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FULL MOON IN TAURUS 2020: The Abundance of Spirit

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

On October 31st, 2020, we are being graced with our second Full Moon of the month in the grounding sign of Taurus.

This month has been intense to say the least as we are in the middle of an accelerated ascension. With each primary transit of this month, we have entered into a new ascension portal. This has been hyper focusing on clearing the conditioning stored within the physical body. The Full Moon in Aries was focused on the images of the self, how we view ourselves, the pre-conditioned beliefs and behaviors of our own reflection. The SUPER New Moon in Libra was all about our partnerships, this was about clearing away the conditioned ideas we’ve had around what is considered lovable and what LOVE truly is. This took a microscope to our deep intimate partners of the past and current to review if we’ve been living in illusions or had pre-conditioned terms for what relationship and love truly is.

With each level, we’ve entered into a space of reclaiming our power as we have continued to work on the upgrades to our Solar Plexus Chakra. As many receive physical upgrades to the body many may have experienced feeling run down, exhausted, sleep disturbances, appetite changes, neck pain, vertigo, dizziness, GI issues, nausea, vomiting, intense dreams, arthritic like pain, muscle and joint aches and soreness, and feeling overall just very heavy on all levels. Due to the filtering out of energies from the physical being, many may also be experiencing mood swings as we rapidly clear out old energies. The physical being is upgrading to activate all “junk” DNA for many at this time, as the metamorphosis takes place, this is rewiring our nervous system, which is why many may also be experiencing over stimulation, sensitivity to light, sound, smell, and touch. This is also rewiring our energy source- the Solar Plexus is our power center it is the control of our essence manifestation as well as our vitality and energy levels. As the body goes through a major upgrade and ascension, the Solar Plexus is continuing to link up to different sectors of the body, which correspond to specific regions based on the transit of this month. The Aries full moon was the activation of this process and was focused on the Solar Plexus itself. The Libra New Moon was focused on the Throat and Heart. The Taurus Full Moon is linking the Solar Plexus to the Root Chakra. The Solar Plexus is connecting to each center and allowing us to generate a higher light- our bodies will self generate a higher light within the region and distribution of the energy activated within the Solar Plexus. Meaning with this month and this transit, this energy is teaching our organs to automatically filter out and alchemize lower vibrational energies that would normally stagnate and create illness within the body.

During this Full Moon in Taurus, we enter a deeper level of physical activation and make way to many starting to reach the microbiome level. Our entire microbiome is being readjusted and upgraded as the strands of DNA activate further advancing our physical species from a 6 strand DNA encoded sequence to approximately 10-12 stand DNA sequence. The DNA activated is dependent upon individual levels of consciousness. We will see the continuation of the physical ascension through out the next year on a collective level.

As we enter the grande finale, this Full Moon will be moving into the conditions and shedding the layers we have around wealth, materials, and our self worth in regards to both. This is moving into upgrading the Solar Plexus yet another level and connecting it to the power of the Root Chakra. This is about reassessing the patterns and conditions we have around money, obtaining our material desires, and what we have been told is feasible, accessible, and realistic. As we move into this place, this is all about finalizing the creator power within you. You are the designer of your reality. The agreements that you have made within your life are mostly unconscious. So as we upgrade in consciousness, we must go through a review period of all past agreements. Like when you are moving house, you go through a run through of your things and most often get rid of a few and decide what is still in alignment with your new space. With this Full Moon we have full access to all timelines, especially with Mercury retrograde and the Sun in the mysterious dark loving sign of Scorpio. This is helping us have effortless insight as to old contracts and agreements in which has created the distortion around our deservingness around materialistic success. Scorpio is the direct opposite sign of Taurus. When in harmony, they have the greatest potential to take something that seems is dead and revive it back in the magical essence of the material form. This is about connecting the life force within to bridge through us a higher light of the divine and create this light into physical form in our material world.

