightened energy many may be exhibiting bloating, digestive issues, gastrointestinal issues, liver issues, kidney issues, mensural irregularities, hip pain, leg pains, increased libido, vibrations of sexual energy rising in the body from the base, lower back pain and issues, sacrum discomfort, waking up between 2-4a.m., irregular sleep patterns, UTI’s, frequent urination, and feeling wired but exhausted.

We have spent a large majority of the past months purging and clearing out the old to make way for the new. We have spent the majority of this year being catapulted into rapid change and internal growth. Now, we see forward motion. This is a call to action like never before, the ushering of soul’s to rise to their missions and to step out of fear trusting in the adventure of the journey that lay before them. This is about moving beyond the limitations of illusion you have set around yourself to trust your intuition more than ever before, to receive more than ever before, to be guided more than ever before, and to do more than you have ever imagined. This is a time of moving beyond fear to trust the intuitive pulls and impulses so that you may come into the creative essence and power of your being FULLY. This is about trusting the magic of Earth and her calls to pull you to where you need to be, to move you forward to what and where you are called, and allowing nothing to stop you.

This is a time where we are being called to seek a higher spiritual understanding of the world around us and within us. Wounds may be surfacing within the realm of your physical identity and how you view yourself so that you can get out of your way and take action necessary for higher embodiment. You may feel like you have nothing to identify yourself with any longer, as it has all faded away. There is a deeper need to understand yourself, your role, and who you are. Additionally, this Full Moon Eclipse is returning us to the completion of what was started last June 2019. Think back to that time. What occurred at that time for you? Many made some shift, change, or leap last year that created forward trajectory in their spiritual path and life. This is a time of completing what was started, moving to the next level, and jumping once again into the wild spiritual venture that is ahead.

Many will be feeling the need to take space to wander down their own path without any outside influence or distraction. This is ushering in the curiosity, the energy, and adventurous spirit to take the next leap into the wild terrain of your evolution. This Full Moon is ushering in a deeper need for the collective to venture externally and inwardly, journeying through spiritual philosophies and finding oneself with an insatiable hunger to learn more, to go deeper, and journey farther. This is igniting us with the energies needed to endure this period of time. This is allowing us to see the joy and fun in the journey rather in the ending or beginning. We so often hurry through the storms, and speed through the beginnings, only to find ourselves consumed with getting to the destination. The Sagittarius energy is strongly allowing the collective to find play and appreciation in the journey, taking the scenic route, and relaxing on when and how we get there.

Communication in relationships is also being ushered forward now. The conversations that have needed to be had are arriving now. Whatever has held you back in relationships from pursuing your own desires are rising to the surface to be communicated and cleared. This is about clearing codependent behaviors to forge your own path uniquely, trusting who is meant to remain and come into your life to meet you on your travels. This is about the unfolding of the truth in our world. The truth we have ignored for far too long. The truth of it all, the meaning behind everything is rising to the surface. We feel a insatiable need to understand more. The collective is ushered into a deeper awareness now with this Full Moon phase that there is more going on behind the surface to the current events that remain to unfold. The collective gains a deeper perspective and awareness of how current events are serving for change and what this means. Deep thinking and contemplation of life and the structures of our world are in the cards with this Full Moon as well. This is a time when we are asked to go deep within to look beyond what is and see the truth in all, journeying through the illusions to find the truth in the world and our own truth.

Ascendant Master Melchizedek is assisting the collective now with bringing forward and manifesting the desires needed to advance on the soul path. He is ushering in waves of abundance and miracles so that the collective may pursue the calling of their soul. Melchizedek is assisting all those in the collective who have dedicated themselves to the New Earth Order, bringing to them the opportunities, people, money, and earthly materials needed to advance in their journey. This manifestation power is activated and only aligned with what is in ithe highest good of the individual’s soul path and the EARTH. We have strayed so far away from the utilization of what manifestation and our creative power is meant to be used for that we have spent too much time focused on creating materials and more materials, which has created a discord and damnation of Mother Earth. Thus, Melchizedek is assisting us in awakening to what we truthfully need to continue our journey rather than the desire’s of the ego. He is additionally part of an Order that is assisting and aiding the collective in balancing and harmonizing the masculine and feminine energies within us at this time. He is helping us with the spiritual and deeper philosophical understanding of our life path and journey that has led us up to this point. As we begin to gain more awareness around our spiritual path, we gain more clarity on our direction. As many have felt lost, confused, and distracted regarding their path, Melchizedek now assists the collective with gaining clarity on their individual role and allowing the vision and target to be clear. In turn this is creating inspired action for many to go full speed ahead with pursuing what is unveiled to us.

