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New Moon in Pisces 2020 : The Great Emotional Awakening

We have the New Moon in Pisces gracing us on February 23rd for most along with Neptune now in Pisces, the Sun now in Pisces, as well as Mercury stationed in retrograde (where the planet appears to move backwards) currently in Pisces. This is also referred to as a stellium where three or more planets reside in the same sign or house. This is a great emotional awakening of the collective. This is a significant moment in time in which we all become more aware of our spiritual gifts and abilities at a extremely heightened rate. This is the process of coming home to the intuition and moving away from illusions. A highly powerful and potent time; we will be ushered into our emotional selfs to allow ourselves to be baptized in the waters of our own tears. This is the finale, the last phase before we enter into the cosmic new year following the ending of pisces season (the last sign of the zodiac) and into Aries season.

Through this process we have continued to experience physical symptoms such as flu-like symptoms, cold-like symptoms, headache, migraines, hot/cold flashes, sore throat, loss of voice, GI issues, nausea, ear “infections”, ear ringing/pressure, intense third eye pulsing, exhaustion, “heavy” head, irregular sleep patterns, fever, cough, chest congestion, sinus congestion/ and drainage, sinus pressure, tooth sensitivities, lock jaw, TMJ, vibrations throughout the body, and feeling drained. Within the past 48 hours we’ve moved back into the wired mental state but physical exhaustion along with being awakened at 2-4am as we receive more energy influxes at extremely high rates. Our emotional system and stores are purging at a high rate now shaking up and removing anything from the emotional body that no longer belongs and has kept us stuck in the past. Thus, you may have found yourself emotionally all over the place, crying at a heightened rate, feeling irritable, sensitive, frustrated, “stuck”, and maybe all of these in the span of one day. The collective has also become more aware of synchronicities, communication from guides and angels, and has been undergoing a spiritual awakening to new heights now. We are all also very empathic at this time; able to feel into others emotions and feelings. Empaths are feeling everything even more so at an extremely personal level. We are all undergoing this as a means of healing one another by healing the self. The focus of this moon is in large part to do with diving deep into the emotional waters to eliminate anything that has held us back or kept us stuck in the past. It’s diving into the deepest parts of you to re-hardwire your relationship with yourself and how you show up in relation to the world. Any suppressed emotions, dreams, desires, behaviors, and more are rising to the surface now to be purged. Some may also be experiencing the feeling of being lost or unsure of who they are now; as we tend to associate who we are with who we have been, where we have been, and our past- but the past is not meant to define us. However, we have allowed it to for so long this release can feel strange and disorienting at first.

Pisces rules the space between two worlds, it’s creative, it’s emotional, it’s sleepy, it’s dreamy, and it’s exceptionally intuitive. Mercury is the planet that rules communication, travel, and electronics. With Mercury retrograde in Pisces we are being asked to slow down significantly now to feel into our emotions. We are all in a high state of emotions at this time and are very sensitive now. We are rethinking our dreams, our passions, and our pursuits at a very heightened level. We are rethinking our path as we have a deeper desire now to align with our higher calling. Emotional wounds and conditioning that we have stuffed within us is being set free now in order to allow us to move forward with a clean slate. Any past emotions still lingering will be surfacing now whether you are ready or not. The past is surfacing now for us to purge emotional ties to it. Expect those from your past to resurface now expressing their emotional truths. You may even feel the need to reach out to express repressed emotions to those from your past now as well. When we live in the moment of now, we become free. This mercury retrograde is allowing us the healing we need to do just that. Pisces rules the dream state; thus, dreams and astral travel will be extremely emotional and healing now as well. Loved ones that have passed, past relationships, and past situations may be VERY prominent in dreams now. “Bad” or dark dreams can be prominent now and have been leading up to this as we are more apt to be purging in the dream state. There is HIGH activity in dreams and dreams are very intense and vivid. There is a significance like never before in dreams at this time as they are leading us through the exhaling of emotions stored within us and leading us to clear the waters to align with our deepest desires. Keeping a dream journal now is exceptionally helpful- waking up to record dreams on a regular basis can help you keep track of the insights that your dreams are leading to now. There is tons of information and connections that are flooding through the dream state. Many are receiving attunements from guides and angels during this state as well, transferring of higher energy, as well as higher gifts and knowledge. Pay attention to who shows up in your dreams. They are more vivid and life like now and there can be a tendency to get lost in the dream state, leaving us waking up groggy, hungover, and even more exhausted. There is a feeling like we cannot get enough sleep during this time.

Neptune is the natural ruler of Pisces it rules fantasy, dreams, physic gifts, telepathy, and illusions. Allowing the dream state to be even more heavily impacted as well as our spiritual awakening as a collective to even be more readily progressive. This has allowed the collective to be more aware of synchronicities as well as more aware of angels, guides, and passed loved ones. The veil appears thinner at this time and the space between two worlds has remained open for access to higher knowledge, connection, and resources now. This is awakening us to our connection with a higher power; allowing us to see this in all of life. It has been very common for all within the collective to see the number 444 during this time as the veil between worlds is very thin. This is an indicator that our angels are closer to us. You may find that you have had increased intuition at a unearthly rate. You may find that you are thinking of texting someone, and then they text you. We are communicating on a collective level at a higher frequency now in the energetic sense. Pisces ruling the 12th house and all that is “hidden”, we are being exposed to what happens beyond the physical realm at this time. Seeing or sensing energies at a heightened level, out-of-body experiences, feeling like someone or something is watching you, seeing flashes of lights, and “unreal” things now has been very common. This is showing us beyond the physical so that we may see how much more there is to life than just what meets the eye.

