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New Moon In Cancer July 2020: The Black Womb Portal of Lady Ishtar

We have our second of the back-to-back New Moon’s in Cancer blessing us on Monday July 20th, 2020, at 17:32 UT or 12:32 PM CST.

We have come to the completion moment of this Eclipse season and this is the final current call. Eclipse energy has a way of pausing the current moment as we receive the heightened energies, to which we do not see the external momentum and effects until the aftermath.

This Cancer New Moon is coming in to close the door on all that we’ve moved through full and final. This is a new beginning and rebirth like no other. This is the marking of the end of the first phase of ascension, in which we have been undergoing since January 1, 2020. This is the moment in which we are being asked to leave the old world behind and step forward into the new world. This marks the opening of the second phase of ascesion and the opening of a new energy portal.

This is a total and complete collective rebirth. As such, animals have been moving through there own process as well. Many pets may be experiencing allergy symptoms, seizures, skin issues, and more due to the potent energy. Animals are very open energetically and tend to take on the energy we have refused to deal with as they are not able to consciously use discernment. Paying special attention to them now and providing them with the assistance they need is crucial. Energy healing and clearing is helpful as well as meditation music. This is a process that All That Is enters into with this energetic portal.

The Moon, Sun, and Mercury are all aligning in the sign of Cancer, which will be heightening the effects of this transit. The moon naturally rules the sign of Cancer, which increases the energies felt by this New Moon as well.

The New Moon in Cancer (the Mother of the zodiac) is in opposition (places where compromise is needed between two energies) to Jupiter and Saturn, which are in the sign of Capicorn (the Father of the Zodiac). This New Moon is the cultivation point of all that has been shaken and spun within us during Eclipse season and brings about the final mergence of dark and light, masculine and feminine, earth and heaven, heaven and hell, and all into unity, into wholeness.

This is awakening the inner child within us again to reignite our truth. This about allowing the moon to nurture you to wrap you up in her arms and relieve the burdens of the material world from your shoulders. The moon is coming in very strongly to the collective during this transit, to act as she is in her feminine nature, as our Mother, who births new days, new realities, new life, and new worlds from the darkness of the black womb of the night. She speaks to the collective now: “I come to show you the light that at last graces your path and lights up the night for you to see and illuminate your truth. I usher you forward now as my children to remember the playful curiosity of the unknown deep within your heart once again. I ask that when you look up at me with wonder and awe that you see the magic that is in my light and essence and in all things. I am here now directly awakening the child once again with your heart so that you pay roam this planet with the eyes of a child once again; so that you may be revived from the stiff, cold, material world in which you have become victim to. Many have lost their hearts, their souls, their sense of play, their life force energy, their love, their child, to the man made world. I now welcome you into my black womb to let that be shed, to allow the black night serve to cast away all that has been hidden so that you may be reborn in your truth. Every part of your being has been created to be loved, every inch of yourself has been created for you to be proud of, every deeper dream and desire has been planted inside of your heart for your soul to have a milestone of where it is meant to go. However, this world, the way it has become, has created fear around following the unseen parts of yourself, the things that make no sense, the parts of yourself that are not “right” that don’t “fit in” that are not aligned with how the world works now in this time. So you have been hidden. I come now to walk you back into the light of the Mother, so that you may come into the dark black womb of life once again, and be rebirthed from the ashes of what was- to now walk into the wholeness of what always has been. You are a pure vessel of divine love and each part of yourself is meant to be seen. You are the light, even when you are stuck in the darkness. Your wounds are meant to be exposed so that they may heal. The world has strayed away from the wonderous mystery of life that is ignited in the laughter of children, I come now to alleviate the collective from the gray void of the man made material world to open up the third eye of the collective, the heart of the collective, and the throat of the collective so that they may find the power in the freedom of their imagination, liberation in the power of laughter, and love in the flow of creativity once again.”

Goddess Freya and The Divine Director come to assist the collective at this time. This is a period of finalization; endings and beginning through the divine intervention and guidance of the higher angelic realms. This is a space in time when all cycles are being ushered through to completion. Whatever you have remained holding on to that you have known within your heart has reached it’s due date, it is time to release and let go. Freya and The Divine Director come in now to complete the cycles that we have not had the courage to let go of, they are finishing out karmic cycles and patterns ready or not, and moving us along abruptly into new beginnings and paths. This will be closely tied to the conditioning of familial ties, ancestral karma, and past life karma. Goddess Freya steps forward to assist the collective closely now with the transition from one realm into another, as we step between the energetic pillars of light into a new energy portal of light that is here to bless us with the highest potential and timeline our soul’s have so longed for.

