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Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini: Higher Self Unions and Activations

On November 30th, 2020 at 9:29 GMT we are being graced with a Full Moon in Eclipse in the sign of Gemini.

We just moved through a massive portal that lasted from 11/11 through 11/23. On 11/23 the Eclipse Portal for this transit opened leading us into the effects of the potent moon.

This moon is all about introspection seeking the deeper understanding of everything occurring in this world. This is all about being able to communicate at a deeper level than what meets the eye. Gemini is a investigating energy. It loves to know everything about everything and when it does not know, it begins to ask questions.

With the Sun in strong opposition to the opposite sign Sagittarius, this is all about asking the DEEPER questions. Are you ready to go deep? Gemini is generally social but this transit will most likely encourage many of us to be going inward to begin to discover the answers to whats unexplainable around us at this time or to gather in conversations that move beyond the surface - as well as telepathy.

This is about vocalizing our truth without fear. Hathor “She of Many Voices” comes to the collective with this transit to unlock the deeper wisdom within us. “I come to the collective to assist in the power of unlocking and unleashing the voice. It is a time when your higher ideals and understanding must be expressed and taught to the world around you. I teach you now how to bravely uncover the wisdom of the inner voice within you. Activating the potent potential to create a new world. Many portals are opened through the activation of the voice. This is a strength you must learn to utilize without a filter. So many of you have not spoken your truth in this decaying world. So many of you still alter your voice to please and appease others. The mask you wear symbolic of repressing your POWER. It is your divine human right to be able to access your power. The fear that is greater than illness is the fear of activating the ability to change the trajectory of this planet through the frequency and sound of your voice. When you unlock and unleash the Throat Chakra to sing or hum or speak into existence a new reality you enter the quantum field of existence - systems begin to break down, the structure of the material world begins to no longer be able to control you to confine you the infinite universe is available to you. The heiacharchial system of your world begins to crumble. Now you understand why some wish to keep your voice and your power dormant. But RISE my children. You have come to be heard, to be seen, to be witnessed in your unique glory. Hide no more. Remain silent no more. It is time to speak the wisdom of the heart, the glory of the divine which flows through you and unearths you into a new destiny, a new planet, a new form. Allow yourself to come out of hiding, out of the shadows, of the fear that you will be judged for your magik. I hold open this portal as one of the ascension masters of this time teaching you how you have the ability to travel in time from wherever you may be to discover the hidden answers and solutions to the current reality. I encourage you all to activate this within you at this time as all timelines are available for you to access the ancient wisdom and the seeds of the future to understand what must be needed now, to understand the keys to unlocking this new dimensional state. This is bridging in a new higher consciousness for many that may take time to adjust. I work strongly with the portal keepers at this time as we unleash new portals in many dimensions so that we can heal this current reality. When you utilize the ability to understand that all life exists in this moment and all moments exist here and now, you have the availability to heal the past which creates a ripple effect in healing the issues of today as all are connected. When you take a glimpse into the realm of the future, you have the understanding of where we are going and the steps that are needed to get there arrive when you begin to sit in contemplation of the answers you so seek. This is about activating the full potency of the voice when you acclaim outlaid something it sets into motion the quantum field of creation - bringing forth rebirth, creation. YOU MUST COME TOGETHER you must rise and see that you are the people of this time here to connect with one another to manifest the full completion of the ascension of your plant. The time is now. You must stand together in love and in power singing chanting and speaking into existence the world which you desire. You must come together in LOVE and the power of many voices will ring in a new Earth. The survival of your planet depends upon this. I activate the strength within you now to rise above the persecution to reclaim your birth right, to reclaim your voice, to reclaim your ability to understand behind all the chaos and the illusions and the noise in this current reality. Rise my children, rise my brothers and my sister, and remember we are ONE. We are a family. When we gather in worship - when we gather in ceremony - when we gather not to sit and meditate- but to ACTIVATE using the voice- this holds magnificent power this planet has long forgotten. Come together, do not fear one another. Do not fear the truth. Do not fear your voice.”

The Sirian Council comes in strong to assist those during this massive transit as well. “We the Sirian Council have a close affiliation with the planet of Earth. We have watched her grow and renew over and over again as she does so now. We come to the collective at this time to help you understand time. You have viewed time as a restricting force keeping you scheduled and prompt in the material world. Yet when you begin to use our technology and understanding that time and numbers have frequency implications you begin to use time as a portal into other dimensions, you begin to understand the process of time travel itself. We are here to teach you such at this time. When are here so that you can expand behind the material world and recollect what has happened in other times of massive transformation on this planet as we guide you into a new reality. This is much like a spaceship wanting to crash, but having a skilled pilot who understands key codes to unlock a different ability of flying to safely navigate. You are supported by your Star Kin. We see you and care for you. Some call us Alien but we are family. We have been of assistance to Earth since it’s incarnation. We watched it be formed and created, we watched the first humanoids, many of us volunteers of such mission, become incarnated. Now we come to you to allow you to see that we care. So must you begin to travel into the inner dimensions that are unlocked through your own portals that exist in your body to allow you to remember. The process of memory now is important.”

