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New Moon in Leo August 2020: The Wisdom of Divine Love

We have a New Moon in Leo rapidly approaching on August 18, 2020.

Many have talked about and mentioned the Lions Gate Portal that was represented on August 8, 2020; however, this is the true walk through the doorway into another dimension, into another space, into a new you, a new me, a new time, a new space, into the next chapter of life on this planet.

Many in the collective have been in a holding place or a void, being asked to surrender everything and lay down on the ground in patience and rest. I myself was unsure if this would get written, as I surrendered to the calls of Spirit that nudged my wild soul to slow down, to breath, to show up and just feel into the unseen wonder of life without needing to show up for anything or anyone but to crawl into the depths of my heart and soul and show up for the healing that was needed to move beyond what i’ve, we’ve, ever known.

That is what this moon is asking of us. If you have felt that you needed to be someone else, that success is only found in certain patterns, rhymes, and structures, that you needed to do this and do that to keep your head above water or to climb the ladder of life, if you have clung so tightly to everything around you as if it were going to be pulled away; this energy has been asking us to let it go. Let the conditions go! Let the idea that we’ve needed to be, do, or have anything other than what we are and what lights us up moment to moment, fly away with the ashes of the old world.

This world, it’s been like a black hole sometimes, we start things because we love them, we connect with others for love, and then somewhere in the mix it tells us through anxious sweat and our heart beating through our chest that maybe, just maybe we aren’t good enough right here right now, that we have to struggle, we have to push the limit, we have to try harder, we have to become what others expect and want to be able to make it anywhere. We get swept up in the currents of life, letting it tangle us in the chaos, mess, and conditions that pull us away from the very essence of our purpose, ourselves. True authenticity is something we are being asked to return to; the weird, the ugly, the bad, the good, the ups, the downs, the tears, the bliss, the feelings of everything, the psycho, the crazy, the wild- the you. There is no word, no category, no phrase, no comment that could ever sum you up, there are no words for the pure beauty that comes from the embodiment of truth in motion. The true essence of yourself has been trying to crawl its way out of your heart, and yet the world has told you to keep it caged in out of fear. The fear ends here. The weight is dropped here. This is the stepping away from the masks, the pretend, the layers; stripping us down to the essence of love, our true form.

The Divine Masculine energies have been moving through a Third Eye Chakra activation and awakening. He is seeing the world in a new light, beginning to move beyond form. There has been a realization that there is more, and can be more. The Third Eye opening has given the Divine Masculine energy the ability to see past the illusions he has clung to out of fear, out of safety, out of the needing to feel needed. This energy is gifting him the understanding that what he truly longs for deep within his soul is to be understood, to be loved, to feel love, to feel bliss, to feel passion pulsing through his veins. He is ready for expansion beyond what he has known, and this is moving him into a space of understanding his deeper needs and desires, beginning to envision them, set the intentions for more, beginning to move beyond the physical into the unseen parts of life- tapping into the guidance that is walking him in a new direction; a return to his soul. Many in the past would feel rage, frustration, and anger and lash out in reckless fashions turning to violence, to drugs, to drinking, to self-sabotaging behaviors as a means of coping not understanding the emotions. Now, this time is bringing illumination to those past situations and emotions showing the Divine Masculine that these emotions are guardian angels letting him feel when he has strayed too far away from his heart, from the divine, from truth, from alignment. He is beginning to understand that these emotions and feelings he’s been running from were the very answers he needed to feel to receive all along. He is now beginning to utilize this understanding to create a shift in momentum and align with his heart once again.

