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Navigating Death and Rebirth Utilizing Astrology

In my last blog post, I went deep into that weird, sticky, unknown place a lot of us might be in now. That place where you can’t really see where you are going and there is a haze in front of you. It’s like you can’t tell if you’re depressed, or just neutralized to everything. Music doesn’t sound the same, it’s like you kinda loose your zest for life a little… or maybe where something is actually leaving your life, and those old emotions are surfacing again!

Well that space between death and rebirth happens in many shapes and forms. There are phases and levels to transformation, which is what I personally enjoy calling these times and phases. Sometimes we are going through a heart breaking emotional transformation, other times we are moving through a loss of identity and an ego transformation, sometimes we are going through a mental and vocal transformation, where maybe our mind starts to sputter old beliefs up to the surface and we reach a mental breaking point, our throat burns with the things we left unsaid, and we are feeling ultimately like our mind is under a lot of pressure.

Each part of us transformations, however; it’s not like our fairy godmother pops up out of the dark in the middle of the night and says, “HEY OK HERE WE GO A NEW YOU APPROACHES”. Waves their wand of fairy dust and sparkles rain from the heavens and you are magically transformed in an instant. No, not like that at all. I’d like to equate it mores to the scene in the Twilight Saga series, where Bella is transforming into a vampire after giving birth. Everyone around her isn’t quite sure if she’s dead, or if she’s transforming. So they wait. The screen then cuts to the inside interpretation of what Bella is experiencing on a cellular level and an internal level… and it’s like she’s trapped in her own body, wanting to scream, and claw her way out. Yeah. THAT to me feels like the transformation point a lot of us begin with. However, it’s just like anything, it gets a little more fluid as we move through it and adapt. That’s the thing, we’re SO adaptable. It’s insane. Our bodies, our minds, our hearts … we really are some kind of super being with the power of resilience!

However, I’ve found that tools and the understanding of what we are moving through has the capacity to wipe a lot of the fear aside, and allows us to relax, release, and flow into the process of transformation. Many call this “dark night of the soul”. Many call it “awakening”. However, I call it the process of LIFE. In order to continuously live, a part of us must die. We have to continue to adapt in order to survive. It’s our natural state, BUT there’s a lot of conditions that get in the way of that state being anywhere close to natural. We become comfortable with the idea of who we are being prescribed to us through an external source. Hey, it’s much easier than having to question your entire life and everything you were ever told and looking deeper into yourself. (because God forbid we have to stop and do that ;) ) However, truly to evolve as a soul, and as the expression of that soul in a human body with all the different facets and in’s and out’s of our complex intelligent systems, LETTING SHIT GO is necessary!

The tools we accumulate along our spiritual journey build the resources we can utilize during times that don’t feel so great and that can feel confusing. Things like breath work, meditation, Akashic Records, tarot cards, healings and more are all great tools. However, I’ve developed a deep love affair with the way Astrology can dive deeper into ME, and show me what may be approaching, before I am IN it. Astrology can’t solve the problems of the world, no. However, it’s a ancient tool I think is worth considering in it’s uncanny way to map out events and potential circumstances within your personal timeline of life.

Once I begun to utilize Astrology as a confirmation to what I was moving through, it gave my logical masculine side something to validate what I was experiencing, which then allowed my feminine to just let go and receive whatever needed to move through me, and whatever needed to be released. It allowed my masculine to put the guard down and release resistance, so that the process was a little more in flow and natural rather than this battle with life itself as whatever rugged transformation occurred much like you watch a man turn into a ware wolf. Sure, I had my fair share of ugly, treacherous, catastrophic breakdowns before I finally said “hey, there’s got to be something to understand this” … but ultimately, I feel like those really tough, fell from heaven, gut wrenching cries, with snot running down my face, as I lay on the bathroom floor moments are what helped me beg the question. If I hadn’t been to hell and back, I wouldn’t have ever really understood this is a cycle… this is a system… this is a process…. and it seems to swing just like a pendulum. One moment i’m crashing and burning… (ok let’s be real it feels like an eternity and not just a freakin’ moment) … and the next, I’m a glittery butterfly blissed on on life. Was I nuts? Was I going crazy? Did I need meds? Was I ok? ….. This just seemed… WEIRD. So, I decided to become my own test dummy! That’s when I started tracking these experiences, sure in moments I would say “EVERYTHING IS A PIECE OF SHIT AND THIS IS SO STUPID LINDSEY, DON’T YOU HAVE SOMETHING BETTER TO DO WITH YOUR DAMN LIFE?” … yeah, oops. BUT then I started noticing some themes, and I realized they were really powerful and helpful points of awareness, that kind of let me throw my hands up and enjoy the damn ride.

