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Energy Update February 22nd-28th

As we move through this week, and these portals there is a tremendous amount of release that is occurring for you highest good.

This is about releasing your power from within you and allowing it to rightfully flow into the world. What has remained stuck, stagnant, and blocking of this power within you will be rising to the surface to clear. The emotions that have created a discord within your energetic stream and flow between your internal masculine and feminine, and that have created a discord within the evolution of your DNA is being removed by higher energetic upgrades so that you can anchor into your full embodiment.

This is about a deeper level of healing within us that is removing lifetimes and lifetimes of karmic depris and patterns from the body. Your soul holds blueprints that reincarnate into a physical form, and with those cycles and wounds comes the constriction of the DNA molecules from expanding to the state they were created to, and from advancing the evolutionary structure of humanity itself. Thus, the portals unraveling this week, and this upcoming Full Moon in Virgo is all about releasing and untangling what has been stuck and stagnated as a means of generating the body into a higher light field and expanding the evolutionary structure of human DNA and RNA.

This is effecting the solar plexus strongly. The solar plexus has been integrating in higher energy but unable to process this higher energy due to the energetic blockages and the restrictions of the DNA within the body. As the body and DNA begins to integrate and expand to a higher frequency, the solar plexus power is released. This can cause nausea, appetite changes, loss of appetite, diarrhea, bloating, and self-worth issues rising to the surface. The divine feminine has been clearing and removing anything that has prevented her from the belief in her self. This is clearing the illusional aspects that have been pressed upon woman and their physical appearance for centuries. The feminine is clearing this through her solar plexus and the sacral chakra at this time to unleash herself and her being into the world. This is reigniting her trust and confidence in herself to move forward even when the path is not clear. This is about no longer allowing the external world to define the feminine. The masculine energies are moving through kundalini awakenings and opening to receive the power of the feminine. They are learning to surrender to their emotions rather than pushing against them, they are learning to surrender to the divine flow of the universe and no longer aggressively proceeding, and they are learning to operate from a higher consciousness utilizing their analytical, stable, reasonable mind with the flow of their heart space. This is ushering in continual heart openings for the masculine that are tuning him in to the divine source that lives within the heart. Lady Venus and Lady Nada continue to send heart activations to the masculine so that he no longer hides behind a tough external and can properly express all his emotions into the world as a means of unifying with the feminine and balancing the forces within the creation of a new world externally. The masculine energies have been pushing and pushing without seeing their standard results, things seem to be moving slower, which is creating more impatience for them, and having them push even more in some cases. They are being asked to release and surrender, the world doesn’t work through force anymore. They are learning to fall into the rhythm of the cycles of the emotions, seasons, and universe as a means of working with all instead of against all and from a ego-based creation state. They are learning that their accomplishments no longer can be the source of their worthiness. They are learning to create stability within their internal world and being ushered further into the heart space so they are no longer doing, just to act in force or to prove their worthiness, but instead to follow the passion which flows through them when they connect to divine love.

The heart space for the collective is continuing to be activated to it’s highest potential through the solar plexus integrations. As the solar plexus clears and the energy is allowed to expand and circulate to the rest of the centers of the physical and energetic body, it is pouring into the heart space. Diamond heart activations have been taking place gradually over the last few months, this is the expansion of the heart to be the driving force and motor of the energetic centers. It is joined with the solar plexus within this process for many so that the two can be a unified source of our power. Moving in flow of action and emotions as one. The diamond heart expands the heart chakra from a single center into a three part chakra which comprises of wisdom, love, and power. This connects to the solar plexus to create the higher self anchored within the human form, or the I AM presence in the physical, the God self. Thus, anxiety, ADHD, heart flutters, clearings of emotions, chest pain, high blood pressure, high heart rate, heavy breathing, and circulatory issues can be side effects of this time.

With the quantum field portal for the month fully reaching it’s max opening on the 21st, we are entering into a zero field space. When we clear away the cycles and patterns of the past and are moving towards a New Age, there is nothing yet created here. It is how you respond in your present situation that is creating the blueprint and trajectory of where you go, and where we go as a collective, from here. The crystalline grids have been reset, we are in a total reset at a collective mode. Which requires stillness and going within to allow integrations to occur so you can tune into the internal guidance and wisdom within you. Abrupt and sudden endings, deaths, and redirections are taking place at this time to close out old karmic doors and to fully clear the collective energy. This is a time to be brave and to have courage within yourself for where you are going is found within the truth of your heart. We can no longer look outside of ourselves to create the world, this is what we have done collectively over and over again which has created distortion and the same stagnated process for humanity and as a planet as whole. Thus, everything is being reset. The Earth is moving through rapid integration of new blueprints for her trajectory as a planetary and energetic body. As she integrates such, we are being pulled into a zero point field, or a hard reset, which is requiring an ending to all that is no longer aligned with our highest self and the highest trajectory of the planet. Every micro representation of life on this planet holds an effect of the planets evolutionary process, every relationship, every energetic exchange, every single thing. Thus, it all has to be renewed and reset to create a higher evolutionary planet.

