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New Moon in Gemini 2020: The Abundance Portal of Isis and Horus

The Sun has officially moved in the sign of Gemini and we have the beautiful New Moon in Gemini rapidly approaching on May 22, 2020 at 17:38 UT or 12:38PM CST. This is a beautiful moon that is introducing us to the opening of an Abundance Portal that reaches it’s heightened potential on May 23, 2020. This is creating a rare aspect that we have not seen in the past 20 years.

Leading up to this energy many may have felt conflicted, confused, lost, “in their head”, indecisive, talkative, energetically up and down, mood swings, heart palpitations, heart burn, arm pain, carpal tunnel, should/neck pain and stiffness, over sensory, UTI’s, bladder infections, ear ringing, anxiety, high blood pressure, and teetering back and forth between ego (material) and soul (spiritual) as we begin to integrate and rebuilt the ego.

The Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus are all lining up in the sign of Gemini for this New Moon creating a heavy emphasis on the energies of Gemini. Gemini is an air sign that is sociable, fun loving, child-like, conversational, and intellectual. Gemini also represents the twins. It is ruled by the planet of Mercury which rules communication, travel (local when dealing with Gemini), and electronics.

With the start of Saturn Retrograde, The Crystal Gate of Ascension was opened, allowing many to begin the process of cutting away what was no longer serving them, tying up loose ends, and beginning the process of merging the carbon-based body with their higher self to fully embody their divine light and essence on Earth. This New Moon is creating an emphasis on this process. This is a time in which the shadow and the light will be merging together to return the collective to their whole and natural state. This is about finally seeing breakthroughs in the healing work we have been doing to begin to see the light again. There has been a lot surfacing for the collective in terms of healing, ancestral trauma, karma, and more -the wounds you have licked clean are finally healed and restored to their perfect healthy state with this moon. This in the finale of the Ascension Portal for many. This is the process of re-integrating the ego with the soul - creating harmony and synchronisation in the way they operate together as one unified collaborative, rather than the ego dueling the soul. This is the merging of our Earthly nature with our Christed nature to fully embody who we have come to be. This could also be said for the head and the heart.

As this begins to occur, we are assisted by twins Archangel Sandalphon and Archangel Metatron. Archangel Sandalphon assists individuals with establishing a healthy ego, developing new methods of accumulating abundance through igniting the creative forces within to claim and utilize gifts, soul unions, and providing energy and stamina to overcome any hurdles. Archangel Metatron assists individuals with how to utilize their spiritual journey and power for good. He is additionally the Archangel who oversee’s Earth as a protector and encodes and records all within the Akashic Records (the soul records of all that has been, is, and will be). The two come together to assist the collective now in utilizing their newly birth self into the direction of their soul path and mission. They are assisting with the mergence of the soul and ego into a divine union that is utilized for the higher good of all. They are additionally helping many through the last of the trying times to cut and end ties that are no longer aligned with the soul’s imprint to begin to step into the higher path of the soul.

Many will find that mental activity will be very high during this transit and time. However, many in the collective will exhibit a noticeable change in the way they are utilizing the mind. Many will begin to see with this New Moon that the thoughts within the head are harmonized to the emotions and the feelings of the heart, coming together to unify. We are no longer meant to be mislead by the head as it is incorporated into our Higher Self for full integration of both the shadow and light energies that are embodied within us all. This is about choosing to allow the heart to lead and the mind to follow continually and consistently. Every incarnated being that exists today has a shadow, as that is what comes with being birthed in a world of material form that has told us who to be, what is acceptable, what is not acceptable, what we should want, what we should not want, etc. As the world shifts and turns, we begin to understand our true desires. This New Moon is highlighting acceptance around our truth and the desires that we have kept hidden in the darkness. It is about letting the shadow self emerge in all it’s wonder and beauty, no longer seeing it as “bad” but seeing it as a integral part of the self. This is illuminating that shadow is really the act of suppression in itself out of fear. This is helping us to finally be able to express these aspects so that they may no longer stagnate our energies and be integrated back into the light.

With this, there is a primary focus on the Throat Chakra accompanying this energy. The Throat Chakra has remained suppressed, so have our desires, dreams, emotions, etc. This is about liberating yourself to speak your truth in totality without worry of ridicule, about being right or wrong, and finally and fully being able to come out of the shadows to express your highest self FULLY. The voice, whether internalized or not, is the power source of creation and manifestation. When the voice is repressed, when you are withholding your truth, you are blocking yourself from being able to create at the level and magnitude you so desire. This is when we see stagnation, frustration, and manifestations not aligning. The New Moon is allowing us to unblock our true voice to fully be able to express our desires into materialization. This is about trusting the intuition and the inner voice more than ever, coming back to trust that your voice is meant to be heard, and communicating your desires into the world. This is about communication to the highest level and regard especially in the realm of relationships. Where have you repressed your voice out of fear? This is a reclamation of the voice, a second chance for you to find your voice again, to utilize it’s power, and to liberate yourself. Joan Of Arc assists the collective now with this Throat Chakra clearing aiding us to release the fear that has kept our voice repressed, to release all fear that has kept us quiet, to release all that has kept us from our highest potential and power, to come now to a space where we are heard and strongly rooted in the power of the sound of our soul within us and through our voice. This is about honesty, opening up to yourself about the true desires that have been hidden in your heart. What has your soul longed to create, what has your soul longed to do, what has your soul called for that you have ignored out of fear?

