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April 2021 Energy Forecast: SUPER New Moon in Aries

The month of April 2021, it is a bit of a whirlwind and a progressive mix of energies. As we have walked into Aries season, timelines are rapidly clearing, wrapping up, and ending while they are also being renewed, restored, and regenerated. What was happening around 2013, the people, the cycles, the opportunities are all recycling back as a means of integrating the awareness for more. Many of what was beginning to cultivate in 2013, was the path of our current evolution, however; many of us were distracted, lost, and not prepared consciously to understand the relationships, opportunities, and what was occurring within us and around us. So, just like everything else in our Universe, we are given a second chance to review these timelines and to reevaluate and integrate the lessons and awareness from this time. The people who were in our life’s during that time and phase most likely had some soul role within our evolutionary process, and are circling back around now for many as a means of integrating that relationship. This is not always a “test”, as the Universe never tests us, and this is not always a bad thing. Sometimes we have separated from task companions and soul family to integrate into a higher level of awareness, to recognize each other at a deeper level later on in our journey. For some, similar situations that are patterns and cyclic in nature are returning so that you can finally demonstrate all that inner work you have done. It is one thing to sit in your bedroom and meditate and elevate your consciousness, it is a totally other level to walk out into the world, or have the world walk into you, and be able to put all you have learned into action and practice. The momentum is strong and we can feel anxiety, tension, worry, ungrounded, TMJ, vertigo, teeth shifts, nausea, appetite changes, headaches, and exhaustion until we adjust to this new speed and until some dust settles. It could feel like you are being pulled in a million different directions, your past self and your evolved self seem to be lingering in your headspace going back and forth, and you can’t seem to get clarity on the right way to go now. There is a ton of momentum with this energy coming through, yet, there is still a haze as timelines continue to regenerate. This can be causing many frustration, boredom, tension, impatience, etc, as they feel they have the action oriented energy to get moving and to create change, yet no steps, no clarity, and little to no understanding as to where to go next and what to do.

The first portion of this month is all about initiation, can you take the initiative to stand firmly within the growth that you have created within you? Can you continue to stand firmly and proudly in who you have become outside of the worlds conditions. Can you stand in the storm of triggers, past situations, past wounds, relationships, etc. and continue to choose your evolutionary road to growth? Do you have the courage and have you grown and evolved to an unshakable place within you that you can honor your energy and where you are, and respond to the building momentum within you as the sign that the momentum in your outer world is building as well, whether you can see it or not? This is still very much a integral phase, a right of passage, a crossing from one space into the next. Mood swings, feeling heavy, tense, emotional can also be in the cards, this is giving us the opportunity to respond from a new standpoint. We have remained imbalanced in the world between the divine feminine and the divine masculine energies, we have undergone this transformative process to help restore balance and unity between the two. However, if we are still pushing aside our emotions, chasing, forcing, and distracting ourselves from the emotions needing to surface now, we have yet to really be prepared to enter into the next phase of life. Union, harmony of the energies within you, is needed and necessary to create momentum now. The world operates a little differently, manifestation operates a little differently, yet so much quicker if you step into your authentic self. You see, your authentic self isn’t pretending to be someone they are expected to be, they are not seeking externally, they are creating their own beliefs, they are honoring their emotions, and they are opening their heart to receive. You have to be open in your heart space to receive what you desire. We can no longer create from a place of disconnection, as that has only created the deterioration of the world. We are very much so still in a healing phase this month, and remain in such to solidify the massive recrimination of power phase we have been moving through. So those situations that have belittled you, have thrown you off your game, have made you feel helpless, have made you feel unworthy, have made you second guess yourself; they WILL continue to pop up through the beginning of this month, as a reminder of your power, as evidence and guidance to the healing that is still required by you. The work is never done, the healing is never completed, there is no end destination to evolution and enlightenment, it is a continual process of diving deeper into yourself and learning how to become that person despite the world around you. This is a time of mastering that, mastering your ability to not let the world create your internal state and your worth. So are you going to continue the same cycles and patterns, or are you finally going to learn the damn lessons and move on? It’s your choice, and this is what the first portion of the month is offering us, a chance to solidify our choice. There are laws to the Universe, sitting in your room and speaking into existence what you desire now, asking for new, that is one thing; demonstrating that you are prepared for the new is the next step. Here you are, demonstrate to life you are ready! Actions speak louder than words during this phase. If you are lacking direction, clarity, and understanding on your path, where are you still seeking externally as a means of defining your worth and who you are? If you are feeling restless, how can you move this stuck and stagnant energy to clear space to receive the new? The first half of this month is about making the choice, are you going to allow conditions to create your reality, are you going to allow the past to continue to generate the same cycles? OR are you going to choose a different response, a different mindset, a different reaction, are you going to believe in yourself no matter what and continue in the knowing that although it seems hazy, you are moving forward into the new? You choose!

The first few weeks are a potent activation that are asking us to step up and into our power. They are going to be clearing a lot of energies from the collective on a physical level, so continued physical symptoms may continue. However, if you are someone experiencing persistent physical side effects of this energy, you need to ask yourself where you have been distracting and resisting. When energy fails to integrate appropriately it is because we are resisting in some way. Be honest with yourself!