So there are a couple points in Astrology that represent Death, endings, and a completion. AND there is a particular sign that really embodies this womb space of the in-between. You know, that phase between the rebirth and the death, where it’s all just kinda floaty. That sign is Pisces. We are currently wrapping up Pisces season, but chances are that you’ve felt that haze, that in-between crawl into some area of your life during this period. It’s like you can’t see where you are going, and nothing really makes sense. If this isn’t your first rodeo, you're probably like okay, no big deal, I trust this. IF NOT, man o’ man, this can feel like a big pot of “WTF AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE, WHAT IS HAPPENING, NOTHING MAKES SENSE, NOTHING IS WORKING OUT… ETC. ETC. “. That anxiety can sky rocket, that nervous system goes into overdrive, and you can in fact have that breakdown (or what I like to now refer to as break throughs, or expansion). Pisces is the womb space, the place between worlds, it’s this energy where everything exists and nothing exists all at once. It’s a dreamy cloudy fog that stands before you and leaves logic behind in the dust of the past. It’s a mermaid mist covering the rest of the sea, where you can only see the water’s edge. You have to jump in and swim, but you’re left standing there wondering what the heck lay in the abyss before you. The Great Unknown! It can either be a magical space, or a treacherous place. The unknown can bring up a lot of what we have hidden within our very selfs. You know that irrational fear, that insecurity, the grief, the victimhood, the doubt, and all the trust issues. However, that in itself is what is blocking your vision. Once you clear that, the unknown then becomes a space of magical possibilities, a light hearted place of the Divine. A space of deep imagination appears, and the creator that lives within you comes to life. Suddenly, things open up. It’s not that the unknown, is truly a void. It’s that it’s more expansive than we are used to. In the big, wide, open spaces of the infinite, we feel that in itself is a lack of clarity, insight, and knowing…. when in fact, it’s everything we ever need, want, and could desire.

At some level, you’re probably currently relating to this energy during this season. That is because the area of our chart that is ruled by pisces will be exuding all of these qualities. In order to navigate those conditions and fears that you might need to release to see clearly, you can look to your astrological transit chart. Your transit chart is going to reveal where the current planets are aligning to your personal natal chart. Your natal chart, is your personal astrology map. NO ONE else has this same map, this is unique and individual to YOU. The transit chart, will reveal where the current location of planets in a generalized sense, fall into and meet your personal chart. NOW, deep breath! If you’re someone who has believed Astrology has to be this complicated matrix of a system, think again and open your mind a little! It can be super super easy. So whether you’re a skilled astrologer or you’re completely new to the concepts here, we’re going to make it SUPER simple. NOTHING, really needs to be that complex, let’s be real.


Utilizing the calculator, put in your birth information, along with your current location. This will then reveal your transit chart (as seen in the example above). The outer orange symbols are going to be the current transits, and the inner blue symbols and wheel are your personal chart. In the above example chart, we have the Sun ( your ego/character/outer presented self), Mercury (the mind and the voice, how you think and take in and process information, as well as then how you express yourself outwardly), Jupiter (expansion, wisdom, luck, abundance, expansion), and Neptune ( rules external influence of this world and others) all currently hanging out in the sign of Pisces. What’s that mean? WELL, where these planets are located in YOUR personal chart is going to indicate where a MAJOR transformation has been ocuring RIGHT NOW. In the outer ring we can see they all fall in the little section with the 10 at the top of it, however; we want to look at the INSIDE house, that is where these planets will relate to us personally.

