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New Moon in Cancer x Solar Eclipse 2020: The Mother Gate of Nefertiti

We have a New Moon in Cancer blending into a beautiful Solar Eclipse blessing us on June 21, 2020, at 6:41 UT or 1:41 AM CST.

The Sun, Moon, and Mercury will all be in the sign of Cancer for this event heightening the energies even further. Cancer is the mother of the Zodiac and is the nurturing, emotional, intuitive essence of water.

Leading up to this, many in the collective may have been experiencing frequent urination, headaches, irregular menses, third eye pulsing, exhaustion, insomnia, vivid dreams, past life recollections, mood swings, feeling overly sensitive, overly emotional, heightened awareness, heightened intuition, feeling drugged, sleep disturbances, vertigo, ear ringing, digestive issues, GI issues, hip pains, cramping, rib pain, chest congestion, acid reflux, heart palpitations, skin rashes/breakouts, and the need to be alone but yet feeling lonely at the same time.

This New Moon in Cancer is bringing us back into the emotional essence and core of our existence. This is about washing us clean, once again, of all that we’ve stored within us. Past life issues and ancestral trauma, especially on the mother’s side of the family, are rising now with this moon to be cleansed, healed, and released. Mother Mary is guiding and assisting us to nurture the being within us now. She is calling us to rise up to honor and nurture ourselves. The mother in our modern world has become distorted as the masculine has as well. The Sun represents the Father, and it is not a coincidence this date is falling on the traditional “Father’s day”. With the Solar Eclipse meeting up with this New Moon in the mothering sign of Cancer, we see a mergence of the masculine and feminine energies within us. There has been too long a distorted and disproportionate interaction between the two in our outer world. The “white man” overtaking the indigenous people and creating a world that has been based on distorted masculine energies. This has nothing to do with the color of skin, but is the reference to the symbolic interpretation of the ego of the distorted masculine energies of power, greed, and control. This is the misconception that we must act before and in order to receive. This is turn, has recreated the trajectory for the divine feminine energies to be distorted and suppressed, as in one so the other.

The feminine energies of passivity, emotion, nurture, care, compassion, and love have been seen as road blocks that “get in the way” of us accomplishing what we desire in this masculine based world. Being too emotional and following your emotions has been deemed reckless, crazy, and idiotic. The feminine has been massively suppressed in the sense that she has been expected, according to this distorted view, to take care of everyone around her, to give herself to everything and everyone but herself. The feminine energies have been directed to base their internal compass on the external world. This was never meant to be. The feminine energies are meant to be highly intuitive and connected to the spirit above so that they may create the world based on that connection. This New Moon Solar Eclipse is healing the distortion, looking through the illusions, and allowing us to see the bigger picture.

This is igniting the feminine force within us so that we may utilize it, heal it, and in turn create the healing necessary for the masculine energies within us and the collective. This is the time in which the energies will be meeting and interacting within us gaining a balance as we work our way to our Full Moon Eclipse in Capricorn in July, Capricorn being the Father of the zodiac. What healing is needed for you to give and pour back into yourself will be rising now. Where you have held yourself back from your own nurturing and love is rising now so that you may come in to direct connection with the divine essence of the intuitive mother within you. We are all comprised of masculine and feminine energies, this has nothing to do with gender, we are all being called to reclaim the power of the divine feminine within us during this phase.

Jesus and Mother Mary are assisting the collective in healing the relationship between the Mother and Son (Sun), the masculine and feminine energies, so that we may see that one gives birth to the other and without this co-creation, there is nothing. They are assisting the collective with the understanding that the divine feminine must RISE now in order to assist and help the divine masculine energies heal. It is the feminine force that rules this planet, Mother Earth, and we are meant to be connected to the divine feminine energies that pulse through our veins. Now, we see this within ourselves. As Jesus retreated to his tomb to be reborn, so are we. This is a time and space where many will be feeling the need to go within, to pull away from outside noise and relations, to spend time alone. The outside world and events may slow in order for you to have this space. Feeling anti-social, non- conversational, distant, and detached are all in the cards with this energy as well as feeling as though nothing can really satisfy you. It can bring about a sensation to many of numbness to the outside world while feeling every emotion possible in your internal self. This is all about puling away from the world to allow yourself to come within, to nurture, nurse, and mother yourself now.

White Buffalo Woman remains assisting the collective with the opening of the Rainbow Gate of Gaia, connecting all prophets with Mother Earth in ways they never have before. She ushers the collective forward to hear the voices of the trees, the soil, the animals so that they may nurture them as the Mother themselves. This is about coming back into the compassionate heart of All That Is, beginning to see that we have lacked the mothering instincts to connect with our Planet in the way we were meant to. We have yet to sit with her and retrieve the information and wisdom necessary for our human survival. White Buffalo Woman and White Eagle Father are coming to the collective now so that we may understand the connection to this land in the way we were meant to. This is about connecting to the nurturing nature of our one true mother, Mother Earth. She is our mother nurturing, providing, singing to us, guiding us, every step of the way.

