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June 2021 Energy: Divine Detours and Coming Back Home

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Head pressure, headaches, third eye pressure, ear ringing, tmj/lock jaw, tooth pain and sensitivity, sinus congestion, neck pain, heavy tension in the shoulders, sore achy muscles, hot flashes, night sweats, hip pain that runs up the spine, feeling like there’s fluid in the ears or feeling like your underwater, exhaustion, constipation/GI issues, increased vivid dreams, increased appetite/cravings, anxiety, feeling heavy, and chest flutters. Lack of motivation, concentration, focus, direction, clarity, feeling “lost”, having poor self-image, and feeling alone can all be emerging right now.

This month everything that has been kept hidden and stagnant within you is rising to the surface. Whatever has held you back from honoring your highest and most authentic self is being stripped away. We are rewriting the karmic patterns of our ancestors and our past life’s and selfs. You need to release any and all ideas of who you are and who you have been in order to come into the new self that is emerging, the person you have come to be in this life. Whatever has left you questioning your sense of self and your self worth will be coming to the surface in order for you to be able to step fully into your highest path. We are also transforming an learning to apply the power of alchemy to our life, how can you transmute what has happened to you, the trails, the tribulations, the trauma, the wounds, the things that have not worked out, into your greatest teachings, into your greatest offerings, your greatest wisdom, and your super powers? What have been the biggest triggers for you in life? How are the re-appearing now? Where have you grown, where are you able to see them from a higher perspective? Detach from the drama and see what is happening outside of you and in the external from a birds eye view, what is this illuminating, how is this recapping and finalizing the chapter of your karmic lessons? Our karmic lessons are the pathway to our dharma, aka our purpose. So these are resurfacing so you can finally graduate to the next level, step fully into your authentic purpose, and do the damn thing. This is also a review period, review your life path, review the painful moments and memories, review the connections what have they taught you? Where have you felt you’ve not fit in, where you have not been enough? This will show you where you have the power to create a shift in the world. This is showing you where you need to reclaim your power to embody your highest self.

This month is continuing the journey of internal wholeness, reaching this harmony and balance between the masculine and feminine energies. Where has your feminine not been trusting of the masculine to surrender and receive. Where have you been clutching for control, not trusting of spirit to deliver? Where have you placed your guard up, and where have you been in fear not trusting of what is coming next in your life? This is where you have failed to trust yourself. You have to trust your own intuition and your own inner compass. When you trust yourself and you learn to trust yourself, there is no need to protect yourself, because you know you are always safe. The foundation is being built within you! You are your home, you are your safety, you are your guidance. Trust yourself. This month is all about leaning in to the inner heart connection, coming deeper into the connection of our authentic self and letting that be enough, finally trusting that, finally surrendering to the greatness we have all come to be in our own individual way. You have to be trusting and surrendered to allow yourself to receive. Surrender and let go, you can trust. You are transforming, trust the divine detours. Even if it doesn’t make sense to your head right now, follow your heart, trust your inner knowing.

This is about releasing what we thought we wanted to allow a better outcome to put into place. The journey may not look like you are moving towards something greater, but focus on the feeling. You may not be going the route you thought, but trust in the divine arrival.

This month is also moving through contracts at a heightened level. Not everyone and everything circling back into your life right now is done and dusted. There will be people and connections rebirthing in a new way that are here to be in your life, trust your heart. These relationships are going to require forgiveness and a release of the past in order to be reborn. Revisiting the old allows us to see the bigger picture of where we are going. Maybe we weren’t so out of alignment in the past? Maybe we just were not prepared enough to have it progress at those times. What and who are you reconnecting with now? This is also giving us the opportunity to remain in our authentic expression in the newness of our being. Where are you tempted to return to wearing old masks as a means of feeling more comfortable and making others more comfortable? Of course, there will always be old energies and relationships that are meant to be cleared entirely, allow your heart to do the deciphering.

This is a time of being able to move slower, take more time to be present, follow the flow of nature and to enjoy and play. Can you make the most of this time no matter your situation. There truly is no suffering, only the interpretation of the mind to view it in a negative light. The mind likes to create stories and scenarios that spiral us into a dark place. Where are you self-sabotaging. Be aware where you might need to change the script you are speaking into existence. Take a chance on the idea that everything is working out for you! Feel your emotions that you need to heal and ask what they are teaching you, how they are guiding you? Where are you still living in fear? Where have you thought you had to earn play and pleasure and enjoyment? Where are you waiting for the job, the relationship, the answers, the clarity to feel good? To celebrate? Celebrate now. Look back at all you have overcome, see that it is a miracle to be here now and see your progress even in the midst of the unknown and struggles. Celebrate how far you’ve come.

This month is also about connections, soul family, task companions, soulmates, and twin flames. Reunions of all will be coming into play as we clear and open our hearts, as a means of amplifying and aligning to the heart grid of Earth. Sudden travel and relocations are also on the agenda for many this month as they are aligned to the geographic locations that are more in tune with their evolutionary soul resonance. I dare you to open your heart in the midst of uncertainty and love everything about it. This month is also about inspiring us to move in a new way, create in a unexplored fashion, break up the old mundane means of doing things and discover unrefined talents. Don’t rule out connections just because they are not your usual “type”, don’t rule out job opportunities just because you never imagined that’s where you would end up. BE OPEN. Be expansive. Time to graduate to a new level, and you have to start demonstrating that. This is the time to start thinking, feeling, believing, and taking action in the ways we have newly established with the expansion of what we have learned over the past year.