Utilizing this example chart, we are going to locate the house of Pisces. This might bleed over into two houses, which is normal.

As we can see looking to the chart on the left, Pisces lands in the 1st house and the 2nd house of the inner chart. The first house starts with YOU, your personality, your birth, it’s the fist place where we begin to grow and develop. This is the house of the personality in relationship to the external world. This is how you express yourself in the world and with others. The second house is all about your material possessions, desires, and sense of self-worth. This can show you what you value and where you struggle to find value within yourself. SO, using this example, this would indicate that there is something that is ending/purifying/leaving, something that is hazy or not clear within the way you have presented yourself to the world. This could have been a learned identity or self, something not authentic to you, and now there is an ending to that version of yourself (1st house), and that was based on self worth issues and trying to be what you thought you needed to be in order to get what you desired (2nd house). There is an old pattern being let go of. Victim mentality being released from this point. AND something NEW entering, however, it could seem foggy right now. SO whatever houses you have Pisces energy at, there is a closure, something dissolving and purifying, and yet a haze here, a blanket of dew that is regenerating the energy. This is the womb space, something is being developed, but yet it isn't quite clear yet. It's kind of like when you are pregnant. You know the baby is in there, you feel it, you can picture it, YET it's not tangibly here in your sight and arms yet. You don't know the details of what that child looks like, their eye color, their hair, how big they are, and at some points even their gender. This will show you where that energy is showing up in your life. You can then utilize the list below to see what areas of your self and life are in a "womb" space, a space of transition and in-between.


Pisces in the ...

1st house: The personality, the self in relation to the external world, the earliest developments of the self, birth, and characteristics of the personality such as hair style, clothing style, appearance, etc.

2nd house: Relationship to material possessions, material success and desires, self-worth, money, physical resources.

3rd house: Your voice, communication, thinking, your mind, siblings, how you communicate and operate mentally. Your earliest environments (school) and conditioning of the conscious.

4th house: Home environment, family, the feminine, ancestors, the mother, your roots.

5th house: creativity, self-expression, children and the inner child, romance, casual relationships/sex, this is the house where all relationships start and begin, the way you express yourself into the world, any area of life that carries YOUR energy and expression, play, pleasure, and passion.

6th house: Health, regular day-to day life, daily routines, how you earn money in a traditional sense, daily environments, service to others or with others, and work.

7th house: One-on-One relationships, marriage partners, committed relationships, relating to other people at a intimate and personal level, how you do relationships and your role in relationships.

8th house: death, sex, other people’s money, rebirth, transformation, the development of relationship the way we show up once we are invested in a relationship, the power to change based on a new understanding, the occult, the taboo, and mystery.

9th house: morals, beliefs, philosophy on life, higher education/schooling, higher spiritual understanding and knowledge, worldly travel, expansion beyond the known, journeys mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, deeper ideas, and a higher awareness. Would be seen as the relationship to something bigger than yourself, or Spirit.

10 house: Higher calling/purpose, long term career path, the marker of adulthood, challenges for growth and maturation, and how you mature and come to be known and recognized in the world.

11th house: friendships, how your purpose is expressed into the world for others, dreams, goals, group associations, and visions for the future.

12th house: the unconscious, super subconscious, the unknown, all matter this realm and beyond the physical plane, functions hidden from your conscious, endings, completion, and self-undoing.


Let’s chat a little more about the 12th house. It’s a house that gets a little bit of a bad rep, however; I’ve come to really love and appreciate this house! So this is often the house of passing, from one phase into the other, OR Ascension in itself can be characterized by this house (which naturally rules the sign of Pisces.) This house will show us what we need to rise above in order to evolve into a higher spiritual self, and sometimes that happens beyond the physical body. That is an entire different rabbit hole though. For now, we are sticking to a transformative metaphorical death. So when planets are moving through your 12th house in that transit chart, this is going to symbolize a BIG Ascension moment, and a big death/rebirth. They can also show us where we may be having a spiritual “awakening” because we know that is NOT just a one and done process.

