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Energy Update: March 9th - March 15th

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

We have a lot of higher energy coming through at this time that is pushing out old, stagnated energies at a heighten level. Our DNA is moving through huge activations at this time which is healing and illuminating the genetic dispositions for the damage and inhibition itself. This is not just personal, this is karmic in nature and traces back to the beginning of your human lineage. This can feel heavy and emotional without having a reason or cause. We are being asked to release and allow ourselves to have permission to take space to heal at this time, as it is important for the physical evolution and process of integration.

We have several energetic portals opening this week that are serving as major activations and we have a New Moon in Pisces, which is serving as a huge release and clearing to allow these new energies in. There is a lot moving at this time. It can feel overwhelming. However, this is why many are in a “holding period” or a void space as a means of not overwhelming the system and allowing space to go within, slow down, and heal. If you are not giving yourself enough space at this time you may be irritable, moody, short tempered, and be experiencing outbursts because you are ignoring your needs. Make sure to create space for yourself without guilt, shame, or fear. We tend to go into survival mode when we are not doing, this is triggering many to slow down to enter into the receiving mode. This is necessary to healing the karmic patterns of the Earth. If things are not moving forward as quickly or you feel unfocused, unmotivated, and lacking the passion to move forward with a job, project, etc. Put it aside. Release it. Rest. Allow. Earth is regenerating and the way her energy aligns and works with us is needing our patience so that we can integrate and move with the ebbs and flows of her. We can longer create from a place that is out of alignment with the planet. We have to change the way we create and manifest as a means of honoring the Planet and aligning to the future of such. As we are integrating much at this time, so is our planet. She is encouraging us as we receive high energies and activations to remain grounded and connected to her at this time. Spending time in nature is going to help tremendously with this time and the side effects.

The Sirians are coming into clear our energetic grids and integrate in new energies. They are working with the Andromedians to heal our DNA and to activate our crystalline DNA. This can be causing a lot of physical side effects for many including exhaustion, vertigo, headaches, throat issues, heart flutters, heart pains, nausea, GI issues, lower leg pain and issues, foot pain and discomfort, low back pain, and more. Surrender is a big word for us as a collective this week. We are being asked to surrender the identity that we have clung to as a means of defining who we are, and as we open to expand into the truth of our soul. It is time to release and let go of the emotions, the resentment, the hurt, the pain, the old narratives, the old stories, the past in it’s entirety so that you can move forward into the future of who you have come to be. Release everything so that you can receive the divine plan and path of abundance. It may not always make sense to the mind. However, we are being asked to surrender the mind and tune into the heart space and our emotions at this time as we learn to navigate from our Diamond Heart entirely. The Diamond Heart is now the driving force of our energy. We are aligning to this energy at this time. Thus, it is clearing the illusions and distortion that has been held within the heart space and has no allowed the heart to fully trust. The pains and wounds stored within the heart space and around past relationships is emerging at this time as a means of allowing you to fully trust your own emotions and your intuition to propel you forward in alignment moving forward.

Yet, when we store past pain in the heart and our karmic patterns in our sacral chakra, we inhibit our ability to create from the standpoint we are here to. Thus, we are also paving this pathway as a means of activating the true I AM presence within us and reclaiming our power. Shiva is working with the collective to establish another round of kundalini awakenings and risings. This is the union of the divine masculine and the divine feminine powers within you, the emotional and the logical, the intuitive and the intellectual, the spiritual and the earthly means of energy so that the collective can all become whole individually and collectively. This is bringing individuals into their wholeness and into their power so that they can create the life they came to live. This is activating many to changes and shifts within their reality that are closing the doors of the past, to step forward in a completely new direction that is not yet visible. So activation is required, integration is required, rest and trust are essential. Do not seek to understand how or why all is happening at this time. Seek to understand the truth behind the illusions.

Illusions are surfacing at a heightened rate. Anything that has remained a cause of illusion within your reality and self is rising to the surface as a means of breaking through the resistance and revealing your truth. As illusions surface old opportunities, situations, relationships, people, etc. may be returning in a triggering light as a means of helping you reclaim your power. When you move through and heal your wounds and are moving beyond past patterns, that energy will boomerang back a few times before completely dissolving, as it is so used to the energetic patterning of connection to you. Do not take what’s appearing personally, know that it is a sign that you are cutting away the cords of the pas that have held you back from accessing the highest potential of yourself in any lifetime. You are moving in a direction that your soul has never advanced to before. This is why everything seems to be dark, and unknown at this time. There is nothing attacking you, and there is nothing to fear. This is because you are moving in a entirely unexplored space of your soul and life. Nothing beyond this point has ever occurred before in your soul path. This is helping us no longer cycle patterns into the New Age. How you react and respond to what is clearing and leaving now, is paving the way of what is to come. Respond from the higher space within you. You can feel exhausted, fed up, confused, and frustrated by the same patterns arising now. However, celebrate them as they are fully exiting your soul’s blueprint entirely.

