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Full Moon in Leo: Authentic Blueprint Activations

On January 28, 2021, we are being blessed with a big beautiful Full Moon in Leo at 19:16 GMT. Leading up to this Full Moon is the intensified process of preparation from the Golden Gateway of Horus in which this transit brings.

This is about beginning to open to the infinite power within you and allow it to be unleashed. The power within many of us has remained suppressed, hidden, and in the dark for too long. Thus, many have been through a initiation phase and a retrieval phase, in which we have been asked to return to the shadows to recovered and reclaim our light. The darkness is what allows us to see the light, for without it there would be no such thing. This has been pushing many, especially the divine feminine, through triple goddess activations and crone initiations. This has left the divine feminine energies moving through a massive rebirth on a collective level symbiotically clearing space for which a new world will be birthed through her. This has been preparing many for the rebirth of a lifetime, that reaches it’s fullness and peak with this Full Moon in Leo. In preparation, any and all suppression, resentment, anger, sadness, disempowerment has had to be cleared. This is about the divine feminine energies moving into the self to transcend it, and to move into the unconscious of the collective to heal and rebirth it. This is also ushering inner child healing at a greater level to unleash the child within and heal any wounds that we faced in childhood that have prevented us from fully embodying the wholeness of our true authentic soul.

The divine masculine energies have been moving through heart chakra and third eye chakra activations. They have felt impatient, trying to rush the feminine energy, wanting to be “there” already, trying to reach union via force and grinding, and yielding no results has left them bitter and frustrated. They have been asked to tune into the heart to allow the heart to guided the to the alignment of the union. They are relearning how to listen to the divine heart, the emotions, and the connection to the divine through the heart space, as the compass for the actions they take. Many can be moving through a reckless phase, not knowing where to channel their energy and learning the process of transmutation. This is about the masculine allowing the feminine to lead, surrendering to a higher power and trusting a higher power, releasing control and falling into the flow knowing that action will be inspired with the wisdom of the feminine. Remember that both the masculine and feminine energies are within you.

This has initiated many through the Sungate Portal activating the divine light within, leading many to purge from the solar plexus anything and anyone who has suppressed or taken our power. This is not about someone else overstepping your boundaries, this is about you failing to initiate and affirm those boundaries out of fear. Clearing of fear from the solar plexus has been heavily amidst in the process, taking into a deeper rebirth in preparation of welcoming the fifth dimension. 2020 was the year of the fourth dimension, in which there was a conscious shift, 2021 and the Age of Aquarius is the advancement of the physical world. Thus, we are now in a huge ascension portal that is clearing the pathway for this New Age, which is about the rise of the suppressed feminine energy.

This Full Moon is activating the power potential within the sacral chakra and the solar plexus. Which has led many to experience heavy menses, increased “PMS” symptoms, nausea, appetite changes, bloating, anger, frustration, irritability, mood swings, exhaustion, headaches, migraines, muscle soreness and tension, kundalini symptoms, sporadic sexual energy, acid reflux, decreased creativity, and phantom pregnancy symptoms as we clear and detox these centers.

The higher light that has been pouring through many of the collective’s Sun region (the belly) is operating at a high speed, which has created a tension within us that could manifest as anxiety, ADHD, and feeling rushed. This is settling into the solar plexus and speeding up the cells within the body, activating the DNA, which can take some adjustments within our physical self. Essentially, this is expanding our energetic selfs and bodies into a higher frequency at a rapid pace. When higher energies pour into our denser bodies, the energy is slowed, which can created a “block” or energy gathering in one space as it struggles to operate at the same speed, which has created many of the digestive issues the collective has been seeing. The body is integrating at this time as a means of opening up the solar plexus to full capacity anchoring in a higher life force and connecting it with the Sun Portal, the portal in which life is birthed. The divine feminine is anchoring in this higher portal at this time as a means of birthing the Age of Aquarius.