Utilizing the example chart, we can see the 12th house is infused with dominate Capricorn energy and some Aquarius vibes thrown in there towards the end of the house. Both are important. The sign that the 12th house begins with, is going to be the beginning point of transformation, and where it is going! SO, no more “idk what is happening, Idk where I’m going, idk what this is leading me to”. THIS will show you and give you an idea! So here in the example, with Capricorn there would be an ending to traditional structures and ideals that were conditioned into the subconscious and that you probably learned were safe in past life’s, which are then moving forward and transforming into more of an Aquarius ruled approach. Capricorn is old rules, regulations, ideals, structure, tradition, etc. Aquarius says, “let’s break the rules and create new ones, because we have to move forward, there is a better way and faster approach that makes more senes moving forward”. Whatever planets might be transiting the 12th house will give you a clue as to where this transformation in occurring within you and your life.

For example, in this chart to the right, Pluto (the lord of transformation itself), is currently hanging out in the 12th house. This means the SOUL is transforming and letting go of deeply held beliefs and karmic issues to move forward and evolve. The other thing worth mentioning is that approximately every 28 days, we ALL go through a rebirth on an emotional level. The moon transits the full wheel or full chart about every 26 to 28 days, and every cycle it will pass through the sign(s) of 12th house at some point. THIS is death/rebirth FOR SURE! So let’s say you have the 12th house in Gemini and Cancer. Every time the moon enters Gemini and then moves into Cancer, you’ll likely be moving through an emotional release of something that has held you back. You’ll also feel more connected and highly intuitive during this period. SO, look to your 12th house transits and see what planets might be hanging out there right now. You can look to the list below to help you map this out!


Sun: The ego, the stomach, the solar plexus, your life force, energy levels, sense of self, confidence, and identity in the world.

Moon: Your emotions, your inner self.

Mercury: Your mind and the way you think, your voice and how you express your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and ideas, day to day financial exchanges and short term financial earnings, and vocal expression.

Venus: Your values, your relationships, your identity in relationships, your idea of relationship, your magnetism, inner feminine and your desires.

Mars: Action oriented energy, inner masculine, your motivation and drive, your passion, and anger.

Jupiter: Luck, expansion, long-term wealth and finances, wisdom, knowledge, travel, school/higher education, what expands you.

Saturn: Responsibility, self-discipline, restriction, what restricts you, maturity.

Uranus: Awakening, revolution, higher vision, fast moving energy and changes, new insights, ideas, and understandings, psychic gifts and awareness, but also chaos.

Neptune: Addiction, universal love with everything and everyone, psychic gifts and intuitive understanding, outside energy, fantasy, imagination, creative inspiration, and can also hold the energy of mental illness, delusions, confusion, and a feeling of being lost.

Pluto: Shadow self, sub conscious, the soul, the deepest self, transformation.

Chiron: The inner child, your core wounds from this life time, and what you need to heal, your healing abilities, and your influence to heal and help others.


As these transits round the corner from the 12th house into the 1st house, this indicates a REBIRTH. This is the beginning of the rebirth! Things might still not be totally clear, but your energy will be restored. The ego returns and renews here, and then progresses to develop and restore as the cycle moves into the themes of the houses. Let’s take the moon for example, which moves rather quickly compared to everything else. Let’s say the moon is transiting your 12th house in Gemini and Cancer, you move through an emotional release. You shed old emotions, you feel sad, lonely, depressed, and like relationships are never going right for you. You release a lot of old conditioning and beliefs, spewing them out of your eyes and your nose as you sob and feel a internal emotional pressure bursting from within. THEN, the moon progresses into your first house and moons into Leo. You are feeling warm, open, sociable, confident, sassy, and energized again! The lion emerges from it’s cave and you are sent off into the world ready for whatever comes your way, proud to just be you and where your heart on your sleeve. There is a restoration of energy that comes into you and through you as the moon moves and shifts signs, but also shifts it’s position of influence in relation to your chart. THIS IS THE REBIRTH, the LIGHT, the OMG OK I MADE IT point. Where the 12th house might represent the breakdown, this would represent the breakthrough.

