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Full Moon in Aquarius 2020: The Golden Gate of Ascension

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

We have the Full Moon in Aquarius lighting up our beautiful skies on Monday, August 3rd, 2020 at 15:58 UT or 10:58 AM CST.

The road here has not been easy. However, look at how you have grown, look at how you have changed, shifted, and molted into the wonderous beautiful creature that you are now. Look at the rapid transformation you have made. This is why you have been moving through all the shadows, all the pain, all the highs and the lows; shifting through yourself inch by inch to throw out anything old, not belonging, and no longer of use. This is the moment you have been waiting for, welcome to the Age of Aquarius! Welcome to the New World!

This point marks the closing of one gate and the opening of another; this is the closing of the Old World and the opening into the New World. We have moved through the preliminary stage of ascension and this marks the beginning of the second wave.

This is the moment that we walk through the tunnel, back into the light again. Your healing and work has been recognized. Many have asked and questioned if the healing they have been moving through would ever lead to a certain moment of relief. This is that moment. You are here for a divine purpose and reason. Krishna comes forward to recognize and celebrate the collective’s devotion to the path of ascension. He comes forward to applaud you for the work you have done, for the healing, for the fearless quest into your soul, for the ability to overturn the conditioned ego, to regenerate yourself, and to undergo this process. He recognizes the strength it has taken for you to move through the waves this time has brought; he sees that this time has caused many pain and confusion, many hurt and loss, but he comes now to show you out of the black womb of Source and into the light of life. This is a moment in which all sacrifice that has been made will be greatly rewarded, all that you have sacrificed to grow will be replaced with more. Krishna welcomes you into the clarity and understanding your path has served. He is blessing many with insight, gifts, and understanding now.

Odin is assisting Krishna with opening the third eye of the collective, this is reconnecting our spiritual gifts and super charging them. Your awareness will be heightened at this time. You may feel vertigo, head pressure, and headaches due to the increased energies awakening our intuitive insights and psychic gifts at this time. However, this is rising to the surface all our connection to the Spirit world allowing us to heal the blocks and conditioning that concealed these abilities in this life. We are here to be the bridge of Earth and Spirit through our human existence, this requires that we embody both. This is the balance of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies in form. We now reach a point where we are ushered into harmony within our own energies. This is the mergence of the healed masculine and the healed feminine awakening the unified power of Oneness witihn us all. For when we heal and balance our own internal energies, we awaken the ability to utilize our gifts to create and put into motion swift action and change in our world around us. Many will sense a heightened level of understanding and truth now. Many will be coming into themselves for the first time, finally feeling home within. They is the union within the self; returning to the lost treasures of your Spirit.

This is all about Unity Consciousness. Duality does not exist in the New World. When we unify the energies within ourselves, they unify within the world. This Full Moon is heightening our awareness of the connection between our internal world and the external world. The collective is understanding at a deeper level that all is connected and One. There is no more separation, this is the understanding that we as One have contributed to the current conditions of the world. The realization of the power we have as One unified Source. That when we come together to heal ourselves and each other, to guide one another and be guided, and to co-create together as One, we have the trajectory and power to recreate the world. This Full Moon is all about Unity Consciousness and the Universal Oneness of Source Energy that is represented by the Age of Aquarius and the prophetic essence of this time. We are beginning to see that all is connected, that we are apart of something bigger. Many will begin to feel they are apart of something bigger at this time. Lightworkers are being ignited into their full soul missions, joining forces, and co-creating with soul family for further healing of the Planet.

Serapis Bey comes in strongly during this Full Moon to open up the Ascension Portal. He is ushering the collective through a Root Chakra clearing to allow the collective to fully ascend. The Root Chakra is the most densified chakra we have that can weigh us down, or return us back to karmic patterns. This may cause us to shed fears around our finances, home, and basic needs so that they can be redefined. This is awakening the full kundalini of the collective, which may be causing spinal discomfort. This is also opening up the holy trinity of the heart, the three fold flame. The Heart Chakra is going through mass ascension at this time as the epicenter to evolution. Everything thing that is not love, is an illusion. The evolution of humanity begins with the heart and ends with the heart. Our Heart Chakra’s are splitting into three part centers that represent, divine will, love, and will power. They are being established at this time, which can cause heart palpitations, chest pains, shocks, and tightness. This center will now be extending outwards towards the shoulders, thus stiffness and soreness in the shoulders can be common now as well. This is awakening the power of divinity within us and allowing us to reclaim our true sovereignty.