Yet, many of us have failed to open our eyes and heart to the connection with her due to the distraction of the modern material world. Sink in deep to the messages that Mother Earth has for you right now. She is calling upon the spirits of her animals to speak and signal to humans now more than ever, to deliver the messages and wisdom that are needed now. Pay attention to what synchronistic animals are appearing in your path now. This is about coming back to the home of Mother Earth, seeing that she is our true home, and in the nature of Cancer, we are meant to be nourishing, providing, giving, and showering into her- as she has continued to do for us regardless of our distractions.

Hopi Spider Woman comes forward with this energy as well, as she weaves webs that entrap all that has held us back from our truth and begins to assist us in weaving new ones. She is a magical being of the Sky, she is the mother creatrix of the ancestral linage of our past, weaving webs to create all that is and all that has surrounded us. She comes now to the collective so that we may see the creative power and life force within our selfs, the mother energies of birthing new realities and creations in the world so that we may change the trajectory of what our planet is. She comes now to awaken the magic within us of the ancestral line and to reawaken the connection and partnership to Mother Earth. For when we are partnered with the Divine Mother, there is nothing that we cannot create, and nothing we create can be of harm to her. All is aligned with its natural course of nature and as we allow the Mother to tell us what she needs and we use our creative power to assist her, she in turn assists us with our personal desires of creation. Hopi Spider Woman comes now to awaken the force of magic within us, unlocking the wisdom of the divine feminine force within our ancestral lines. She comes to the collective so that we can connect with the foundation of our souls. For when we understand the truth of our incarnation, based on the tails of the ancestors, we understand how to balance the energies within us to create the world in the magic we have so been called to experience.

This moon is focusing on retracing the steps of past life’s so that we may reclaim the power of our past and unify it within our physical presence of the now. This is essence for total healing on a collective and individual level. What has been repressed for decades, lifetimes, and years is rising to the surface to be healed, released, to be felt, to be let go of. We are meant to reclaim the power of all lifetimes to bridge healing throughout time and space. The world, our Mother, is shifting as well. We will see that many natural emergencies and disasters begin to appear as she purges her own surfaces as we are encouraged to follow. Many will be feeling exceptionally emotional; having past emotions surface especially from the childhood in order to be healed. The relationship with the parents and the ancestral lines, specifically on the mother’s side, will be in high focus.

Dreaming of past life’s and past situations is a way the collective is purging through things in the subconscious state when there is no resistance. This is a time of reconnecting to the home and family. Of returning to the place of our ancestors and healing the lines of ages of suppression of the feminine voice, fear, and imbalances. This is about being able to reconnect and heal the relationship to our own childhood experiences so that we can nurture ourselves moving forward in a healthy way. This is about inner child work, being the parent we need now to our inner wounded child so that we can move forward creating a world based on healing rather than wounds. This is about the ancestral lines and ancestors coming to us now to end the ages of cycles and repetitive patterns so that we may no longer carry them on, so that they are finished for all in the past, present, and future.

Green Tara is coming through with our ancestors and is assisted by Lady Portia and St. Germain of the Violet Flame, helping us through this period to cut ties and cords with karmic cycles so that our planet and ourselves can be freed and regenerated. The Violet Flame is a potent medicine that transcends all suffering, pain, hurt, karma, and distorted back to it’s truth. It is the most powerful flame there is and is coming in now to cut away the illusions that our distorted energies have created in our world, so that we may see the truth behind it all. Green Tara is joined and accompanied with the Council of Sirius, as there planet faced many wars and destruction based on the imbalance and distortion of masculine energies as well. Green Tara came to her planet of Sirius as a divine feminine force - healing within her the imbalance and creating that healing in her external world. The Sirian Council comes forward to mentor Earth during this time, to assist with moving out of the defensive state we have been in and into the heart. This assistance is brining about a massive Heart Chakra opening and awakening for many as the distortions and illusions are cleared from our heart centers and our hearts are ignited once again to be united with the power of the Mother, our Earth. For when we join around our Mother, the planet of our creation, we come together in healing and understanding, in unity and compassion, and in love.

Kuan Yin is also assisting with the collective heart opening at this time as she comes in with her nurturing energies of water. She awakens us to the power of forgiveness and the love that is ignited within and without when we learn to accept what has been and find forgiveness in our hearts to meet every situation that has occurred through the lease of compassion.

