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Mercury Retrograde in Cancer 2020: The Throat Chakra Activation of Maat and Hathor

Mercury is going retrograde June 18th, 2020 through July 12, 2020. With the heightened energies right now, you can probably already feel the energies creeping in. This is not a time to panic or for concern.

There is so many misconceptions about this transit that have many living in fear and manifesting many hiccups in their life. This is a beautiful transit that serves us in helpful ways that are barely recognized or appreciated. This is of assistance to you and your path. Anything that creates fear within you regarding this transit or any others is something to avoid and to stop prescribing to. Retrogrades are not meant to be feared and they do not all hold the same degree of influence. It is important to find resources that empower you and provide relief rather than create stress and anxiety.

This Mercury Retrograde is stationed in the sign of Cancer. The mother of the Zodiac. This is assisting us to return to the feminine essence of our being and the way in which we communicate and move forward with communicating in our world from that standpoint. We have become very out of alignment with the masculine energies in our world. The masculine energy has been out of balance for decades and decades and we have seen a revolting rise in it as of late with current world affairs and issues. This is a time in which we come back into our feminine essence - allowing the intuition to guide our words, communication, and actions. This is about following the feminine essence that comes from a nurturing embodiment rather than a harsh, rigid, and stern embodiment. Our world has remained a place where the expression and importance of emotional expression has been placed on the back burner and seen as a distraction. We now reconnect with the feminine ways of the voice to allow the emotional self to be expressed openly. The space is needing to be created for us to express our emotions and see them as a gift that connects us more than anything. We enter into this space now with this transit. This is asking us to review where we have held back from voicing our emotions out of fear. Where have you not been honest about how you are feeling, where have you allowed yourself to push your emotional expression aside to please and accommodate others, where have you hidden your emotional truth from being spoken out of fear of its rejection. We have often shunned those in the collective who express there emotions; deeming them as too much, too emotional, overly sensitive, etc. This is giving us a strong review period where we begin to understand the power in the utilization of our emotions and the expression of such.

Collectively this is a time of retreating into your shell. Feeling a little anti-social and the need to have some space is perfectly natural and normal during this transit. Additionally, finding yourself more aware of this space alone can be in the cards as well. However, we must see that this time is needed for us to return to our internal truth. This energy is encouraging us to take some space for deep internal thought and review. This is a time of deep internal contemplation and revelation. This is a space that is being created for us to reconnect with our internal voice that has been so overshadowed by the voice of the collective uproar with the world’s current events. This is assisting the collective with a Throat Chakra clearing in totality experiencing symptoms such as TMJ, teeth pains, teeth grinding, lock jaw, jaw tension headaches, sinus pressure and headaches, sinus congestion, appetite changes, soar throat, hoarse voice, and loss of voice. The gateway to the throat is the heart, and we will see a clearing of the Heart Chakra with this phase as well, which can have many experiencing chest pains, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, heart burn, acid reflux, upper respiratory issues, chest congestion, and rib pains. The feminine energies have been repressed and held in the womb area and region corresponding to the Sacral Chakra. Thus, we see a further clearing of this being ushered in with many experiencing irregular menses, heavy menses, cramps, UTI’s, frequent urination, bladder infections, kidney infections/stones, and bloating. Mercury also rules the epidermis, and as we shift through old energies, many may experience a rash, skin reactions, and acne.

This transit is encouraging us to utilize our own discernment. To find our own truth and voice once again. We have operated for too long based on our external world and factors, now we are drawn inward to communicate and respond from what we discover here within us. It is here that we are gifted a place of retreat to really focus on regaining our connection with our internal voice and the voice of our higher self as well as the angelic realms. This is about connecting with the intuitive voice within and allowing that be the curator of our response. This is taking us inward into the depths of our internal waters to review where we have held back and where we have repressed our emotions, needs, desires, and truth from being vocalized. The intuitive and emotional self is the compass of your highest embodiment. When we are not utilizing our voice to express our intuition or to respond from our emotional self, we are creating shadow within us. We are limiting and inhibiting our power to create and manifest our reality at the highest potential.

Hathor assists the collective is undergoing a Throat Chakra clearing at this time connected to the heart. She is coming in to allow the truth to be revealed. We have hidden our voices away so deep within us that many of us remain blind to them ourselves. This is a period in which this will be highlighted to heal and to begin to awaken the power of your voice. The power of creation that comes from the voice. Hathor is coming in to assist the collective in rising to their truth and embodying the truth within so that we may create a better world and a better life. Joan of Arc and Archangel Gabriel are also assisting the collective during this transit as we are liberating our truth. They are working with the collective with moving out of fear of persecution for the expression of the voice and coming to a place where we feel comfortable and confident expressing, exchanging, and holding space to share our emotional selfs. This is about embodying the highest truth of our emotional being and allowing that self to be liberated. We have stored emotions within us creating shadows that have created mass destruction, hurt, and pain within our world for too long. We have suppressed out voice out of the pressure to be “right” and the fear of being “wrong”, of prescribing to what we are told, and being under the control of the physical world. The masks many have been wearing have been a major representation of the voice and Throat Chakra being controlled by external forces, of a handing over of one’s voice and power, and physical representation of the suppression that continues to exists. We have remained in duality and combative in communication - seeing one side as separate from our own. Seeing one’s voice and truth as separate and wrong.

