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Lunar New Year and Aquarius New Moon: The Cosmic Rise

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

As we are approaching the Aquarius New Moon on January 24, 2020 and the Lunar New Year on January 25, 2020, we will be building up to a magnificent breakthrough period and the magical essence of what a New Year really feels like. You may have noticed that started on January 1, 2020, there was an intensity in the air and it was nothing like what you expected. It was as if we were catapulted into something less refreshing and less new than we had expected. We were sent into massive transformation at a highly accelerated rate. We have collectively been undergoing this process all along; but have become more aware, more sensitive to it with the rise in collective consciousness. We are also accelerating in vibration and frequency as a planet at a highly rapid rate than we have experienced ever before causing there to be a bigger jump for our bodies to rise into. Since January 1, 2020, this energy is rising has been massively accelerated. There have been rapid shifts left and right and we have been going a transformation of a lifetime, mostly receiving cosmic and planetary upgrades while we sleep. You may find that during this period you have had your life crashing down into pieces, relationships ending, divorce, separation from a partner, friendships ending, jobs ending, things have almost seemed to be in a downward spiral. Our bodies have taken a lot of the hit as energy can shift and change very rapidly but our bodies and the physical takes time to transform. Thus, we have been undergoing many symptoms purging addictions, old emotions surfacing, depression, anxiety, empathic abilities, pins and needles, lack of appetite, exhaustion, requiring more sleep, lack of interest, cold demeanor, bodily aches and pains, intense pressure in the head, third eye pulsing, and as if you are having memory issues.

As of late, there is a significant change in the frequency that has been rising overnight to new highs like we have never experienced before. This can be causing a pushing out of the physical pains that have been held within the body. Previous areas of the body that have faced injury have been purging. You may have experienced intense migraines, headaches, vertigo, disassociation, the sensation as if you are living in a dream, vivid and intense dreams, sleeping more, carpal tunnel symptoms, arthritic like pains, deep sacral pains in the hip and groin regions, vibrations of the body, a heightened awareness and senses, and a pins and needles feeling. You may have also experienced ear pain, pressure, ringing, and phantom ear infections now as we are receiving a lot of information through the crown chakra. You may have found yourself becoming more soft, more compassionate, more surrendered to the process. You may begin to see the illusion in every day world. You may have begun to understand the concept that we are all one on a deeper level. You might also be experiencing exhaustion during the day while feeling wired at night. Waking up multiple times in the night or insomnia is also common now. There has been a lot of turbulence in the past couple weeks since we hit January 1, 2020. Time may seem very distorted and lost during this period. It may seem as though you’ve lived several lifetimes within the past few weeks, months within the past few weeks, etc. It is also as though you had to experience the sensation of dying to begin to really live.

This week, with the Sun entering into Aquarius on Monday we have entered into a dreamier energy, gradually the collective is rising into this new sense of being. A new world is here. The real New Years moment is arriving. There is a ease in pain, a surrender to the process, and a massive relief that a big breakthrough is coming. It feels as though you have been walking forever to get to this moment of now. During this period of time you may have experienced a heightened awareness of your gifts, seeing more colors during meditation, hearing more guidance, feeling more attuned to a higher realm, you may have been given a glimpse of your abilities and gifts that have given you a new interest and fascination. This is the period of self discovery on a cosmic level. You may feel more spiritually inclined and connected and notice that the collective is more cosmically attuned as well. There appears to be something in the air. You are more aware of energies that are within you leading you to your own spiritual gifts. You may find that you have more signs and guidance from your spirit guides, you’ve gone into deeper meditation, your visualization abilities are heightened, you’ve begun to see auras, you have begun to receive a deep feeling within you, you are receiving inspired information that seems to come out of nowhere. You are feeling more ethereal, more magnetic, more magical as we rise into the energy of the New Moon. This is the real coming out - this is the real new world moment. This is the real new you moment. Things as you’ve known them will never be the same; in a positive light. We are standing in our worth breaking ties of what no longer serves us more readily, trusting more freely than we EVER have before, and coming together at a rate like we’ve never seem in our history. We are coming into this beautiful finale moment, where all this hard work, all the tears, all the screams, all the suffering, all the tension, all the illness, all the rocky roller coaster we’ve been riding reaches it’s peak moment. Prepare yourself for the great rise. Things are climbing back up the mountain - and there is nothing more beautiful than the view at the top. We’ve been in training; a training ground to help us gain the stamina to climb such a mountain- to be able to take it in fully and arrive at our destination. If you saw the height of this mountain before, you would have not believed you could rise to such a height. Therefore, we were taken through a process that taught us that we ARE the mountain, the top is only a process of rising within ourselves.

