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Full Moon in Pisces 2020: Divine Union

We have a dreamy Pisces Full Moon illuminating in the skies above us on Wednesday, September 2, 2020.

Since we rang in 2020, we have been going through different stages and phases of healing that have seemed to spin into the same waves over and over again. With each Full Moon and New Moon we’ve essentially been stripping back another layer, one-by-one; washing over with clarity, illuminating our fears, our pains, our hurts, and being reborn with the next. We are not the same. No one is the same person they were a few months ago, a couple weeks ago, days ago. We have been evolving slowly, gently, and at a pace that has been easier on us than asking us to see all the gaping holes in our being at once.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, this is about stripping back that final and last internal layer, going through another cleansing, and coming back to the light once again. This is illuminating within us our soul, the truth that lay within our hearts that has been covered by all the conditioning, fears, trauma, past lifes, and more.

You can look to September 2019 to see what parts were being revealed then and you can turn to the New Moon in Pisces energy from March 2020 to illuminate what is now coming full circle and coming into full closer.

This is the final moment of letting go of anything you’ve stuffed away within you to release it for good. This is the final moment of coming into clarity of the deeper dreams and desires that have laid dormant within your heart.

August was a massive transitional state, in which time seemed to slow down and nothing seemed to move yet it was moving at lightening speed behind the scenes. It was a voided state for many; leaving many feeling uncertain, unsure, and lost on where they should go next.

This Full Moon is illuminating the deeper fulfillment of your soul’s journey and providing us with the creative inspiration and energies to show us what comes from trusting the unseen hands that are always at our service.

Again, we have Chiron, Lillith, and Mars in Aries in the First House of self. This is a aspect we have seen every Full and New Moon for months now. This is asking us yet again to let go of the ideas that we have clung to around who we are. This is about redefining the self, this is about removing the layers of conditioning of who we have been told to be, this is about letting go of the stories we’ve told ourselves around what is and isn’t possible, this is about unleashing our true soul and seeing ourselves in our truth. This is about uncovering the lost parts of our being that have been hidden away in the silence, this is about healing the idea that vulnerabiility is scary, this is about healing anything that has stopped the flow of our unique and creative power. Pisces can have a tendency to tap into escapism, however; with these placements, you can’t run from what is needed to surface now. You cannot continune to run from your problems and wounds. You cannot continue to run from the self-sabotaging beliefs that have come from the wounded world around you. You cannot run any longer. You have to face what you have been running from now to show you that none of those shadows are who you are, and never were. This is about moving through the tidal waves to cleanse you back to the natural state of light you always were.

This is opening up the heart of our emotions once again. This has been leading the collective through a massive Heart Chakra awakening. Kaun Yin comes with this transit assisting the collective with clearing the heart and activating it with the highest potency of love. With this many may have been experiencing anxiety, heart palpitations, chest pain, and phantom heart attack symptoms. Love is the centralized force that is needed to maintain our existence. Here we see the collective coming back to the heart, moving away from the ego. We all have the co-creative power to manifest our desires. However, when we have manifested from a state of ego, we have created a lot of pollution, harm, and shadow to the rest of the world. Now, the world is coming back to the place of creation, true creation, which stems from the united love of all. This is about creating a new world built on bridging this world with the other above worlds; this is about seeing how each decision we make individually impacts the entirety of existence. When we are centered in our heart, we are able to serve and see ourselves as well as others more. Everything that is not love is an illusion. This moon is reawakening us to this concept now. This is encouraging us to drop the pain, the trauma, the stories, the trust issues, and open again to the world around us, to come fully out and be vulnerable with the world around us to form true connection again. This is about the power to remain open regardless of the past, this is about the power of the heart to remain open despite the current state of our world. This is about igniting the fire of love within and letting it burn away anything and everything that is not aligned with it. This is about building a new era on love, on compassion, on unity, on understanding, on vulnerability.

The Divine Masculine has been moving through a Crown Chakra and Soul Star Chakra awakening, connecting to the divine. They are bridging their lower chakras into connection with the higher etheric chakras to come into wholeness. Many have been moving through another kundalini awakening, rising their energy from the base into the higher realms. This may have caused many experience time disorientation, headaches, vertigo, third eye pulsing, feeling wobbly, and heavy headed. The Divine Masculine energies have been going through an awakening, an opening, allowing them to tap into the Spiritual world with greater understanding now more than ever. They are witnessing the energies that are beyond the veil, they are astrally traveling connecting with lost parts of themselves, they are seeing the synchronicities, and experiencing heightened telepathic communication. It is as if they do not even need to speak a word, everything has been moving in a strange era and way around them as if unspoken communication has been occurring. They have been moving beyond the body and tapping into merge with their light bodies. This has been gifting them a new found intuitive insight, they have been moving with the flow of the magic from the higher realms and have been divinely guided as they see manifestations begin to peak in from behind the energetic seems. They feel everything is shifting within them and they feel a clarity around themselves and the true heart of their desires based on their soul for the first time. They understand now their path and their journey, they are closing the door to the past and moving forward to the future. They are working on communicating their insights, wisdom, and downloads. Their gifts are going through rapid expansion and they are coming into further balance with the Divine Feminine energies. This may have been causing glitches in lower frequency devices such as computers cell phones, lights, etc. as they awaken to the higher frequency of their beings.