Greek Goddess Artemis, associated with the moon, archery, and hunting, is also assisting the collective at this special time. As we have been influenced and encouraged to step out of what was, we have simultaneously been asked to stop playing small and set our intentions high for ourselves and our life. Artemis assists the collective now with hitting our targeted intentions and achieving our visions. Her twin, Apollo, is also joining her in ushering forward soul contracts and unions for the sake of pursuing a similar spiritual mission and goal. They are activating soul missions between those who are guided and contracted to work together at this time to help bring about revolutionary change. They are assisting in ushering forward business companions and spiritual partnerships that are meant to further assist in the evolution of the planet, and the unique individual soul journey.

Mary Magdalene has been diligently working with the collective at this time and now comes in potently for the entire collective.

She speaks: “I come to the collective to allow my presence to be heard, known, and felt. Many have heard my voice and felt my presence coming to them especially during this time as the revolt and return of the Order of Magdelane is activated within the Crystal Grids of Earth, propelling many to be activated to their roles and mission within the order. However, what many have failed to realized is that I’m not here assisting all of MY order but of their own. There lies the telling of the story of many who will come during a time of Earths transformation and restoration that will be activated by the pathway I created, through the initiation of Isis, the Great Winged Mother, and many other Greats, as they begin to embody the essence of all of creation to activate the trajectory of their own order.

Many have been instructed to fulfilling a mission of revolutionary magnitudes and some have been prophesied to be the gatherers, mother’s, and leaders of such, taking the first steps forward to usher others, teach others, and nourish others back to the soul imprint of their own imprint. It is a coming together not the pulling apart that is the answer. I had been selected to prophetic proportions along with Yeshua as revolutionary world leaders, disciples of Source energy, as the Source incarnate itself. As such we were able to move mountains and conduct miracles that were more fast and wide than any, in co-creation and collaboration we worked together as one. I surrendered my knowing and the spread of my name, and in some instances I even released to allow my name to be known as tainted- in order to rightfully serve. Many know me but do not understand the magnitude for what I did and I agreed to that. However, this is the Age of The Woman. The first time it has been prophesied that the feminine will come and balance the masculine force of the world to bring Christ back to the grids, to awaken humanity in new ways, to transform the way we are, the way we interact, and the way we exist and inhabit a physical body.

This is a time where I make my presence known to many in hopes of awakening them to the coded mission of their revolutionary sovereignty, guiding them to awaken the magik within them the cherished being of Christ who has been bestowed within their blood, as this is a time in which I take many under my wings as a Isis initiate to activate the magik I learned in mystery schools to mentor many energetically to awaken to their own gifts- why? Because this is the time of the Great Children of Source, who have been created to come and awaken change within the world to further facilitate a global reset and revolution; the awakening of the human planet was meant to happen far before this time. The human race was designed to be the most futuristic and free will gifted, more than other planets, and yet the utilization of free will has been ill willed. Now the restoration and awakening of the gifts in those who hear my calls, awaken the trajectory for a rise, a rise in the Divine Feminine embodied by men and women incarnates to bring back the balance of the mothering ways in which Earth was meant and designed to embody. Speak my name three times and I will appear to you. I will hold the script of Osanami - the script of the soul of you and your planet- to read to you the destiny that is meant to awaken underneath your feet for that you are meant to walk.”

Additionally, White Buffalo Woman, 13 sacred Sky Grandmothers, the 13 sacred Sky Grandfathers, and our unique ancestors are assisting us at this time and ushering in heavily with this Full Moon. This is about Earth. This is about the reconnection and establishment of nourishment to and from our original mother, Earth.