Whatever you have given up, whatever you have walked through, wherever you have cut ties, know there is more coming. If you have been doing this work, all is done. There is nothing much more to do but expect your dreams. You may find yourself switching gears now reinventing yourself at a level and magnitude you never expected. It has come with the great shift in consciousness that there is only limitations when we place them before us. We are expanding into a different dimension. You may find yourself longing for a deeper purpose for being here at this time as we are being called to rise into our life’s work and purpose. You are feeling the call of your soul longing for a deeper fulfillment in what you do here on earth, wanting to leave a bigger impact, wanting to help others in different ascesion groups come to their power. This is the biggest reclaim of power the collective has ever seen. Not the convoluted notion of power we have been taught: greed, money, discrimination, dishonesty, etc. but true soul power; the power of the energetic consciousness, collective consciousness, the power of who we are, of who we have come to be; energetic beings. We are all spiritual beings whether we realize it or not, whether your actions suggest this or not. Regardless of what you eat, drink, wear, look like, do for career, your actions, etc., we are all spiritual beings- there is no such things as (non-spiritual) everything and everyone is of spirit, everything and everyone is spiritual whether consciously aware of it or not. The difference is awareness. When you are aware that you are a spiritual being with the ability to attune your frequency to attract and be whatever you wish in this life, to create, to play, to enjoy, to consciously utilize the power of being a spiritual being that creates the difference. We are now beginning to realize this power at a greater magnitude.

Aquarius is innovative, free-thinking, free spirited, abstract, creative, and spirit energy. It represents the realm of air, or the space between worlds. We are bridging the energies beyond the veil integrating them into this experience of earth now. Tapping into our spiritual essence more readily, releasing the chains and bounds that have held us captive, and embracing the truth that lies within. We are pushing forward in ways we have never before. The moon is our emotions. Our emotional frequencies are being fine tuned now- they are rising to a higher vibration. This energy is creating a fantasy allure to our environment now, creative energy is flowing freely and readily, there is a tendency to get lost in the head in day dreaming and imaginations. Allow yourself to be taken here, as our dreams and what we envision is all real and tangible and this time is teaching us that. This time is awakening us to the power of the creator within us all. The ability to feel and see a dream- is just as easy as it manifesting within our physical experience. Manifesting is reaching an ease and precision now. You may find yourself thinking about someone to look down and see a message from them, to thinking about how you “wish” a certain item was on sale to walk in the store and see that it is, to see that when you are in the power of knowing you are a creator; you create a higher magnitude. This is all dependent on alignment; how aligned you are is how magnetic you are. We are beginning to piece this together now; thus, we are more collectively ushering to break the mold and follow our truth. There is a need to align with our soul, there is a call to action to align with our highest selfs, there is a greater understanding of the importance of utilizing tools and insight to help us uncover who we really are. You may find yourself becoming more interested in astrology, human design, enneagrams, personality types, numerology, etc. at this time as it helps you find a greater grasp of who you really are. Think of yourself as a radio receiver right now, you are this powerful antenna that is picking up all the higher guidance to help you align, awaken to gifts, and reach the top of the mountain at a highly accelerated rate. There might be a feeling as if you need to move quickly or you are running out of time. Self-discovery is at an all time high and there is a impulse to pull away from outside sources and almost isolate now as you really feel called to learn about who you are at a soul level. There is an intensity coming in, in a very gentle push that is moving us forward towards our karmic destiny in a positive way. It’s aligning us with people, places, information, opportunities, insights, knowledge, etc. that we need now to be who we’ve been called to be. Pay special attention to the inspiration that strike you now, the impulses you have, and the people coming into your life.