The Divine Feminine has been moving through yet another massive Sacral Chakra clearing, the waters of this moon as coming into cleanse and purify the womb space of the Divine Feminine. This may have induced back pain, hip pain, kidney issues, heavy moon cycles, night sweats, phantom pregnancy pains, and more. This is ushering the feminine to reclaim the power to birth her reality, to create new life, this was her reclaiming her power from the distorted masculine. This has been slowing the Divine Feminine down to be more passive, to allow her to connect with the true power of her emotions and intuitive essence. The world has created this idea that we must spin ourselves around in circles to accomplish anything, that we have to move against our own energy to be provided for; this energy has been pushing the Divine Feminine to let go of the conditioned stories she has been told about money, finances, work, relationships, etc. This has also been purging the Root Chakra clearing away fear based beliefs around money, home, basic needs, and being provided for. This has been redefining the feminines ability to trust in the unseen calling her back to the feminine flow of her emotions to guide her, to call her back to the ebb and flow that lives within her waters, allowing her to see that the answers she so seeks live within her emotional streams guiding her at each moment. Wherever she has closed herself off and for whatever reason, it is rising to the surface now. This may be hard for some; leaving many feeling intense emotions of sadness, depression, helplessness, fear, loneliness, etc. However, this is clearing away the illusions and shadows from the womb to awaken the feminine to her power of the creator that she is and always has been. This has been clearing many ancestral lines of disempowerment and suppression of the feminine and renewing the energy of the Sacral Chakra. This has been calling the feminine back to her ability to trust in the unseen, to trust in the energy that she feels through her senses, to see her sensitivity as the guidance and gift that it was meant to be. There has been a lot of purging and cleansing of past relationships and traumas in the dream state as well for the feminine.

Both energies are within us all. The ebb and flow of the last few months has been working on cleaning and clearing both energies so that they may come into harmony within all of us on a individual level and on a collective level. That is true wholeness. This is about bridging two realms, bringing together heaven and earth, the masculine and the feminine.

This moon is asking us all to be vulnerable, to stop putting up our walls fearing the intimacy our souls have craved. We had had this idea that vulnerability leads to hurt, leads to a knife in the back and stabbing pain. We are releasing this idea and conditioning fully; we are relearning how to be vulnerable without the past programs coming in to create fear. Fear is self-sabotaging, it creates a story and a plot line that we are out of control when we are vulnerable, that others can hurt us, and more. These ideas are all illusions meant to keep us trapped from the very essence of our true power; that we have the creative control of the stories that narrate our life. This Full Moon is gifting us the ability to see our emotions and vulnerability in the power light they hold and the ability to see what ones we can shift to transform the world around us. This is about breaking down the should’s and should not’s to get down to the core essence of why you are here. This is aligning many with their soul’s path and soul’s truth.

With the massive heart opening and the union of masculine and feminine energies happening with many, this energy is cutting through all karmic illusions and helping us feel into what is real. Thus, many twin flame and soul flame reunions and unions will be coming in place. There is also relationships rewriting themselves as timelines shift and blueprints rewrite. This means that who you once were aligning to as a twin flame or soul flame/soulmate, can be rewritten at this time. Who you once resonated with may no longer resonate. This is gifting us the clarity to see this at this time as we open and expand into the unknown space of what or who comes next.

During August, timelines were shifting at warp speed and it seemed that many were unsure if they would fly or fall. Many relationships shifting, jobs shifting, purposes shifting, friendships shifting. This Full Moon is gifting us the clear feeling we need now to know what is right for us and what is meant to be left in the past. This is having us see into the infinite possibilities of the unknown and tapping us into our senses that lay beyond the physical to help us awaken to the ability to see in the dark, the ability to navigate the energetics behind the scenes. This Full Moon is awakening us to the power of trusting the energy we feel rather than what is unfolding before our physical eyes.

This is heightening the senses of many and will be opening and awakening many of the physic senses. There is a lot of creative energy in the air and new ideas, insight, and revolutions taking place. This Full Moon is slowing us down so that we may receive the insight we need to move forward aligned with our highest timeline. This is about tapping into the self that lives beyond the body. This is igniting us to believe in magic once again. The disorted maculine energy the world has taken on, has driven away the magical essence of the world; this is reawakening the essence of humanity to believe in magic again; the unbelievable, potent, powerful, unspeakable bliss, that comes from the unexplainable moments and connections with beings beyond this world. This is awakening us to a new world, the worlds that have remained hidden in the background, the fairies, the elves, the talking tree’s, the angels, the galactic councils, the flowers, it all. We have become so caught up on material consumption that we have lost the connection to the magic that is found in the natural world around us and the connection that comes from Spirit. This Full Moon is drawing us back inward to see that true fulfillment comes from lighting up our inner child and the magic that is found there.

Working with water, ritual baths, meditations, astral travel, hypnosis are all great ways to celebrate this moon to retrieve more understanding.

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