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Ride the Waves: the process of surrender

Energetically when the frequency of earth spikes and rises in frequency those who reside on earth then receive and feel that upgrade as well. We receive those upgrades through our crown chakra, whether your crown is blocked or not, the upgrades we’ve been consistently receiving have blasted through any who have had blockages and the collective at large is receiving them whether they are aware or not. Thus, we’ve been receiving tons of high frequency energies through our crown chakra causing a lot of this head pressure that has then gone into the third eye area to be integrated in as an innate knowing. Basically downloading of the software if you will. This has then resulted in the high pitched ear ringing, sounds, ear pressure, head pressure, heaviness in the head, sinus pressure, eye pressure and irritation, and has even had the tendency to cause “moon” face or swelling of the face. This is why many have experienced the sensation of an elephant sitting on top of the head, a hangover feeling, head buzzing, vertigo, etc. Once the “software” is downloaded it is filtered to the necessary centers to complete an upgrade. The current stream of energy has been focused on the heart chakra and the sacral chakra. We have continued to work on these centers the most throughout the past few months as we balance the divine feminine and divine masculine energies which has occurred in stages- a round of clearing stages and then an upgrade. A lot of what we are working through now is ancestral trauma as the heart chakra stores a lot of trauma for the divine masculine as this is where it has been most oppressed and the sacral chakra being where the divine feminine ancestral trauma is largely stored due to this being where it has seen the most oppression. Therefore, we may be experiencing heart burn, heart palpitations, acid reflux, anxiety, and find ourselves short of breath. Additionally, there is a potential to experience stomach and digestive issues, abnormal menses either lack of/light or heavy, wild sex drive or low libido, incessant creativity or creative blocks. We have continued to receive heart chakra and sacral clearings that initially have opened those centers up but our innate “fire walls” then retract after the energy is processed- thus we are continuing to receive upgrades in these areas inching open the gates to these centers more and more to maintain openness in totality and permanently. Do not be attached to the physical form of masculine and feminine as we all carry both energies within us; therefore, we are all experiencing these upgrades synergistically. This is the collective conscious upgrade when we all heal both energies within our own being, the collective energies are healed in totality. The human psyche contains these things called mirror neurons, which take in what they see and experience and mirror it back as if they are experiencing it first hand. Thus, when one person heals the divine masculine and divine feminine energies within themselves they literally and scientifically trigger all those they interact with to do the same. This is bigger than just you, this is beyond the Individual level, this is global. Hence why a lot are more aware of others emotions and feelings now as well as becoming more empathic. It is important to note that the earth and pacha mama is also undergoing these shifts environmentally at this time. Animals are also shifting at this time in similar ways as well. There is a heightened need to take care of our eco-system on all levels.

Within the mix we also have had Saturn conjunct Pluto. Although it is no longer in exact, it has been and is still in strong aspect and has been supporting the energetic deep clean of the physical body. This has been aiding the upgrades we’ve received scanning our physical being to remove all remnants of stored trauma within the body. Most consciously doing the work have purged the big stuff, now we’re going through another round to make sure there’s nothing left that we missed. Thus, this is where most of us have experienced the waves. You might feel extremely high and blissful and attuned in one phase, as this particular area is cleared and there is no interference with the new high frequency coming it, and then experiencing a rising of the tide in the next as emotions, past situations, and fears, doubt, and confusion may seem to emerge out of nowhere once the “cleaning” has moved to another “section”. Thus, causing the ups and downs of the waves. Feeling very high vibe and energetic for a couple days and then exhausted and emotional the next few days or even both within the same day. Even if not consciously aware, we are all undergoing this process at some level. There are however different collectives within the whole collective. There are different cadres or “groups” experiencing these waves at opposite times. Meaning one may be undergoing the purging period of these centers in which another experienced and completed this months ago. As well as those experiencing the same current waves but at opposite ends: one experiencing the purging and clearing as one experiences the blissful high and then switching. No one is ahead or behind it is just a matter of who has willingly done the work and who is now being pushed to do the work. Nevertheless, we’re all heading the same direction at the pace that is best for us to align with our highest self. There can be a collective impatience right now as we are hungry to just reach the finish line and are starting to get antsy but the process is the prize, the journey is the experience, and if you allow yourself to slow down there is a lot of innate knowledge and new insight within us we are being asked to explore now.