Kuan Yin comes to us now to remind us of the healing powers that come from the connection to Mother Earth. She comes to us to remind us that working with water to cleanse away all that was to create something new from a pure place in the heart holds magik far beyond what we have known or seen. The waters that stream from your eyes, they are the essence of life force energy that comes through you and to you. Do not shun your tears for they are life itself coming into creation through you. Do you recognize the abilities you have. Do you recognize the potent magik and power that lies within the waters of your heart. The emotions you are feeling now serve there rightful purpose of being divine messages of Source itself. You are created to be Source energy in co-creation with the Mother of your World, Gaia, she speaks and heals all. However, you must first hear the cries of your own self and recognize the worthiness within the streams of your own emotions that flow through your infinite being to begin to receive the cleansing of the Mother’s energies that are needed to help you, so you can help her.

This is a time in which you are meant to feel and allow yourself to feel it all. There is no shame in the emotions that come from the heart. They are meant to be on this planet, as they guide you to the intuitive nature of the feminine energies within you. There is never a place where emotions are not accepted. There is never a time when emotions are “too much” or “messy”. They are not like a fly that you must swat to quickly shoo away, they are here to be the messengers of your soul. They are here to navigate your soul in the direction it has contracted and imprinted to in this life time. Many may feel as if they are cracking open for all to spill from there being. This is as it should be. We are meant to be open, we were never meant to close our hearts, we were never meant to disconnect from our emotional wells, we were never meant to contain the emotions within us out of inconvenience. They are here to teach us. They are here to be expressed. They are here to be seen. Allow yourself to admit and release what emotions you have been holding on to. Allow yourself to lean into the mothering and nurturing natures of Mother Earth as you cry on her chest like a newborn. Your emotions are valid and they need to be seen in there power. The waves are rising and falling for us to learn how to feel again without restraint. The distortion in our current world has come from the disassociation of our emotional selfs. See them in their wonder now so we may transform the world.

This is the only life force in which we have the POWER to express and exude the emotional expression of our inner being. See what a beautiful gift this is. Enjoy that fact that you have the power of the skies within every tear that falls. Enjoy that you have the power of thunder and the wind in every storm that rises within you. Enjoy that you have the power of the Sun in every warm laugh that echos from your chest. You are the World. You are the rivers, the trees, the winds, the mountains, you are all. The Earth is YOU. Merge this connection now, see the wonder and magical essence of miracles that arise from your emotions now and in every day. Seeing them from the eyes of the mother, never judging, always amazed and in love.

Kuan Yin is assisted by Babaji, meaning father, who comes now to assist from the interplanetary realms. He is helping and assisting those who have opened their heart find the soul path of their unique imprint. He comes to ground the feminine energies of the heart into motion and action in the material world. He comes to lay the steps of the opened heart into the physical world.

Our ancestors are now coming forward, many with ties to the Mayan, Aztec, Hopi, Apache, Celtic, etc. tribes, to help us heal the connection within us to our Earth. They come forward now with the many wondrous wisdoms so that we may reestablish the understanding within us. Our ancestors knew that when they looked around them and saw the Earth moving through her storms and the animals were dying, that too was there fait. They knew that the representation of the world around them was the direct correlation to their wellbeing and life. Thus, when they saw that the animals were dying, the tree’s were falling, and the skies were crying with thunderous storms, they knew that they too were next. They knew that this indicated there own demise, their own fall, their own storms. They would take this as a sign that they needed to go within and connect to the Source energies of the higher divine realms. They understood that this served as a indicator that they had become too distracted in the world and had strayed too far away from God, from Gaia.

Look around you now - what is the condition of our world? With trash lined streets and highways, animals dying for our own pleasure, and the revolting of our humanity where do you think we are headed? Our ancestors come in now to help us reawaken the transformative power of prayers, rituals, and Earth Connection that we are in deep need of at this time.

Nefertiti comes to the collective at this time now. She is a woman mothering figure from the Egyptian era. She was known best as the wife of a great Egpytian Pharaoh, Akhenaten. They were revolutionary leaders amongst a religious revolt in which they worshipped the one true God of the Sun. She was caring, nurturing, and loving to her community. She provided for her community in ways that were beyond reconnection. However, she was never given the true recognition she deserved. She ended up having to change her name and reinvent herself to rise within a position of standard power within her community. She now comes to the collective to help ignite the power of the divine feminine nature and the mother.

Nefertiti comes to unite humanity with the one true source, the Sun, the light of God and the essence of spirit that flows through in the warming sensation of a mother’s arms. She comes to us now to help us hide no longer. She comes to us now to see that the mothering aspects of ourselves as the power in which nurtures the ability to stand tall and proud before our communities to held us become the most prominent leaders of our time. She helps us reawaken the mother energies within us, seeing the power and potential they hold for governing the world around us.

