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New Moon, New You, New World

During the past year the divine feminine has been undergoing lower chakra shadow work and purge whereas the masculines have been undergoing an upper chakra awakening and attunement. The masculines have been going through a collective third eye and heart chakra opening; feeling into the emotional body and heart space. This is something the masculines have been conditioned away from as these are seen as more feminine energies. The divine masculine has been awakening to their intuition learning that this is not only within the physical feminine but the feminine energy within themselves; they have been awakening to the guidance of their emotions and learning how to heal and harness the feminine nature within them. The masculines have collectively been experiencing a mass awakening. During this phase the masculines have become more aware of their emotions, almost experiencing an overflow of all emotions they have repressed. Think of this like a tsunami hitting all at once, they have been overflowing with emotions and could have potentially been paralyzed by them learning to heal that which has been in order to utilize the gift of emotions as a guidance system. They have been cracking open their hearts to the embodiment of love- allowing fears to surface that have held them back and kept their walls up. Their relationship with the mother, earth, or their physical incarnated mother has also be in focus during the process of this upper chakra opening. They have been feeling very sensitive, raw, and exposed but overall have been experiencing the blissful state of awakening in which they have become more aware of synchronic events, patterns, and numbers as well as cycles that have reoccured within their lives.

Meanwhile, the feminine has been going through a collective shadow phase. The feminine had a distorted masculine view with being collectively taught that demonstrating power and dominance is a masculine trait too intense for a physical female to embody, that sexual energy and power is a trait that only is acceptable for the masculine physical incarnate to embody. This phase has been teaching the feminine to purge this convoluted idea and to feel into their sacral chakra to embrace their power, reclaim their sexuality, and embrace the masculine within them. The feminine has been healing a long line of karma, liberating the voice of the divine feminine collective finding our voice to express our power, our dominance, and our sexuality. The divine feminine has been learning to embody their sexual nature in a fearless manner to liberate their sexual self and release all repression and shame around sex. The divine feminine has been undergoing an intense grounding of the root chakra and this has been allowing them to feel more powerful and action oriented; embracing the masculine within them. However, due to the feminines natural state of intuition and emotion, this phase may have made the collective feminine feel as if she was cut off from her spirituality, distanced from her gifts, her emotions, and cold to the world. Collectively, the feminine may have been experiencing depression, emotionless, lack of compassion and sympathy, and the feeling as if you have been in a dark hole. There has been a massive focus on the collective feminines sacral chakra and healing the karmic and ancestral traumas that have been stored within the womb for eons. We may have experienced heavy menses, phantom pregnancy symptoms, miscarriages, pelvic pain, ovarian cysts, UTI’s, gastro intestinal upsets, vertigo, headache, “morning” sickness sensation, hip pain, lower back pain and spinal issues, disassociation, brain fog, exhaustion, hair loss, postpartum depression and/or like symptoms, low libido, lack of appetite, lack of self-worth, feeling unattractive, lacking identity, and feeling disconnected from our spiritual selfs or not as connected. There has been this feeling as if our bodies have been alienated; like we have no idea who we are anymore. There has been a collective feminine sensation during this phase that we have been shut out, closed off, and like we cannot “see”. The collective feminine has been undergoing this massive lower chakra purge in order to heal the masculine energies within them.