Time is also moving really quickly right now as the earth grids are adjusting to a higher energetic frequency and our bodies are synching with this. They have a lag period, which can lead to the exhaustion. They are moving quickly to release and integrate at a faster rate than before. This can also cause many to feel like they are running out of time, and they are under pressure to get things done, figure things out, make a move, etc quickly. Don’t get caught up in the chaos of even the energetic sphere, center and ground your energy field and trust you have more than enough time. Divine timing is at play more than ever, so surrendering your agenda to the flow of the universe and the energies we have this month is essential.

We are in a deep integration phase where we are merging our higher chakras with the lower chakras which is creating a deep clearing of the solar plexus, the sacral chakra, and the root chakra. This can have money issues, security issues, self-worth issues, feeling burned out, bored, lacking inspiration and motivation rising to the surface. We are in a spiritual reset this month. The way you connect to spirit must come from an authentic place within your own heart. We are not all meant to have the same connection and same practice. The guides are also encouraging us to rely on our own intuition and own soul’s wisdom. When we are reliant on anything outside of ourselves including God, including spirit guides, including the Universe to provide us with the answers, to constantly clarify, and validate us we are not truly living in our power. Many are going through a rearranging of the third eye to trust the own individual intuition moving forward. So many can also feel like they are in the dark, disconnected, questioning their spiritual path etc. this month. We are becoming whole through bridging the higher realms to the lower chakras so we can become complete, a complete bridge between worlds. This is the goal of this process.

The collective is asked to release judgment of the self and others right now during this transition period. Come out of the emotional space you have been in and allow yourself to see what is arising now from a birds eye view to see what triggers, what wounds, what consistent cycles you have faced in your life. This is the energy you are coming to transform into your power. This is what this month is all about, beginning to utilize the alchemical powers that are innately attuned to the higher dimensions of our soul. What is unwanted in your life right now? How can you utilize your ability to navigate such experiences to support, teach, heal, and serve others? How can you transform these trials into your joy? We have become a society addicted to our own suffering and when we remove the suffering, we question what the heck is happening. What happens when I have nothing to complain about? What happens when my life becomes stable admits the chaos? Many of us create more internal suffering within the dialogue of our minds because we are SO addicted to it, and SO used to it. Cut off that dialogue now, notice where the negative mind is setting in and rambling just to create noise.

Due to us being in this transition period, this month is all about reviewing our contracts (beliefs and relationships), remembering our truth, regeneration, releasing, ending the karmic patterns for good, reconnection to people, places, and things we love and have forgotten about, and heavily integrating the lower chakras into the grids of Earth so that we can fully become whole. There will be many experiencing kundalini activations and awakenings. Many confuse this with third eye awakenings. The kundalini energy is released from the based of the spine, when we clear the old beliefs and morals of our families, ancestors, and society- when we begin to think for ourselves and create our own foundation when this happens we may experience frequent urination, muscle tension and spasms in the lower body, aches and pains in the lower body and sciatic nerve up into the mid-back, we can be more exhausted than usual, and then have surges of heightened energy, and we can experience random bursts of emotions where we may break out in anger or cry and not exactly know why. This can also create increased sexual energy and sensations; however, most of the time as we are experiencing the rising we experience the aches and pains and polar effects first. This is the masculine and feminine energy channels that release energy when they awaken, dispersing communication between both the divine masculine and divine feminine energies within you, they begin the clearing process of the energy that has blocked them from rising. This can often be considered the “dark night of the soul” as the shadow blocks are cleared. The energy then rises in phases and stages, for most over a period of years. It is not as instantaneous as people have made it seem to be. This is one of those stages that many will be experiencing now. Due to this, the third eye is resetting itself and reconnecting to the new energy coming through this month. This is also encouraging us to come back down to Earth, as many have been preoccupied with other dimensions and planets. However, to open to your purpose and awaken to the expansion of your soul you have to be here fully on this planet and in your body. The purpose of your lifetime, in this space and place, is to be human. Yes, that is right. The mission requires you to be human. This is also encouraging us to utilize the human senses as a means of navigating. Trust those emotions! It’s time to finally rely on your own inner self and sense as a means of navigating.

For those that have been working on their inner self for some time, this month can seem really joyous, expansive, and will be experiencing many breakthroughs. For those still moving through things this can seem heavy, intense, and depressive as the energy is encouraging to release, let go, surrender, and allow to reach acceptance. You don’t have to reach rock bottom unless you chose not to surrender until that moment. You don’t have to try so hard, you can relax, trust. The divine intervention that is occurring right now is helping you realign with your truth and your truth divinity. Again, let go of the way you think it should go, the way you think it should look, and allow Spirit to do it’s thing, open to receive.

Things will be picking up later in the month towards the end of June moving into July. This time between then is shifting through and beginning to plan and lay the foundation for the new. This is a deep cave of transformation and it takes time and patience, however; trust that everything that is leaving your life and where you are headed is the divine pathway to your unique soul expression.

If you struggle with change, indecisiveness, trusting yourself and your own intuition, setting boundaries, showing up for yourself, knowing who you are and what you want .. check out the Kali Ma Transformational Workbook. I created this to help ease the process of transformation for you to become your own healer, teacher, and guide and to dive deep into your shadow to get out of your own way and soar!

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