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New Moon in Libra Mocktail

The New Moon in Libra graces us on September 28, 2019. We have been going through a massive shift. Leading up to this, we may have found ourselves in the dark grappling with ghosts trying to shake them one last time. Many emotions have been surfacing, dreams of our past, huge bouts of frustration, anger, sadness, depression, and anxiety may be occurring leading up to this new moon. We have been shifting out the old to welcome the new. Everything within us may seem like it is falling apart, and it is. Everything we knew, everything from our past and emotions harbored within us from the past have been undergoing death in order for us to transform. We have been walking through the darkness and experiencing storms that we have felt we would never see out of. Most of us have spent time alone, refraining from socialization to spend time with ourselves. We may have not been reaching out as much, communicating, or stepping out as often lately due to the intensity of our emotions and the waves we have been experiencing. We have felt out of touch with ourselves to some degree and have been left confused as to why we are feeling so extremely. Lately, we may have found ourselves crying for no reason, extremely angry and frustrated with no reason as to why. We have been clearing out old emotions harbored within our bodies to finally close the door on our past and step forward into the new. We’ve been undergoing a death in order to experience a rebirth and renewal. Our manifestations, plans, relationships, and visions may have seemed to slow down during this period. We may have been feeling like nothing has been moving forward and it has seemed if everything has been stalled. The new moon in Libra is ending this shift and cycle and welcoming the light back into our bodies.

We’ve been working hard to accomplish our visions. We have been going within and taking space for ourselves; becoming aware of our emotions and thoughts. We have been doing the work through this intense time and now it is paying off. There has been a build up of energy leading up to this new moon and we’ve been feeling it the past few weeks. Everything has been resurfacing for us to heal it to let it go so we can step into the new. The new moon in Libra is bringing the sun back into our life’s and allowing us to look forward optimistically now that we’ve cleared all of our past. It is allowing us to feel into ourselves even deeper to release the final parts that have been keeping us stagnant and holding us back. It is a new beginning unlike any new moon before. If we have done the work and gone within we are coming through the tunnel into the light again at this time. We will be receiving good news that we’ve been awaiting through this stagnation; finally endeavors that were stalled are moving forward at an accelerated rate and better than we imagined. The water is being turned back on and our cups are going to be overflowing with the abundance that we’ve been waiting for. We will now be on the other side where we can clearly see how all that we’ve endured has paid off. We are looking at our growth and how far we’ve come. We are able to acknowledge our accomplishments and are celebrating them at the time of the new moon. This is a new beginning unlike any we’ve experienced before. Our visions are starting to materialize, new opportunities will be flowing to us, new relationships will start appearing, everything will be moving forward now. We are coming out of hermit mode and into the light again to celebrate and socialize. Our hard work will pay off and we are now going to see this in our lives with this new moon. We’re taking stock of how far we’ve come and how we’ve persevered through all odds to get to where we are right now. We can now clearly see where we want to go from here, how to get there, and confident that we can achieve anything we desire. Libra is bringing us a charming essence into our lives, we will find that we are more direct with our desires and needs now and more willing to communicate our desires and needs to others. We have come full circle and are reaching completion of karmic cycles with this new moon. The past is finally being laid to rest and we are being freed from it. We are welcoming in the success and achievements we’ve been hoping for with this new moon. Community and relationships are taking on a greater significance with this new moon. We are wanting to step out of the shadows and celebrate with those closest to us at the new moon. We are all feeling much more grounded and want to reunite to celebrate how far we’ve come as one unified family. The heavy weight we have been feeling will be released and we will be feeling free spirited and light hearted with this Libra new moon. The Libra energy is inviting us to play and enjoy life in a child-like nature. It is blessing us with great news, our visions, manifestations, and pursuits will come to completion and will be finalized at this time. Anything that was stalled will be finished now and will be better than we imagined. Our hopes and dreams are materializing now, we just had to make room for them. Our emotions are stabilizing again and are coming back into equilibrium. We should be feeling lighter, happier, and in the mood to celebrate. The new moon in Libra is showing us the beauty in the journey.

