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Full Moon Eclipse in Capricorn 2020: The Ascension Gate of Gaia

We have a potent Full Moon Eclipse in Capricorn blessing us on Sunday July 5th, 2020 at 4:44 UT or July 4th, 2020, at 11:44PM CST.

Leading up to this the collective may have been experiencing a uproar in technological issues, miscommunications, things falling through the cracks, and feeling like we’ve been in the twilight zone. Physical symptoms have been coming in strong with this energy such as headaches, migraines, vertigo, disorientation, jaw clenching, TMJ, appetite changes, nausea, bloating, GI issues, UTI symptoms, early menses and births, exhaustion, chest congestion, sinus congestion, ear ringing, throat issues, heart burn, indigestion, skin irritations, heart palpitations, and more.

This energy is strong and it is bringing into completion what was started on December 25th, 2019, with the last Full Moon Eclipse in Capricorn. Think back to this time, what abruptly redirected, released, begun, etc? How did what occur at that time impact and shape where you are now? This is the finalization of what was catapulted into action with that time as we now come full circle.

This is about stripping and peeling away the layers that have held us back from thinking we worthy and deserving of our dreams and desires. This is opening us up and allowing us to enter into a state of balance between Earth and Ether so we may move forward guided and in balance by both worlds. Goddess Freya is coming to the collective during this phase as she ushers forward endings and beginning. This is a time when many things that are no longer aligned with new timelines are shifting out of our realities as we welcome the new. Timelines are rapidly shifting and shuffling at this time. Many things are exiting to immediately open up space for more. Energetically, we are also clearing out our energetic centers to then immediately receive upgrades. Many may be feeling overwhelmed and overstimulated at this time due to this.

This transit is bringing in a lot of energetic surges through the Crown Chakra, which is creating memory loss/issues and brain fog for many. This is shutting down and inhibiting the collective’s pre-frontal cortex so that we are no longer operating from past programming and have the ability to move forward without attachment to doubt and fear. This is clearing the lower vibrational energies of the past that have held us back and have caused us to settle. We are feeling the collective need to leap, move forward, and go bigger than ever. Yet, it may feel as though we are in a washing machine spinning around without the grounding we need to move forward. This can lead to many feeling lost, confused, and uncertain about where they are going. This is being gifted to us so that miraculous breakthroughs can enter into our life without our vibration effecting their arrival. When we do not know what is coming next, we must learn to expect a miracle.

This transit is joining the power of the Solar Plexus Chakra with the Heart Chakra. Both undergoing a massive clearing and a new line of connection with this phase. The heart is what fuels action and movement into service in the world when divinely aligned, and the Solar Plexus is what puts this divine action into motion. The collective is ushered forward into a continued Heart Chakra clearing and into a massive Solar Plexus clearing, while bridging the two into equilibrium. This transit is about choosing to forgive yourself and others so that you can move forward. You were never meant to be stuck and you were never meant to close off your heart. It is time that we open our hearts once again and we feel the momentum of them as they usher us forward. The heart is the compass, love is the guide, that allows us to end up divinely where we are meant to be and why we came to be. This is what the collective is being ushered to return to now. Love. It always comes back to love. For when we bridge love with our actions, our actions become spirit in motion and the planet begins to change and shift rapidly into a place that is renewed in the light of love. We are being asked to return to our hearts more than ever, to rekindle the flame of light within our heart space to propel us and the world forward. This is about coming together to heal as a collective so that love may cast out the illusions of the world. Come home, back to your heart. You are free to be yourself in the fullness of love.

This transit is bringing about divine intervention, redirecting us to the mission of our soul and perfectly aligning us with those we are meant to co-create with to birth something new into this world. Co-creation is a major focus of this moon, two parts coming together with a divine plan in place to implement a new prophetic way in the world. The triple goddess, the three Mary’s, come forward to support the collective at this time with the power of co-creation. This is the power of Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, and Marie Salome. They come forward to nourish the divine masculine energies of the material world back into balance. For when the feminine demonstrates her ability to move through shadow and back to the light, she lights the way for the divine masculine to do the same. Marie Salome is directly assisting the collective with bringing us together to experience everything synchronistically so that we may unify under the power of change that is occurring.