This is not a time for work, this is a time of spirit. We are meant to be slowing down to go within and allow ourselves to come into a greater understanding and trust within the soul that lives within our hearts. This is healing commencing at the soul, genetic, and subconscious levels. You can be feeling the need to pull away and retreat within yourself at this time as a means of regenerating. Energy can be limited to some as they move through this time of massive transformation. Nothing is to be forced and nothing is needed to be forced. If you need to rest and do nothing release the guilt and shame around it. This is bringing a massive breakthrough that is clearing us out of patterns and conditions around our self-worth and talents. While activating our authentic new soul blueprints and I AM presence to the highest potential.

Career changes are heavily in focus as we clear karmic patterns and conditions. So if you are feeling unmotivated, unaligned, and on longer resonate with your career at this time. You are being asked to overcome the fear of trusting your emotions. Take some space and time away from working as a means of tuning in to the clarity that wants to reveal itself within you. Along side this energy many are reconnecting to their childhood passions as a means of demonstrating the truth of their soul mission. Follow what is presenting itself and calling you now. Additionally, as the Soul Star Chakra and Crown Chakra integrate higher energies down into the Third Eye and Heart Chakra, there can be issues with focusing, ADHD symptoms, procrastination symptoms, brain fog, and memory issues. This is inhibiting certain areas of the brain to allow us to recondition.

We are continuing to really go “offline” and rest at this time so some in the collective may feel disconnected, uncertain, unclear, and not in tune with their spiritual resonance, messages, and guides. However, they are coming through loud and clear through the synchronization appearing in your life. So remain aware of the messages and symbols they are delivering to you for reassurance.

With all of this energy occurring, we are in a contract review period. Meaning that our soul contracts are all coming up for our review. Soul contracts are not just between soul’s. These are going to be anything that you have agreed to live by consciously or unconsciously. These are the then the beliefs and programs that have be embedded into your subconscious that has run the ability of your consciousness. Meaning, that they become the “rules and regulations” for which you live by. If something that you have desired has yet to manifest or be created, a lot of the times it is in discord with the programs and is unable to take shape. Thus, when review said contracts, we are able to choose consciously what is now aligned with who we are and who we are becoming. This is a review period of anything that you have consciously or unconsciously agreed to. Meaning that if you believe that partnerships are hard to find, it’s difficult to trust others, and you have to protect yourself. The circumstances, situations, and people that have been apart of this contract will be coming up for you in the situations in your life currently to review what you adopt from them. This is about having forgiveness to release and set us free from such agreements, in order to move into the highest value of our creative genius. We are here to create. Our life purpose, regardless of soul missions, it simply to create and recreate ourselves and our life’s as many times as we so desire. However, cycles, karmic patterns, and past situations that have caused us to run off of fear have prevented us from doing so at the level and potential of our innate nature. Contract reviews are also why many are experiencing a return of “old energy” as a means of rewriting the response and belief taken from the experience. This is about no longer allowing the external to determine the internal state. You are the divine creator, step into your power. The power you have been seeking is within your heart. The knowing is within your soul. This is all about staying grounded and centered within your knowing and connection as a means of allowing old energies to clear and release to establish new contracts moving forward that expand you into the infinite potential you have come to live. This is about setting us free and allowing us to enter into a receptive flow state. We are being asked to move away from distracting ourselves from our emotions and tune into them as a means of reviewing said contracts.

