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Pluto Retrograde 2020 and The Sungate Portal of Ra

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

The beautiful planet of Pluto is now retrograde from April 25th,2020- Oct 4th, 2020. This is also the opening of a new energetic portal The Sungate of Ra, which remains open until May 23, 2020.

Retrograde refers to when a planet (appears) to move backwards creating a period of reflection- reassessment-rethinking- basically highlighting areas in which we need to re-evaluate.

Pluto is the planet that represents massive change. Pluto represents our deepest and most buried compulsions. It represents areas of life that must be transformed as part of the soul's evolution. Pluto represents death and rebirth - endings and beginnings.

It’s retrograde is stationed in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is an Earth sign associated with tradition, music, values, work, money, and perseverance. It represents the quest for success in the material world and the pressure to achieve all goals no matter what. It is a tactical sign that understands a slow and steady pace to climbing the ladder to their goals. It is a very responsible sign and values time. This sign is all about putting in the work to make things happen. They are firm in their grounding and foundation and rule the root chakra, which to no surprises we have been receiving major upgrades to.

With Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn you can expect a grounding energy that is allowing us to reconnect to the material world in a new way. Our root chakra’s have been collectively been receiving a major upgrade with the start of this global event of the COVID19. Just when we think we have been defeated, we are being given a jolt of energy to continue to move forward with achieving and creating our desires, world, and self. The way we related to the material world drastically changed. Most no longer were spending on material goods, clothes, etc, but instead basic needs. What we thought we were in this material world also shifted with this cleansing as we’ve been so identified by the material world rather than us being the creator of such. This period is helping us rebirth the root chakra into a new light as our world has changed. Our traditional needs, values, and foundations are returning in a new light and we are redefining and rethinking what we truly need to feel secure. This is providing us with the opportunity to redefine our basic needs.

This time is creating a BIG shift in the way we interact and think about money. This is all about work and your relationship to the material world and money. We’ve often seen money as the entirety of our existence. We have often viewed the money first and our needs second, in that we’ve required tangible money prior to creating something out of it. We’ve seen money as the key to developing, producing, and creating. Now we are rewriting this and beginning to transform as a collective to the understanding that abundance is an energy. This period is awakening us to detached from the physical form of materials and money to see that these are merely symbolic representations of energy, the energy of abundance. This is redefining how we exchange, make, and generate abundance in all forms. This is bringing a BIG shift in careers and how one generates abundance during this time.

We have entered into a new timeline, this timeline is linking up with Pluto Retrograde to rethink how we have generated an income prior to this. Meaning, many aspects of life are rearranging including jobs, purposes, and missions. Jobs that have remained out of alignment with continue to be purged from the physical construct. New ideas, concepts, and businesses are encouraged to be looked over and assessed at this time. The planning for these new ventures is being ushered forward by this placement. The truth of your soul is being revealed and what is not in aligned anymore will not be seeing the forward motion it once did. When we shift timelines, we shift. Our identity shifts, our role shifts, our job shifts, our world shifts. What worked for you before is not going to work now, everyone is undergoing a massive change collectively to rewrite the script. This is bringing forth a desire to seek employment that is more aligned with the sole, and expect to be rerouted if you have not accomplished this. As we shift timelines, what was once in alignment is rewritten and purposes shift and change as well. We are multidimensional beings and as we unlock that aspect- our external world will ALWAYS follow and shift with us. There has been massive internal transformations within many of the collective and now we begin to see such transformation leaking over into our life’s.

This is bringing forth massive transformation within governmental structures as well. Capricorn is the sign of tradition - and now we are entering into a new world and new age where these traditions on ALL levels are needing major upgrading. Traditional ways of living in the past are now being rewritten for us to step into a new external reality. The identity and role of the government is now undergoing its own shift and change to become more in alignment with serving the highest good of all individuals- there will be a more unifying approach to governmental situations. There is a dying of old outdated systems and a reintroduction of the new. However, in any time of transformation and rebirth, expect some turbulence and wobbles during the leaving of the old and reestablishing of the new.

This is a MAJOR time of reclamation of power. This is ushering us to reclaim our power as the creator of our experience. We have remained under control of conditions and traditions that have relinquished our divine sovereignty over to the control of external sources. We now have been undergoing massive internal transformation to reach this point of external transformation, as we awaken to the power of our divinity to create our reality. We have relinquished our control over by seeking externally for far too long. This is the reestablishing of who you are, in your truth, to create the life you desire. We have been told what to desire, what to do, what to follow, how to create income, how to operate, etc. This is a massive time of having GRACE for the transformational process while coming in to your DISCERNMENT of what you believe, what you desire, what you want, what world you want to live in, and what you want to create without the boundaries, limits, and external influences of the societal world. This is your time to reclaim who you came to be entirely, to remember your truth, and to rise into your worth of understanding you are a limitless being of pure creation and this experience of life was meant for you to express the power of creative essence to the highest degree- not to become a victim, not to sit back and “deal with the hand you were dealt”. You are the card dealer, you are the master of this evolutionary game, you are here to create the life you’ve always desired and it all starts from connecting to your truth within. This is about reestablishing who you are to begin to manifest your truth in the material world from the job, to the house, to the relationships, to the money. This is recreating what traditional living is within your own world. Rise up now and reclaim the divine creator of I Am within you. You created everything within your experience thus far, every little experience you have created, yes, now we come into the control and regain the reigns of navigation of our experience.

