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Energy Update: February 16th - February 21st

During this week, we are deep in the in-between phase of this months energies. Many are being asked to go “off-line” and take space to integrate, slow down, and be present to tune into the subtle messages that are assisting you in navigating what comes from here.

Many major life changes have been set into motion at this time. Doors have been closing for many especially in the realm of career. Yet, the new doors are not quite open yet. The healing work that have been commencing has been demonstrating to you the lessons needed to be integrated in order to move on to your next soul mission.

This in-between state is serving as a primary purpose for timelines to shift around as we integrate new blueprints. When we receive new soul blueprints there is a lag period in the physical which causes this “void” We are also in the middle of the continued opening of a quantum field portal which reaches peak on the 21st, kicking off the next portal series of this month. Now until then is a “void” space as things gather behind the scenes. It is a space where you are meant to rest and integrate all the lessons that have been in review.

Many may be feeling bored, stuck, and uninspired in this space as things have been building momentum since our Summer Eclipses. Impatience, lack of motivation, and feeling disconnect is also in this energy right now as well. The mind may be moving a mile a minute needing and longing for that action, while the body needs a second to further integrate and fine tune new energies. Creative blocks may be coming up as a means of having you slow down and rest. This is also occurring as a means of driving you in a new direction. If you are feeling stuck or lacking creativity, try a new outlet to move this energy around.

The guides are really wanting us to spend this time in reflection and in awareness of our own triggers because they hold the keys that we are needing to integrate into our personal crystalline grids. This is a time of important endings and beginnings that is propelling us forward into the 2/22 portal which is bringing together masculine and feminine unions (moving us into wholeness within our internal world). This is about finding the home and keys that live within your heart, the map that is unfolding within the integration of the diamond heart within you. The compass lives inside of you, it is beating within you as we speak. The guides want the collective to tune into this as a means of syncing with the crystalline grids at this time. Spending time alone and feeling anti-social is normal during this space as many are being asked to form the bond to the heart space at this time.

Meanwhile, the pleiadians, venusians, lyrans sirians, andromedians, arcturians, and more are anchoring new energies into the crytalline grids of Earth, which may be of cause of much of the technological interference we have been seeing lately. They are upgrading the core energies of Earth. This is needed and necessary before any more can manifest in the physical. Physical manifestation has been somewhat put on hold as the earth integrates her new energies. The Earth is going through MAJOR shifts right now and integrating lots of higher energies which we will see emerge in March within our personal realities.

This period is tying us loose ends and tending to the small things as a means of preparing yourself for the quantum field portal full opening. Making sure you are ready to step into the new life you have desired. There is a karmic repayment coming with this portal for all the service and work and devotion that has been made to this path, as well as to the reclamation of our power.

We have remained in a huge phase of reclaiming our power as we move through past triggers and situations. When we move through this we will feel the depths of the emotions, a neutrality, a surrender, and exhaustion, then we rise into having more energy and it is usually accompanied by bloating as we reclaim and reintegrate this energy through our solar plexus. This is why so many may have been also experiencing "mood swings" during this time. This has been a phase of being able to respond to the old triggers from a higher state. This has been about remaining within your new higher self regardless of the external world.

Take space to reflect during this time to review the triggers that have been showing up for you, they lead the way to the gifts you are meant to advance at this time. You are here to utilize your triggers as the skills you are here to serve with. Forgiveness is needed in large at a collective level and this space is meant to reach that level of healing. This is all about forgiving the divine masculine energies that have become imbalanced and overpowering. This is not about fighting them, or charging against evil forces, or “reptilians” all of that is just the manifestation of the distorted masculine energies and the fear of suppression it has created. Anything in this way is an illusion and it’s needing to be cleared through forgiveness. Forgiveness gives rise to truth. That truth lives within your heart. Ground and center into your new heart that is awakening and unraveling now. Many may be experiencing acid reflux, anxiety, chest pain, heart flutters, etc. as we continued to receive this heart expansions.

Many members of the reincarnated Ashtar Command (basically like the intergalactic union) are being awakened to take the lead and moving through throat chakra clearings and initiations as their voice is being called to honor their soul’s commitment as a divine communication and translator of the galactic council. They are here to represent the council members of the galaxies on this planet. Many connecting with the star races and planetary forces right now through light codes whether on a conscious or unconscious level. Many are receiving major light activations that are priming and preparing the body to open the centers to a new level, to assist with new soul missions. This can cause ear ringing, pressure, headache, heavy head, neck tension/pain, etc.

This is about learning to find the home within you amidst the chaos of the outer world so that we do not continue to create the same scenarios. No matter what is happening around you remain within your peaceful center and the knowing that has been developed within you. Can you trust your inner voice over the noise of the world? As timelines shift old debris and unresolved karmic patterns are running through to be fully cleared. Don’t get stuck in them. Allow them to just move right through. Remember that love is the only thing that is real. The collective awareness is alive, you truly know what is true and what is illusion if you die yourself permission to trust your own intuition.