Addiction is something that is coming up strongly right now to clear. We have remained suppressed by addiction. Our ancestors were often drugged and medicated as a means of remaining enslaved. We have collectively for generations and decades sought out addiction as a means of distracting ourselves from the deeper truth and emotions wanting to arise within us. It is time for us to tune into our awareness and not suppress it any longer. This time is opening up our senses, that is overwhelming alot of people to move through old wounds and hurt that were never allowed to be felt and cleared. There can be massive temptation to return to old addictive behaviors as a coping mechanism. It is time to reclaim your body and the gift that comes with your ability to feel. This was never meant to be suppressed. You have to honor the emotions that surface to help yourself align. You’re not supposed to suck it up and keep going if it’s killing you. You are not supposed to feel weak for expressing yourself emotionally. Don’t allow your power to be ignored any longer. You tuning out and distracting through addictive tendencies, it is not YOU. It is the cry to be seen, heard, recognized, and loved exactly as you are in your authentic truth. Addiction greatly affects our genetic makeup. Clear these cycles now. You have the power. You are supported. Ask and seek the help you need to move through this time. You are worthy, you are deserving, you are worth a life were you don’t feel you have to run away and seek relief in addictive tendencies to feel worthy. Remember your power. Remember who you truly are. You are here for a purpose, you matter, your emotions matter. Things may seem difficult, you shadow may be loud, but your shadow is your greatest creative weapon. You have a power yet to be released within you, and as you tune into the energy of addiction all it is doing is suppressing and suppressing that power. You will never find relief, until you awaken to your power. This is also clearing suicide strongly from ancestral lines. Many of our ancestors committed suicide because they felt they had no power, no hope, and no love. They lost the connection to their truth and they allowed it to kill them. You are meant to be here. You are loved, you are worthy, you are seen, I promise you. Your life is a miracle and it matters. Stand strong, seek the support you need, reach out to someone. Suicide is at a high right now, because of the overwhelming pressure of this energy collectively rising. We feel constricted, constrained, and hope feels distance. Remember love. Remember who YOU are.

The divine feminine energies are being offered abundance at this time. However, it is not going to be appearing or moving forward as it’s still in the process of materializing as she is asked to trust the unknown at a deeper level. The rewards for all she has transcended is the process of materializing, however; she still has to move through this phase. This is about going within to uncover the wholeness of her being. The divine feminine energies are moving through a shadow initiation phase, in which they are being asked to understand that their shadows are their power. They are here to reclaim their voice and no longer suppress the more volatile parts of their being. This is unleashing the wildness within the feminine to own who she is at all phases. The divine feminine energies are very clear about what is not serving them at this time, and they are been looking at what not has been working for a while. This is clearly slowing them down to bring their awareness to everything that they have continued to overlook and honor the expression of their truth. This is allowing them to reconnect with all sides of themselves and merge into their wholeness. The divine feminine energies are moving through a throat chakra clearing as a means of reclaiming their authoritative voice. They have been remained suppressed by indecisive energies, fearing their true power and knowing of what they need. Wherever the feminine energies have remained under control by the distorted energies of the masculine is surfacing now. This is allowing the feminine to reclaim her voice. This is about the divine feminine being able to honor and express their needs first and foremost without guilt or shame. The divine feminine is being awakened to the divine essence of her worth, being asked to see all that she has to offer rather than walking away from herself again and again. She is bringing herself back home to the truth that lives within her heart. She is being asked to reveal all parts of herself openly and in love at this time, and allow them to be expressed. Truth has to be heard in order for her to achieve the desires that she has so longed for. Communication at this time and communicating her needs. as well as getting clear on her needs and honoring them is where she is being guided to at this time. Whatever has taken the energy away or has suppressed the divine feminines energy will be resurfacing as a means of reclaiming her emotional self, sensuality, passivity, passion, and intuition. She is moving through patterns and karmic conditions around asking for help and needing assistance. The divine feminines are being asked to surrender the need to be prideful and to work in order to keep up with the masculine energy and world. They are being asked to accept support and ask for their needs at this time. The divine feminine is being asked to slow down to re-evaluate their desires. Many in the collective have desired certain things based upon what they have been told to want, to be, and to do. They are no longer enslaved by this energy. Freedom is here and the opportunity to get in touch and in tune with the truth of the divine feminine’s heart space is awakening now. Patterns and behaviors that have kept the divine feminine from her emotional being and self are surfacing to clear. This would include abandonment issues, detachment issues, closing off the heart space, and addiction issues as a means of coping. She is being asked to review what she truly wants. The divine feminine is also being redirected strongly at this time on all levels. Trust divine detours as they are pulling you back to the love of your soul. What do you truly love? What truly brings you pleasure and love? If you are desiring something that no longer fuels the passion within you, reevaluate why you wanted this. Deep reflection is emerging for the divine feminine, as she is asked to contemplate her truth. The divine feminine energies have a group that is also clearing the solar plexus, and reclaiming her self-worth. Therefore, many might be experiencing triggers around appearance, body weight, food, dysmorphic tendencies, and seeking energy from the masculine to validate worth. This is all old cycles moving through at this time. Pause and reflect and allow it to pass through without attaching your worth to your physical self. You are meant to be connecting further with the body if you are in this group. You are here to birth the new feminine within the physical and are here to transcend the collective patterns and conditions placed upon the ideal of what the feminine energies represent. You are purging at a collective level, which may be why this energy and these feelings are amplified for you. Come into the awareness of such and release to reclaim your power as well as the collective power of the divine feminine.

