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Full Moon in Virgo: The Shakti Awakening

Monday March 9, 2020 at 17:47 UT we are being blessed with the Full Moon in Virgo. This Full Moon is bringing in massive spring cleaning energy of your spaces, your relationships, yourself, and your life. It is clearing away the clutter to find the necessities needed. It is all about clearing away everything that which is holding us down in order to move forward more readily. It is about clearing away the dust to have clarity on where we are going, who we are, and what we need to do now. This is when we move past our personal experience, and begin to clear other lower timelines.

Have you been feeling heavy? Exhausted? Like everything has just sprung out from the hidden depths of your being to wreak havoc? Since the New Moon in Pisces, we have been undergoing a rapid ascension in terms of our emotional bodies. Our emotions may have been up and down, dreams extremely vivid and often focused on the past, there has been a lot surfacing from the greatest depths of us now to be healed. We have been undergoing this process continually leading up to the Full Moon. Simultaneously, Mercury has been retrograde in Pisces adding to this energy and finishing out in Aquarius providing us with the hard truths in terms of relationships that have held us back. There has remained a lot of clearing dealing with the throat chakra, solar plexus, and the sacral chakra. This has been calling us out loud and clear, helping us speak our truth, and own who we are in the highest divine light. Not always easy, but it has been needed. On March 9, 2020, Mercury is also moving back into direct action and we have some much needed relief from the pressure we have been under. However, we will remain in a shadow phase or integration phase of this energy until the New Moon in Aries.

Leading up to the SUPER (a heightened essence of this energy)Full Moon in Virgo we have been ushered to connect with our inner child, our past, and the mother. We have been shifting through a lot of Karmic ties in relation to our mother’s lineage, our direct relationship to our mother’s, and the connection we have with Shakti energy. Shakti is the Great Divine Mother energy, it is the cosmic energy that moves through the entire Universe. It is creative, sustaining, connected, and the agent of all change. It is the feminine energy that creates all manifestations within the Universe. Shakti is our power to create, to manifest, our connection with the Universe. During this time we have been led to reclaim our power as the creator of our reality. In this process, anything that has held us back has risen to the surface to release. We have been sent and are being sent into deep healing in relation to the Divine Feminine, to heal karmic cycles that have repeated and kept us disempowered from the creators we have come to be. Child hood trauma is surfacing as we heal the past of many cycles being repeated within the home and family. Often your upbringing was a cycle repeated by your parents, their parents, and so on in lineage like effect. That ends now through you, through your ability to heal now. We are healing what it means to be powerful. The Masculine energies in society see power as money, as taking, as greed, as hard work, as “grinding”, as action. The Feminine views power as being connected to the Universe, to intuition, to creation and understanding the ability to manifest our desires and create what we desire through stillness. This is a reconnection with the Divine Mother within us all, and the highest expression of that in our world today, our relationship to Mother Gaia. The earth is a treasure, it holds everything in it that we need to know, it has the answers awaiting for us. Now we are being ushered to slow down and listen. Listen to the sounds of nature, seek nature to understand our own selfs, and it is serving as a Divine guide now.

Our connection to Earth is a mirror the connection to ourselves, to one another. Your lack of compassion and care for the Earth, is a lack of that within yourself. Your lack of connection to the Earth, is a lack of connection to yourself. Your destruction of the Earth, is the destruction of yourself. Now, we open our eyes to see this. Now, we open our eyes to understand that the World is that which we have created through the disconnection within ourselves. Thus, we are being ushered to connect with the Divine Mother within to connect and heal the Divine Mother outside of ourselves- Earth. The world and what occurs in the world is a reflection our our internal worlds. You are not in the world, the world is inside of YOU! When you create internal healing, you create external healing. When you create internal connection, you create external connection.

The Sacral Chakra is associated with the lineage of the Divine Feminine. Thus, we are experiencing a massive upgrade and clearing to this area. This is the source of our creation- the creation of ALL. It is all our sexual energy, the energy of reproduction- the source of creation for humanity. We are undergoing rapid healing in this area to connect to the divinity of creation at all levels. You may be or may begin to experience low-back pains, hip pain, groin pain, increased sexual energy, low libido, heavy menses, lack of menses/delayed menses, heavy cramps, vibrations in this region, easy stimulation to this area, great creative energy, or creative blocks, lower abdominal pains, and feeling reclusive during this time.