With this transit the collective is moving through MASSIVE physical accession. The Venusians also come to assist at this time. “I Sanat Kumara and I Lady Venus speak through you now as a portal and message of our beloved assistance to your planet. We are the bridges of light that come to the collective now. Many receiving our potent activations that run through the body and move the consciousness into physical activations. This is expanding your being, expanding your DNA. Allow your body to rest as called, be gentle with your soul and your being. We are here to assist you; to give you space to ground. We are here to ignite the light within your diamond heart and allow you to shine freely in this world secure in your relationship to us that you can be your true being. You are not a human. Your form is human, but your soul and your spirit are of the ether. They hold much light from eons into the galaxies above you- when you awaken this power within your DNA - it begins to expand. Old imprints and energies begin to fall away. We are here to provide a foundation, a resting point if you will at this time for those that are moving through physical ascension. We help you shift forms at a gradual rate and a softer rate. Our connection with sound frequency is something we pass along to you now. The healing ability of the frequencies that swirl into sound are a magic concoction that can help your being ascend, help your body transition, and help your soul maintain it’s vibrational resonance. You can work with us through music, calling us into the frequency allowing us to send our healing vibrations through each tone.”

This is activating the collective Throat Chakra, Third Eye, Crown Chakra, and Sacral chakra. This is a massive activation and a clearing away of old karmic blueprints to unveil new key codes and ancient portal keys to unlocking the future realms. Thus, many may be experiencing disassociation, GI issues, bloating, UTI symptoms, sexual dysfunctions, low libido, migraines, vertigo, appetite changes, sleeping changes, circadian rhythm disturbances, memory issues, creative blocks, feeling numb/neutral/off, lack of taste and smell, ringing in the ears, ear aches, lock jaw, sore throat, loss of voice, lack of focus, brain fog, hip pain, feeling very ungrounded, psychosis symptoms, and phantom concussion symptoms. Another major symptom of this time is hair loss. Our hair hold ancient DNA and is a extension of our nervous system. As our bodies change and as we shed layers upon layers of karmic past, physical traits will be reborn and regenerate as well. The key to it all is accepting yourself loving yourself standing in compassion regardless of the external. Give yourself space and time to move through this with love. Do not fear. Trust. Call of your inner being and the internal voice within now to guide you.

For many this is merging the higher self with the physical vessel. This process and initiation is very sacred and essential to the furthering of consciousness on our planet. If you are experiencing more symptoms than others know that you’re being called to rise and to guide at this time. Those experiencing big shifts and are in void space this space is meant for you to adjust, to rest, to integrate. Give yourself permission to trust and relax in the knowing you are taken care of. This is a time of going within to find the answers. This is a time of utilizing the power of your voice to speak with your guidances and request the clarity needed for you at this time. If you are moving through this phase more heavily than others know you are being called as a gridworker, portal keeper, or gatekeeper. You are moving through a rapid ascension process because your mission was to be a leader through this transitional space and time.