This energy is amplified with the portal opening that we enter into today (Friday, April 9th). This is a massive portal that we have leading into the SUPER New Moon in Aries on the 11th-12th, that will ignite the fire within us as the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Chiron all meet in this initiating sign. Get ready for a huge clearance of energies. This is furthering the process of stripping us clear of anywhere we have given our power away to a source outside of ourselves. This is all about the self. If you have felt that you have been unclear about who you are and what you are here to do expect this New Moon to wipe clean all the haze and ignite you with the illuminate of your authentic truth. Whatever has remained stagnant is moving out and new steps will be given during this time. You have to take the initiative to your own healing. This is about a deep healing around the self-image and how you relate to and see yourself. This is all about igniting the abundance within us that we have been seeking externally, and this is a deep dive to get out of our own way and take some action towards the dreams and desires we have been sitting on. This is giving us a total rebirth energy that will leave us fired up with courage and confidence to take the first step toward the new life we have been wishing for. This energy will continue working with us for the first portion of this month.

This is a prolonged and massive rebirth, we are shedding the old layers more than ever before, and we are rejuvenating. This can leave some feeling sensitive, vulnerable, and raw, and for others this can manifest as feeling stifled, stuck, and bored. We are being asked to give ourselves space to get clear on what is no longer serving us, take the steps and action to eliminate such now! This is allowing us to understand the full spectrum of life and death itself, and to anchor in transformation and alchemy at a entirely new level. If you are struggling, again, look at where you are clinging on too tightly to the things that are no longer serving you. Where are you clinging out of lack that there will not be more on the other side? Where are you resisting your own metaphorical death out of fear, and where has fear prevented you from growing? All of that will be clearly illuminated at this time and it is coming to the surface so that we can eliminate the road blocks that have held us back in the past (again circle back and review the major triggers and events that came up for you in 2013, you will see a correlation), so that we can FINALLY MOVE ON! That’s what we all want right? Okay, well the Universe always delivers when we ask, however; sometimes we are not prepared for what we have been asking for, so it takes us through the process of preparation first. This is the prep, this is the groundwork. You have to have strong, unshakeable, and solid foundation in order to build a bigger and better house. So build that foundation now! Show that you are taking the initiative to change and create and more stable internal self, because once we hit the second half of the month, there is BIG movement occurring.

We are collectively also moving through womb clearing and activations, or igniting of the Shakti Circuit. This is about claiming our creative energy and power and honoring our feelings. As we move through this reclamation, our Sacral Chakra will be releasing the old energies, which can result in frequent urination, UTIs, lower belly bloating, irregular menses, low-back pain, hip pain, and bursts of sexual energy.

The second half of the month is all about creation. We have to first enter the black womb of nothingness, the unknown, the darkness in order to be birthed back again through to the light. Rebirth is coming in the second half of the month, and when you let go of all the identities you though you should be, all the ideas around who you have though you were, in order to be birthed and created anew in your true authentic blueprint, you become a magnetic powerhouse for all your true dreams and desires. Many in the collective have based their desires on the external world and what they have seen through others, yet, they have not taken the time to tune into their authentic desires. This time has been about doing just that, and in the second half of the month we are receiving divine alignment and redirection to put us in the drivers seat of our dreams and things will be moving forward quick! We are being birthed anew and so is our life, and something within us is shifting, how we create shifts and it is connected more to the true core of our heart’s desires rather than the ego observations of the world. This is when we find true fulfillment and happiness. Many have manifested their life, yet have been bored, stuck, and uninspired because this is no longer aligned with their authentic truth, yet fear and distracted has prevented many from progressing in a new direction. When we let go of the reigns and stop forcing, the Universe does all the work. If you have surrendered to the level needed and necessary at this point during the month, you will see that you are magically in the right place at the right time, new opportunities, clarity, understanding, and momentum is coming directly and effortlessly to you. Life is trying to teach us something, it’s trying to show us we are here to work with it not against it, and when you surrender to the flow of nature, you are always in divine flow easily and effortlessly with your desires and more.

We are also opening up our senses at this time. Whether you believe it or not, the truth is that we are all collectively meant to be empathic, we are all meant to be picking up on one another and sensitive to each other’s energies, that is the divine essence of true collective consciousness. We all have the ability to be empathic, however; conditions, karma, and hurts have created some to be closed to this awareness. This month, we open it up and we begin to sense everything around us so that we can know that we are not alone! Many can be feeling alone, isolated, lost, and secluded right now, however; when we open our senses we can feel the truth of all, we can feel that we are never truly alone. This is also a beautiful gift that is helping us trust our own intuition and self further. We have ignored and shut down our senses and emotions as a means of protection, yet they have cut us off from our own compass. We are opening up once again to be able to get a clear sense of where we are going. You can no longer rely on your eyes to tell you what you need to know, you need to open up to the feelings within you and honor them, trust they, and utilize them as your navigation. Your mind can not get you where you need to go, it is within your heart that you have the answers, they key, and the map to your destiny. Trust your feelings above all else right now, this is your discernment not judgment! If you feel like someone is not for you, you can lovingly release them from your life. If you feel like your job is stifling you, again key word FEEL, leave! You cannot expect the Universe to come in and do the work for you, and it’s time to take creative control and responsibility for your life.