The Full Moon will finalize this process. Reactivating the power of the highest self to be anchored within the physical body. Creativity has been put on hold for many in the collective as a means from no longer creating from a space that is not in flow with the universal frequencies, and that is coming from a space of conditioning and ego. The world can no longer see manifestations that are anchored in old age methods. Manifestation including the art of creativity has to come from the unleashing and unlocking of the authentic code and blueprint.

This transit is unleashing many to potent light activations which are unleashing the divine authentic blueprints within each individual. This is about being able to authentically step forward in the world as your true self without the masks. This is about beginning to see the unique gifts that have been hidden in the fear of being seen and different. This is about the collective coming together in the unique expressive ways of the individual to create a world where we are honored and valued for our uniqueness, rather than teased, bullied, ridiculed, and conditioned. We have been held captive by the old outdated beliefs of the past that have kept us in shackles away from our truth for too long. This moon is saying, FUCK IT!, I’m done hiding away. This is a honorary celebration and coming out party for the collective as the whole to anchor in individual soul blueprints and embrace the authentic self stripping away the suppression of the soul.

Each unique individual has a role to play on this planet and each individual blueprint must be activated in order for the entire planet to rise. We did not come here to be the same, we did not come here to be told who to be, we came here to remember who we were even in the face of adversity. This transit is gifting us the courage and confidence to own our quirks and take the control back from the outside world to remember that our power comes from within and the connect we have to the divine. That power is something that cannot and should not be contained, our power is within the traits and characteristics that have been shunned and ridiculed in society that have been the most heavily conditioned. Thus, leading up to this transit there has been a mass exodus and clearing at a deep penetrative level to release the conditions, to awaken and open the heart so that it may feel resonant with it’s truth without concern for what others think.

This is a massive heart awakening and activation that tunes us in to the diamond heart within us, that has been working on unraveling for some time now. The diamond heart is the activation center and point within the new dimensional body that allows us to tap into our unique blueprint. It is comprised of not just one center, but three, that represent divine love, divine power, and divine wisdom. When are diamond hearts are activated we have the connectivity to All That Is within our chest. This Full Moon is activating the power of the diamond heart, to unlock the potential that has remained hidden within many of us, the power of being who we are without conditions. This is bringing many into a massive awakening of self-love and recognition. This is transforming many in the collective to have clarity around their mission, purpose, and self. When you are activated within the center of the diamond heart, you see yourself as you are and see the innate gifts and beauty that you have to offer, you revolt against the system that has told you to be anything other, and you reclaim your sovereignty.

You deserve to shine even in your differences. Diversity of the planet is why this planet was create, it was in the awakening of the planet that we are now asked to see that this was not meant to create duality and conformity, but rather that each soul operates as a unique puzzle piece, and when each puzzle piece is in it’s highest embodiment there is a greater light that is unlocked between the connection and completion of such, a light that is so bright, that is reaches the highest frequencies in the galaxy. When we are able to focus on ourselves and love ourselves we come into a reflective state of mirroring that to the rest of the world, creating the change needed. This Full Moon is all about how when we embody the “I” and take care of the self, we are able to more collective unify and come together.

This Full Moon serves as a declaration and right of passage, of the freak within, letting go of the judgement and a dropping of the illusions and masks to OWN who we are, to be PROUD of who we are, to OWN our shadow, to OWN our triggers, to reclaim the power of the divine feminine that has yet to see it’s rightful rule on this planet. The feminine energy is within us all; it is the patient, nurturing, kind, loving, understanding, caring, open hearted, energy that pours out in love to all no matter what. This energy is a strong force who commands all of the universe into the palm of her hands just by being her, and owning the power within her instead of fearing it. Come out of the shadows, time to own the weirdness that lies within all of us. Time to see that we are all different and that is beautiful. Time to pour into your self and show up authentically.

