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Energy Update: Integrations, Unions, and a Full Moon In Libra

We’ve been receiving a lot of energy in waves through the soul star and crown chakras. As we simulate this energy, it is causing increased mental activity. This is going to be increasing with our full moon as well. It may be obsessive, sporadic, and exhibit symptoms of adhd as we anchor in this new energy. We could be all over the place mentally, overthinking, over analyzing, lacking focus, etc. This will ultimately be birthing new creative inspiration and ideas after many have felt bored, stuck, and uninspired. However, during this integration and as energy settles it can feel more overwhelming than anything. Biologically when the higher energies are entering our head space our brain receives that energy and releases a ton of dopamine so we can feel really wired, hyped up, blissed out, and energized. As the energy integrates and the dopamine decreases, it then sends the brain into a search mode for more which creates the scattered ADHD symptoms, short fuse and patience, and short attention span. Once the energy further integrates and in between receiving more our brain goes into a bit of a withdrawal period from the dopamine surge, which then causes the hangover feeling, brain frog, headache, vertigo, etc. Grounding is essential right now to help anchor in this energy as well as limiting sensory exposure to help the process. These head heavy upgrades can be causing some to second guess themselves, their path, and to be indecisive, this can also cause many to be over analyzing what illusions are still surfacing and getting stuck in old negative thought patterns. Illusions are still clearing and we are very much so being asked if we want to remain the same or if we want to evolve. Do we want to move forward? Things may be moving in and moving out as timelines rearrange. Old timelines are releasing while new ones are coming in, which can also create mental confliction and overwhelm.

We may revisit old ideas or feel the temptation to move backward as a means of coping with the inevitable void space many are in. However don’t go rummaging through your past looking for your future if you want change. If you’ve asked for change, If you’ve asked for new, Continue to embody that new within your responses. Say no to the old. Sit in the space of the unknown to let the new find you. New opportunities may be coming in just to be eliminated, as all illusions clear. Instead of responding in defeat and from old patterns and mindsets - trust that it is always protection and redirection not rejection. There is a big sense of needing to have control and many are being asked to surrender to allow the divine plan to come to you. Examine your relationship to control and see where you’re latching on to old energy as a means of trying to gain some sense of control during this unknown state. You have to let go and allow a new pathway to appear. There can be a need to hurry or rush the process; however, we are still very much in a void state and very much in a integration phase. We need to be taking the energy we were taught during Pisces season and applying it as we move forward. Our intuition is our green light, the opportunities, the people, the jobs, the relationships, they will come to you, the steps will be easily and effortlessly provided. Stop trying to force things just because you want them to happen immediately, this is ego and things will no longer manifest when we are creating from this state. Stop revisiting the past as a means of entertaining yourself and finding some sort of certainty in the unknown. You are in the unknown for a reason; to go where you’ve never gone before. If you’re truly wanting to evolve, remain in your center, remain in the vision of your future and hold that timeline.

It’s a bit of an energetic tornado of such where we see the direction of the path ahead starting to be paved, yet everything else seems to be swirling around us making in unclear and chaotic. Make your job to get grounded, make your job to hold your focus on where you’re headed. Waves of nausea, appetite changes, intense headaches, vertigo, and feeling wired and waking up at odd hours/insomnia, can be side effects during this integration. This is a “sorting” period. Throw away what no longer resonates and create the space for the new, if you’ve yet to identify what you want to do, be, or have from a genuine authentic place within your heart, NOW is the time to map out that blueprint. The heart space is clearing and finalizing past relationship contracts: exes, past lovers, etc. reappearing in dreams or in some way in the physical or even energetically coming back is giving us the opportunity to tie up loose ends and find forgiveness for ourselves and them to open and expand our heart more leading into our Libra Full Moon on the 28th. This is helping us additionally heal any wounds that have led us to mistrust the masculine or feminine, in the external world but as well in our internal world so that we can become whole within ourselves.