This is all about liberating ourselves from the childhood rules that served to keep us contained. This is about being able to be free to just be ourselves as so aligned with our soul mission and soul path. Relationships, jobs, living situations, etc. may be undergoing divine detours at this time as timelines remain in a shuffle and we are being redirected to the highest timeline as so aligned with our soul mission and purpose. This is the mergence of heaven and earth, the healing that is necessary for us to step into the physical manifestation of our life purpose and soul aligned contracts. This is the ability to release the layers the world has dressed us in to find our own unique individual truth once again. This is bringing to us a cosmic remembrance of our self’s before this world.

Many will be undergoing this purging process in the unconscious dream state. Vivid dreams about past life’s and past situations, espeically relationships are induced with this transit. Dreams play a significant role now as they are leading us to the hints and clues of our past lifes to reawaken this rememberence within us.

Lady Ishtar remains assisting the collective during this transit. She is coming in very strongly to nurture and rebirth the collective during this phase. She is also known as Lillith. Lillith is the dark moon and represents the parts of ourselves that have been deemed undesirable, inappropriate, and taboo. We come into this world with so many different diverse aspects, and the world tells us what is worthy and deserving and what is not. From there, we are programmed to hide certain fantasies and deeper desires from the world, which in turn has created the shadow aspects of ourselves and the world. In order to heal ourselves, and our external world we have to eliminate the shadow. To do so, we have to allow the deepest darkest parts of ourselves be seen in the light.

Lady Ishtar comes to the collective now to usher us out of hiding, out of our shells, out of the masks, the games, the pretending; she pulls us out of our comfort zones so that we may stand bare naked and raw under the dark skies of this New Moon, the black womb of Source, so that we can be renewed into the wholeness of our divinity. We are being healed from the inside out; whatever has been hiding within you, whatever you have felt you couldn’t expose to the world, Lady Ishtar comes forward to hand you a permission slip. She awakens the power of the wild, raw, primitive self within us again. Looking to your Lillith sign and house placement can give you an idea of how this time is ushering you forward.

She awakens the darkness of all things now at this time to allow them to be rebirthed through the black womb. Many of the shadows of the world and the collective will be rising to the surface during this next phase to be cleared and completed. This is why your unique light is needed and being called upon now. All of you is worthy and deserving of being loved, seen, and heard. She comes to usher you into her dark womb so that you may be reborn in the clairty of love that you have come to be.

This is about owning who we are fully, speaking our truth fully, loving who we are fully. This is about breaking down the barriers of the old outdated world and what it has taught us to be to return to our own souls, to our own individual blueprint of Source energy incarnate. This is the time in which we are returned to the creative essence of our childhood to allow ourselves to heal, to be free. If you were bullied as a child, that may be surfacing now as a means of freeing yourself. If you had issues with conforming to parents desires and expectations that will be ushered into healing now as a means of reconnecting with your truth. This is about letting your freak flag fly and saying “fuck it” this is who I am. This is about the wild magnetism, abundance, and miracles that are birthed when we just let ourselves be seen as we truly are. This is about being YOU, regardless.

This is bringing about a Solar Plexus activation in which many can experience GI issues, nausea, appetite changes, bloating, gas, stomach aches, and cravings. Allow the power of your life force energy to be fully activated within you now. This is a deep cleanse so that you may be awakened to the fullest potential of your light, your own unique beautiful light.

The Pleiadian Council and Commander Ashtar are here assisting the collective closely at this time as we see the beginning of full mergence of our world with all other planets. This is the moment we have been preparing for. The divine feminine collective energy is here to rise into the power of the future as the pleiadians come forward to directly assist with this transition of humanity now. The divine feminine energies have been undergoing healing since January 1, 2020. They entered into a second phase, a completion phase, of rapid healing and completion with this past Eclipse Season. They now reach totality and ushering forward the divine masculine healing that is necessary in the material world. As this occurs, we now see the ability for the pleiadian forces to directly communicate and be noticed within the atmosphere of our planet. They will be guiding many telepathically at this time and there will be recollection of past life occurrences affiliated with Atlantis and Lemuria as a means of reigniting soul missions that were begun during those timelines.