The divine masculine energies are being asked to cut through all the illusions. They are assisting the divine feminine with cutting through the illusions at this time and helping her navigate through what is no longer serving. They are moving through heart chakra clearings and openings that are removing their guard and opening them up to their emotions (to the feminine). They are really being asked to tune into their emotional awareness and intuition. Some are moving through trust issues as a means of showing up to honor the feminine’s emotions and intuitive side to help navigate his journey. There are many who are very emotional at this time and reaching union with the divine feminine within. This is opening them up to honor their own emotional side and to trust what their emotions are guiding them to. The communication is coming through loud and clear to the divine masculine. The steps are being laid out, and they are honoring and supporting the feminine at this time. Many are coming into this conscious awareness of holding space for the divine feminine energies to transform. They are releasing their guards and opening their hearts, and offering up support to the feminine through her transitions and clearing. The divine masculines are really tuning in to the balance of both energies within them. They are beginning to feel stable in this energy and as the understanding and clarity arrives they are grounding into the present moment further. They are being asked to take a change and follow their heart space to see where it leads at this time. They have the courage to step forward on this path and are allowing themselves to move in this different way. They are trusting in the heart as this guidance and seeing how this changes their perspective. They are moving through a huge shift in perspective, that is opening and awakening the oneness of all within. They are being asked to demonstrate support of the feminine through actions at this time. They are honoring the flow of the feminine and seeing how much she has grown. The feminine may be stuck in illusions, however; the masculine is illuminating the truth for her and helping her navigate out of this time and into a higher light. Clairsentience is opening up strongly for the masculine, and they are utilizing this energy to trust what feels right for them and what does not. They are also opening up this energy to understand and feel into the feminine as a means of honoring and supporting her without her even having to speak. This about the two energies coming together to work harmoniously. As the feminine regenerates and clears karmic cycles and patterns, the masculine comes in to support the energies by holding a strong foundation and support to help the feminine remain in her truth. The masculine is finally trusting what he feels and is therefore able to actually act upon this now. This is also assisting the masculine with communicating his emotions more readily. Another group of the masculines are struggling with trying to allow the feelings to enter. They are still searching for relief and acting brashly and unconsciously seeking a release in the form of anger outburst, adrenaline, and drugs, alcohol, and unconscious sex. This group of masculines is being asked to slow down and allow themselves to sit soberly in their feelings without feeling as if they have to run away. There is no more running. The changes that they have refused to make to allow themselves to process emotions properly are rising to the surface now. This is a breaking point. Change is needed in the way and means of processing these emotions in order for this group of masculine energies to continue to evolve. They are breaking the karmic cycle and patterns of the distorted masculine at the collective level. This can be intense for the masculine energies in this group. However, they are the warrior energies and type that are here to rewire this energy in a means of amplifying the force of creating a new world. They are the builders who utilize their strength, bravery, and action oriented energy to lead the way for the future when they allow their emotions to work with them and not against them. When they learn to utilize and alchemize these emotions into positive life force energy, they are abundant energetic creatures who are here to work towards building the future and paving the pathway of the advancement of humanity. They are needing to transmute the old karmic masculine energies at this time, by tuning into the awareness of their emotions and no longer running. They are needing to express their emotions rather than bottling them up inside which create the outbursts of shadow-like energies. There can also be a lot of impatience and restlessness within this group of masculine energies. This energy group can be feeling bored and uninspired, so they are turning to drama creating patterns and reckless tendencies as a means of creating “excitement” at this time. However, they are being asked to slow and honor that feminine flow. They are ultimately, searching for a means of relief from the unknown and the uncomfortably of this space.