Serapis Bey is about practically revealing the clarity and steps we need to evolve. Thus, we should be gifted the understanding we need to move forward along the ascension path with this Full Moon. He is clearly showing the collective where we have remained unbalanced. This is ushering forward a loss of personal identity for some, leading to the disassociation and depersonalization effects. This is because you must loose the separation of the “I”, in order to truly come into union with your truth. You have to loose the material attachment that you have wrongfully identified yourself as to remember your true self. Serapis Bey is coming to us now, asking us to surrender, to let go. We were never meant to carry anything, yet we have picked up everything and we wonder why we feel so heavy. This is the time when you are ushered forward to let your true out into the world, that you drop all that you have been told to be, and allow your real self to be revealed.

With the opening of the Ascension Portal, Serapis Bey is ushering in high frequencies that are shutting down our prefrontal cortex, which we have used for operation in our daily lifes. This is what is associated with past and future time orientation. With the higher energies inhibiting this, it is pulling us into the present moment, focusing us in the now. This may feel strange and some may misinterpret this as being “numb”, “depressed”, “detatched”, and be experiencing memory issues and loss. However, this only feels alarming because we are so used to running on past context and fear programming. This has kept us stuck and stagnated in karmic cycles. When we operate from the prefrontal cortex we are running on past conditions, trying to avoid them in our present, afraid they will happen in our future; thus manifesting them continually. The Ascension Temple is here welcoming all to end the cycles and patterns of suffering to come into the presence of peace. We have been conditioned to believe that if our mind isn’t running 24/7, we are not caught in the drama of life 24/7 there is something wrong. However, this is the true essence of peace and presence. It will take time to adjust, call on Serapis Bey to assist you if you feel that you are struggling with this new found divinity. Alternatively, many who have passed through the first level of Ascension will feel the melody of celebration ringing in their ears, feeling a sense of completion, celebration, and graduation. There is an unexpected void that has been stretched before us that many have felt. This is the step into that unknown to see tha magic that it is meant to reveal for us.

This energy is bringing in divine unions. This is reconnecting Soul family, Soul Flames, and Twin Flames at a extremely high rate as many are solidifying union within. Archangel Chamuel and his Twin Flame Archangel Charity are heavily working with the collective at this time to bring divine love into union to create action. This is about merging together in harmony to accomplish a bigger goal, the bigger goal of restoring love and compassion in this world. This is ushering in co-creation at the highest level, thus many are and will be conceiving and adopting children now and many are feeling their Spirit Babies assisting them as the Earth has reached a high enough resonance to welcome the Rainbow Children.

This is ushering together soul contracts on all levels that have a immediate soul mission together. Consequently, this Full Moon will be bringing abrupt endings to any relationships that still remain in karmic cycles and patterns. Green Tara is assisting the collective at this time with cutting cords of any behaviors and relationships stuck in karmic holds. Timelines have been rapidly shifting, relationships may have been up in the air, now we gain crystal clear clarity on who we need to disconnect from in order to welcome the divine relationships contracted for the new paradigm.

The Divine Director is stepping in to assist the collective now. Divine intervention is unfolding now, especially in the realm of relationships. However, there is still healing necessary for some to be open to trusting others with seeing in truth. This Full Moon is ushering through the necessary healing to release the need to hide who we truly are, to conform to a standard society has set, to feel as though we have to change in order to be worthy and deserving of relationships of all kinds. This is cutting through old wounds and patterns of childhood that have held us back from feeling as though we would be accepted as we were in our authenticity. This can bring up trauma surrounding home, family, and childhood for further healing. This can also bring up issues surrounding bullying and friendships to be purged and healed. Society has told us that we have needed to “fit in”, conform, to look a certain way, to be a certain way, to interact a certain way - otherwise we are unworthy of connection. This is being massively purged from the collective at this time.

You are unconditionally worthy of connection as you are. In your raw truth you are worthy and deserving of relationships that acknowledge you, see you, understand you, hold space for you, encourage you, life you up, and support you. You were never meant to hide, you were never meant to conform. This energy is helping us blast through any and all healing related to encaging our true self. This is helping us breakthrough and find the the freedom to just be ourselves, to embrace our individuality, to embrace our wounds, our healing, our highs, our lows, our weird habits and interests, the nerdy things we do, the trauma, the pain, to remember we are truly more than that. This is awakening the deeper truth within us to remember we are not just our body, the material, the physical world - we are Spirit in form. Our truth lies in our soul. This is gifting us the opportunity to peel back all the layers and find the serenity to be free without the need to define who we are. In that, this is where we will see there is no separation.