Following the New Moon in Gemini up until 12/21, We have been in a phase of integration. The full moon in Gemini, represented by the twins, the divine feminine and the divine masculine, kicked off a phase of integration of the energies within us and without us. This opened the 1221 portal, which is active from 12/12 until 12/21 and is followed by our last moon of the DECADE the New Moon in Capricorn on 12/25-12/26. During this 1221 portal we are all collectively integrating the masculine and feminine energies within us. The masculine are reincorporating their direct, action oriented, grounded, earthly nature into this newly awakened guidance system of emotions and intuition. The feminines are integrating their emotional bodies, spiritual selfs, and intuition back into their power, sexual nature, and voice that has been upleveled with the past year. During this phase we will be experiencing a swinging of the pendulum in ways, meaning our emotional bodies will be fluctuating from really high to really low; allowing us to experience a spectrum of emotions. We might find that we are enraged for no reason, or we may experiencing crying that seems to come out of nowhere. Depression and dissatisfaction might be experienced and hit hard during this time as well, while somehow feeling excited. These emotional swings will not make sense to our minds, we will feel as if we are on a vibrational roller coaster trying to grasp how we are feeling moment to moment. The best thing we can do is allow ourselves to FEEL instead of judge these emotions. Some emotions will be connect to the past, some emotions will have no attachment and are simply collective purging. When the feminine heals - she triggers the masculine; when one feminine begins to heal, she triggers the feminine collective, and it is the same for the masculine collective. Thus, during this time we are coming into a more heightened awareness that we are all one, and purging from a collective level as well in which can lead to emotional purges that seem to have no rhyme or reason. Allow yourself to FEEL, to EXPRESS, and to RELEASE these emotions. DO NOT hold back your emotions at this time; find ways and space in which you can honor yourself and release them fully in a healthy way without the need to label them. There is a collective sense during this period that we do not resonate with who we have been, that we cannot identify with our past selfs, and yet we do not who we are now. This is a in-between phase, we may not understand where we are going, who we are, and what we want now - release the need to know at this time. The Full Moon in Gemini was in sextile (positive-aspect) to Chiron the wounded healer, which also moved out of retrograde with the beginning of this portal on 12/12. Chiron is known as the wounded healer, it is how we heal ourselves so that we can help heal the collective, it is what is needed to be healed within us, BY us. Therefore, during this portal we are being asked to undergo a final release and purge of who we were, what we were, the old self, relationships, friendships, jobs, ideals, behaviors, situations, living situations, and ANYTHING that no longer resonates with us now. With Chiron at our aid and in positive position this will be happening more readily, it will not feel like we are pulling teeth to let go and release, we will be releasing and letting go more fluidly now and beginning to understand the process. We are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, to see and understand that this is helping us level up into a new way of being, a new life, a new self, a new earth, A NEW REALITY. Our sense of time seems to be an illusion and it does not seem to add up. We are now integrating new information and new ways of being into our essence every single day and rapid changes are occurring now. We may have felt as if we lost the connection to the physical self and material world during the process of the shadow period, we are now beginning to reintegrate these aspects finding a balance between our internal self and external self. We underwent a collective ego death during the past year and during this time we are reintegrating the ego. There is a massive misconception that the ego is “wrong” or inherently bad; however, when our wounded ego has undergone a death it is able to be reborn as a task companion to our soul. Thus, the ego is then able to assist us in feeling confident, secure, and reestablish this sense of self within alignment to our soul missions. During this integration, we may feel like we are teetering back and forth between confidence and low self worth and we may be susceptible to overindulge or arrogance during this calibration phase. This is a phase of waves; the rising and falling of the tides until an energetic balance is reached within us. The year of 2019- was the energetic year of change, release, reinvention, and shifting. If you feel like this year went by exceptionally fast, it is because time during this phase has been distorted as we have entered into a collective quantum leap to shift dimensions or states of consciousness on Earth. With the energies heightened to extremes during this time period, we may even feel as though we are experiencing three to four days within one 24 hour period, or as if we are shifting into three to four different versions of ourselves within one 24 hour period. The new year of 2020- is the energetic year of the fourth dimension, a higher consciousness, and spiritually aligning with our highest selfs. The Earth surfaces have now been rising in frequency at the highest rates recorded. The frequency of Earth is literally upgrading and shifting into a higher realm. This has caused our bodies to feel some of the side effects such as vertigo, disassociation, headache, nausea, vomiting, rashes, acne, diarrhea, stomach aches, lack of appetite, mood swings, energy swings between exhaustion and manic behaviors, and anxiety. We can be experiencing this until the new year on January 1, 2020, but should see ourselves settling in more with the New Moon in Capricorn on December 25th and 26th.

The New Moon in Capricorn is the peak of this healing, the purge, the transformation and it is being heightened by the Solar Ecplise on the same day. Who are we now? It is the final and massive rebirth into who we are collectively and individually in the new world. This New Moon will be bringing you a greater awareness of who you are now, where you need to go, what you need to do, and why you are here. Questions are now beginning to be answered, the blanks are being filled in, and we are receiving information now as to who we really are. Think of this as the grand finale, this is a huge moment for us and is like the crowning ceremony that proceeds all the work we have been undergoing in the year of 2019. Claim yourself, claim your purpose, and own the new you. Capricorn is a grounded earth sign, which will be bringing us the grounding we so very much so have needed throughout this turbulence. Things will begin to feel more settled with this New Moon and coming into full equilibrium within us. Capricorn is a persistent, ambitious, realistic, but sensitive sign that sees the bigger picture. Capricorn is action oriented but not in a head on way like Aries; Capricorn is more tactful in their approach and understands the importance in not only orchestration of initiation but also the discipline to carry out and finish tasks. Capricorn is a very family oriented sign - thus we are rising into our collective oneness and fully understanding how our actions effect those of the world. We are birthing into a new sense of being, seeing, and understanding. We are birthing into a new sense of self, that allows us a new role within the collective. This New Moon is not only a rebirth of our selfs but also those we surround ourselves with, soul families and cadres will uniting at an accelerated rate in the new decade. We are understanding it takes a village to hand us the tools we need to become who we are, it takes the eyes of soul members to help us see ourselves in this new light, and it takes a collective community to complete missions at a higher rate. We are beginning to see that we work more efficiently with others and are stepping out of this isolated independent nature. We are beginning to attract soul communities at a higher rate, as the world is coming back into the sense of community instead of singularity. The New Moon in Capricorn is a time of reinvention at a collective level and individual level.