Anakah a High priestess from Atlantis comes to speak to the collective during this transit along with Atlantean Asparsa’s (whimsical spirits made of cloud and air- very similar to a element comprised fairy but very wise). “Are the thoughts within your head all yours? Where did these beliefs and fears come from? Can you think back to the first time you were corrected on your way of thinking? Told your beliefs were not true? We come to awaken within you the healing of the Atlantean ruins. Where are you conforming to life through the idea that you are wrong. You are not wrong you are a marvelous sentient being that is filled with the magic and wonder of a thousand universes. Believe in yourself. Believe YOURSELF. Utilize the discernment with the world around you. Look to your voice and find this once again. Uncover the truth of your soul. Examine your knowledge and seek greater answers beyond the physical. We come to assist you now as this is a pivotal time in your planet’s ascension. In the times of Atlantis, conforming lead to the demise and destruction. The elimination of the unique expression of each soul lead to the crumbling of the planet. The inability to bridge with other realms and worlds and to intertwine all walks of life in acceptance and love was the end of the Atlantean age. Torture, suppression, experiments, control much like what is being mirrored in your current reality occurred as a means of trying to restrict others from certain gifts while trying to figure out how others could access them. It was a brutal war and a nasty ruin of the Atlantis. Now, humanity is given the opportunity to ascend once again. Karmic cycles continue until they are learned and the lessons are integrated into a higher awareness. Thus, now the planet is moving through to learn to come together in our unique expression and differences. Do not allow your thoughts to be influenced. Do not accept programs that are not coming from a source of pure divine love. Tune into your heart an examine the programs that are running through your vessels at this time. Examine closely the words you choose to listen to and the words you choose to believe. We utilize our intuitive senses as a means of gathering information. We Asparsa’s are feeling creatures. We move with our senses the frequency that surrounds movement. With each movement a frequency vibration echos into the space field around it. We read this as a means of interpreting what is true and what is not. We feel the energetic frequency as if we are a radar. You too have this capability if you allow yourself to come out of your sleep and awaken once again to this. We encourage you to question things that do not feel accurate to you. We come to you to mentor you back to the truth of your own vibration. Each soul has a unique energetic blueprint with it’s own specific resonance, which links up to the planet and unlocks that unique frequency within the crystalline grid of your Earth. This is what allows the symbiotic process of a higher consciousness to be achieved smoothly and secures the survival of your planet and your self. However, the modern world has conditioned you away from your unique frequency- which has led to the destruction and decay of the Earth for many years. It has led to disharmony within your humanity, wars, illness, disease, and more. Now, the pleiadians measure that the Earth must assimilate to our unique frequencies in order to continue it’s orbit. It’s time to find your unique energetic resonance within again- so you can ALL unlock the unique expression within your planet for survival. The animals are all moving through this process as well and may exhibit skin irritations, dental issues, hair loss, emotional distress, and flock in hearts more frequently than normal. Each microorganism of the planet has it’s unique frequency. Simply translating, the unique energy of your being and all beings and the resonance with that is needed for your Earth to survive. How you do your part is begin to undo the programming that has led you away from your unique blueprint. Examine the internal world within you. Call to us to assist you. Return to your wholeness.” “I Anakah work with the mergence of the masculine land of Atlantis and the feminine lands of Lemurian within all beings. I come to instruct the mergence of the holiness within you. When you operate from a balance and harmony of these energies within you- you create such in the world. I also am bringing together or strengthening bonds between twin flames incarnated here again in this lifetime to strengthen the unity and communion of worlds in the physical. The term of such has become very distorted in it’s rise within your world. However, twin flames are the incarnated missionaries of two souls that have separate vessels. The connection between the two is very powerful- these souls so powerful that they could not be contained to one vessel - so they choose carefully two. These are not necessary intimate lovers, although they can be. They can be brothers, sisters, and more. The relationship context in your world is irrelevant. Aphrodite and the seven sister dolphins of the rainbow ray come forward to activate union within these partnerships now as they are ignited into the core of their physical missionary work. It is time that you come together for the collect and allow the karmic ties to be forgiven. The power of these physical unions creates a energetic trajectory for ascension and healing. Each pain and sometimes triade creates a portal. This portal is the most potent of portals - between two souls and energetic blueprints that unlock micro portals with each locational region they are present. The energies have been in concern together for some time -and this served it’s purpose in the introductory phase. Now we bridge together the physical union to anchor in a higher light. Those that are romantic and intimate in nature are being ignited through tantric initiations that welcome in a higher light through the body. This serves the whole.”

Allow yourself to surrender to the worlds beyond your eyes. Allow yourself to imagine what lay beyond this realm and allow yourself to receive information from the guidance from our Star kin now. This is a potent moon for astral work, past life regression and future life progression, working with portals, grids, and laylines. Open yourself up to what lay beyond the veil. Surrender your body to the process. Resistance and fear only prolongs the physical ascension. Sing, dance, chant, gathering with one another without hesitation - utilize this potent power.

You are a part of the survival of this planet. Do your part to heal what is necessary within you. Do your part now by examining the fear-based rigid behaviors that linger. Following the occurrence of a US holiday, and entering into a holiday season in the U.S. this is a time to examine the behaviors of your family. Your families limiting beliefs and behaviors and mindset are direct insights to the programs that were installed within you. You can gain so much clarity and insight on where to look deeper into the conditions within yourself. See this as a gift. They can be the biggest trigger for us, but they can also be a testimate how far we’ve come and grown. The infinite is within you. But we have to choose from the infinite abyss of possibilities survival, a higher timeline, and each other. Acceptance lives beyond the illusion of judgement. Knowledge is found in this place.

This portal is gifting us the introspective wisdom and insight that we need to align with our purpose in the external world. If you have felt that you are in a transition and do not know what is next the ability to go within yourself now is the answer that has the keys to unlock the understanding for your role here.

Most importantly, don’t take this time too seriously. Don’t get too wrapped up in your mission or the chaos of the world that you forget the inner child within you that gracefully finds themselves in the perfect situation to receive always. Let go. Release. Have fun, play, let go of the strict old world need to figure it all out and to know it all because at the end of the day you will discover there is nothing to know.

I send you love and support during this time and I’m grateful for your being. Thank you for being here. Thank you for showing up, for reading my transmissions, for communing with me in this sacred space. Each one of the letters I use and the words I speak or write holds a portal open for you to walk through - to a higher timeline. Join me here. You have traveled so far, you have overcome so much, I commend you. You are asked now to learn to rest not give up. You are needed.

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