The divine feminine collective energies are moving through this phase of uncertainty and coming into the wisdom within the heart. The heart space of the feminine has been healing and releasing old wounds and traumas that have been stored here that have prevented her from being open and trusting of receiving the divine masculine energies. This is teaching the divine feminine that everything is taken care of for her when she takes care of herself. This is entering a new level of trust and surrender to the guidance and assistance within the other realm. She has been learning to put her guard down and remain open in her heart space and see that this is her power and gifts. The emotions have been rising and falling with the divine feminine clearing the stagnant energies within the heart space to clear the pathway and channel for her intuition to come through strongly and loudly without question. Many are moving through the above mentioned throat chakra clearings and being asked to speak their truth, raise their voice, and allow themselves to be heard, seen, and acknowledged in a new way where fear would have stopped them before. The divine feminine energies are needing to retreat and recharge to heal themselves as they awaken to the spiritual integrations that are revealing new gifts and awareness. Freya is coming to the divine feminine collective along with Hekate. They speak: “This is a time of integrating the darkest most volatile parts of your being to see that they were never trash meant to be dumped on the side of the road, they are the treasure that gives you your power and the power you came here to serve. This is a time of walking deeply into the shadows to allow yourself to reclaim the wholeness of your being and to integrate into the new form you are being asked to take. A metamorphosis requires a dark space, much like the womb, that holds you until your transformation in complete. Take space deeply within yourself and allow yourself the rest you so crave. There is no need to do, work, and suffer any longer. You are here to spread your wings and expand into the world but first you must honor the underworld that lives within you and see the beauty in such. You must learn to play in the uncertainty and reconnect to the wild adventurous nature of the mischievous child that lives within you and allow them to be liberated by the space you have to expand now. This is a time where nothing will make sense, yet everything will make sense. Let the emotions and energies that are rising be accepted so that you can arrive into the sovereign soul you came to be, the entirety of your self, rebirth and rekindled all at once.” The divine feminine is unsure of which way to go and what path to take at this time, as the timelines are rearranging and swirling around her and her awareness perceives this more clearly. She is being asked to recharge as energies settle. She is also being asked to connect to the playfulness within her allowing herself to experience pleasure and joy. The divine feminine is integrating a higher light through the endocrine at this time and is needing to clear the womb space in order to fully receive these new codes. This can cause irregular menses, lower abdomen bloating, hormonal imbalances, adrenal fatigue, exhaustion during the day and feeling wired at night, and feeling burnt out. Rest and support your system as applicable.

The divine masculine energies are moving through a initiation period. Many are getting so caught up on moving forward and accomplishing more and pushing forward they are failing to recognize reflect on the path they have walked and how far they have come. They can be very in the mental space at this time, overanalyzing their efforts as they continue to push up against the currents of the energetic forces trying to move forward with not as much progress as they hopped. They can be getting frustrated, impatient, and angry which is leading to issues of self-worth. This is triggering the masculine to go within and to be open to receiving and trusting the feminine energies (the emotions). This is not allowing the masculine to see himself clearly. The masculine energies are being asked to reevaluate their efforts as they may be exerting and exhausting themselves for a cause which no longer resonates with them. They too are being asked to pause and reconnect with the Earth at this time. The connection to Earth for the masculine allows him to tune into the flow and patterns of the upgraded grids, for which he will then understand how to build the future. Green Tara is working with the masculine energies to cut cords and move beyond illusions and patterns of limitation. The divine masculine is meant to be opening to the feminine at this time and putting down their need to hurry, rush, and achieve to settle in and meet the divine feminine in union. Many masculines are impatiently storming off in a new direction, trying this, trying that, and moving from one thing to the next in their impatience and failing to see the abundance that is being delivered to the very spot they keep leaving and avoiding. The awareness of the abundance comes from the ability to reflect on the path they have walked, slowing down, and no longer forcing but allowing. They are being asked to tune into the rhythm, and flow of nature as a means of guiding them. Earth serves as the compass for the masculine. As the Earth pauses and takes space to ground and integrate, so too does she usher the masculine energies. This is about redefining and reprogramming the masculine energies. When we are pushing forward to accomplish material goals, we have often left out the thought of the consequences this would have on our environment. Thus, the grids are shifting so that manifestation is shifting, as a means of preserving the Earth. What is no longer aligned with the health and wealth of the planet will not take form, no matter how much you try and push. The masculine is learning to reprogram is action oriented energy, so that it pauses and tunes into the awareness of the feminine (the emotions and Earth) and reflects on the effects of such actions prior to moving forward. This will allow himself to open and expand his awareness, which allows him to drop his guard, to not feel he always has to be doing and proving himself, which allows him to see himself more clearly. A group of the collective divine masculine energies are also moving through a large awakening, in which they are being asked to remain grounded and to slow down. This group is receiving high potency energy activations to the Soul Star Chakra, Crown Chakra, and Third Eye which is opening and expanding their consciousness and awareness of other energies beyond the planet. They are being encouraged to get grounded and practice grounding at this time.

Both energies are going through Root Chakra upgrades as we begin to pull inward to find our needs and stability no longer seeking outside of ourselves. This is asking both energies to deeper the trust and faith to another level. This is having both energies lean into the expectation that all will be provided for them and away from cycles and patterns of worry, anxiety, stress, and overdoing as a means of being in survival mode.

Both energies are within all of us. The divine masculine is healing from overexerting itself as a means of action and accomplishment being the defining factor of his worth. The divine feminine healing the overly cautious, anxious, and guarded tendencies out of fear of not trusting the masculine and the masculine not listening to her (the emotions)-or- not being heard, seen, and recognized in her truth. This is allowing both of the energies to harmonize within each of us on a individual level. When we as a collective reach this divine harmony within ourselves this is when we see the balance in the outer world. The divine feminine and divine masculine connection meets in the Solar Plexus or the stomach region and this time of reclamation of power to allow these energies to meet can cause that center to be of higher importance and focus as it tries to integrate so much energy at once. This can lead to GI issues, bloating, nausea, changes in appetite and more. The portal arriving on 2/22 is all about this harmonious internal union that is creating the trajectory of changes needed for the survival of this planet. So this time is a preparation and comb over of anything that has remained within our energetic field keeping duality alive. This week is all about scanning over everything and anything and making sure all the old ends are tied, released, and completed as a means of integrating into a higher field and this internal union.

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