Gemini is represented by the twins and partnerships are in MAJOR focus with this New Moon. Lady Nada and Lord Sananda (twin flames), also known as Mary Magdalene and Jesus, come together during this transit to assist the collective with divine partnerships of all forms: romantic, soul flames, soul mates, task companions, and soul family. They have been showing up for many in the synchronism of 222 and 444. They are assisted by Radha, the Hindu goddess of love, compassion, unity, and devotion. This is all about the heart space. With Venus Retrograde ( you can read about it here), there has been a heavy emphasis on self-love and returning to the heart. The New Moon in Gemini is heightening this energy even more, asking us to heal the wounds of the heart to fully begin to open ourselves up to the highest potential of love once again. Whatever has kept us from love at the highest potential is being washed away in the pink flame of love ushered in by Lady Nada and Lord Sananda to return to the purest state of the heart. As the collective returns to it’s purest form of the heart, the truth of the heart’s desires are revealed. This is bringing in a massive wave of Essence Twin (Twin Flame) unions, for the soul purpose of elevating the energies of the pink flame of the heart. Love is the centralized energy of our existence, love is the cure all, the be all, the healer of everything and anything. When we begin to unite and unify the strongest of spiritual connections this raises the vibration of Earth. That is the intended purpose here. Twin Flames that have healed themselves individually back to wholeness in separation are now ushered into Divine Union. If already united, many Twin Flames will be experiencing a deepening in their connection, a breakthrough, and a door opening into a new experience for the both of them. This is about new beginnings, clearing away what is to accept the highest potential of the relationship. This is also uniting all forms of soul contracts. Those contracted to soul missions are being ignited and united more than ever at this time to “get to work”. Time and space are irrelevant and you will align with those you are meant to connect with you on a soul level at this time. Pay attention to who enters your life at this time, as they are most likely playing a primary role in your advancement. Additionally, take note of the kind of people you are magnetically drawn to at this time as they will most likely embody characteristics of those you are contracted to.

It is important that you take note of your heart allowing it to speak to you fully to feel if your heart contracts or expands with the entrance of a incarnation. This is the guide and the compass, return to this and there is no “wrong” decision to be made. Return to the heart as it holds the answers to all. Many may see a re-emergence of old relationships, second-guessing if this is a “test” from the Universe, or this is love returning to you rightfully, trust your heart and the feeling’s it reveals to you. The Universe never, NEVER, tests you but in the way of walking from one cycle into the other sometimes our biggest temptations emerge for us to reclaim the power they had over us, OUR VOICE, to pick up a piece of ourselves, and to continue. This is all about unifying in totality with yourself, with soul contracts, and with Source.

This is additionally about the uniting of the masculine and feminine energies within us. Our world has remained unbalanced and in a distorted masculine nature, this is the time that we fully reintegrate the feminine. That we allow ourselves to find the balance within our own being between our masculine (material) and feminine (spiritual) nature. There has been many recalibrations of the feminine energies, and higher chakras as well as lower chakras and masculine energies since 2020. They now are being brought into balance in totality. This is IMPERATIVE for the existence of Earth and the evolution of our planet. Humanity must begin to manifest more balance between the masculine and feminine expressions of power for us to fully Ascend as a planet. The Golden Age of Aquarius can only fully manifest when there is such a divine balance between male ad female energies on the planet. This is a time in which we are meant to align the energies of ourselves to be able to align with the Gifts of our Shekinah (higher self). This is a time in which we resurrect the world from the devastation, demolishment, and distraction and bring it back into balance with stillness, peace, love, and compassion. This is when we merge our world with All That Is.