This moon will be feeling more celebratory and more in alignment with New Year energy as it is the moons new year and more of a cosmic New Year in the sense. This moon is about the collective, this is about who you are within the collective, your role within the collective, and understanding that when you level up and own your truth, so does the world. Yes, that’s right the entire world. You have the power the ability to make massive change in the world. We have something called mirror neurons that allows us energetically sense someone else’s vibration an mirror that back within our own experience. Thus, this describes the collective consciousness. If you have felt disconnected and alone now is the time when you will find solace with knowing who you are on a cosmic level. When we are put in a position of isolation it is a signal from the Universe, God, Source, whoever you prescribe to, to go within. We are now feeling called to the space to go within to rediscover our cosmic ancestry and are beginning to merge the essence of our cosmic self with our earth presence. Soul contracts are coming in as we enter into this period. This meaning that souls from the same cadre (group) or what we like to call soul family are entering into reunions at this time. This is gathering like we have never experienced before. Those you meet at this time are there for a reason, the instant connections, those you feel drawn to, the magnetic attractions pulling you to others at this time is your guidance scale. The mind will not simply comprehend what is undergoing during this time and it is the greatest challenge now to train the mind to be lead by the soul and heart rather than the other way around. Your mind is a great tool- but it is not the remote. Learn to slow down and calm the mind and you will find your answers during this time. You will find that when you have relaxed and slowed down there is a greater awareness and connection that has been awaiting you. You are being called into a higher existence. Rise. Let what is heavy fall, let the worries, the fear, the mind dissolve in this energy. You are your own god, you are your own hero, you are the mountain. You are everything and everything is you. Awaken to this now. Whatever has been trying to get your attention is being more obvious now; there is no more hiding. Now is the time to pursue the dream within you.

The purpose of this moon is to awaken us on a whole new level. It is a celebratory energy of a new world. It is the celebration of our essence of energetic beings and the power of co-creation. To co-create with other versions of yourself is to get further into touch with who you are, which then further creates bigger incarnations of you (energy) in the world. This is the time when souls will begin merging together for very specific missions and purposes awakening one another to the source and creator within one another. This is the time when the collective will call those to their truth and help guide each other to the bigger essence of why we are all here. The pieces are beginning to come together and the picture is becoming clearer with this moon. There is an intense gratitude in the collective now but also a intense restlessness. During this time allow yourself to slow down to receive what is needed, tune into yourself, find space to be alone, and allow yourself to receive. Allow yourself to day dream, allow yourself to create, allow yourself to envision the life of your dreams, and give yourself permission to push forward without regard for following what paths have already been paved. There is an excitement in the unknown at this time, a thrill in the way that freedom is calling us. There is a intense desire to say “WHAT THE HELL” and go for it. Follow what pulls you, unleash yourself, breath, take in this world, and live the experience to the fullest. Enjoyment is coming and through all the storms we have rode through there is always the other side. The thing about the worse storms is they make the sun seem brighter when they are over. We are here at this point; we are rising now. Congratulations. You have made it. Celebrate yourself, collaborate with others now, gather to enjoy the essence of collective energy. This is the change, the shift, the light we’ve been moving towards. Be different, be “weird”, expand, there is no limits now to the possibilities that are in store for you. Seek deeper awareness of yourself, slow down, and spend more time within yourself now. You are the key to everything you desire. This is the time we are giving ourselves permission to own our every desire; to own our destiny. Physical symptoms will begin to ease although as we rise in frequency we may continue to experience insomnia issues. Decreased appetite or a change in taste is normal as we ascend to a higher frequency less food is needed to stabilize a higher energy store. Ears will continue to feel pressure, popping, ringing, and pains. Head pressure will continue as well. It is a literal ascension period. Thus, our bodies may continue to see residual symptoms that mimmic altitude sickness. Allow yourself to rest, to ground, to dream, to get excited, and celebrate how far you've come now. Follow what calls you now and listen to your intuition. Happy New Year!

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