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New Moon In Cancer July 2021: Harmony and Healing

There is a dueling energy at this time. There is an energy that is deeply regenerated and needing to move slow, that is rest oriented, and emotional. There is another energy that is restless, playful, expressive, and needing stimulation. This energy is wanting momentum. As we heal throughout this process, we have been working on clearing the kidneys and the liver energetically. This is what would control anxiety, worry, fear, anger, and signal off our fight-or-flight mode. When we have been operating in fight-or-flight mode for so long, we are running on dopamine highs and crashes. The dopamine is what signals to our brain a familiar “rush” by recognizing previous patterns and conditions based on the “programs” in our subconscious. This keeps us chancing karmic cycles and leaves us in a loop of attracting the same people, situations, events, and opportunities in different forms. This keeps us stagnated within the expression of our perspective, our consciousness, and what we view as available to us. We have been rewiring this pattern, so that we are no longer running on that dopamine surge, which is where some people can be feeling bored and lackluster about life. Yet, also at the same time exhausted. You’ve been running on constant stimulation and these patterns for too long, you are exhausted and this period we are in now is a reset. Give yourself permission to relax and sink into the deepest surrender for this space of rebirth.

The collective continues to open up and heal the wounds of the past from the heart space. This is about a deep sense of forgiveness and release of past regrets, fears, trauma, and hurts. When we store our pain and past here in our hearts it prevents us from being open to receive. We are learning as a collective to receive without conditions. This is also about releasing anything and everything, brining closure to all things, people, and events, that have kept you from your own love, that have caused disconnection between you and your own heart. Trust issues are at the center of the heart clearings at this time.

The divine masculine energies are continuing to work on the throat chakra and the root chakra. They are addressing many things within their home and family life and how they have been told to be. This is rewiring the masculine energies so that is no longer confusing aggressiveness with assertiveness. This is helping the masculine open his heart and surrender to the feminine energies (the divine) and allow a higher plan to unfold. They can be experiencing anxiety, mind racing, insecurities, and addictions coming to the surface during this time as they are being asked to address the ways in which they have constantly been moving as a means of distracting themselves from their truth and the truth of their expression. There is large group of the collective, who is addressing familial patterns surrounding the need to “suck it up” and keep going no matter what. Yet, the masculine energies are exhausted from doing this. There can be frustration, tension, and overthinking their path now as things are not working as quickly as they’d like, and are not totally clear. They are opening up to the illusions at this time, which is leaving their root chakra a little shaky and unstable, which is sending them into deep healing work within the heart space. This is a time period of finally facing what they have avoided. This is a time of getting real and honest so that they can finally break through old limitations and patterns. You don’t need to force anything, the more you force, the more drained your energy field gets, the more confused and conflicted you will be. The masculine’s have feared being honest with themselves and expressing their emotions as this has been an unnatural occurrence due to conditions of society. They are learning how to reestablish their true intuitive voice and tune into this as their guiding compass. They are being asked to release the voices of others and their expectations to get clear on who they want to be, what they believe in, and listen to their own intuitive self as to where they need to go, how quickly they move, and what is individually right for them. This can create hard conversations with parents, relationships, and elders as they decide to take a new mindset and different pathway than what has been done traditionally within their family. Their viewpoints are expanding and this conflicts with a lot of the old outdated patterns of their upbringing, home, and family life. This is something that they are having to have courage and bravery in facing now in order to heal. Many are healing deep father karmic energies at this time.

The divine feminine energies are sinking into the womb clearings that have been commencing for a while. They can be experiencing bloating, hormonal issues, cramping, constipation, gyno- issues, exhaustion, and mood swings. The karmic energies that the masculines are moving through are purging and releasing from the feminine’s womb space. This is a symbiotic process, in which both energies must do their part in order to clear old timelines and karmic energies from DNA. The feminine is moving through the final process of womb clearings this week, and arriving at a space of birthing new timelines. This is releasing new creative energies, new connections, new pathways for them. They are going to be seeing the trajectory of what is needed as they move through this process. The feminines are moving through unconsciously at this time, while the masculine is moving through this process consciously. This is purging and releasing the subconscious patterns that have held humanity in suffering and karmic cycles, and regenerating the conscious to sync with new higher ideals. The feminine can feel like she is in a huge transition period and void space. She is facing the unknown in order to generate the new blueprints of the future. She is moving into the space of the unknown and playing with it, as most feminine’s have reunited within the past two weeks with their inner child. The feminines are being asked to connect with Spirit at a deeper level during this time, rest, and move slowly as they begin to piece together everything. The feminines are being asked to go “offline” at this time in order to purge and integrate new energies accordingly. They are moving through so much that Spirit does not want to overwhelm the conscious mind with tons of downloads, contact. So you can feel a little “disconnected”, or feel like there is nothing coming through, and you’re lacking clarity. This is because Spirit loves you and will never overwhelm your system. This is also because you are moving beyond the “training wheels” and learning to rely on your own intuition and trust that as your guide. Your physical body is grounding and integrating so much at this time that your focus is rest and regeneration. This is helping the feminine’s move beyond the mental space. They are learning to tame the mind from overthinking and overanalyzing and fall into the present moment. The feminines are purging emotions at the collective level, thus random outbursts of emotions without a personal or conscious understanding of them can be likely during this period. There is major high priestess energy coming through for the divine feminine energies, this is the final mergence of the shadow and light, the higher spiritual realms and Earth, this is a graduation moment in which you are asked to pause and honor how far you have come. They are moving through a process of soul retrieval in the astral realms, so dreams can be very vivid and sporadic. There is so much work being done in the dream state that you can wake up feeling “hungover”. Lots of water and connecting to Earth is going to help move through this process.

This is about coming back home to ourself and healing the divine between the masculine and feminine energies. These energies are within us all. The duality between them in our inner world, has created the disconnection and disharmony between them in the outer world. This is a time of healing the wounds we have karmically carried to bring healing, harmony, and unity to all.

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