She speaks: “ This is no longer a time of hiding, this is no longer a world in which the woman force of all needs to be shunned and hidden away, that needs to be kept in the kitchen with the young. The energies of the divine feminine are loving, kind, caring, compassionate, teaching, strong, and able. They are not here to shy away any longer, the divine feminine is due for it’s moment of recognition without the alternations of man. I come now to the collective to assist in finding the strength within you to own the emotional powers of your softer self and seeing that ability is the power that your world needs. The voice of your heart is that which moves mountains and creates healing within your community. This is the voice of change, the voice of the mother. The voice of the mother is vastly underrated and misunderstood. For when a mother speaks she is at the command of God, delivering through her the highest angelic realm of Source to guide and assist her children in growing, evolving, and expanding at and for their highest good. Now I come to pour in to you, to nurture you, to feed you - not your body, but your soul, the power of the divine mother so that she may come to rise within you and be casted out of the shadows and seen for the power of her compassion. I come now so that you may understand that the feminine energies are the most powerful of all as they are merged with the spiritual world of Nut. Nut comes now in her divine power to assist me in bringing the children of Earth back to the Mother of the Soil and Back to the Skies above. Nut comes now to let heaven rain down on you and so that you may see the power of the divine feminine forces of Earth and Ether. Ether and the connection to Nut must come first for you to understand you are more than human. Then, you must connect with the Mother of your Planet, Ether, so that you are a complete channel of Source. Do you see, that both energies are feminine? Do you see why now this is necessary to provide freedom and liberation to the feminine? Do you see why now this is deserving of recognition and praise? I bring you forward to the power of the one true Source, the Sun within you as i activate the power of your Solar Plexus so that you may embody the Source energy within the center of your being. For when you act from this center, you are whole. When you turn to the light in the times of darkness you see nothing to fear, you stand, you rise with the great golden Sun within you”.

Feminine Archangel Gabriel comes to assist the collective now. She is known as the Mother of All Mothers and is guiding the collective in finding our way through the liberation of our creative expression. She is assisting the collective with clearing away the womb and Sacral Chakra as well as the Throat Chakra so that we may active the highest potential of our creative life force energy and express that in the world. She is assisted by the energies of Shakti and Shiva, the divine feminine and masculine energies of life, that lay within the lower chakra’s of our being and rise up through our crown. They come together now to clear away the ancestral suppression that lay within the womb and hip region of humanity, so that the highest power of creative life force can rise through us and to us. This is assisting us in clearing away and remnants of shadows that have blocked our pure pillar of divine light that comes through our being. This is opening up the channels of our energetic self so that our intuition can be heard loud and clear. This is about igniting the intuitive power of our essence to birth new realities within our world. Archangel Gabriel additional comes forward to nurture and heal the inner wounds of the child within us. This is assisting in healing the child to parent relationships that have kept us wounded and distanced from wholeness. She is assisting us with rising up to clear our throat so that we may speak with integrity now.

Archangel Haniel joins the support for this phase as she comes forward to assist the collective with awakening and tapping into the intuitive essence of our being with greater receptivity. She assists us now with transmuting all heaviness so that we can experience the higher levels of divine spiritual essence and connection. She is associate with the Moon and is oversight of the intuition, psychic sight, and psychic feeling (clairsentience). Thus, she is awakening this within us once again. You may find that you are extremely empathetic at this time, very intuitive, and almost predicting things before they happen. Spiritual gifts and awareness will be super charged. Never underestimate the power of a mother’s intuition they say. Now, we are gifted with a increased sensitivity to the senes of our intuitive guidance that are strongly coming through so that we may not ignore them anymore. Archangel Haniel is gifting us with the intuitive insight our soul needs now so that we may understand the healing and trajectory of evolution for our soul. She is gifting us with this heightened awareness so that we may no longer second guess our spiritual connection and gifts.

Radha, Lady Nada, and Lord Sananda come to assist with the mergence of masculine and feminine energies within and awakening a lost part of the individual self. They are assisting with merging together the parts of the soul into one unified field, back to wholeness.

They are additionally assisting in ushering in another wave of Essence Twin, Soul Flame, and Soulmate unions, bringing together the masculine and feminine energies. This is for a select group that have reached the wholeness within their individual being. This is the unification and reuniting of the souls who are contracted to come into union at this time as the desmontrattors of what wholeness truly means and what love, forgiveness, compassion, and truth can overcome. Those that are being ushered into union at this time have learned to overcome the distortion and imbalanced within themselves so that they could be unified. This is serving as mastery for how they will guide and assist the collective with reaching this balance in totality.

Past life regression, ancestral regression, water and earth rituals, water manifestation, and self-care are all important practices for this moon. Breathe, you are alive. Your emotions are the signals that tell you so. Allow yourself to feel, give yourself permission to feel whatever it is you need to now so that you can be free.

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