Marie Salome is the Gaurdian of the Womb of the World of Gaia. She is assisting the collective with connecting to the unseen aspects of Mother Earth as she ushers her children forward now to reestablish the nourishing connection and magic of the womb. The womb is dark, black, and hidden however, the creative power that comes from this is the greatest of all. The collective has been ushered into a womb or Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakra clearing, as this is where most trauma and wounds are stored. We undergo this clearing ushered in by Marie Salome so that we may hold the connection and magic of the Earth within our womb understanding the mystery of the darkness within us and around us. This is the feminine force of creation that is merging with the masculine outside world. This is about transforming the planet’s consciousness. Mother Mary, Marie Salome, and Mary Magdalene are coming forward as the feminine force with this transit to usher the collective to hold the consciousness of Mother Gaia within them at this time. This is awakening and heightening the empathic abilities of the collective at this time. Many may be feeling very emotional, feeling the collective’s energy, and heightened sense of awareness at this time. This is coming in to unify the power of all within us. This is allowing us all to process and move through the shadows of the world that have been created by all so that we can all return this to the light. It does not take one, two, three; it takes the entirety of humanity to move through the waves together for a massive change. It takes the entirety of humanity opening their heart to awaken and revive the truth heart of Gaia within and allow her to be reborn in the natural light she is meant to be. We are now ushered through a total and unified collective ascension to help bring the gaps between all and solidify the One we all are. The feminine nature is now opposing the divine masculine to give birth to the New World in totality.

Archangel Michael and El Morya are coming to the collective during this time to allow us to know we are being held, protected, and surrounded by the highest angelic realms. This is where Earth and Ether meet and the forces of Nature meet the Spirit realm to assist humanity in moving forward. The unifying of such assistance is causing our Earth Star Chakra’s that sit’s six inches below the feet to rapidly receive information and wisdom from the core of the Earth. Our ancestors and family coming into focus as we connect with the roots of our being. They come now to support the prophetic awakening of the truth within. They come now to awaken us back to the soil as our grounding cord in the world that spins around us. Our Crown Chakra’s are opened wider than ever as new insights, downloads, and support pours through from the Astral and Angelic realms. The Earth energies and the Spirit energies that are surging through us are meeting in the middle of our heart. This is causing our Heart Chakra’s to be blasted open into three separate unique energetic centers that merge the masculine and feminine flow of divine will, power, and love. We are here to support one another, we are here to hold hands and come together in this time to unify the gifts and truths of all into a power that casts out all that is not love, all illusion in this world. We are being called to rise up, to join, and see that we are human yes, but we are also so much more. We are not here to be small anymore, we are not here to be victimized by the external world, we are here to rise up, to reclaim our sovereignty, and come together in the wholeness of All That Is.

Mary Magdalene and Jesus are assisting the collective now in the masculine and feminine energies within and without moving forward with the flow of the heart and the guidance of Spirit into swift action. This is allowing us to awaken to the divine plane and power within us, we have been sitting on the sidelines, and now we are asked to take the actions and steps that we have been gifted within our heart all along. It is time for movement, forward movement. They bring forward a golden light to bathe all of humanity in it’s rays, reconnecting them to the divinity within and shedding all thoughts that have kept the collective small. It is them that call to us to take flight, as they did, to come together, for the power of Source and spreading the words of love to heal and restore All That Is. They come to the collective to remind us of the true power of unified love of the divine masculine and divine feminine energies. When these energies merge and alchemize into one they are the most powerful and transformational force that exists. We are meant to recall the power of these energies within us now to bring about massive transformation. When masculine and feminine energies merge together, they can birth new world’s into existence by fullness of their potential and energy.

This is about us finding the equilibrium of our human self’s and our spirit, our light bodies and our human bodies, and our physical world and our internal world. This is allowing us to see the movement in the material world can be bridged with the spirit world to allow us wholeness within our being and lives once again. This is the masculine nature coming in to ground us within our bodies. This is about coming back from the chaos of the world to the simple ideals of earth, friendship, family values, and safety so that we may come back from being so lost in the glamorous overzealous aspects of the material world. Capricorn rules tradition, work ethic, family, and a step by step progress. This is where we are guided now, we are meant to see that in our imperfection, we are perfect. This is allowing us to see our traumas and struggles as the light we are meant to shine now and the healing we are meant to give to the world. Through our experience we gain the greatest training and insight to be able to assist others. The earth sign of Capricorn is bringing us deep into our purpose, having us review the life path we have been traveling to see what we have overcome. This is showing us the clarity of our gifts an expertise so that we may help and assist others through the path of our own flaws and struggles. This is bridging heaven and earth together in our unified field of life, being the truth of your embodiment but communicating it in a way that others will understand and receive it, this is the grounded essence of wholeness. Look back at your path. Where you have you traveled to leading up to this moment. See all that you have overcome to be standing here now. That is your power; the ability to move through the illusions of the world and be here now standing still with the hope of love flowing through your veins. We are build with incredible resilience that pumps in our heart, the heart of All That Is. See that nothing else is real except the ability to continue to come back to love. It’s our autocorrect our fine tuned awareness that no matter how far we stray, we have this remarkable unconscious ability to always come back to love. This transit is allowing us to review our path seeing our resilience. We are able to see how the pieces are coming together and reviewing the path we have taken to show us where we are headed and gift us the clarity of our path ahead.

