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Aries Full Moon: Transforming Your Triggers Into The Keys of Your Destiny

We have a Full Moon in Aries lighting up our skies on October 20th at 9:56 AM CST. We additionally have a new energy portal that begins to expand and open on this date, and another following this transit on the 22nd.

There is a dynamic and diverse energy to this transit, in which there are several dynamics initiating all at once. Aries energy is igniting, powerful, and initiating. This energy is working on the physical body to help bring an activation to the solar plexus, releasing new energy through the pancreas, gallbladder, liver, and spleen pathways. This is helping us to clear fear and giving us the courage to get out of our own way and receive what is next for us. This is initiating a new life cycle for the collective, in which these new energies are bringing in new pathways, new ideas, new connections, and a new sense of self. This energy clears the pathway forward by bringing healing to the subconscious wounds and programs that were established early in our incarnation from the last trimester to 7 years old.

We have been working through a major purification process, and now this energy takes us deeper, and fast! It’s time to unlock and unleash our Spirit in the world without feeling as if we have to guard ourselves, prove our worth, and push others to the side in vengeance. This energy also holds the power of alchemy, in that it is assisting us in transforming all the short comings of life into a vibrant new energy of wisdom that leads us forward grounded in our divine worth and power.

With this energy purifying us at a deeper level and the most fundamental layer of our subconscious, we could find that our mind’s are very active and circulating whatever conditions we are needing to release in order to move forward. Pay attention to your mind during this time. Pay attention to where you are defensive, or where you feel like you cannot trust others. Pay attention to where you feel more reliant on others and fail to trust yourself. Pay attention to where you feel you need external validation in order to trust your intuition and instincts. What abstract and unique aspects of yourself do you feel self-conscious about? These are your gifts that are here to be unlocked. Your unique expression is here to paint the world in a new frequency that brings expansion and transformation to the world at large. As we purge and release the childhood trauma, we might be more aware and tender around these original wounds. This leads to another dynamic of this energy, relationships! Pay attention to what frustrations, tensions, and misunderstandings come up in your relationships during this period. There is a large majority who is needing to reclaim their power from relationships. The biggest distraction to our soul self’s is the toxic patterns and illusions of love. Where are you still allowing others to treat you like a doormat? Where are your relationships still imbalanced? Where do you still not seen, heard, and recognized in your relationships? This can create some resentment and anger that is being released in this time. Our biggest karmic pattern as a collective often deals with relationships, and it becomes the biggest distraction to our process because we all want and desire love, we all desire to be seen, heard, and understood at a deeper level. Yet, we often have learned that we have to settle in order to maintain some connections. Through the hurt, the pain, the disapointment, bullying, etc. we have learned that maybe we have to accept less than what we truly deeply desire, we have to hold on to who and what we have, because it’s better than nothing. Yet, this energy releases those old patterns and says, “you can have what you really desire, you deserve what you really desire, but you must release what you have been clinging to out of fear that there will be no more”.

This energy is expanding us in a way that helps us move through our triggers and greatest fears, and allows us to transform them into a different and new perspective. The mind will be more energized during this time than the body in most cases. As the body begins to build momentum again after clearing, and syncs with the mind, we will be asked to see from a new perspective. All the shortcoming and things you felt were your worst traits now come full circle and you see them as the most important pieces of your soul and self.

There is another dynamic of this energy that is rebirthing the ego. The ego can be strengthened during this period as new energy integrates. This can bring frustration, tension, and aggravation to areas of life that are not going as planned, or not going according to our plan. There can be a feeling as if things are not moving as quickly as we’d like them to, and a centralized focused on the “me” instead of the “we”. There is an encouragement to transform and mature this energy into contemplating your role in the greater aspects of life. This is encouraging us to have a deeper level of surrender to our heart’s and Spirit. Power when abused becomes misused by the ego and creates disconnection and the same cycle we have been trying to end for decades. Power grounded in Spirit creates breakthroughs and growth for the collective and self as a whole. We are asked to rethink the word power and allow ourselves to see the higher spiritual movement that is occurring. Are your desires rooted in your ego? Or are they rooted in the greater good of all? Sometimes we get so lost in what we want, we don’t open to receive the plan that Spirit has for us that is better aligned to our truth and our hearts. This energy can be a reality check that guides us back to realign with Spirit’s guidance and pathway for us.