  • The moon represents our magnetism and rules the esophagus, uterus, ovaries, base of brain, left eye, breasts, lymph system, nervous system, and thymus gland.

  • Libra is ruled by Venus the planet that additionally determines our magnetism and how we manifest. Venus is all about romance, partnerships, personal taste, and aesthetics. It isn’t just about love, it is our relationship with money, finances, and material possessions as well. Venus is all about pleasure, it likes to just sit back and receive. Think of the queen laying back as she’s fed grapes; that’s Venus. Libra is all about the finer things in life, communication, fairness, balance, and love. Libra rules the glutes, the buttocks, the mind, adrenals, the kidneys, the skin and lumbar regions.

The Sun, Venus, and Mercury are also in Libra at this time heightening the energy of this new moon. With the influx of Libra energy we can experience a tendency to overdo it. With Libra being ruled by Venus we can experience overindulgence, lack of balance between work and play, indecision, codependency issues, addictions to sugar, and fear of conflict. We can find ourselves being unable to say no at this time leaving us lacking a balance of time for ourselves and socialization. As many social settings involve food and drinks we can find ourselves overindulging in both at this time. We may experience skin irritations due to the lack of sleep, balance in our diets, and balance in our overall life’s. We can also experience issues with our adrenals if we take the celebratory energy too far. We may experience swollen lymph nodes, cold like symptoms, and our bodies can become run down as a side effect of the influx of this outgoing energy when we forget to also take time for ourselves.

It is important to remain mindful of this energy and to remain balanced in our celebrations. To help ground and center ourselves we can utilize herbs and plants to help us remain balanced while harnessing the high points of this Libra new moon. Herbs to help ground and center this energy include: rose, hibiscus, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, jasmine, lemon-thyme, raw honey, damiana, cranberry, blue lotus, nettles, ashwagandha, pumpkin and pumpkin seeds, leafy greens, cucumber, squashes, bananas, and adaptogenic mushrooms.

I’ve thrown a handful of these herbs and plants together to create a fun celebratory New Moon in Libra Mocktail that allows us to embrace the playful charm of Libra while maintaining balance.

What’s in it?

  • Damiana: Damiana is an aphrodisiac and boosts physical stamina. It helps relieve stress and anxiety and can be used as a antidepressant. It is a herb that awakens our creative side. It allows us to connect with our inner self and create from a place of authenticity. It is a blissful herb that helps us to relax and enhances our senses at the same time. It is also a herb than helps us in our dream state and increases the lucidity of dreams. With Libra being an air sign it is a perfect herb to help us tap into our mental state with this new moon.

  • Rose: Rose is a softening and feminine herb much like Libra it is a beautiful herb that packs a lot of punch. It hyrdates the body and helps to eliminate inflammation especially within the skin. Rose carries an extremely high vibration and can help enhance our mood. It also helps with soothing lymph nodes and sore throats.

  • Strawberry: Strawberries are a natural source of sugar that add a touch of sweetness without sugar. Strawberries help balance blood sugar and can bring in the feminine energy of Libra and it’s ruler Venus.

  • Lemon-thyme: Lemon-thyme is loaded with vitamin C and helps boost immunity which can aid in regulation of lymph fluids. It helps to strengthen our immune systems and gives us an extra boost during this time.

  • Nettles: Nettles helps to support our skin, hair, and nails during this time that we are prone to physical inflammation. Nettles also calm inflammation internally. They give us an additional boost of energy and immunity during this time.

New Moon in Libra Mocktail The Recipe:

  • Brew lemon-thyme, nettles, and strawberries like a tea.

  • Remove from heat and let cool

  • Add one shot of mixture to a glass

  • Add in rose water, rose powder, damiana powder and sparkling spring water.

Tap into the feminine energy of this new moon and allow this cocktail to help you embrace the elegant imaginative side of Libra. What is keeping you stagnant? What behaviors and cycles are you repeating? What are you wanting to create moving forward? What approaches can you change and reinvent? Who do you want to be moving forward? Sip and allow the herbs to awaken what needs to be surfaced with this new moon.

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