Gemini is also a sign that rules local travel. Jupiter, which is retrograde and trine the New Moon, is giving many in the collective an intuitive impulse to return to places they have already traveled. Pay attention to where you feel called to return to as the Grids of Earth are calling many to solidify their purpose and energetic cords into specific lands to be able to align with their highest calling, soul family, and these divine counterparts. Many have destinations that they felt an immediate connection to at the soul level, this is returning many to those places to reconnect with their truth. The Pleiadian Council has been fully anchored in the Grids of Earth since the last New Moon Eclipse in Capricorn that fell in December 2019. They are now assisting in guiding and leading others to the Grids in which they are contracted to work with now during this time as we approach the Full Moon in Capricorn Eclipse in June 2020. Trust the heart and the intuition to where it is calling you now. This is also igniting the full activation of the Christ Consciousness Grids of Earth. As we have our chakra centers to hold and anchor our energy within our bodies, Earth has her own as well known as these Grid’s in which energies are anchored into her existence. There are many Grid’s of Earth, we have ignited and initiated the interplanetary Cosmic Star Earth Grid, in which the Pleiadians, Lyrans, Arcturians, and Sirians have anchored and activated. We have the Crystalline Grid, which is the activation of the Crystalline chromosomes (light body) of Earth as well as the beginning of activation of our own crystalline (higher self) DNA. We now proceed to the activation of the Christed or Golden Grid of Earth being activated. The Golden Grid of Earth is the most important, as it helps anchor Christ Consciousness, or Unity Consciousness, into the existence of Earth. Many are keys to activating these grids in specific locations and are being called now to those locations to anchor their energies in the Earth for activation of this grid. When you follow the call, you align with your purpose, your mission, your sovereign divinity, the highest potential of your divine power, and your soul. However, more importantly, you residing in these areas, without effort or force, naturally ignites other’s in the surrounding areas and those lands connected to the center of this Grid, bringing light to the darkest of places. This resurrects the soul’s who were lost in the body, the mind, guilt, shame, trauma, karma, torture, suppression, and shadow. This releases all and creates the trajectory for MASSIVE collective healing and rising at levels we have yet to fully experience as a human race. We all evolve together, united, as One.

Gemini is also a social sign; it is the social butterfly of the zodiac wanting to intermingle and exchange with all it passes. Gemini finds excitement in getting to know and socialize with those from diverse groups, never alienating themselves from a conversation no matter who it is with. There is not a person these people cannot interact with. As this energy potently penetrates the collective with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus all in this social-loving sign, this is about the COLLECTIVE. This New Moon is bringing us together more than ever before. This is about coming together to unify as one, to support one another, to recognize and see one another in truth, and it starts with YOU. When humanity is in unity then heaven reveals itself. The Key to the igniting the Golden Age of Aquarius and the Grids of Earth is our ability to put all past, ego, and wounds aside to be healed, to be whole, to be ONE. This is about maintaining the remembrance of Oneness in totality. Come back home, to yourself, to the unified collective. See that there is no separation, we are all one, here together, to create the World as it was intended to be out of LOVE. Connection is the centralized purpose for our being. It is why we have so many here at this time. It is co-creation that creates massive change like we have never seen before. We are being ushered away from the old world mentality that we have to pridefully independent to move forward. This is a time in which we come into a state of guiding and leading each other, we empower each other, we forgive each other, we have compassion for each other, we come together to resurrect the consciousness of our Mother Earth and all of humanity. This is a time of collaboration and co-creation at the highest magnitude to create positive change in the trajectory of humanity. Make this choice to remain in love despite the distractions of the physical material world. Choose connection, choose love, choose compassion, choose to follow your heart, and lead with your heart.

Following the New Moon, on May 23, 2020, is the opening of an energy portal; The Abundance Portal of Isis and Horus. This is about reclaiming the sovereign right of your devotion to your path, the trust and faith in the Divine, and the willingness to heal wounds to step into your highest soul path. Hindu Goddess of prosperity, Lakshmi, is also working with the opening of this portal. We have been through many intense phases of release, death, and rebirth. We now see a rare event in which an opening is created for massive repayment and celebration for the spiritual work, sacrifice, and efforts made during this time. This is, not so ironically, also corresponding to the muslim holiday, Eid Al-Fitr. This holiday is the marking of the end of a fasting period and a spiritual period in which internal spiritual work, praise, and devotion to God take a higher precedence over all Earthly indulgences. This is a holiday in which many celebrate with feasts, praise, and gratitude for their spiritual evolution and strengthened connection to God. It is also a time in which money is gifted to those in need. This is mirroring the embodiment of this portal. We have been in a collective state of growth, devotion, and recreation. We have been asked to go internally to really discover who we are and to rediscover our connection with our higher self, our guides, and the higher realms. This is a time in which those who have proceeded with great trust, faith, and sacrifice are now shown the rewards of their endless commitment to their soul’s path. Manifestations and seed’s planted that are aligned with the higher self will be materializing magnificently. It is never too late to set your intentions for what you truly desire now. Affirmations and mantra’s are SUPERCHARGED at this time. Working with them can heighten the ability to harness this beautiful energy. This is a time of celebration of how far you have come, who you have grown into, and reaping the rewards for your efforts.

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