Archangel Gabriel is coming in during this transit to help us see and review where we have remained closed off to the understanding and truth that there is a infinite number of truths. This is a time when we are ushered to see that each person has their own voice and truth and that none are wrong, none are meant to be condemned, none are meant to be shunned. He ushers us to see that all voices have their own power, beauty, and belief. He works with the collective now to help us heal the communication between one another. With the current events, the world has become a place of this person’s voice vs. another, a place where if what I say is not in alignment with someone else’s truth there has been attack and acts of malice, if someone is not expressing their truth or speaking at all, they are condemned and shunned. Archangel Gabriel comes now to help end the separation in the channels of communication.

Archangel Gabriel and Joan of Arc come in now to allow us to find the power of discernment. They are assisted by Egyptian Goddess Maat. We have become so influenced by media, news, others, social media. This is a time of utilizing our own intuitive voice so that we may discern our own voice, and how we respond so that we may find justice.

Goddess Freya comes to assist the collective as well during this transit to help us see through the cycles and patterns of our past revelations. She is coming and calling our attention to the phases of the Earth. The suppression and the voice of the Earth has remained unheard, unacknowledged, and unknown. We have disconnected from the true guiding voice, Earth. We have failed to see the suppression, segregation, and separation that has been created in our communication with her. She is ushering forward during this transit and Retrograde period to begin to speak with the Earth again, to reestablish the voice of the Earth and the ears of humanity to hear her cries. To here to cries for her children to come back to the Source of nature. Goddess Freya comes now to draw us back inward to see the intuitive notion in which the Earth and nature speak to us. This is a reconnection and reestablishment with the voice of Pachamama.

Travel is something that many advise against during Mercury Retrograde; however, this is moving beyond the fear tactics of those, to call you to further expand yourself to the parts of Earth and nature that are calling you to communicate with at this time. Freya is assisted by Goddess Iris, who is drawing those who are meant to aid and assist those to navigate to the lands they are meant to anchor with the opening of the Rainbow Gate of Gaia ( you can read all about it here). This is a time of connection with the stillness of nature and allowing the communication and lay lines of Earth call you where you need to be to assist her in cutting cords of slavery, suppression, duality, and injustice to her the land - so that this can be received to humanity. She is calling many to places in which they are meant to assist in channeling her voice. Each part of her has a different story to tell. Where she is calling you? Follow her voice. Iris is assisting the collective with tapping into the waters of the intuitive self to help you follow the intuition to where it is guiding you at this time. You are assisted by Goddesses Freya and Iris in safely and divinely traveling now as Earth calls.

Archangel Raphael and Master Hilarion come to the collective now endowing them with the emerald green ray of healing and truth. They come forward to assist the collective in healing the suppressed voices of the soul. They come now so that the truth may be freely expressed to ourselves and therefore in the world. We have remained disconnected from our own selfs, and own individual truth for too long. This has created an imbalance and illusions in the material world. They come forth now to cleanse the collective to find a space of healing. They utilize the green flame of healing light to cleanse the heart, the soul, the mind, and the body to reactive the I AM presence within the collective. When we understand the I AM presence of our being, we understand the power of our voice and the importance of allowing it to be liberated. They come forth to end the dualistic nature of communication and confusion around misinformation of illusions instilled in the world to create a clearing for all to know the truth before them, to see it clearly, and to stand in it fully. Not one shall be condemned or punished for the expression of their voice. There must be a deeper awareness and understanding that the power is not in what someone says but how someone says it. We can into this world to have a diverse experience.

We came to be and embody the voices of all unique energetic expressions of our beings, not one being the same, we came to embody our own experience and to create such. There are no two people who have the same path, same voice, and same experience. We are meant to honor the diversity of voice to enlighten us to the other perspectives of experience. Separate truths that are outside the reach of our own, give us room to expand in our own expression. We are here to inspire one another through the liberation of freedom of expression. One of the simplest laws of humanity and the universe is to express one’s truth openly and freely as a creative tool for our experience. Archangel Raphael and Master Hilarion restore this principle to the collective at this time, so that the world may be created in the purity of honest intentions once again. There has been much turmoil and hardship creating in this world by dishonesty or half hearted truths. Master Hilarion now activates a second energetic portal; the Temple of Truth to instill the healing of the Emerald Temple upon the collective so that we may return to our I AM presence and allow truth to prevail once again. He invites the Oracles of Delphi and Pallas Athena to come forth to ignite the intuitive insights and spiritual wisdom within you to help you navigate the truth of all matters. They come now to allow the collective to see past the illusions to find the truth in the stillness of the echos of the forgotten space of peace that lives beyond the distractions of the modern world and chaos. Looking to see where the asteroid Pallas is in your natal chart and the sign it is in can help you understand how this time is assisting you to unlock the truth of your essence to find your true embodiment of your voice.

This is a time of getting quiet to hear the louder truth that is coming in through your intuitive and spiritual channels. This is allowing the rivers of emotions to be expressed and released from you like the raising of the damns. This is a time for you to come away from the distraction of the world to find your own truth, your own voice, and your own response. This is about reinventing the way we communication with one another. Telepathy will be extremely heightened and communication with the spirit realm will be in full focus. Listen, be still. Where have you failed to not trust your intuitive guidance and voice? Where has your voice been taken from you based on the societal pressures and influences? Where has your voice been repressed due to an overpowering energetic masculine force? Where have you kept quiet out of fear of not being received by others? Come home - to the power within you. The whole universe oozes in essence from the stars that leak from your lips and the spells that twist off your tongue. Reclaim your power.

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