This “system” upgrade was kicked into high gear with the start of the traditional New Year on January 1, 2020. It was then taken into a second phase with the lunar New Year on January 25, 2020. This process will then be finalized in the third phase with the cosmic new year on approximately March 20th with the ending of Pisces season (the last sign of the zodiac) and the start of Aries season. During this time we will be integrating into the physical body the energetic frequencies allowing for further purging and clearing of these energetic centers as well as be awakening to a higher realm more and more. We will continue to ride this energetic wave during this time period. Life will continue to wave as well with bursts of new coming in and movement in some phases with a stagnation and standstill in others. The eb and the flow is what we will continue to experience now. This is a true process of surrender and patience. Planets are shifting around rapidly to different houses during this phase as well with many occupying primarily one or two houses at a time. This is allowing the process of clearing to take place in all areas and houses of life with the focus rapidly shifting from one area to another and circling back again. Thus far, we have received a lot of clearing in areas that have remained deeply hidden and concealed, almost like a “wild card” type of energy. Things popping up out of nowhere, old relationships, emotions, and traumas surfacing seemingly unexpectedly. We have also received a lot of action oriented energy, longing for movement, for change, and to take steps towards what we want. However, this may have and be causing frustration, friction, and anger as we feel we keep pushing forward and taking actions to receive “no results”. Thus, we could be experiencing waves of doubt, fear, feeling lost, feeling confused, and wondering if what we have done has even been worth it. There is a sense around this energy of whether or not all that we have released will be replaced and questioning if it will “pay off”. Relationships have also been in large focus. Relationships have been ending, transforming, and taking new shapes. You may have and be experiencing an exodus of past relationships and friendships during this time. This is leaving many feeling misunderstood, alone, and isolated. Additionally, there is a deep longing to reinvent the idea of connection. There is a great hunger amongst the collective to create a sense of community at a deeper level, to have those around them who truly see and support them amongst this time of shifting into our highest selfs, those who are experiencing the same waves and who we can relate to us during this shift. We are craving soul family and soul partners at a deeper level. Surface level interactions are no longer satisfiable and shallow relationships are no longer resonating. All illusions are becoming very apparent now and this is extremely highlighted within relationships. Marriages may be and may have ended, friendships may have taken a turn and have reached there capacity, relationships might also be shifting in some way or form. We no longer want to surround ourselves with just anyone; we are really craving a deeper collective and community like atmosphere that is in alignment with the heights of where we are rising to. There are many different cadre groups, or soul groups, and there is a hunger to connect with members of those who incarnated within the same group as us now. We seek connection and co-creation at a higher level and are beginning to leave behind the conditioned way of “independence” and “self-sufficiency” and seeing that more can be accomplished within a group. There has also been a lot of focus on the self. Self-worth has been huge and anything that has stood in the way of realizing your higher power is being noted right now in unavoidable ways. There is a focus on the appearance, the physical body, and self-care. You may find your appetite changing, your diet shifting, and the way you move the body shifting in ways that support your higher being now. We are being asked to surrender to the body, to work through any self-image blocks, and merge our internal selfs with our external. There is an intense need to go explore, adventure, and experience life at a deeper level but feeling very stuck and stagnant. It seems like mundane life no longer provides us with the depth of experience we know we have been called for. There is a deeper need to experience life to the fullest now, yet it seems as if we push and push and nothing happens. Many are seeking a deeper meaning in career and a more energetically balanced way of allowing abundance into their life. Many are feeling fed up within their regular careers and now being ushered into soul work and soul missions. There are many now who are seeking out their soul purpose, as they are being ushered to “get to work”. We are being called to our place in this world as it rises and we all have our particular role in this rise. We all are feeling a deeper need to be connected and more fulfilled by the work we do seeking a greater process that is bigger than ourselves and bigger than just a paycheck; were seeking our unique way to serve. You may additionally find that a lot of past situations and people are emerging now in your experience as the physical past is being cleared. This is a means of the physical manifestation of these events and relationships purging as well so that room can be cleared for new. These past relationships and situations are often serving as triggers right now to help you heal remaining emotional stores within the body and release them. You may also find that people are emerging very confrontational and aggressive in these situations, exhibiting gaslighting, blame, and outburts as they misdirect their emotional trauma stores. We are again all undergoing this purging process, those who are more mindful and aware of their energy are working through this appropriately. However, those who are unconsciously undergoing this process are unable to direct and work through these emotions properly; thus, they are lashing out in whatever area and whoever they can seem to find as an outlet, and as the ego may be associating pain/trauma that has been triggered through your relationship with them directly towards you. Patience and compassion is needed now as we undergo this process.

All things will continue to shift and move. It is a matter of surrender that allows us to feel into the insight we are receiving and the guidance we are being given right now. There is a heaviness to the process but, there is also magic in this time period. There is an magnetic feel to pull in your desires at a sheer thought as well as increased and very notable synchronization right now. This energy is also heightening our connection with our Source allowing us to reach deeper insight during meditative states. Gifts are being heightened at extreme levels and we are able to tap into the gifts we have been given now to enhance and work with them on a greater level than we ever have before. Many are awakening to their physic clair abilities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairalience, and clairgustance. There is also a rise in understanding and seeing energetics as many are experiencing the ability to see light influences and auras increasingly during this time. Collectively, we may be experiencing an exhausted and fog during the day time and feeling very wired and energized during the night and early morning as this is a time when the veil is thin. With the rising of earths surfaces it allows for the divine beings to have more direct and consistent access to us. Dreams are often very prophetic at this time. It is important to take note of what occurs in the dream state. Many are receiving energy attunements during dream states. There is a increased interaction between guides, angels, masters, and teachers in the dream state at this time as well. There is a lot of astral traveling that is being done by many during this time as well to receive and integrate further information necessary for specific missions. It is important that you allow yourself to take note of these occurrences. I highly suggest keeping a dream journal at this time, as our memories seem to be very spotty and foggy as well. Due to clearing, we may feel as our memories are failing and that we are very forgetful. However, this is pulling us into the present moment of now. We are detaching from the past and moving into the present to rise into the future. Many can feel alarmed and as if something is cognitively wrong now as this process in underway but it is important to remember that you are not your past; all is serving a purpose, and all is well. Our memories are also being impacted by the massive amounts of energy we are receiving through the crown- our mental system using it’s stamina to process this new energy instead. There could be increased mental processes and mind activation during the night as well as you energetically sense the influx of energies pouring in. Waking up in the middle of the night is very significant now; pay attention to the times that you are awakened. If you feel you are consistently awakened in the middle of the night, without touching electronics, grab a journal and start writing. There is strong communication wishing to come through during this time and allowing yourself the outlet to receive is the only means of calming the mind. You will find that when you find space and time to process and receive the information coming to you - you will find peace and understanding. Symptoms of the body will continue to rise and fall and may even worsen before subsiding. When you naturally have an influx of high energy coming in, it pushes out all the lower energies at a increased rate- thus you may experienced increased symptoms and side effects during this time. However, the key is surrendering to the process. Do not succumb to what is but what you know during this time.

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