The divine masculine energies are being asked to put down their guard, once and for all. The masculine energies are rebirthing at this time, they are feeling new energies coming through and to them. However, they are gettin triggered and tempted back into old cycles and behaviors that have them frustratingly trying to force things forward, or distracting themselves by staying busying, doing, working too much, etc. as a means of trying to avoid the pressure and the discomfort with opening the heart fully and more. This is also a tactic of avoidance from facing the emotions that are arising now that have not allowed them to see themselves clearly. Many have been set back in the last month, they are being asked to surrender to the void and the feminine emotions and intuition as a means of coming into union and harmony with the divine feminine energy, entering into union and a cycle completion. Many of the masculine are those in which would are struggling to release control and surrender. Certain situations are triggering the masculine energies to close off their hearts, and put their guards back up, and fight their way through the void. However, battle is not the answer, surrender is. They masculine’s are being asked to stop constantly trying to push ahead and force things and to reflect on their growth and achievement thus far as a means of seeing all they already have accomplished and have to offer. They are moving through solar plexus awakenings as well, as they see their worth is no longer and can no longer be tied to material actions and physical manifestations. They are being asked to see the inner growth that has been occurring within them and to utilize this as a means of surrendering and trusting the feminine intuitive side. This is guiding the masculine energies to union and balance with the feminine to reach wholeness. They are being asked to be the foundation of strength and courage during this time to move beyond the surface and enter unafraid into the void of the unknown to meet the feminine energies in this space.

The divine feminine energies are being asked to let go of uncertainty and fear based anxious reactions at this time. They are being asked to release old contracts, old partners, and old wounds. They are being asked to let go of all that has not worked out and what has not gone right and allow something new to come in. Many are getting stuck in focusing on what isn’t working and what is not moving forward at this time, which is preventing them from entering a new space with new progressive opportunities. They are being asked to release the past and forgive themselves for any “failures” or feelings of not living up and step into see how much they do have. They are being asked to center back into gratitude so they can see themselves and their path clearly. The divine feminine energies are moving through the completion of a death phase. They have also spent a large amount of time hiding away and doing a lot of work, which has become very serious for some. The divine feminine is being asked to release the seriousness in which she has viewed her path and life and to let go and surrender into the flow of life. She is being asked to release her defensiveness and feeling as though she has to protect herself and come into trust. The divine feminine is working through abandonment issues and trust issues at this time when it comes to other people relationships and friendships. Fear is clearing for her so that she can welcome in new relationships and opportunities. She is being asked to release these energies so that she can move through a rebirth and so that new contracts, abundance, opportunities, and relationships can come through. They are awaiting her, but she needs to take her focus off what has yet to work out and the singular pathway she’s tried to go and expand more into the infinite. Those who are successfully moving through this period are coming up into a big wave of manifestations and positive change. New offers are going to be coming to the divine feminine as well as she moves through this process, she becomes highly magnetized and in her power, entering the flow state, where things are happening effortlessly. However, she needs to let go of the struggle to reach this point. She is ultimately being asked to trust the masculine energies with movement and with her divine intuitive insight to see results. She is meant to express and tune into her desires and share them with the masculine energies, instructing the masculine energies so that results can be yielded. However, she is having to come into a space where she undoubtedly trusts herself and her own intuition first.

Both energies are within all of us and the inner harmony and union is needed for all to unite with their true authentic self. This is a critical piece to being embodied within our divinity in human form. To embrace all that we are, male, female, light, dark, spirit, and human is the goal of this process. Significant ego deaths can be occurring at this time as a means of clearing space in the heart for said union. As union is reached, waves of kundalini risings/awakenings will be commencing, surges of new sexual or life energy will be received, surges of new creative energies will be birthed. The body is the vessel that expresses it all, tune and listen to it as a means of understanding what you need at this time to move through this integration successfully. When we are experiencing increased and prolonged symptoms and side effects, these are areas that there is an energetic resistance causing a discord with proper energetic upgrades. If you have prolonged symptoms, examine where you have been resisting the process that has been wanting to move through you and your life during this time.

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