This month is about taking accountability and responsibility for the life you have created, as well as stepping up to your co-creative power. If you have sat on the sidelines of life and left it all up to the Universe, you are in for a wake up call in the most loving way! The Universe cannot create momentum if it does not know what you want, and if you do not know what you want. So ask yourself, get clear, ask your HEART, what do you want, who do you want to be, what is your truth? What steps can you take to initiate that and show you are ready to receive just that? Take one small step in this direction and begin to put your bigger plan in place, and watch how quickly the steps reveal themselves to you! That is the key of this month, you have to show up to meet your guides, God, and the Universe half way! You have to show up for yourself just as much as you expect the Universe and your guides to show up for you! So where are you not showing up for yourself and waiting around for someone else to? Where have you sat on the sidelines of your life, waiting for it to change with no results or action? It’s time you recognize your power and that you step up into your creative role. Think of yourself as the script writer of the story that is your life. If you have yet to write the script, all the other pieces cannot come into play. Sit down, write your script, step into your power! At the core of the energy of this month, it is diving deeper into seeing that your life and what you create truly doesn’t matter, it is moreso who you create yourself to be. Who you are, has more power than what you have. This month is reminding us that at a deeper level!

April is about awakening the power of transformation an alchemy within, seeing that we are the transmitter of life itself and through our own transformation, we bring the world into a deeper transformative state. There are endings and there are beginnings in this month. We are encouraged to know that we are safe, secure, and protected as we undergo such transformation. The root chakra for many is being rewired at this time as well from lack to abundance. However, this is a deep regeneration process. You have to hit your “rock bottom” in order to see that even there you are provided for. Many are encouraged to trust more than ever, to trust the money will arrive, to trust the new to appear, you have to go out on the ledge and say whole heartedly you trust the Universe, and more importantly, YOU TRUST YOUR OWN INSTINCTS, you trust your own creative power! That brings in a innate magnetism that calls forth everything we need to begin again. What would happen, if you just leaned in and trusted? If you no longer second guessed yourself and life? If you fully trusted money? This month encourages the collective to find out.

Simply put the collective is being asked this month to release: feeling the need to force, push, and overwork as a means of accomplishing, the guard around the heart which has prevented us from receiving and believing we are worthy of receiving without conditions, as well as giving and extending to others without expectation. The collective is being asked to release the self-sabotaging mindset in which we abandon ourselves and our worth the minute something doesn’t go as planned in the physical. We are being asked to release the idea of lack, which has left us holding too tightly onto things that no longer serve us or too tightly onto things such as money. When we hold too tightly out of lack we stop the energetic flow of such into our life. Where are you holding onto things in your life but asking for more? You can’t receive more until you left go knowing it’s already coming, trusting it is provided already! We are also being asked to release the need to be so quick to keep going, keep evolving, and continue to the next chapter, the next best thing, that we simply forget to stop and acknowledge how far we have already come. We need to release the haste and impatience so that we can see all that we have already accomplished, when we stop and appreciate our journey, when we see how far we have already come, it humbles us into a state of gratitude it opens us up to see that we are not as stuck as we have thought.

We are being asked collectively to step into this month: into our creative power, into the authority within us, into the trust of our intuition and our own internal guidance. This month is asking us to step into our worthiness, and into the harmonic flow of abundance that lives within us. It is asking us to solidify the masculine and feminine energies within ourselves and find balance and harmony, a stable foundation within us, which in turn ignites everything we desire in our external world. We are being asked to come out of hermit mode and step into the world, to create loving relationships with others and to stop fearing others intentions and motives as we know that we have our internal compass guiding us in the right direction. We are asked to step into discernment as well, to stop seeking externally and come into our own beliefs, opinions, wisdom, and ideals that occur naturally within our hearts when we stop distracting and taking in from the outside world. We are being asked to find our authentic truth and begin taking the steps necessary to receive, and this month is all about learning how to receive! This month is asking us to come from a place where we are no longer searching for abundance, we become abundance, we give freely, we receive freely and we enter into a harmonic union with life itself. This time is about new opportunities, new passions, new energy, and a new you. New creative inspiration will take the place of the old. We are encouraged to play and find joy in our expression of creative energy. Often times our motives for creation have been drawn upon by money, however; when we are aligned authentically we know that more money will come when we are actually passionated about what we are creating. This is creating a shift for many in the realm of career, how we make money, and purpose! Let go of your idea of what you thought you wanted to allow the Universe to take you to your truth! You’re taken care of, lean into the trust and let it become your whole being, get clear on what feels right for you no matter if it is insane, and give yourself permission to come back into the world, to be apart of this world! Being human was the whole purpose in your incarnation, you can no longer separate Spirit and Earth any longer.

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