The Solar Eclipse falling at the same time is also heightening this sense of rebirth within us. The sun is all about our self-image, our sense of self, personality, the conscious mind, the ego, our vitality, and sense of being in the world. Thus, this energy is heightening and enhancing the New Moon energies placing focus even more so on the reinvention of who we are now. This is a complete and total reinvention of the self on all levels and our interaction with one another on a collective level. When we all regenerate our sense of self and being - we all interact at a different level. When we renew our individual consciousness, we are altering our ability to consciously interact collectively. Expect yourself to feel renewed like never before. You are returning to who you have come to be at a cellular level. It is imperative to celebrate this New Moon by spending time getting to know who you are now. Self-care is highly important, and self-exploration is highly suggested during this moon.

With the heightened energies our bodies can experience an anxiety building up to this rebirth and it is important for us to ground. We love to distract ourselves and keep busy but it is important we spend time slowing down with this moon, spend time with ourselves, and come into this new version of who we are. To help do just this, I love utilizing a herbal elixir to help me harness the power of the energies to manifest at a heightened state of awareness and this is a prime time for manifestation. The earth is our teacher and our mother; our connection with her is the representation of the connection with ourselves. Thus, I love utilizing herbs to help me gain clarity, renew, ground, and refresh during these times. My New Moon in Capricorn Elixir is the perfect way to self-nourish and get to know the new you this season.

What’s in It?

  • Maca: Maca is popular and generally used nowadays, but most do not know that Maca was used over 3,800 years ago originating from South America utilized by the Ancient Indians of Peru. They carried it with them through times of shifts and changes to bring endurance, energy, and power. Maca is a great spiritual aid in the sense that it allows us to adapt in times of change. It aids us in striving towards our highest potential by calling in our power, and the energy we need to endure. After all the shifts and changes of 2019, we are left collectively feeling drained and exhausted. Maca can help us now by calling back our energy stores and allowing us to endure to push towards the new decade. Maca is a root, thus it is bringing us the grounding energy we need to withstand the last of this shift. Energetically it is assisting in bringing a final balance to the masculine and feminine energies within us. Physically, Maca aids the endocrine system and the pituitary gland helping in the regulation of our hormones including insulin, thyroid hormones, testosterone, serotonin, cortisol, progesterone, estrogen, and adrenaline. Maca helps aid in depression, anxiety, and balancing our metabolism.

  • Fenugreek: Fenugreek spiritually has been known to attract wealth, health, and protection to the home and spirit. It is known as the plant of increase, meaning that it said to enhance the fertility of whatever you are trying to call in including money, which corresponds to the work oriented nature of Capricorn. Physically, Fenugreek help the muscles and body recover, facilities hair growth, fertility, and relaxes tension and inflammation within the body caused from anxiety and stress that we may experience through the wild ride of ascension.

  • Anise: Also known as star seed, shaped in star like pods, this can spiritually help us all tap into our source origin, the energy of the cosmos. When we tap into our true nature of source, we are automatically shot into a remembrance of who we are and what we are here to do. When we are brought back to the remembrance that we are all made of stars, all star seeds, we are able to see that we were brought here to be the embodiment of this energy, allowing us to accept our natural state more readily. The eight pointed star like Anise corresponds to the energies of stability and expansion and connection to the divine. It spiritually helps awaken our psychic awareness within us, to see within us clearly, to then embody this internal awareness into the external. Physically, Anise aids in digestion, appetite regulation, dental health, free-radicals, and flu-like symptoms.

  • Vanilla: Vanilla allows us to tap into the sensual nature within us, it heightens our awareness to allow us to see through the lenses of love. It allows us to come into a romantic way of living and interacting with the world around us, which helps to find greater appreciation for ourselves, those around us, and the elements. It helps us gain our sensuality back and taps us back into our senses aiding in harnessing intimacy within ourselves. Vanilla helps to physically prevent tooth decay and to soothe intestinal upset.

  • Rose: Rose is the most high vibrational plant there is. Our bodies may be feeling dry and dehydrated after all the purging; Rose helps soothe our skin, bodies, internal self, and spirit to hydrate our well being on all levels while providing us with a heavy dose of high vibes. Rose is the plant of love, allowing us to tune into our selfs with love to come into acceptance of who we have become. Rose allows us to feel the frequency of love, allowing us to create intimacy within ourselves now to regain our sense of self and reestablish the connection within at this time.


  • 1 tablespoon Capricorn Moon Magic mix

  • 1 cup milk of choice

  • 1 teaspoon - 1 tablespoon coconut butter, tahini, cashew butter, coconut oil, or fat of choice. *Healthy fats are ESSENTIAL in our bodies usage and utilization of herbs. Fats provide a carrier for herbs to be absorbed and fully utilized by our body, mind, and spirit.


As you sip feel your new self coming to life with clarity, your new reality appearing before you, and your body grounding down into the center of earth.

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