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2020 Energies and approach of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer

You may have found yourself full of energy, wildly optimistic, and as if things were going to turn for you at the strike of midnight on New Years Eve. However, were somewhat confused when nearing midnight and the New Year you started to feel something much different. The energy shifted around 11:00p.m. CST on December 31st, 2019, ushering in the New Year with a much different feel than we imagined.

You may have found that Christmas had a different feel this year and if you did not celebrate traditionally, that this hit you a harder than usual. You may found that you were exhausted with the solar eclipse ushering in and more emotional. If you do not have people around you who truly see and understand you, you may have found yourself longing for soul family like you never have before. The Solar Eclipse on December 25th along with the New Moon in Capricorn ignited a portal for us to enter into purging away what no longer resonates and what is holding us back one final time, with the New Year came the rise into this ascension our souls have been preparing for heavily. We have been preparing for the past year, the year of 2019, for this moment, and we are now entering into the ascension period. If you have been doing the work over the course of the year, you’ve signified a choice, a choice to move forward, a choice to evolve into a new sense of being. We do have free will, so you may have observed that others have simply been unaffected or blind to any symptoms. You may have found friendships and relationships ending abruptly, as if they had died. There has been a make-or-break moment in relationships in that they have either evolved and moved forward in big ways or have ended. If they did not choose to ascend, they are not coming with you. Jobs might have been lost or quit abruptly in this path of ascension as well. Marriages may have taken a different shape, ended, or begun depending on the connection and if both partners made the choice to evolve together or not. You may have been experiencing extreme fatigue, sleeping more only to wake up more exhausted and feeling as though you have been traveling. You may find that you have been experiencing vivid intense dreams of those from your past as well as involving travel. You may find with the release or exiting of relationships have been the coming of past toxic relationships or negative people entering your life and your dreams. You may find that they are seeking vengeance one final time or that they are desperate to reconcile past mistakes. It may seem there is a heavy anxiety and tension in the collective right now, and you may have observed others rushing around in a state of panic like it is the apocalypse. There is a sense of unknown that we are entering into, a sense of mystery in the future, and a sense that we are unsure of life from the moment we are experiencing now moving forward. It may seem as though you are stuck in a void, like everything has been cleared out of your life only to be left wondering who you are now, where you are going now, and what do you do now. You may find that past interests, projects, and career choices no longer resonate with you at all and disinterest you completely. You may feel completely uninspired by the things that once brought you joy and happiness. There is a sense of being lost right now at this time, but it is only a matter of being re-birthed and stepping into new territory that has yet to be experienced.

You may have been experiencing flu-like symptoms, nausea, vomiting, headaches, head buzzing, lack of appetite, tingling in the hands, feet, and head regions, and total body aches and tension especially in the sacral region. Skin dryness, rashes, and breakouts can also be prominent at this time. Additionally, we have collectively been experiencing insomnia, ear ringing, head buzzing, tension in the throat and neck, and feeling heavy. You may find that you are extremely empathic at this time, sensing the collectives anxiety, sorrow, mourning, and more especially with the disastrous fires in Australia. You find that you are extremely sensitive and empathic at a debilitating and paralyzing rate; feeling so much that you are unable to go about daily tasks and life. You may also have been experiencing the sensation that you are not of the world but somehow stuck in it. There is a restless energy to just “go”, without a sense of direction or reason as to where or why. You may have felt as though the world and people rush around you without you being noticed, almost as if you are not there. You may find that you are completely disconnected to the physical reality around you and as if you are living in a dream. You may feel extremely bored and uninspired right now and a sensation as if you are literally in a in-between state. You may find that you have experienced a massive change in perception, seeing forgiveness in those who have hurt you, viewing others through the eyes of compassion and understanding, and finding yourself almost mournful of those still “blind”. You may also be more observant of life happening around you rather than feeling the need to try and control things. You may also have experienced literal death in your life as soul’s leave their human incarnations.