This is bringing deeper awareness to how we are meant to play a role within the bigger scheme of life, and how our unique and individual self is ENOUGH to create that change. Many times in this journey, we try to become an ideal of spirituality. Many of us have tried to align to someone else’s ideal of what being spiritual means, what it looks like, what it is, and what it is not. This energy helps us rebirth our connection in a way that is individually and uniquely aligned to us. This may feel like revolting against the rules, throwing out old ideals and mindsets that don’t resonate, and freeing yourself from old outdated beliefs and conditions to find your own sense of connection. Due to this, many can feel a disconnect or discord within the way they relate to “Spirituality” as it has been practiced or related to generally and previously. It’s time for you to strip down the layers and find the power of discernment. You can no longer live by someone else’s ideals any longer. You can read all the books, follow all the “rules” for accessing the Akashic Records, you can buy all the crystals, and you can go vegan … but if it’s not truly aligned with the authentic nature and blueprint of your soul and core beliefs, it is not going to get you any closer to your true Spirit. Illusions rise to the surface and are cleared so we can see that truth clearly.

In a sense, this is a arrival energy in which we arrive into our human self with the soul’s understanding present. The two are not meant to be separated but meant to be synced together into a unified expression that finds balance between all, between the self, and others, and in which polarity is necessary in order to remain balanced and grounded. This energy gifts us a sense of freedom in being our truest, messiest, imperfect version of our human self with our soul’s understanding and acceptance that, THAT is exactly who we have come to be, and THAT is our power.

If you have ever felt left out, like an outcast, like the black sheep, like you’re too much, or not enough, like you don’t belong, like you don’t fit in… this is OUR moment. If you’ve felt like you’ve been lost recently, this energy says you’ve been lost your whole life and now your just coming home. It feels weird at first to embrace the weird space of uncertainty and imperfection, but eventually we realize this is our truth. This gives us permission to OWN who we are, regardless of the standards held by other people, while also respecting others differences. This is not about force, this is about love. Love is unconditional, non-judgmental, all encompassing, and yet it appears in many definitions and many different ways.

When we are tapped into our true power, we are tapped into the vulnerability and openness of our own heart without feeling as if we need to protect our guard ourselves, with out feeling like we are better or worse than others, but knowing that is when we are accessing our truth, our authentic power. When we are tapped into our heart we are energized by the momentous frequencies of the highest energy in the Universe, and from there we can make anything happen for ourselves and for our planet. This is leading the way through the power of our hearts. When one leads through their heart, they lead with love. When we lead with love, we lead with compassion, understanding, acceptance, and grace. When we anchor into the true power of our heart, we leave blame, shame, and guilt behind and we step forward in our own light. This is a call and a activation to step into your light, to step into your love, and to step forward to do your part in this world to bring transformation NOW. There is no more time to wait in the shadows of the past and the smallness of who you were told to be. It’s time to break free and reclaim your individual and unique place in this world. We each came with a widely diverse set of teachings, views, opinions, perspectives, and gifts in order to line up with a unique pathway of frequencies to transform and elevate the planet. We were never all meant to channel our energy and gifts in the same way. It breaks my heart to have people ask me how to channel, how do I access Spirit, and telling me how they have tried taking this course on healing, and that course, and that course. Learning is expansive, however; how you use YOUR gifts and your light isn’t being done by someone else, and doesn’t require you to mimic or copy others. It’s time to be brave and bold and tap into innovation.

This energy says we have no more time to be lazy in our spiritualness and in our growth. We came here to grow and we came to expand this planet. There has been so much conversation, words shared, and ideals passed around especially in the last few years … concepts of Spirituality learned and integrated, yet now …. it’s time to APPLY THEM, to put them into action. It’s time to walk the talk, and get moving to create a better Earth. To stop fighting on the internet about conflicting views, and wasting time trying to prove this is right and that is wrong, and pointing fingers. It’s time to stop engaging with the drama of the ego and trying to control it all, to drop our guard and open our damn hearts and say I SURRENDER TO THE POWER OF SPIRIT AND WHERE IT LEADS ME NOW! It’s time to step UP and take action towards the beliefs, passions, and desire’s of your heart. The thing about spirituality is, it is one aspect of us… yet, we are still human, and the human field and plan requires us to get moving! I don’t care if it’s drawing comic books, accounting, making music, energy healing, or a lawyer… none of them is more “Spiritual” than the other, each holds a special and unique role in the way we LIGHT up this world. The idea that one has to serve their purpose in a special way is an illusion. Each role is here to revolutionize the world, and it starts with you owning your light and living that frequency wherever you are at right here right now. That creates the change in your life and in others, and at a bigger level.

