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New Moon in Aries: Your Higher Self Is Calling

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

This is the call to action for all - the rising of the wells within us, of our souls. This is not the time to be passive to let the world around you let you remain stagnated. This is your call.. it’s your choice whether you answer or not. The Sun in Aries and the Aries New Moon is amplifying this energy now. Aries is the baby of the zodiac, which is encouraging us to reach into the well of our dreams and desires deep into our heart and to our soul to rebirth them now. We often have so many dreams and desires as children, our view of the world and what can be created out of nothing is infinite and endless. Where did we stray away? Where did we loose touch? Now is the time to reconnect; to reestablish the ties between who we are now and the child that still lies within - still holding onto those hopes and dreams. Where have we become too serious, where have we forgotten to play, to dance, to laugh, and to make a mess not for the purpose of cleaning it up or crying over it - but to turn it into a masterpiece. Remember the child in you now, as we see the world as our playground. Reawaken to the light within you the ability to see everything and everyone in that light now. This is what this time is about - reawakening our inner child- the youthfulness, the innocence, the creator. Everything you need is right where you are, you can create something out of all you have before you. This is the time to get out of your head- and into your heart- to play-to create.

This time is also illuminating where we need to heal- what fears are being stirred, what emotions are rising, and what past words still linger keeping you held back from your truth? What healing does your inner child need now for you to step into your highest self? What were you told as a child that kept you from shining, that kept you from pursuing your dreams, what beliefs do you need to release and rewrite now?

This time is about action- taking action- rising to the occasion- to lead. Lead what? Your life. It’s time for you to rise into your power to reclaim that life that is rightfully yours to create. Everything you see around you- you’ve created. Yes, we have created even this time on our planet now. Why? How? We created it in the way we have continued to ask for an end to the undying cycles we have been spun around and around in, the way we have asked for breakthrough like we have never seen before, the way we have asked for more, the way we have asked for a deeper understanding, the way we have asked for a new beginning; new life. We created this to give us all that we have asked for- to give us the abundance, to unlock our truth, our self, and push us to the limit of creating the change we have ever sought after. It is now - in this time and moment. Now that it is here, what will you do? The choice is yours- it’s being given to you now. Are you going to sit back and fall into the past? Or are you going to allow yourself to utilize this time to let your dreams and imagination run wild and see that now is the most perfect time to start new, to create new, to rise into the action that has been running through your veins. The deeper purpose you’ve so longed after has been to be yourself- you are being reborn through all this, you are shedding the past; the person you thought you were- the past you attached your identity to, all to become this you- the you, you have envisioned. It’s your choice. What do you feel you have always been called to do? What have you always dreamed of? This energy is asking us to move past our boundaries, out of our comfort zone, and to take one small step towards that now. It’s asking us to look beyond the physical reality of the world right now to see that we- YOU- play a role in rebirthing not only yourself and your life- but the entire planet. Yes, you! You play a role so magnificent that you have yet to ever fathom the magnitude of your power- it is time to come out of the shadows and allow yourself to be seen in the light you have come to be. It is now that you are being asked to step out of your own way- and begin to implement that which your soul has been called to do. There is SO much energy right now available to many - this is the energy you are meant to help fuel you at this time- to utilize it to contributing and creating something NEW like you never have before in this world. It does not matter what you have or don’t have access to - like children- you use the sticks, the rocks, the gutter, and the leafs to create a kingdom.

This time is really focused on the Root Chakra and the Solar Plexus. We have been working on the Solar Plexus for some time now- and now we continue and finalize the process. We are moving through the workings of why we have not seen ourselves as qualified, why we have hindered ourselves, and why we have created FEAR to hold us back from our calling. This is about healing your self image, the way we view ourselves, to move past the victim hood and into seeing ourselves as the curator, the narrator, and the creator. It is about seeing yourself in your true light- opening your heart and healing the limitations you have placed on yourself to release the bounds and ties so you can fly now. The collective Root Chakra is being redefined and upgraded right now with the current situation of Earth. The Root Chakra is our survival instinct- our basic needs- and as the world we’ve know crumbles this is asking us to move beyond what we have seen as survival- the “grind”, the 9-5, the physical construct of money. This is triggering us to fall into the codes of abundance- the abundant laws of the Universe- to understand that we will always be provided for- not because we work for it- but by being a divine incarnation of Source. There is abundance everywhere you look- and often times it takes pushing us to the edge of a old belief to create a change. Now we are there, we are being asked trust and see that abundance now. You are supported in everything you do- and when the Universe is asking you to rise up, it’ll remove security to get you to MOVE - now we are facing that on a collective level. When something old dies; something new will always be reborn. 

There can be a lot of frustration, anger, tension, aggravation, and anxiety with all this energy so it is important to ground, ground, ground and move, move, move. Whatever way you can- dance, jumping jacks, walks, running, playing tag, etc. Connect with Earth- hear her as she speaks of her rebirth and guides you through yours. We are all being reborn- this is the rebirth we have asked for - allow yourself to adjust. You may feel like you do not know who you are any longer, a loss of purpose, loss of interest in what used to entertain you, and you may feel a disconnection with your appearance at this time as well. Give yourself permission to grow into this new you- give yourself permission to step into this new you. This is what we have been working up to, it’s time to spread your wings. It may be foreign at first, but after you get the hang of it you’ll be soaring.

If you believe you're going to fly- you'll fly. Trust me. I promise.

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