Our Solar Plexus has been undergoing the process of upgrades as well. Feelings of self-doubt, holding yourself to unobtainable standards, perfectionism, questioning yourself and your gifts, not feeling good enough, questioning who you are now, feeling lost, feeling stuck, and feeling low energy is some of the ways this could be translating. Additionally, experiencing nausea, appetite changes, GI issues, stomach aches, bloating, etc. are all common symptoms of this as well. This has been unearthing every way that we have held ourselves back, every place we have not believed in our own magic, everything that we have told ourselves that is not aligned with our highest self. We have been undergoing this upgrade as we are being called to our higher missions and purposes here on Earth. Often, we have pushed our divine inspiration to the side as we have not felt qualified enough - this is ending here. We are here to regain our light, to regain our power, and to upgrade to the self-worth needed to rise into our highest positions. We are receiving and have been undergoing this process to really release anything that has kept us back from rising into our Karmic destiny. You are a powerful creator of your reality, anything that has made you think otherwise has been rising to the surface for you to eliminate so that you can begin to see yourself in the power you have come to be. Our self-worth is everything, it creates the trajectory for all else in your world. You are not in the world, you are the world. You are the Universe. Yet, we seem to chalk ourselves up by physical standards and what surrounds us. Now, we have been ushered to see who we are beyond the physical reality and connection with our highest self to guide us into the role in the 3D. This is to align with your highest calling and purpose.

This Full Moon is providing massive grounding through all the waves that have been surfacing. Rooting us down into the core of our existence, giving us stability, and leveling out the waters. With Mercury moving into direct, this Moon is helping us process everything that has been revealed during it’s retrograde. Now, we begin to understand and piece everything together to create the bigger picture. We begin to see why we were faced with such rocky waters and the culmination of clarity begins to form. We have undoubtedly all been receiving the call at a collective level to rise up into our highest purpose. You may have felt called to cut ties with work that is no longer serving you, experienced a loss of a job, and redirection at this time. It may seem like everything was going so well, only to dry up during this phase as well. It is because there is a higher divination at play right now- calling us all to our highest position on earth, our higher calling, our missions, and our purpose. Whatever is not in alignment with that is being released and let go with this Full Moon. This Full Moon is providing us the healing in this area necessary for us to understand why we are here on Earth, to lead us to the pathway of our destiny, and in the direction of our divine mission(s) on Earth. We all have a role to play and our soul’s contracted to that. Now, those contracts are being held as the Universe guides us. In order to connect with this higher mission, we’ve needed to connection with our self, with our power, with the Earth. Thus, it all comes full circle.

Soul contracts are being rearranged, karmic cycles broken, and relationships are taking new directions. They may be leaving, shifting, or coming in. Now there is shifting and changing within the way we interact with one another. The way in which we are connection to ourselves, to Earth; shifts the way in which we are connected to “others”. There needs to be a deeper understanding that not all relationships have been contracted to move into the new dimension together. If there has been any illusion in relationships and they have not been seen clearly, now this clarity is entering. Relationships are undergoing a massive death and rebirth during this phase and we must remember this is FOR us. We are all collectively upgrading; the earth and nature, the animals, and humanity. However, not everyone is on the same timeline.

Timelines are shifting at a massive rate. If you choose a higher timeline that someone currently in relationship this will naturally cause a separation. There is no good or bad, right or wrong, there is only the choice we make and decide. Many may be on this track to quantum leap and shift their reality while others may be choosing not to. Not everything and everyone is contracted to come with us in this higher timeline. That is something that we must understand. We have to understand that with rising into a higher timeline, we are choosing that, and we are choosing relationships that are in alignment with that. Relationships in this higher way are circling back to the collective, to community, and understanding the means of co-creating. Think of your Crown Chakra as a funnel, depending on how you expand that, is how much you have access to whether it be money, love, opportunities, etc. When you expand that channel, you increase the amount you can receive. Now say you and someone join together and are aligned, you both consciously agree to expand that channel together, co-creating what you are calling in, the amount that in then received is 2X what you may receive as a singular individual. This is what we are being called to understand. That more can be had and accomplished in the world when we release that which no longer serves and leave room for those who are more aligned with this concept. Co-creation is everything, and now as we connect with ourselves, our power, creation, and the Earth at a deeper level- we are able to connect with others and see others at this level.

We are receiving a rebirth during this Full Moon, illuminating the plans we have set in place at the soul level. The blueprints from our cosmic DNA are being activated and now we begin to strategize our path moving forward. Allow yourself space and time to connect with the Earth, to ground, to feel into the depths of your roots. Past life regression is a wonderful and helpful practice at this time. The soul does not die, the soul never dies. The soul lives one singular lifetime, continuous in nature, and it cannot differentiate one life from the next. What your soul has endured throughout it’s many many lifetimes it still carries, thus if there has been trauma from 200 lifetimes ago unhealed, it is still holding you back. Now, we are ushered to connect with our past life’s to heal them once and for all, to pave a new way moving forward. Insight on past life’s gives you understanding as to who you are now, why it is you are here, your work, your mission, your contracts, your purpose. Past life’s are the key to understanding who you are now. Mercury retrograde teaches us that sometimes we have to move backwards in order to understand how to move forward, and now we begin to see that culminate with this New Moon in Virgo. Rituals, creation, and connection to your intuition are crucial during this moon. Allow yourself space to connect with the guidance being offered now.

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