This energy is all about that, and it becomes the catalyst for the magnetic change that comes moving into 2022. It’s time we all rise up and come together to realize that regardless of the context, we all desire the same thing. How we carry that out may be different, but at the basic most fundamental of life, we all desire the same thing. The power that we are reclaiming isn’t the heirarchical bullshit that creates distorted ego trips and separation of one person being better than another, this kind of power that we are being asked to tap into and reclaim is the power of being vulnerable, the power of connection, the power of coming together as a whole and declaring that we may all be different, weird, messy, unique, and have our flaws but that we all desire the same thing for this planet and world.

This energy asks us to release the ideal that we have to struggle and fight in order to get what we want. We don’t have to step on others in order to get ahead in life, we can all get ahead much faster by supporting and encouraging each other even if we are on very different pathways.

This energy is also bringing in some POWER HOUSE connections for collaborations, relationships, and task companions. Pay attention to the people you meet during this period throughout the rest of the year. They are here to EXPAND you, this is bringing others together with a powerful purpose and mission that are aligned at a deeper level of the soul and for the bigger purpose of this planet. However, when we are stuck in ego of appearances, and surface level desires of what we think they should be and look like we can often overlook these meetings and not be OPEN to receiving. Often times, Spirit is trying to give us what we desire most, yet it doesn’t look how we wanted it to look, it doesn’t happen the way we wanted it to, so we pass it up and we loose hope that it’s possible. This energy says expand your views, and be open! Forgiveness is needed in the heart space in order to receive new connections during this time. There is a level of mistrust that is being healed with this energy, and this is asking us to forgive the pains and hurts of the past in order to open to these connections now. This is also allowing us to have a restored faith in others and humanity. Many of shut themselves out to others and have been trying to move through this journey alone. We can no longer go through this alone, we need others to continue evolving. Open yourself up, and understand that trusting yourself is centralized to trusting others.

At a collective energetic level, this energy is restoring balance to the polarities of life. The balance between the masculine and feminine, positive and negative, higher and lower fields of awareness. Polarity is needed in order to co-exist with all of life, for without one there is no existence of the other, no purpose, and no meaning. This is clearing the distortion of the masculine from the collective, again we are talking about the illusionary themes of masculine energy such as ego driven power, greed, force, manipulation, lust, competition, and jealousy. So watch where you stand in relation to those themes during this time, so that you can heal those deeper wounds of separation within yourself. The feminine is rising she is reclaiming balance and harmony finding the power in her softness, and vulnerability during this time. This is about no longer seeing feelings and emotions as the enemy and a mere inconvenience to our desires, but rather working with them as our guide and as our greatest ally. Collective imbalances within the masculine and feminine roles will be revealed more collectively during this period of time throughout the rest of the year. Note that both energies are within you, the balance of these energies within yourself creates alignment in your energetic field, which creates expansion within your impact on this planet.

This is everything coming full circle within a greater span as well, in the sense that this is bringing all lessons from all lifetimes into the integration of our Soul Star Chakra, which helps us have clarity and a full picture perspective on who we are and our role now. This is moving beyond the cyclic nature of what we have already experienced in other life’s and in this life, and the beginning of an entirely new beginning. This energy is exciting and magnetic when utilized appropriately. Anything is possible from here when we align to our heart. The heart is the greatest magnetic frequency of the human structure on a energetic level and has the momentum to attract and repel things. This is all about the power of the heart and allowing it to expand the potential of our human experience, when we clear away all that has held us back from truly accessing it.

This energy is a surge and a spark that lights us up and begins to initiate and build something progressively over a time span. This energy is giving us a major insight into what will be developing in the month of November.

This energy can feel very chaotic due to the power and impact it has, so if you find that you are anxious remember to remain grounded! Grounding is essential and key to integration and awareness.

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