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New Moon in Capricorn: Soul Mission Activations

The New Moon in Capricorn will be gracing us on January 13th, 2021 at 5:00 GMT. This is also in the midst of a series of portal openings falling this week, which will be applying this energy for the next 5 days following. This moon is all about your purpose and aligning with the path of your destiny. This is about removing the blocks that are needed and necessary to view yourself as qualified and confident to pursue your deeper purpose in life. This is deepening the connection to the inner child work we have been heavily moving through during this period. We are wrapping up the healing that was begun in 2020 to embrace the new adventure of the New Age.

This is a transition period and this is the start, the new beginning in which we release all that we have been clinging to and all that we were told to be in order to find the truth of who we truly are and what we are truly here to do. To align with you authentic purpose, is to align with the authenticity of who you are. The you that is hidden behind “should’s” and “should not’s” the you that is wild uninhibited without a care for what others think, feel, and say about you. The you that in uncaged and unaffected by the world and what it has become. This takes deep work of running into the trenches of the soul and uncovering it from the shadows that have been imposed upon it.

This New Moon is about crawling into the deepest depths of yourself to uncover and retrieve yourself. You were never lost, you were always here within yourself, yet you have become so distracted by what the world tells you that you have lost touch with the truth that lives within you. When you are told and conditioned by your upbringing from a young infant to be something, you grow thinking that is who you are and what you need to be. You are corrected when you come into this world, as to what is acceptable and what is not. Let yourself release that shame and uncover your truth.

This is about aligning you to the healing that is necessary in order to step forward as you highest self and embodiment. Seeing that you do not need to struggle and strive to be something, when you allow yourself to just be who you truly are. You see there, that all arrives and flows naturally- including work, abundance, and success.

The root chakra is heavily being regenerate with this New Moon. Feeling insecure, depressed, disconnected, and unsure of yourself can occur during this period as you integrate in a deeper understanding of your unique needs. No two people have the same needs. What one person classifies as safety, may be considered as harmful to another. We are individuals all requiring unique and individual levels of needs. Take space to get clear on what you need. This is opening the doors to your purpose. What you have struggled to receive in your life, is directly correlated to what you are here to teach.

Mary Magdalene comes to the collective to assist at this time with honoring our true purpose and seeing the gifts we are here to bestow. She speaks: “This transit is about being able to be brave, to honor the truth within you and rise to the occasion. This is about no longer allowing fear to paralyze you. This is about no longer allowing old stories and past ancestral pains and conditions to determine who you are and what you are here to do. You must connect to the soul within your heart and see yourself in love to allow the truth to unveil itself. You do not have to look around to try to find your purpose, you are your purpose. You are the greatest purpose in this world. You must begin to see yourself and your needs as your purpose and see that when you honor that first and foremost you naturally arrive at being able to serve the collective in the way you are called. You are here to serve and to BE, you are not here to push and to do. Surrender your control to see that you never had control and that you never needed control. What do you need to feel safe my child? What do you need to feel seen, heard, and recognized? How can you see yourself and show up for yourself in this way. You are the guiding light that so many of you keenly look all around you to find. There is nothing to search for that is not already within you. Your happiness is the purpose of your life, and the ability to own your unique blueprint at this time in crucial to surviving in this world. You are here to teach the gifts that lay dormant within you because you have yet to SEE them yourself. Create a sacred temple within you and visit this place often, here you will find your soul communing with your mind to ease the sorrows and come into clarity. I assist you all now so that you may find a sense of belonging, of importance, of connectivity to how you show up in this planet. I come to you to assist you in seeing that the purpose you have been looking for is found within owning your authentic self. For those who seem to have found success in what they do, this may be a period of releasing and coming into a different phase. The soul progresses, and so does the mission and purpose. Allow yourself to release in order to receive. Steps are being given now by the wondrous support of your guides. Trust us, we are here! Celebrate yourself. You are a strong child of the Source within you- allow yourself to see yourself as such. Allow yourself to see who you are truly.”