During this phase you may find yourself moving away from relationships, people, hobbies, etc that once enthralled you to find and claim a new identity. You may feel lost, confused, anxiety, and emotional. As Pluto is the healing planet of death and rebirth whatever has stood in the way from reclaiming our role as the creator will be surfacing for us to heal. Wherever we have clung and held on to traditions will be slipping through our hands, which can lead to a loss of security. Our world is shifting and so are you. The more you cling to the past of what you were and who you thought you were the more difficult this time will be. You are not who you were any longer, you are an ever changing being that is being recreated in every moment of every second- as your skin cells die and rejuvenate every 60 days- as your entire physical being undergoes a process of peeling back layers to develop anew- so does your internal and cognitive self. We are transformation and evolving- allow yourself to do just that. Anywhere and in any situation where you have handed your power over, expect it to reappear for you to reclaim it and rewrite the story. Anywhere in which you have been held and confined by what you have been told to do, anywhere where you have not used discernment, anywhere were you have settled in the creation of your life expect this to surface.

Goddess Kali Ma is also assisting us during this time. Learn from her effortless ability to burn down what was to build a new temple on the grounds of the ashes of the past. She is the goddess of time, creation, preservation, death, and rebirth. She is the goddess that is wiling to destroy the ego to liberate the soul. She is called upon in critical times when action and change needs to be taken. She cuts away and kills all unpure passions to preserve that of the divine soul of her children. Wherever you have operated out of a place of ego expect this to be destroyed now to envelope the truth of your sovereign divinity as your soul contracted.

The energy portal opening The Sungate of Ra connects to the energies of the Egyptian ruler of the Sun. The sun is representative as our energy, source, vitality, and that of creation. This is a time of self reflection and reconnection to the solar essence of your being; your solar plexus.

Our Solar Plexus Chakra is receiving a major upgrade during this phase as we define the ego and it’s role in our being. We are redefining our sense of self and identity. We are redeveloping the understanding and trust in our intuition and discernment to come to a place of true navigation from within. The Solar Plexus Chakra is in charge of creation the energy that surges to create manifestations in our external world. It fuels our desires and our ability to see ourselves as a divine creator. As we focus on this chakra it will be clearing away any situations, past endeavors, and emotions where you’ve lacked courage, to speak up for yourself, exert your willpower. Mani pura is our life source, it is Shakti energy, it is Sophia energy, Source energy- the divine feminine energy of creation and birthing of life, of divine transformation. As we recalibrate this chakra we merge our ego to work with us in the birthing of our reality from the source of our soul. Capricorn rules music and this is synchronistically a beautiful way in which many will find themselves recentering and working with their Solar Plexus Chakra now. Dance and reconnection to music is a beautiful tool that can be used to establish your unique expression of who you are now. During this time of reestablishing this chakra you can experience nausea, appetite changes, GI issues, fluctuating self-esteem, indecision, control issues, anger issues, frustration, loss of identity, and fluctuating energy levels. While you shift through the illusions and heal what was, you may begin to find that you shift through identities trying on others personalities and identities until you find your own truth.

Pluto also representations half of the planetary representation of twin flames. It’s interaction with the planet of Venus is the astrological symbolization of twin flames. While Pluto is retrograde expect reassessment of these relationships to be of focus. This is a time when divine partnerships, essence twins, and soul flames are beginning to move through the lessons of the past to recreate anew. This is a massive healing, regeneration, and rebirth of these relationships. They are undergoing transformation and the death of the past to recreate the new without the hurt, pain, and triggering of the past. The lessons should have been learned by now, and if not expect them to be surfacing again during this time for one last lesson. What has been undergone and mirrored within the twin flame collective has created massive trajectory for growth. Now, this is the final test in which many will be faced with old situations and triggers to demonstrate a new reaction and new response from this place of highly integrated divine essence. This is the space when many twin flames, divine counterparts, soul flames, and soul contracts within this realm are being renewed, rewritten, and regenerated. Who you were contracted to in past timelines may not remain the same in which you remain contracted to in this timeline. Many with true essence twins, will see the crumbling away of past blockages and the recreation of the relationship. Source energy is bringing together many for additional healing and recreation of the context of what a relationships and partnership is. We have had a defined traditional sense of what a relationship, partnership, marriage, etc. looks like- we have allowed societal pressures, norms, and factors to create the context of our relationships. These divine unions now are being ushered forward to heal old timelines and contracts built on old traditions to begin to pave the way for the new. This is a transformation time in regards to our love relationships on all levels. Lady Nada is present now with the collective of divine partnerships to help bring soul contracts to completion to step into a new relationship of divine love and creation of such within the container of relationships. Lady Nada is bringing on the union of twin flames and soul flames and ushering them forward as she works with them to establish the new construct of relationship in our world.

Through this time, expect massive transformation in your external world. You have come to be so much more than you have been and this energy is only aiding us to achieving the highest embodiment of our true self, our highest self, and reclaiming our divinity as divine creators of our experience. This time is enlightening us to see that no one, no thing, no factor, no circumstance can create our life or determine that which is created in our life. This is a time of liberation and freedom; releasing all bounds and ties, boxes, labels, and ideas, of what we thought we were to come into our divine truth. This is about activating the divine crystalline DNA within us to embody our light being in the presence of every moment. Find patience as you transform. Find freedom in releasing that which no longer serves you. Find healing in the past wounds that resurface now. Find liberation to be the divine being you’ve come to embody. Find surrender as all is rewritten, rearranged, and reconstructed now as it is always for you highest good.

This is a powerful potent time to set intentions, rewrite goals, rewrite your life, and to recreate what you wish to embody. Scripting exercises are highly recommended as you recreate the story of what is now.

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