The root chakra is getting regenerated through this process as we are asked to lean into the void and the unknown as a means of trusting beyond what we have before. In order to move into a higher collective evolutionary process, we all must do our part and lean in personally to the unknown space that is infant of us. We must surrender to the inevitably of what is dying and needing to be released at this time to have a rapid rebirth occur. This is calling us deeper within our spiritual connection and internal realm, deeper into the wisdom of the heart, to connect with the ancient wisdom of the soul. This is a period of soul retrieval in which we are reclaiming the fragment pieces of our being which have created wounds, triggers, cycles, illness, and more and have prevented us from reaching our highest evolution. This is also triggering many to reach a higher relationship to money.

This time is about creating the future through releasing and letting go of the past, and responding from a higher place within you to the external state. Timelines are clearing and releasing as we move through this time as well. They have shifted many times over the past year, but now they are actually breaking down and new timelines are being built based on the current present moment. This is your opportunity to move into the space your soul has been trying to reach from lifetimes and lifetimes. You have to surrender to such and open your heart to receive it. Trust in the unknown, it is here that you are moving beyond where you have been before. Celebrate it, and take space to center and ground into your heart. This is a time and space of internal exploration, meditation, and rest as a means of receiving the understanding, clarity, and answers we seek.

The shifts that are taking place will be internal. Allow this to occur without resistance. Where physical symptoms are showing within the body are where you are resisting the integration of this higher light. Feel into these body parts as a means of understanding what is deeply occurring and needing to be released.

Paul the Venetian and Archangel Chamual work closely with the collective during this time and open up a Pink Flame Portal on 2/23 which is ushering in major heart activations and clearings. This is activating the heart space and the sacral chakra to connect with the passion of the soul. This is about moving forward with the creative expression that has remained hidden within us and our authentic design. This is reconnecting us with our creative flow in a new way, and allowing us to tap into a higher bliss through our creative gifts. This is encouraging us to center around the healing powers of music and art. This is also taking prominence with our upcoming Full Moon in Virgo. This portal is preparing us for the gateway of healing that is coming through to us during the Full Moon. This is opening the heart so that we can see the truth, within ourselves, and within others. This is bringing in Soul Star Chakra, Crown Chakra, and Heart Chakra waves of light that are tuning us into a higher consciousness, the conscious expression of omnipresence. They are assisted by Master HIlarion and the Andromedians to ensure that the advancement of this society, in the Age of Aquarius (centered around technology), also is infused with the passion and love of creative expression and art. They bring sound healing and frequency to the forefront of the collective to help restore harmony and connect us with the Rainbow Gateway of the Sun, which is what we are all born through. This is activating us to create all that our HEART truly desires, vs, what the ego tells us we need to create. This is bringing in a clearing of the spleen (worry, anxiety), liver (fear), kidney’s (resentment, jealousy), etc. so that we have a expansion and confidence with creating what our soul set our to gift to this world. This can have many experiencing hearing strange high pitched sounds, ear ringing, and feeling a deeper connection to music at this time as they open and receive such activations.

Lady Nada is helping the collective resurrect their truth and reawaken their heart. This is about recognizing your divine worth and seeing yourself in love. This is about the internal relationship to yourself being the defining platform for what you can receive. This time is about slowing down to honor the feminine and tuning into yourself, really going deeper with yourself. Feeling moody, emotional, and the need to pull away from distractions and others is normal at this time. You are the greatest love of your life, seek within and find everything there.

Through this healing many soul contracts and partners are coming together as the ego further dissolves and karmic patterns fully release. This may not be who you thought it was, and may not be “your type”. However; divine intervention is coming into play with relationships of all types at this times to further unite these soul partners in physical union as a means of being ambassadors of the union within. These will be individuals who have reached the internal balanced themselves and are coming together now to encourage the process in the collective through the portal that they create when unioned. Many unions could not come into play because the ego was fixated on specific karmic relationships, patterns, cycles etc. They also could not come into union because the conscious was not expanded enough to look beyond the surface and to connect with the deeper internal soul. Many shifts and changes will be occurring within relationships at this time as a means of redirecting souls to this union. This is happening for those who have a deep internal contract with one another to create a change and shift within the planet. However, you have to be fully open and expanded beyond what they look like and focused on how they feel in order to receive.

Increased synchronization and vivid dreams are acting as oracles and confirmation of the path that is unfolding before you. Trust what you are receiving through these mediums. Many are continuing soul retrieval in the astral realm. Many are clearing unconsciously through the dream state as well. Needing extra sleep is normal during these period as the body is working through so much. Trust the synchronization that you are getting. Even if you do not know the exact meaning, feel into your heart for the knowing. For example, if you keep seeing 555, instead of google searching, feel into your heart. Place your hands on your heart and ask yourself what does this mean? what does this signify? what is the message for me in this? Whether it be one word, a knowing, or a feeling. Thank this and see this as Spirit telling you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. You are never alone, divine guidance is all around you, tune into the subtle messages that are pouring in all around you at this time.

We are entering a phase of great closure and shifting into a in-between state. Where the old is releasing and clearing and the new is beginning to form, yet action isn't quite clear yet. Embrace this space to rest and integrate. There is no rush. Allow yourself to fully close out this chapter. Reflect and celebrate how far you have come.

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