New Blueprints are being established with this Full Moon. This is a full paradigm shift! A complete 360. This will take time to familiarize yourself with. It will take time to adjust, so be gentle with yourself. You soul is realigning to it’s truth without conditioning. Things are rearranging to support you in doing this. Having trust and faith in the path without uncertainty is crucial now. Leaning on one another for support and understanding now is absolutely imperative. This is ushering in the rise of lightworkers who have come to be guides and teachers. They are being called now to step into their soul missions to assist the collective with the undergoing of this next level of ascension. Healers are being called now to help the transition. If you feel you are being called, there is a need for swift action, and a feeling in your heart that this is the moment you have been waiting your whole life for, release the how and allow. You are divinely being guided at this time. Pay attention to the places you are called, as Earth is calling and ushering Gridkeepers to lock down the lay lines of Earth. Many are being called to assist in grounding the higher energies into specific regions to help the shift of the collective. There is a mergence of lightworkers occuring divinely at this time; lightworkers are merging together because together they create a powerful light that is unstoppable. Trust who is coming into your life right now is meant to help and assist you in your soul mission and journey.

The Pleiadian Council, Commander Ashtar, and Lady Venus come in strongly with this transit. They have been directly assisting the collective at this time. They are the first Council to end the concealment of their presence and energy. The Earth’s frequency has risen to a level where they are no longer concealing their ships, their presence, or their energy. They are telepathically communicating with many at this time and have been sending many through initiations in the Astral realm as well as in the physical. They have been working and assisting with those that are here to be a bridge for the collective, assisting in the transitional state from one world into the next. Ear ringing, flashes of light and color, beeping sounds, waking up feeling as if you have been somewhere else are all signs of their connection and opening of the channels within you. They have been activating the Throat Chakra of many during this time to be divine communicators of the future of Earth. They have also been working with Adama of Telos to help establish the remembrance of Lemurian lifetimes. This time is a continuation of what was begun in Lemuria, many lightworkers have connections with Telos (New Lemuria).The veil has been fully lifted, this is the beginning of the mergence of our world and the others.

We are rapidly approaching the Lion’s Gate energy portal on 8/8/2020. This energy will be merging with the Full Moon energy. This is ushering in the Sirian Council to assist the Pleiadians at this time. They are bringing in the technological understanding of how to advance healing, education, and communication during this second phase of ascension. This is bringing massive breakthrough and revolutionary ideas to the surface via co-creation. They are coming in and assisting those that are called to heal, teach, and guide at this time with the futuristic understanding and awareness to support massive advancement in these areas. More than likely this will be through connecting all ideas from a collective unit and merging them into one construct. This is unfolding the power of co-creation between no only humans but our Star Kin as well. They are ushering forward accelerated ascension for the collective helping us to rapidly transcend old paradigm beliefs and patterns. They are gifting many with divine inspiration and ideas right now. Many may have found that they have so many ideas, but have been unsure of which direction to take. This is due to the fact many have been key holders with access to multiple higher timelines, and are viewing those options. It is your decision, there is no wrong or right answer. This is a time when clarity will be gifted and truth will be revealed as to what is truly calling you now.

This Full Moon is ushering in a Soul Star Chakra activation for the Divine Feminine and a Earth Star Chakra for the Divine Masculine. This is connecting us to our higher selfs as well as the voice of Mother Earth and the Crystalline Grid. This is activating our Crystalline Codes and expanding our DNA. Thus, we may experience “growing pains” as we undergo this process. The shadow emotions will be purging as the higher light codes are activated. Do not confuse the purging of shadow as the embodiment of it, remember you are just moving through it- not meant to become stuck there. The Alta Major Chakra is also being established at this time which is causing many to experience vertigo, ear ringing/popping, and sinus issues. The body will continue to undergo 5D chakra upgrades throughout the rest of 2020.

This Full Moon at it’s core is all about healing the societal driven need for independence and this idea that we need to accomplish things on our own. This is ushering in divine collaboration, co-creation, and community while healing the wounds we have held in regards to receiving such. This is about healing the wounds that have told us that we were not worthy of community unless we conformed, and breaking any false karmic sense of community and relationship. This is gifting us the healing necessary to be open to receiving support from those around us, and open to supporting others at this time. This is also welcoming us into a new sense of self. Many may be feeling the need to purge their homes and closets as well as completely reinvent themselves. This is encouraging many to change their style and appearance as so aligned with their true inner being.

This is ushering forward the connectivity between All That Is; humans, animals, Earth, and Spirit. Our world CANNOT continue in a us vs them mentality. This is ending here, now. There can no longer be the finger pointed at the president, the government, the police, men, woman; this is ushering in a deeper understanding of the responsible role we have played in creating everything we are seeing rise to the surface now. This is ushering in the deeper understanding that what remains unhealed in our World, what has remained unhealed in ourselves. The healing you are doing now, it isn’t just for you, it is for the whole World. You are the World.

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