SO utilizing the example chart here to the right, we can see that Pluto is currently stationed in the end of the 12th house, and once it moves forward into the first, there will be a REBIRTH, RENEWAL, and NEW expression of the soul in the world. This would be where the transformation becomes conscious and more clearly visible. This will represent a FINAL transformation and new expression of the soul in the world into a more Aquarian way. It will feel more expressive of the unique self, instead of feeling as if it has to fit in and follow the rules and expectations, and more rebellious in expressing it's authentic nature and truth, going it's own way, and since this corresponds to style and appearance, might create the need to find a new style, or cut the hair into a new style. It brings you back to a new evolved version of the self in relation to the world. You might feel a renewal of something that was lost, meeting with a new aspect of the self that has been awakened through this process. This is much of what Ascension and awakening truly is, the revival of something old and the process of meeting it with something new, a new perspective, a new approach, a new expression, etc.

The Run Down

All symbols, signs, houses, and astrological jargon aside, it is really simple to map out. The planets in orange falling in the house of Pisces, show us where RIGHT NOW something is coming to conclusion, development, and where there is a haze, an unknown, and where we have to loosen, surrender, and allow. Each time you have plants that fall here in this house (which the Sun will at least once a year), you'll be revisited by this theme. The planets here show you where this is happening. For example, Mercury would be the mind/voice, Venus would be desires, aesthetics, and relationships, etc.The House of Pisces shows you where in your life this could be showing up.

In general, planets in orange crossing through the 12th house will show us where there is a conclusion, an ending, a finalization, a "death" of what was, and the revealing of what no longer can survive. The planets stationed here can tell us in where we will experience this. For example, the moon will always swing through here roughly every 28 days. So you know when the moon moves into the signs of your 12th house, you're going through an emotional ending. When the moon shifts into your first house, that rebirth is felt! Another example would be, let's say Mercury is currently hanging out in that 12th house hot tub. Something within your way of perception, thinking, voice is coming to a close. What's held you back from expressing your truest self, your highest self, might be clearing and releasing. You might not really feel like you're all mentally here, you might feel somewhere else! Then as that planet moves into the 1st house there is a mental spark, and a more assertive truthful voice that says, OH WOW, this is who I am, this is what I believe, this is what I like, this is what I don't like, and clarity there around what you have just moved through.

So, if you're new to dabbling with Astrology, keep it simple! The chart itself can feel overwhelming and perplexing. However, when we just focus on these simple pieces, I feel like it's easier to approach. If there's something you don't know, you can luckily find a lot of sources via a quick Google search.

When you're going through death and rebirth, or maybe even a period of deep unknown's this is definitely something you can refer to, in order to shed light. For example, I currently feel as if I'm completing something I started a few years ago. It's a bittersweet ending, that hasn't quite happened yet, but I feel it coming. ALSO, I am very attuned to my psychic senses during this period and almost see right through people. I myself can feel like I don't totally know WHAT healing I've done recently, but I know something has happened. Pisces is my 12th house ironically, and I currently have Mercury, Jupiter, the Sun, Neptune, and Chiron ALL hanging out here. As soon as mercury shifted into my 12th house, I lost my voice, and went through a big throat chakra clearing. My mind doesn't seem really focused, or like there's an "I" anymore since this shift happened, it expanded into the "we" that is the Neptune waters of oneness. My energy levels with the Sun here have been low, needing more rest, and feeling like there's been some cosmic activations happening to my subconscious that haven't quite come "online" yet. The unknown is kinda just ME right now, and that's okay. Jupiter here tells me I'm reaping rewards for things I begun at the start of this cycle, it's expanding my wisdom, and helping me see more into the journey I have traveled thus far. AND YES OH YES it IS! So you can see how this has been showing up in my life to signify a right of passage in a way, from one state and cycle, into the next! Now, time to navigate your own transitions to bring more trust, flow, and clarity!

If you need more guidance on helping navigate a personal time of transition, book a session and let's connect!!

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