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Aries Moon Mocktail

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

The Aries full moon will be blessing us this Sunday, October 13th at approximately 2:00 p.m. CDT and will be affecting us all weekend into Monday. We are in the midst of Libra season, meaning the sun is orbiting in the sign of Libra. Libra is the exact opposite sign of Aries. Libra is all about the collective the us, we, you. Aries is all about “me”. This full moon is helping us to turn inward and balance the energies and our attention to ourselves as well as the collective. We are able to see clearly our needs and focus on our needs and role within the collective. It is calling our attention back to ourselves to determine what, who, and where best serves us. Have we been focusing too much on the collective and others and neglected to account for ourselves? Where have we given away our power while trying to cater to others? Where have we forgotten to tune into our own thoughts and feelings? This full moon is bringing all of these answers out into the open so we can move forward in a balanced manner that is best for us and the collective. Libra is often trying to find a balance and struggles between weighing options on end with no clear decision. Aries knows what it wants and goes after it full speed ahead. This full moon is helping us reach a decision and is helping us move forward towards those dreams, visions, and plans. Aries helps us initiate action and forward movement in our lives towards what we are wishing to bring into our realities. Libra is afraid to speak up and is often willing to compromise to find an option that is best for all involved. Aries boldly proclaims what it wants and needs and isn’t afraid of stepping on toes to speak their truth. Aries isn’t afraid of being their authentic self and shining. The Aries full moon is helping us regain our power and our voice so that we can step into the spotlight and claim what is rightfully ours. The New Moon in Libra took our focus to our relationships and partnerships while this full moon in Aries is cultivating movement and attention towards ourselves. What is best for you? What is right for you at this time? What do you want? What do you need? What is your truth? These are all questions to ask and allow yourself to be honest about in order to determine what serves you and your path at this time. Additionally, Aries is action oriented. We have been in a in-between phase the past few months working on our internal realms, shedding our past, and clearing away the clutter to make room for more. We may have felt a stagnation or plans may have been left incomplete. The Aries full moon will be bringing forward movement into our lives. Aries is a starter they love to get things going, so expect new beginnings, new ventures, new relationships, and expect it all to be happening at a rapid pace as Aries doesn’t like to be kept waiting. Full Moons are about cultivation and harvest so we are now able to reap the rewards of our labor and the work we have been doing over the past six months. Aries is blunt and tells it like it is with no sugar coating so we are more able to be honest with ourselves and others at this time and the truth is being shown to us loud and clear. This is a wonderful time to put the plans we’ve been drawing up into action and finally take that leap. Aries is confident and secure so we are going to be feeling more secure in our ventures, if there is something you’ve always wanted to pursue or try, now is the time as we are feeling more adequate and assured. Movement is happening, the wheels are finally gaining speed, and we are taking off into new ventures and new life. We’ve been shedding our past and outdated beliefs and patterns so that we could spring forward more freely with the welcoming of this full moon.

Aries is a fire sign and rules the jaw, head, eyes, face, cranium, left and right hemispheres, and carotid arteries.

Thus, we can also be subjected to TOO much heat within our bodies and energy at this time. When there is a build up of heat in the body, or too much Pitta energy in the realm of Ayurveda, we can experience side effects like skin rashes and irritations, allergic reactions, acid reflex, indigestion, anger, frustration, dry eyes, dry skin, dry hair, dry mouth, ruptured blood vessels, headaches, hast, fevers, arrogance, operating solely on ego, hair loss, anxiety, TMJ, lock jaw, manic, diarrhea, and the tendency to over do it whether it be at work or at the gym.

In order to harness and utilize this energy, cooling and calming herbs can help us gain equilibrium and tap into this Aries fire with a more grounded and centered approach. So i’ve stirred up another potion to helps us do just that.

What’s in it:

  • Blackberries: Blackberries are a cooling food that helps to balance excess heat in the body. They contain brain boosting properties to help support our memory and neuroprocessors. They also contain manganese which helps the body process various amino acids and minerals to support healthy skin, hair, and immune function.

  • Hops: Hops have a calming effect on our nervous system and bodies which helps to reduce stress and anxiety. It helps us ground and center the fire energy so that we can operate from a more heart centered place. They help to treat ADHD and ADD which we can also see an influx in under this moon. They help with insomnia and calm and relax any tension we’ve been holding in our physical bodies providing relief from headaches, TMJ, and lock jaw.

  • Holy Basil: Holy Basil helps to ease tension, stress, anxiety, and inflammation in the body. It aids in digestive health by cooling the stomach lining and neutralizes excess heat in the body. It helps support brain function and cognitive health. Holy Basil helps eliminate and soothe inflammation of the skin and contains high levels of vitamin A and C, Zinc, Iron, and Chlorophyll which all help to combat irritation and balance the bodies system.

  • Rose: Rose is a high vibe plant that has yin, or feminine energy helping to bring balance to the fire sign of Aries. It helps sooth excess heat within our bodies and retire balance to our beings by bringing us back to our heart center. It helps soothe skin irritations, redness, and infections. It additionally helps bring moisture and hydration back into the body. It relieves headaches and uplifts our mood which helps us to counteract any excess fire within us under this full moon.

Aries Moon Mocktail the Recipe:


  • 1 cup organic blackberries

  • coconut syrup or raw organic honey

  • Vanilla bean paste

  • Holy Basil tea or 1/2 cup fresh leafs

  • 1 tablespoon dried hops OR your favorite Hop based cider/beverage

  • 1 cup rose water

How to:

  • Brew a tea using Hops and Holy Basil and set aside to cool (the longer it brews the better) If using an alternative Hop beverage no brewing is necessary.

  • Smash a handful of blackberries into the bottom of a cocktail class along with coconut syrup and vanilla bean paste

  • Add one shot of Hops and Holy Basil brew to the cocktail glass

  • Fill the rest of the glass with rose water.

Allow the magic of the herbs ground you into your worth and into what you are wanting to cultivate with this full moon. What actions are needed at this time to support YOU? What steps do you need to take to create forward movement towards your visions, dreams, and desires? Where have you been putting others before yourself? Where have you been lacking to see your worth and your capabilities? Where have you been helping others grow and lacking to nurture yourself?

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