Both energies are within you. How this plays out within you, is that the masculine energy will be feeling the released sense to give permission to the feminine to surrender and rest at this time. There may not be action or motivation from the masculine energies, the mental space is resting, and the logical side of the masculine energies is paused, to give the feminine time to transform.

Through this transformation, both energies are learning to come into harmony as a means of opening up more abundance and clearing away the past together. The feminine is learning to receive and reclaim her energy. While the masculine is learning to be receptive to his own emotions and the means of how they serve the feminine. This is not a time when things will be moving forward externally, but will be moving forward emotionally. Both energies are wrapping up emotional wounds and healing as a means of entering into a higher state. This is clearing a time of slowing down and honoring the feminine. Everything is coming in to support the feminine energies (where you are a masculine incarnate or not), we are all being asked to honor the feminine. The feminine is receptive, passive, emotional, intuitive, creative, imaginative, and spiritual in essence. Slow down and allow yourself to tune into this energy to reclaim and heal this part of your being and to support the regeneration of the feminine energy at a collective level. We have neglected the feminine energy within our society for too long, she is now rebirthing. This is a process that takes time. Allow yourself to be reborn in the darkness of the feminine’s womb. If you are anchored in the trust and love within yourself, you will know that everything that ends also welcomes a new beginning. This is the start of the new and the closure of the old. Understand how powerful love is. This is a chance to reclaim the love that lives within your own heart and for the essence of your own being. Even outside of partnership, you have to come into the love of the self and the fullness of your being both sides unified within, as a means of honoring the I AM presence within you. This includes all darkness and light, masculine and feminine, and this is opening us to the full spectrum of existence itself. This is a time to slow down and allow the miracles that have been building behind the seen spaces of the world to come into fruition. Slow down and allow yourself to receive. This is preparing us for a huge karmic repayment. Everything and every part of this process has a gift. We will be pushed into action towards the end of the month, so enjoy this rest and down time while you have it. Things are not clear, because they are still in the process of being built. Trust everything is being prepared for you.

If you have been feeling uninspired, bored, disconnected, and lacking the creative energy you normally would have, this is birthing your creative energy anew. We have portals on the 11th, 12th, and 13th. The 13th also coincides with our New Moon in Pisces. We are moving through a massive rebirth and activation. Integration is essential, as you integrate new energies, new inspiration becomes available from the heart space in new ways that have remained unexplored. Trust the deeper dreams that have been awakened within you. Reconnect with your inner child and the desires of your inner child. Whatever has stagnated our creative energies and process is clearing and being removed. Trust that once this process is complete, your energy will be restored. Rest, relax, and come into the divine knowing that everything is honoring you and your highest path at this time. If you have remained at a distance from your truth authentic self, rearrangements are occurring to bring you back to the core of who you have come to be. Redirection is here, and it is delivering us to the truth of our soul. There is nothing needed from you at this time but your awareness to ask for help! If you struggling, you need to allow others the opportunity to show up and support you. The ability to support one another at this time, is necessary for us to properly move through this. You are not supposed to be alone. If you are feeling an overwhelming sense of aloneness and isolation at this time, where have you neglected to try and reach out for support? Where have you remained in ego as a means of pride, and not allowed yourself to be vulnerable to the assistance that is available to you? Many will be hearing from others, as we are more in tune to others emotions. If someone asks you how you are, instead of faking it, let’s open up and ask for the space we need so that we can express all that we are feeling and receive the support needed. When you open up and honor the space that is coming to you, you are opening up to the deeper connections that you so long for. You are also being asked to open more to the spiritual support of your guides at this time. Create a space to connect and communicate. If they do not hear from you and do not know what you need help with, they are unclear of how to show up. Be clear with your guides on what you need from them. Be clear within them what signs you wish to receive that allows you to feel reassured that relief is on the way and that you can trust what is unfolding. Communication is the key to this time, which is why collectively many are moving through throat chakra clearings, as well as heart clearings. Cough, loss of voice, throat issues, congestion, lock jaw, TMJ, tooth pain, etc. are all likely at this time due to such. If experiencing physical symptoms at this time that are prolonged, ask yourself where you are resisting what is wanting to be cleared at this time. Resistance is what creates the discord within the flow of energy within the body, and consequently creates the prolonged energetic side effects. Tune in to your body now more than ever, as it is going to illuminate what has remained stuck within you and what is requiring your assistance and attention at this time.

For more about this month’s energy, the portals of this month, and to understand how to assist your body at this time check out the March Energy Workbook.

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