Mother Mary also comes to the collective during this time. She speaks: “This is a marker of what needs to be let go of at the root of you. You are needing to find forgiveness for your parents at this time. I was never a perfect mother to Yesiah, yet he was able to complete his mission just the same. The untold story of our lives leaves out the battles he too faced with trying to leave his mark on this planet in a world of conformity and the cost our family paid for such. There was intense ridicule, chaos, and malice that erupted when my son decided not to carry on the ancestral lineage and to trust in a unspeakable unseeable force, we all received a scowling eye in the face of such change. Yet, look at the change that was created through the honoring of our truth as a whole. There were moments when my faith gave way and I lost hope in the upbringing of Yesiah, my son, and still moments where I thought maybe he would be better off following a traditional path. Yet, he grew to find his own path and to unite with such. In that space, he learned to forgive me in the moments that I had lost my faith and lost touch with my own purpose. In those moments, he taught me to forgive myself. Look to your elders and your family with forgiveness for they too were enslaved in the same war that reigns within your chest. At the center of your purpose, is always love. You must connect to the true meaning of family and purpose, which is to see the higher perspective of ALL instead of just yourself. I come to teach you such at this time. I come to let you know that even in the shift of change and moving in a way no one has before in your ancestral line, in the face of adversity, there is a quiet power that is found within the force of forgiveness - to see that the adversity is just a result of the pain and suppression of truth of all those around you. Forgive them so that you can heal. Forgive and see the path that is paving before you now.”

This New Moon is about surrendering and trusting the unknown more than ever. It’s about finding comfort in this space and remaining grounded within your being despite any external chaos and shifts. This is also opening many to solar plexus awakenings, clearing anything that has held you back from your truth and your power. This is clearing and riding you of limiting beliefs around what you are capable of as well as money. GI issues, digestive issues, diarrhea, nausea, change in appetite all can be side effects of such during this time.

This New Moon is asking us to see what we have avoided to see all along, to see the pain and the suffering, the illusions that have held us back from creating the life we so desire and why we wish to create such a life. When you look at the higher purpose of your being, you will see that it is about impacting the life of others and finding fulfillment within yourself and heart. Tune in to your heart. Tune in to the divine mother, Mother Earth and let she speak into you the safety that she holds for you now. Pachamama assists the collect at this time, with tuning into her season and ebbs and flows as an example of the infinite abundance and care that we receive on this planet. See how the leaves fall, and the trees begin to die, they transform- yet, they know this is a phase that happens each year. They allow and surrender to the flow of transition allowing their leaves to fall and the branches to be bare. They do not complain, they celebrate, for they know this is needed to receive new leaves in the spring. The ocean doesn’t cry when the Sun starts to shift into the tides of fall. The ocean knows that it needs this time to go within itself and retreat into the softness of it’s own voice. It uses this time to rejuvenate in order to heal those who flock to her in the summer. This is about honoring the seasons within your own life, knowing that as we reach a higher dimension, we too have to let go and release what no longer is meant for us. We too, have to go within and recharge so that we can be reborn.

This New Moon is reflecting a lot of the familial issues that arose during the 2019 Capricorn Eclipse that fell on Christmas. Think back to this time. How was your relationship to your family serving as a trigger? What limitations did you feel around home, family, and tradition? This is being carried out now and healed completely. In order to completely heal you have to heal the root, the long standing traditional cycles of limitation that are connecting by blood to your ancestral line will continue to affect you until they are fully healed and released. What learned behaviors are you still carrying? What conditions were you raised to believe around your purpose, career, and money? This is about expanding beyond them to develop your unique awareness of why you chose to incarnate during this time.

Spend some time alone pouring into yourself, allowing yourself to not judge the emotions, frustration, and anger that may surface now. Utilize this energy as fuel for creating the blueprint of your new life. Most importantly, we are never alone. We are all moving through a huge shift at this time and even though it may appear as if you feel like the black sheep in the world, you are not. I promise you this, you are exactly where you need to be to achieve all of your desires. Let go of who you have been to receive who you are now. What do you need to feel nurtured? This is directly correlated to how your soul wishes to nurture others. What seeds can you plant now to flourish in this New Age. This is a clean start, allow yourself to clear the old away to start fresh.

Check out the January Energy Workbook for in depth details on this transit and how to work with it, as well as the transits of the entire month!

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