The Divine Feminine has been going through an ego death, recalling all the wounds of her heart from childhood. She has been cracking open her Heart Chakra, breaking down ALL the barriers and coming into the healing of what made her softness feel like it was a knife in her back. She has been recalling and healing childhood wounds that have been associated with the need for love, the ideas, the illusions, the wounds that have kept her from receiving her own true love, and calling in true love into her physical experience. She’s been asked to slow down, feeling tired and exhausted by the incoming energies as her body regenerates and clears all past remembrance of lack from her bones. She is beginning to see how the world has told her that her vulnerability is a weakness, turning her away from the core essence of who she is meant to be. Things have been moving and shifting in her reality, endings, clearings, doors closing that have karmically affected her ability to open her heart fully to the world. The heart of a woman is the heart of the Universe, and it must be open to receive life through it, to birth life, to open up all closed doors to flood the world with the potent essence of Love. She is meant to be soft in her ways, and see that as her power. Vulnerability is powerful, vulnerability is the essence of truth that has echoed in her heart. She has felt that she has had to be strong, to not show her emotions, to hold it all together as the boat rocks, to protect herself. This is shedding the layers that she has clung to out of protection, helping her realize that there is nothing to protect herself from. Working through ancestral wounds associated with the Heart Chakra, the Divine Feminine has been in the waters of emotions shifting and changing through the magical essence of them. This is your permission to open and feel, ready or not, this energy is making us face the emotions that have left us feeling more empty inside than anything. This is rising everything to the surface, ready or not, for us to see, to feel, to hold, to love, every. single. emotion. We’ve been told that love, that openness, that being vulnerable is like holding a gun to our own head and never knowing when someone might bump into us jolting the trigger. Yet, this is the biggest illusion of all. Love is never going to harm us, it will hold us, cradle us, lick our wounds clear, nurture us to see that life is nothing but the essence of love and that anywhere or anyone that is not igniting that power in our heart, is not meant for us. In that power, it gifts us the ability to use our strength of our emotions to honor our truth.

Both energies are within us all, we are all comprised of masculine and feminine energies and when you bridge the two together, no longer teeter tottering between one or the other, that we become whole. This New Moon is asking us to become whole, to dare to take a chance on ourselves, to come out fully in the light and wholeness of our being to heal the self imposed reasons why we thought we couldn’t.

We have Mars and Chiron in Aries meeting up with Lillith in the First House again. This has been happening every Full and New Moon transit since Eclipse Season. This is another rebirth but deeper, more freeing, more liberating than before. Whatever you’ve been carrying; whatever you have avoided to see, wherever you have turned your cheek from the truth expect it to be exposed now. There is no more hiding, nothing can hide any longer. Whatever wounds have held you back from seeing yourself as worthy, deserving, and in love in your wholeness expect them to be surfacing (and lets just be real, they’ve already been coming in leading up to this). You know who you are under it all, let that be seen, that is who you have come to be. You want success? You want love? You want change? You want a purpose? You want a move? You want more money? You want more true friends? Anything you want, must align with your true needs, and that comes from taking off the layers, stripping yourself down to the very core of who you are unapologetically and being THAT. There are so many people trying to obtain things through a series of steps that have been set out by someone else, there are millions of people trying to replicate a certain appearance, a certain standard- how boring. How absolutely boring to become blended into everything else that already exists, how the hell do you expect to stand out, to be noticed, to be seen, to have your ideas take off and sky rocket into millions, if you are just following everything and everyone else, looking like everyone else. Your golden ticket lies in your ability to just be uniquely your damn self.

That is what Leo is all about, saying screw it, I’m going to have a open heart, I’m going to be myself, regardless of what others think. To many, this comes off as arrogant. Why? Because that scares us, authenticity, being ourselves, and seeing someone who is doing that triggers all our wounds that say that is not safe. This transit will be triggering us to get uncomfortable to surrender all we’ve thought we should do, should be, should look like ENTIRELY. If you are still clinging to an idea of your identity, this will be some tough love but essentially, it’s helping us all align with our authentic essence of our soul. The world has been distorted, disconnected, cruel, harsh, angry, dualing, and vicious because of the hinderince of us exposing our truth. Shadows fester when we hide parts of ourselves, when we don’t feel SAFE to just be, and that is needing to end here, to help Earth, to truly connect with ourselves and with life.