The Lyran’s and Pleiadians are working on unifying the divine masculine and divine feminine energies during this transit. The Lyrans are representative of the divine masculine energy at the highest degree, the Pleiadians are a feminine energy at the highest degree. They come to meet and co-create this experience for the collective with this transit to engage the power of union, wholeness, within. Together they awaken a massive portal that allows rapid healing and ascension to take place, many will be receiving their missionary activations during this transit. The New Moon in Capricorn opened up a Soul Purpose activation, in which many were being redirected realigned and cleared in order to align with their highest mission and method of service in this world. This Full Moon, is bringing to completion that cycle and will be gifting many the steps, understanding, actions, opportunities, etc to now step fully into that role via the ability to fully activate the unique soul codes being downloaded. They are bringing in huge activations to the collect that are surging the energies, which can lead to technological difficulties. This is about helping us activate the power of our voice and expression in a way that aligns with our true purpose. Let yourself be seen, allow your truth to be heard, let yourself revolt against the conditions that have held you captive. No fear lies beyond this point, this is gifting us the courage to step into that fear to see it is nothing but an illusions.

This is also activating many to soul group and family initiations. This will be connecting and bringing together many in the collective who are meant to work together and mentor each other. This is leading many to relocate in the following months to specific regions in which soul groups correspond to specific crystalline grids as a means of syncing up and harmonizing the power of the collective humanity with the grids, which is essential to this time of transition. Sudden relocations can be caused as a result.

This is unleashing the inner child within to allow you to activate the potential of your gifts. The inner child is essential to unifying with the soul mission. The suppression of play and the child like wonder within is what has created disconnection within the world. This can create healing around childhood situations and wounds. If you were bullied as a child, the fear could be rising as we lead into this transit once again as a means of overcoming and reclaiming your power.

If you did not have space within your home to be who you were without judgement or correction, this is also coming to the surface now in order to be healed and reclaimed.

This Full Moon is a powerful permission slip to be who you are regardless of what others thing. This is about begging to see through the eyes of the divine in that each and every part of yourself is designed within the divine light of the holiest stars, that you yourself are a miracle and you were not here to hide but to shine. So shine! The light you have will attract all that you need into your life. This is about beginning to recognize that we are not alone; that force, pushing, grinding, and trying is not what yields manifestation any longer. It is about beginning to open to receive and seeing that receiving comes from a space of embodying the authentic self that we came here to be. When we are authentic we naturally attract everything we need and desire. This Full Moon’s motto is “fitting in in boring, I came to stand out”. Step into your true self, let all else go and watch what you receive when you are in this space of authenticity. This is the key to manifestation in the New World, this is the key to embodying a higher frequency, this is what the 5th dimension is about. The 5th dimension is not about confining ourselves to old truths, someone else’s truth, or what we are told; it is about finding that truth has lived within our hearts the entire time and that we each have our own unique truth we came here to activate that sends a simulation into the universe to awaken and unlock a dimension state that connects to the wider source, that brings and bridges more light to this planet.

The Golden Gateway of Horus illuminate how magnetically we charged we are, how powerful our thoughts, feelings, and energy is. It calls us forward to claim our desires and power and to see that when we allow ourselves to illuminate in truth, we become highly charged and a magnet for anything and everything we desire. When we activate the diamond heart and unleash the authentic soul blueprint codes into our being and body it becomes a force field commanding the Universe to it’s hand. We become a portal ourselves that calls in anything we so desire and need that is aligned with our highest truth and authentic code, in which we recognize that we do not need to force, try, grind, etc. Horus comes to activate the gateway of the solar plexus within you and see that this is your Golden Gateway much as it is to the Great Golden Sun, the sun does not worry if it is acknowledged or not by humans, it rightfully shines in the sky without worry knowing it is serving it’s purpose. So you too, are asked now to reclaim your light and shine regardless of the chaos amidst you to see that you do not need to force in order to receive. You need to become in order to receive more.

Let go of the masks, stop trying to be something you are not, you are perfect exactly as you are! Own that. Love that. Be that in the world and watch as the Universe pours into you for shining your light. Find the love you have been looking for within yourself now; and see how the world becomes it.

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