Scorpio has a deeply intuitive and seductive understand of the charm, magic, and wonder of the unknown. It is creative energy in a mystical way that entices the realms of spirit to deliver the energies through them to create what they desire. Taurus is a Earth Sign who understands the nature of the material world like the back of their hand, understanding what steps, what strategy, what language to use to simply dance through life harnessing the material gratification they desire. When they meet in the sky for this transit, it is a magical and passionate love making in which bridges the divine masculine and divine feminine energies within us so that we have unique harmony within. When we are united within our physical being, as both energies co-exist within each of us, we are able to create at a quantum level to birth new realities, but more importantly new worlds.

The divine feminine is now merging into the material world as she comes out of the shadow work and the mystical connection to spirit to not merge her spirit within her human form. She is learning now the ability to take all the work she has done within herself and apply this now to manifesting a grand shift within her physical world. The divine masculine is beginning to trust in the unseen, no longer needing validation from the physical to move ahead. The divine masculine is learning to harness the deep emotions of his heart and allowing them to create the steps necessary to building his desires. Perfect harmony and union are reached with this transit. This is about bringing heaven and earth within the physical body and representation of our being. The upgrades that entering within this space and time are the foundational essence of what is required in order to continue to raise the vibration of the planet to a suitable level of elevated consciousness as we move into the last two months of the year with Eclipse Season.

This Full Moon can also serve some tension as it can rewire the way you relate to the material world on all levels. Meaning that, if you have neglected to find the worth of your spirit beyond the essence of material gains and things this is catapulting you into a deeper level of awareness of what lay beyond the veil of this world. If you have been hyper focused on the work of the spirit, which many do as they continue to seek deeper meaning and answers, and have neglected the aspects of enjoying the material world, this energy will be grounding you to be present with your humanness. This is about restructuring what we find and identify as our foundation. The Root Chakra is all about the foundational essence of our being that gives us the stability to feel safe. With many changes and shifts occurring now and this year, this transit is asking us to redefine the value of our foundation, to become the foundation in which we find our security and not in something or someone else.

Many have been in a state of the unknown. A space where they have a lack of direction and ideas, plans, and relationships seem fleeting. A shift is occurring rapidly that is sending the timelines swirling as they regenerate. This is why many may feel as if they are moving through different phases and this current and past life, which can cause some confusion on path and purpose. The soul blueprints are being rewritten for many in the collective at this time. This is shifting the purpose and position of many in life. This has been encouraging us to trust and surrender at a level deeper than before. This is the moment that we have been practicing for. We are being able to readily recall all of the moments we were supported, even at this last minute, when we felt we were in a state of crisis. This is asking us to relax, to slow down. Everything has been standstill this month as we go through the physical and internal clearing. Now we begin to move through the final phase to welcome some rapid physical shifts in the world around us.

What is your relationship to money to materials to prosperity. Do you believe that wanting such things is not spiritual in nature? Do you believe that spirit and money are two separate entities? Have you been doing the work and continuing to trust? Expect some miracles to come swooping in.

This is also a prominent time of understanding our connection to our ancestors as this transit falls on the celebratory day of The Day of The Dead. Our ancestors understood and trusted the guidance of Mama Gaia to provide the abundance that they needed. They would utilize their power of influence within the Spirit realm to call upon the materials needed for survival from the Earth. They were always taken care of even when they had no idea where they were headed. This is a time in which we can call upon our ancestors as they come to visit many on this marked transit to deliver us with the blessing and gifts of our service. As we have been moving through this year, many of us have unconsciously delegate to clear the karmic patterns of ALL ancestral lines within the collective. Many now will receive wisdom, insight, answers, ideas, and visits from ancestors as a mere representation of gratitude for the work done. They will also be assisting many in the collect with the true essence of abundance coming back to the remembrance of what is truly important and what our needs truly are.

The realms are reaching a full mergence with this transit, as the veil is eliminated and we are welcomed into the full unity of all. We have been working on dismantling the veil for some time and allowing realms to have full access to one another. This transit is the final completion of such. In which there is no separation energetically between one realm and another. WE are one. This is the true essence of New Earth and Unity Consciousness. Welcome to the space in which we have access to intergalactic and Christed knowledge through the sheer intention of wishing to receive such. Your senses might feel heightened, psychic gifts enhanced, intuition off the charts, and feeling the presence of beings around you. This is also why many are having interruptions in sleep. As our circadian rhythms change to adjust the higher light we are anchoring within our bodies, the encoded blueprints are translated to us by other galactic support and angels during heightened times of frequency transmit, which often coincide with the 2-4AM window. Dreams are also very vivid and detailed at this time, as we are receiving messages and making amends with the agreements from our past in our unconscious state. Many are telepathically communicating at this time during the sleep state as well.