As we are now approaching the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer on January 10, 2019, you may already be feeling her effects. Cancer is HIGHLY emotional thus our emotions are rising back into us at a intense rate. The divine feminine energies over the year of 2019 almost seemed to stray away from their emotional sides, coming moreso into their root and power of the sacral areas, coming more into this fire energy. Whereas, the divine masculine energies received a upper chakra awakening, particularly to their heart and third eye. The divine feminine may have found they were out-of-touch with their emotional gifts and feeling cold. This moon and eclipse is allowing the waters to pour back into you; allowing you to reintegrate your heart chakra and the third eye. This is allowing you to come back into your feminine nature and it is coming in, in one big wave rather than gradually. Expect to feel very emotional, very empathic, very sensitive, and even have fits of crying for reasons you may not understand. The divine masculine may be experiencing intense emotions as well during this moon as they are being encouraged to remain open in their heart space, to remain open to their intuition as a guide. The divine masculine was grounded back down into their earthly nature with the start of Capricorn season and the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Capricorn on December 25th and December 26th. Thus, a lot of masculines were triggered back into fear and conditioning causing them to run back into old habits of hiding behind brick walls. This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is jolting them back into their heart, back into their emotions, and showing them they cannot run and they cannot hide from their emotions; it is showing them once again that emotions are their guide. It is a chance to rebalance the masculine energies and incorporate back the feminine nature of the collective. We have been swinging up and down and back and forth between the two energies since December in a integration period- now we are allowing the divine masculine to upgrade and heal fully. Men often have shame around being vulnerable and feeling into their emotions as a means of conditioning, they underwent a awakening over the past 8 months specifically to awaken them to the feminine nature within them, now they are entering another phase of integration of their emotional body; they are being triggered once again to remain open in their heart. Thus, collectively, you may find that people are extra sensitive at this time, very guarded or cautious, emotional, and experiencing a new sense of awakening. For the men they will either be coming into their emotions and expressing them more to move forward with the collective rise of the divine feminine or falling away. The divine feminine will either be allowing herself to reincorporate love back into herself, to reawaken her heart space, to allow her emotional nature to wash over her once again, or she will be remaining in the blocked emotional state. It is a choice and a make-or-break time hence the very nervous energies within the collective. If you find that you are experiencing an influx of these symptoms, know that you have made the choice to rise into a new dimension and that those who choose not to come with you, was as well a choice. There could be an overwhelming sense of mournfulness and sadness sweeping over the collective. You may find yourself wanting to surround yourself with people who truly understand you but, feel alienated in your current reality. You may find that you feel all alone and that there is no one around you that seems to understand you anymore. You may find that people are saying you have changed too much, or accusing you of not being really “here” anymore; a sense that you are not with them anymore. You might find yourself longing for relationships and friendships that are completely different than your past experiences; you find yourself craving a deeper sense of collectiveness, community, soul family, and love. You may find yourself craving a deeper understanding of the world and yourself right now while spinning yourself in circles with nothing but confusion. The mind is not able to comprehend this part at all- it wants to send you into a state of panic and turmoil because the mind can only comprehend what it sees and what it has known. What it cannot see, what it does not know, is found within the heart; within the soul- allow yourself to follow the calls you’re receiving now. Allow yourself to follow the impulses you’d usually mull over in your mind a million times before acting- if you feel the urgent need to check in on someone- don’t overthink it- if you feel the need to abruptly leave your job- don’t fear. We’re climbing up the stairs to a higher sense of being;in order to fly you must let go of what has made you heavy. In order to be caught you have to trust the jump and void.

The year 2020 is equal to the number 4, in this year we are rising into a higher dimension, if we have chosen, the fourth dimension. We are climbing the ladder up to the fifth dimension that we will enter into with the next New Year of 2021. If you felt as though 2019 went by very quickly, we will be feeling the same sensation in 2020 with a slowing down and equalizing in the year of 2021. Life as you know it is gone. This can create a lot of the emotions, panic, and anxiety we are collectively experiencing. Things are shifting rapidly. The year of 2019 was the year of internal preparation, you may find that you were put in very hard situations in order for your internal self to grow rapidly. 2020 is the year in which our external realities shift and undergo transformation. We are climbing up the stairs to a different reality and thus comes the journey of death and rebirth once again. The thing you should allow to ground you now at this time is that your purpose; the purpose for you being incarnated here on earth is to create; it never was for you to discover, it was to shed away the ties that held your hands captivate from reaching for colors and brushes that allow you to paint reality in the way you wish it to be. 2020 is the year you reawaken to the creator of your being. There is a mystery and sense of unknown in the way life will be and how this will look with some choosing to ascend and some making the choice to remain; allow yourself to find comfort and peace that you have made the right decision and that is all that matters. Allow yourself to feel your emotions and to be grateful for them, as emotions do not exist beyond the human plane. Beyond the experience of being human you are nothing but a frequency there is no emotions, there is no tears, there is no language, there is no music, there is no sight, no sound, no feeling; this is the gift of the human experience. Allow yourself to find the beauty in the waves in which you are, the ocean that is within you. This a beautiful time to channel these emotions into creating; creating is essential now. Don’t think, just create. Find clarity in the ability to let go, to surrender, and trust that you will be caught when you jump. Things are shifting everyday allow yourself to observe the waves rather than throwing yourself into them.

These emotions are being stirred within our bodies and are causing a throbbing sensation in areas where we still hold emotional traumas, let this be your guide now. Where you are experiencing symptoms is where you need to allow yourself to release more. Are bodies might feel as if they are a pressure cooker as energies filter in at an intense rate upgrading our consciousness and flooding out the old causing a “whooshing” sensation in the ears. Hot ears, a hot and cold sensation, and a pins and needles feeling may also be felt at this time throughout the body. I find an extremely good way to navigate where you will experience symptoms the most in order to understand them more is by using your Human Design chart. Generally speaking, where you have open centers or centers that are not defined in Human Design is going to give you a hint as to where you are receiving and purging the most energetically. Nourishing these centers can help ease symptoms and calm the physical body. Each of the centers corresponds to a chakra point, addressing an imbalance in that chakra region or working with crystals that correspond to those regions is highly effective at this time. Allow yourself to surrender. We are not meant to live from the mind, but the heart. There is nothing to fear, it all serves a purpose and what a gift it is to be here experiencing this in human form. Allow yourself to be grateful, feel gratitude wrap around you like a warm blanket easing the side effects of rising and settling your restless mind. Give others space to work through these energies and be supportive to yourself and others during this transition. You may find past relationships that seemed to die come back and are re-birthed with this Full Moon, you may find yourself merging with those from your past in a new way, or you may find yourself aligning with new people and new incarnations - whatever is being birthed now, is meant to help you on this journey. Healthy fats and B12 are essential to grounding the body at this time, LOTS of water/liquids, and finding space to escape the mind are keys to soothing the symptoms in the physical body right now. All creative endeavors are essential to nourishing the mind and soul now.

If you feel called to work with me further and on a more personalized level during this time, please click here and fill out the contact information.

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