Quan Yin comes to the collective during this transit to open up the Heart Chakra to it’s newly aligned three part center comprised of love, wisdom, and willpower. This is giving us a massive energetic surge to blast through all that is needing to be released in the heart. It is time to let go of all the wounds your heart has been holding and come back to the one true divine love of the Self. We have moved through the healing of wounds with others and now we enter into this New Moon phase to heal all the wounds that have been self-inflicted. This is reigniting the confidence, security, love, and will power for ourselves and within ourselves. Quan Yin comes forward to cleanse away the shadows of the heart so that we may see ourselves in the beauty of our truth once again. This is allowing us to be able to rapidly see the endless possibilities that are unfolding before us in the voided space of the black womb of the New Moon. We are here to clear about the doubt, worry, and fear around ourselves and our path as we are being activated to see the unknown as a magical place where our intuitive notions come to rise and we can feel the manifestations of our dreams electrifying in our heart. Quan Yin is washing the heart clean with the rivers of Mother Earth and the rain of Sophia Source so that we may be cleansed from all the illusions we have placed upon ourselves. She is blessing us with the power that comes from healing our own wounds. She is anointing us with the water of our own tears so that we may see that our emotions are a wisdom that uncoils with the streams of our heart. She is showing us that love was never meant to be something that we went searching for in others, it was never meant to be looked for in shopping spree’s, diamond rings, and dinner dates; she shows us the love we have longed for and desired comes from within our own heart and our connection to Spirit. She comes to the collective now to blast through the illusions reminding us that only love is real.

Isis and Horus are working with the collective during this New Moon to help awaken the power of creation within us once again. This is a magical manifesting portal through the power of alchemization. Kali-Ma assists the collective with cutting away anything that has tarnished the spirit. She is releasing the ego-wounds that have held us back and restrained us in shadow so that we may be free. She is coming in with the blazing fires of immediate and swift action that are abruptly burning anything in our life’s that is no longer aligned with our soul path. What is leaving at this time serves as the foundation and soil for what is being build. As this occurs, Isis and Horus come into the collective to assist with all that has been turned to dust to be rejuvenated into miracles of our deeper visions manifesting into sight. They are bringing about the miraculous changes that are necessary for our soul to be restored to it’s perfect aligned state. The devotion of our work since January 1, 2020, reaches it’s peak now as we begin to reap the rewards of all that we have been moving through. Isis and Horus restore the full power and potential of our life force energy that allows us to speak into existence the wonderous creations of our soul’s desires.

The Throat Chakra will be undergoing a clearing at the collective level during this activation so that we may unleash the power of our true voice. The heart is what brings our desires into energetic awareness, the voice is what turns them from energy into form. The Throat Chakra is being activated and cleared from any suppression through relationships it has suffered. This is bringing about further healing in the realm of masculine and feminine energies. Where has the opposing energy influence your voice away from speaking it’s truth? Where has your voice been overpowered by the polar energy? Where have you not spoken your truth out of fear? Where has your voice been taken away by the influence of the man made material world? Where has your voice been programmed by the society we have lived in? This will be rising to the surface now so that we may all find the balance of creation, the embodiment of divine thought (feminine) and true form (masculine). With the activation of the Throat Chakra, we will see the magnificent power of our life force energy surging to the surface to build a new reality in place of all that has been demolished.

You are a beautiful, powerful, wise, magical creature of light even in your darkest moments. The best parts of yourself are screaming to be heard and to be seen. Magic works through you, there is no other Source. You are Source itself in motion. See the magic that comes from embracing yourself, the bruises, the scars, the fantasies, the dreams, the desires, the pain, the laughter, it all. You were never meant to be defined by the world, you came here to define the world itself through the love that flows through your own heart. You were never a victim, society has only told you, you were limited. Break past the illusions and see the infinite possibilities of your being and the creative power you have. This is the moment you have been waiting for. Your light is needed and it came here to shine brightly in all of it’s brilliance like the stars you have come from. The shedding of the old skin that no longer serves you is necessary for stepping into your higher self.

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