This transit is also going to be focused on revealing our true dreams and desires around our career life. With the 10th house line up (Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in Capricorn), and the first house still having Chiron and Mars retrograde in Aries, and having Lillith move out of Aries in the 1st house to meet the moon in Taurus in the 2nd house, this is focusing on the beliefs we have held around our deepest dreams and desires around our work and career goals. This is blasting through conditions to show up that truly whatever we want to create becomes possible when we reprogram the script. We have Goddess Diana assisting us. She is the goddess of archery and teaches us that when we focus on the highest representation of our being that we can always bring about the opportunities, people, resources, etc to make it materialize. Ganesh and Krishna also bless the collective with this energy as they come in with the abundance for the devotional path many have taken during this time. Many in the collective have been doing the spiritual work so seriously, they come now for some much needed rewards and pleasure that honor the path in which we have walked. This is a space in which we are here to enjoy and celebrate the path of choosing this ascension.

With Lillith, which is representative of the energy of Lady Ishtar, in Taurus in the Second House, this is all about being able to strip down the bullshit and see the regal elegance in your sultry desires. This is a passionate and go-getter energy that see’s the value within itself to have all of it’s desires for simply just existing.This is the end of victim mentality. This is teaching us to let go of the need to obtain our desires through blood, sweat, and tears. Are you tired of suffering? Are you tired of playing victim to the circumstance of life? Great. Lillith is Taurus in union with the Full Moon is helping us see that we truly can have whatever we want when we take the risk of believing in just how powerful we are. Many have remained in fear of their own power, this transit is helping to clear the fear and step into it FULLY. This is about being able to understand the energetics of abundance at a deeper level.

The Sirians are coming in with high potency light codes that are activating the codes of abundance within our Solar Plexus and Root Chakra. They are assisting us with the devotional connection to Gaia. Isis is coming in to assist with this transit as well. The Egyptians worked very closely with the Sirians. Isis would receive messages from the Earth itself at night and she would also connect to the Sirian Council. She learned that when she surrendered the greater plan of the wisdom of both and merged them into a series of embodiments for her people, that they were graced with the wonderous golds of the Gods. The Sirian Council and Isis come to reprogram the collective at this time, this is about being able to see the Divine within your own eyes. Knowing that you have the power and support within your own heart to create the passions that boil within your blood.

Mary Magdalene has also been assisting many and comes with this transit as well. She is guiding many light workers and shadow workers to come out of hiding and share the gifts of wisdom with the world. This is a big call to many that have remained on the back lines to step up and believe in the value of your gifts. She is ushering many to see that you do not need to worry when you are of service to your soul you are always going to be shown the abundance and material support needed. So if you have been contemplating starting that business, changing careers, and feeling unfulfilled in your work- this energy is gifting us the pressure to finally take the bull by the horns and take action to change it. We don’t have to figure out all the steps or what comes next, simply take the first step and the next will appear.

This is also taking a closer look at the relationship to your family. Has the believes and outdated essence of your families views hindered your ability to move forward with what you truly desire? Do you have the belief that because you come from a poor family, you could never be wealthy? Do you have outdated beliefs that stem from your family? This is about taking a closer look at the learned behavior around our deeper dreams and desires in the career world and seeing what is hindering our ability to achieve such. This is about taking a closer look around the familial stories of money that have been programed into you. This is a hard reset of our programs around money. So if you are in an in-bewtween or uncertain state, what would happen if you stopped playing the dramatic programs again for another cycle and simply trusted in the ability of your dreams to come true regardless of the how?

This is a beautiful energy to celebrate the ancestors with ritual and to spend time celebrating the freedom that comes from cutting the chains of conditioning.

Happy Full Moon! I love you and am grateful you’ve found yourself here!

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