Lady Ishtar is coming in to assist the collective right now. She is most commonly known as Lillith. Looking to your sign and placement of Lillith in your birth chart can help you understand the way in which you are being ushered forwarded into our true embodiment at this time and how this transit is effecting you at a deeper level. This is about embracing all of our humanness; mistakes, taboos, secrets, and all and allowing us to come out of hiding. This is ushering forward all of the shadows back into the light they were designed to be. This is allowing us to be seen in our wholeness, no longer hiding the darker or “undesirable” parts of ourselves. This is about letting our shadows shine as the beacon of light that echoes in the darkness to illuminate the magic and path of our experience. The darkness you have walked through is your kryptonite for igniting the world and the light of your heart. This is coming back to the fullness of love. Love is acceptance of all parts understanding that polarity and duality is a natural part of life and that not one is more desirable than the other. This energy is bringing to the collective the understanding that both the shadow and light are who we are and are the gift of our existence. This is about surrendering to the unknown as the guide and compass of the actions that unfold before our feet. Lillith is coming in to guide us to the path of our true, having the courage and energy to move forward with our own path regardless how “out there”, out of the box, or dreamy it is. The shadow of the world has culminated into the force it has become through all individual shadow. Each and every one of us experiences a shadow aspect within us that is caused by the repression of what is not deemed worthy of being openly expressed in the world. We are now ushered out of the repressive state to unleash all of our being into the world to be see in it’s fullness. We are being exposed, everything is rising to the surface for us to see. This is gifting us the momentum and energy to run right through any and all blocks that have held us back, we are unleashing all that has been stored within, to openly be free in our truth in the world without persecution. The collective in coming together to support one another at this time, as we encourage all to embody the fullness of their soul and path.

Kuan Yin and Babaji are coming to the collective at this time to ignite the power of compassion. They come to the collective to awaken the balance of the spiritual world with the material world. We can not be whole without our connection to both. We cannot be human without paying the bills and spirit without our intuition. This is the bridging an merging of both energies. We are being ushered into the connectedness with the outside world. We have been doing much internal world, and hiding away as we move through and shift through the shadows. However, now they usher the collective forward to expose the shadows and process of growth so that we may know that we are all here together. They come together to move the collective forward in a way we have never seen before. This is blasting through the smallness of victimhood we have clung to and catapulting us into the massive change of understanding we are the true divine creator of our experience. They additionally assist with opening up the divine Heart Chakra and the creator union of the Solar Plexus within us so that we may move into a state of endless creation with love. They are assisted by Isis and Horus with the alchemizing power of such energy. This opening serves as a means of us moving through the gates to a new dimension on a collective level. We are being asked to step through this portal and come forward into a higher divine timeline. This is about leaping forward into the light trusting in the divine power within you to unleash the highest levels of your creative power.

This is liberation and freedom in the path of our humanness. This is allowing our hearts to accept the mistakes of the world seeing that this too served it’s purpose in light. We are now ushered forward to see the bigger picture of all, love. We return to the heart space more than ever and are catapulted into actions based on love and understanding of all. This is the finale of Eclipse Season ushering us forward into the movement necessary in our outer world to unify all as One. This is gifting us the ability to clearly see the healing that is necessary for us to come back into ourselves and giving us the energetic support to move forward with it diligently now.

We will see massive governmental changes as the collective undergoes and leads this shifts within the next six months. The external and outer world is going to leap through massive change as many have been going through internally. Now, humanity in it’s chaos and mess begins to see the beauty and love that is found underneath it all. We are here now to come together, as the collective heart of Earth to usher into the unique expression of our individual embodiment to shed light and love in the world that we have come to express uniquely. We are here to support each other, we are here as brother’s and sister’s, and now it is time for us to look around and see that only us - only us- can put the world and it’s pieces back together again.

Radha is working with the collective during this transit continuing to usher in another new wave of twin flames. She is unifying the physical masculine and feminine energies so that the understanding of wholeness can be magnified within the collective at this time, bridging more divine love into the grid’s of Earth. As timelines shift and change, new twin flame contracts are in place. Soul flames, task companions, and soul family are all being ushered forward with this energy as well. There is unification of such taking place in rapid motion. Many soul’s coming together at this time are being asked to move forward with co-creation of a mission to serve the collective. Radha is assisting in bringing soul’s together with a mission and contract now. Pay attention who is coming into your life and who you feel called to work with. This is a time of divine intervention where we are being led and guided more than ever to the places, people, and opportunities that are aligned with our soul’s.

We are needed now. All of us. This transit is all about our higher missions and the bigger picture. We are now to trust what is unfolding before us, surrendering into the flow of the universe as our guide knowing in our faith we are being carried through the darkness into the magic of the light. It is time that we come together to accomplish the bigger goal, love. When we understand our differences, when we see each other’s flaws in the light of love, their is power. You cannot have power without love and you cannot have love without power. The two forces unify with this transit gifting us the momentum and amazement we have been waiting for. This is a beautiful time of connecting with yourself, nature, and others. This is time to gather to come together in love. Open your heart to the beauty of being human and the grace of your spirit.

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