White Buffalo Woman speaks: “I am White Buffalo Woman here to assist the collective now in awakening to the connection and deep roots of their being to the land. The land has gone through its own process of awakening of transformation and the underlying grids of her have been charged once again with the frequencies of Christ awakening and setting the soils for a New Earth to grow from the roots up.

However, the people remain disconnected; the people remain too far out of alignment with the Source of The Mother, Earth, the planet holds deep wisdom and she is meant to be nourished and acknowledged by her children. There still remains a disregard globally and collectively for her true presence, for her glory, and wonder. There is a indestructible force against her that can not be killed, only transformed and alchemized. The lands hold sacred veins that connect through you to the very essence of your being, they are what is in rhythm with your heart beat, the seasons of the Earth are the seasons of the soul regardless of geographical location. It is now that the collective is ushered by me and the great grandmothers, great grandfathers, and the ancestors of your beings, to rise forward to truthfully see the divine connection with Earth. There has been SO much curiosity of the skies, other dimensions, and other planetary forces. Your collective has remained more fascinated by other worlds than your own for too long and in this process, I come now in love to bring your fascination back to the planet you here walk on and the magic and majesty of her and her creatures so that she may be held in the light she has so been created. The roots are needed to be restored the distractions of such must be limited and now the kindling of the flame of the Earths core rises into the bellies of the collective calling them to see her in her glory. Bring your awareness to her now. Sit with her, see her, and you will see it is as if you’re looking into a mirror. I come with the thunder and the rain to wash away all the destructiveness to cleanse and baptize the Earth, to reset her to her natural state.

I call you forth as the Prophecy of the Rainbow is ignited and activated now with the opening of the Rainbow Gate of Gaia to bring you back HOME. Yes, you are from Star Nations but here now this is your HOME. It is time you start finding her as fascinating and wondrous as you have found your other dimensional realities. It is time that you awaken to the beings of your planet. It is time that you find amazement for your own planet as you’ve found in the rest of your Solar System. It is this Rainbow Gate that opens up to the Protectors of the Earth and Guardians of the Earth, now being initiated into their roles to maintain the sacredness of Earth and being the voice of her. Gridkeeper’s contracted to aid in the assistance of Earth’s lay lines and grid’s are now actively being called to their home lands and soil of resonance to hold down and lock in their energies with that of Mother Gaia for their own transformation and rise and so Earth’s. Archangel Uriel, the Angel of Earth comes now and his twin flame, Rainbow Aurora assists in the opening of this portal”

Archangel Zadiekl and St. Germain of the Violet Flame of Transmutation are engulfing the entire world in the Violet Light of transmutation during this time. As they are assisted by Green Tara and Lord Shiva in cutting cords of the past and transcending in a world anew. This is the full initiation of the New World Order. This is assisting us in fully and finally leaving behind all that has been and breaking karmic cycles, ancestral ties, and outdated timelines to bring us into the presence of now, the power of now. Transformation is taking it’s fullness and the collective will now begin to see a clearing within themselves and world around them. A space where everything feels as if it has been released and opening has appeared in it’s place. This is the completion of your transformation and of Earth’s. This is the ignition of the creation of the new. Begin to move forward knowing you have been reborn fully, knowing you have a clean slate, knowing you can move forward however you so choose. The work has been down, you have moved through the oceans, waves, and storms, and have arrived at the other side. You have become whole in your sovereignty once again. If you are reading this, you have arrived as your whole higher being. You are on the right path, trust yourself now as you usher in the new creative adventures of the life before you. This is about following the flow of the universal guidance and steps that now lay before you. You are not alone and you do not need to “figure out” the how or the what, divine guidance and assistance is here to support you, follow the steps being laid out before you and that are called to you by your intuitive guidance. This is about leaving the mind and coming full force in the action’s of the heart without question and with more trust than ever.

Connecting with the Earth and crystals during this phase is absolutely ESSENTIAL. Grounding is highly recommended. Connect to your inner guidance, connect with Mama Gaia. You are being guided. Move with the flow of the Earth to lead you to your heart’s deepest desires now.

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