We have Lord Kuthumi assisting the collective at this time. He is assisting in the mergence of the Heart Chakra with the Throat Chakra. We can no longer bypass ourselves. We have to move with the motion of our own heart, we have to speak the words of our own soul, we have to move mountains when they call us, not just to move them, to accomplish something, to appease the world and others, but for our own damn selfs. This is about us vs. us, and the deeper need and desire to honor our OWN SELF. Yes, that is right. Honoring OURSELVES. Selflessness is something we need, but it starts with the connection to the self and being able to honor the needs of our own inner world selflessly, without ego, without reason, without condition, without fear- that carries over into the open hearted ability to serve others in the same way. If we are denying ourselves we cannot show up for others fully, there will always remain a resistance between the potency of the medicine and the doctor, if the doctor refuses to first feed himself the medicine his heart desires. This time, this transit, this moon, it is walking us through the gates of the Lions Gate, having us say I will be brave, I will be courageous, I will be full of my own love, I will honor my own self, I will see my own gifts, I will look down and see the power I AM, seeing that to shy away from that to try and alter that is to shy away from Source, from God, from Creation itself. To shy away from myself is to shy away from the world, Earth. To shy away from Earth is to completely disconnect from existence, period. We have to come back to the reconnection of existing, being, living - not doing, and rushing, and hurrying. This is the gift that life brings to us now, asking us to surrender all we’ve thought, all expectation, for just being, and having that be ENOUGH.

Lord Kuthumi is ushering us to see that all the answers we seek lay in the wisdom of detachment, and is fluid with our feelings. Wisdom comes from the deepest of surrenders, it comes through spontaneously and unpredictably stumbling upon it when we go off course and throw out the plan. Wisdom (Throat Chakra) leads to love. Love (Heart Chakra) leads to Wisdom. Surrender unites them both. He is helping many understand the true essence of surrender because even that has become an illusion. There are those who have been stuck in “surrender”, which has been more of hopelessness and expectation. Some saying that they are surrendered, laying around, not taking action, not letting go, just sitting in the puddle of life expecting someone to come and “save” them, to do it all for them, to do the work they’ve seen arise for them. There are also others who surrender, who say okay I’m surrendering but it is not a letting go and releasing, it is in the expectation of receiving. True surrender is neither, true surrender does not expect anything in return, true surrender is letting go to just be, without expectation, without the idea that someone else will come in and take care of everything, without the need for anything else but the present moment, and in that we find love, we find the answers, we find everything we NEED, that we never expected.

We have Master Hilarion coming in to assist with the healing and activation of the Heart Chakra. Many will say “haven’t we moved through this already, hasn’t this been activated already, haven’t we done this already, can we move on, hasn’t she written about this already, how many heart chakra awakenings do we need, etc.”. Master Hilarion comes through to state that we are so quick, so damn quick to speed through the process of things, to hit this target and then move on to the next. We don’t actually sit in the knowledge, in the activation, in the energy we are receiving- thus, it happens again and again and again, for us to sink it IN, to retain it, to surrender to it, to become it. We are so hungry for more, more, more, more; for what’s next, the next installment, advancement, etc. We are so interested in the next step, the next awakening, the next teaching that we don’t actually consciously evolve and attain the level of progress it is meant to ignite. This is because we are seeking the next arousal rather than truly absorbing and studying the wisdom that is pouring through us. It has become a chase for more, rather than a sinking into what already is. This all just becomes clutter and chaos in the mind unless it is contemplated and transformed into the true essence of Love and clarity it is meant to generate. Thus, we keep searching for the answers, the steps, the next move, the next thing, yet Master HIlarion says it’ll always be the same. It will keep cycling until see the point of it all, is to return to the Oneness within our own heart, to see our own truth, to follow our truth, to listen to the stillness and the answers that come in the NOW, from within. We’ve been spinning around looking for ourselves in everything but ourselves, thus, we will continually be brought back to going within our own heart, until we realize all we need is within, that what we have been waiting for is OUR SELF.

Have the courage to move through the waves of healing that are gracing us, to fall into full surrender of the emotions that brew within your wild bones. Allow yourself to shed all the layers, to stand raw and naked in the glorious wonder of your human form. The human is never meant to be perfect, it is meant to be wild. Allow yourself to be the wild, weird, loud, annoying, bold, beautiful, essence of your heart. Not for anyone else, not to receive anything, not to get this or that, but for YOU. You deserve that. We deserve that.

I welcome you, I invite you, I direct my light to you to give yourself your OWN DAMN PERMISSION, to shine, to be, to own who you are. Uncage all the wild desires of your heart, the roses and thorns, the screams and cries, the heart breaks and bruises, to bring them out of hiding and see them, see them for the power they hold, see YOURSELF. Love yourself.

I love you. Happy New Moon.

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