We have also been undergoing a lot of upgrading with regards to the Solar Plexus; focusing a lot of this energy on our self-worth, self-image, and how we view our self. This period has been redefining who we are as well as how we see ourselves. Anywhere we have held onto doubt, unworthiness, and self-deprecating behavior has and is coming to light in order to step into our worth. We are undergoing this process to see that we are worthy and deserving just as we are, to appreciate the uniqueness that is us, and to fall away from comparison. Imposture syndrome has emerged in this process; meaning that we have been working through waves of comparing ourselves to others at a heightened rate; think of this as trying on different suites to find the one that fits just right. Through this we have experienced many symptoms in relation to the solar plexus such as rashes, bloating, GI issues, nausea, changes in appetite, depression, feeling waves of low self-esteem, second guessing ourselves, and second guessing if we can really achieve all we are feeling now. This is allowing what has held us back from claiming our true power to rise to the surface to purge so we can step into our highest timeline; self-love. When we love ourselves and recognize our abilities, worth, and power, we can then recognize that in all others.

We are being asked to embrace our emotions; to see the beauty, the wonder, the excitement in the emotions now. We are emotional beings; we came into this world needing to exercise and express our emotions. They are the source of everything for us. We do not experience emotions beyond this planet, now we must awaken to them. Pisces is a highly creative and dreamy energy as well. Creativity is at a major peak. Divinely inspired creative impulses are arising now as we use our emotional and intuitive abilities to create the world we desire, to paint our world in the colors of connection. There is so much support for massive creative breakthrough as well as recreation of self. Utilizing your emotions as a channel to inspire new creative ventures is highly important and suggested now. This is the ability to dream your world into being. Fall into the space of dreams and allow yourself to visualize your dreams in action- recreating your life into the masterpiece you have desired. We are coming back to this creative energy within us all; we are returning to the deepest dreams and desires within us. These dreams were never arbitrary they were your destiny and now we return to them; dreaming our world into being. We are opening up to the insight available to us and really seeing that our dreams and desires are possible. We are being catapulted to follow the creation of our dreams into the physical now. We are being supported majorly in doing this now. Whatever is not in alignment with your destiny and dreams will be noted during this time, wherever there is frustration, depression, anger, constraint, and feeling out of place will be highlighted to pull us away into what we truly desire. We are being one with our truth and finding that our emotions lead us to discover what that is by how it feels. When we are inspired, awakened, and enthralled we have endless power to create.

Our purpose in this world is simple; create. We create more when we co-create with others. We came to create as much as we possibly could in this lifetime. Now is the time to create the life of your dreams and allow others in to help be apart of that as well as to get out of your own way to ALLOW it to happen. Setting intentions is HIGHLY recommended and crucial now. This is the doorway into a new way of being in the physical world. Once you purge emotions that are no longer serving you, you are a clean slate returning to the highest state of our being. When you are in the highest state of your being, you can create endlessly and effortlessly. Manifestation will be heightened and will almost appear as instant. We feel like we are dreaming in the waking life and we are feeling this blissful urge to be in the world more free flowing than ever before. There is a innate connection now between our emotions and what we see in our external life. We are drawing our attention away from physical and into the metaphysical to see the endless possibilities that are possible when we allow ourselves to see a bigger picture.

There can be a tendency of escapism with this energy as well as addictive tendencies to be more prominent. The old ways of diverting from truth and emotions is no longer working and suiting us. We are being asked to cut ties with codependency in any sense and any relationship or behavior that falls within this will be greatly highlighted now to heal. You cannot escape the emotions at this time and we are being pushed through them on a collective level to heal as one. There is no avoiding this; everyone will be feeling this energy whether on a conscious level or unconscious. Having patience and compassion with those your interacting with is key during this time.

We are really being asked to heal and restore trust in humanity, in OURSELVES, our gifts, our intuition, our connection with a higher source, and beyond right now. If you have a history with trust issues, if you have an issue with trusting yourself; expect it to surface. When we live in mistrust; we are living in fear. During this phase our relationships are serving as mirrors to where we have withheld from our SELFS. Where we have been unable to show up for others is where we have lacked to show up for ourselves, where we have failed to embrace our emotions with others; is where we have lacked to embrace our emotions in ourselves. This is teaching us to become the divine being we have come to be, to see ourself in that light so we may be that in the world; so that the world may be filled with truth. This entire process has been teaching us fear holds no place in this world; only love. The collective is being ushered into their specific life’s purpose and missions as we heal. You may find yourself seeking this purpose now and a greater meaning for your existence. This is really a period of induction for us to see that there is no separation between earth and the higher spiritual realm; that both are unified and universally one. This is calling us to come into a innate knowing that what we feel and know holds far more weight than what can be observed in our present moment. We are beginning to understand the law of creation and that everything begins in this state of divine inspiration and a connection beyond this earth; a dream, that allows this to materialize in our experience. We undergoing this phase to claim our power as the divine creators of our own experience and out of victim mentality. We’ve been through many death and rebirth stages since January 1, 2020, this is the emotional rebirth. Welcome the waves and waters as they guide you to your highest self.

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