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In a reading Lindsey channels directly your spirit guides and the information they are wanting to deliver to you based on what questions and areas of life you’re wanting to focus on. She pulls up your soul blueprint to look at any past life and karmic patterns that may be affecting your current situation. This is SOUL deep; it’s about you diving into what’s right at the soul level and uncovering all the conditioning, fears, karma, and whatever else might be hiding you from experiencing your own energy and connection. This is about YOU. Not that one guy or your sisters best friend, it’s about tuning into YOU at a soul level. 

" This was my first time receiving a reading like this and i'm so glad I did. Everything was spot on. I started applying everything from the reading to my life and my job has never been better, i'm making more money, my relationship has never been better, and i'm feeling better than ever! Thanks again this is awesome stuff." 


" Hi Lindsey! Thank you SO much. This was the best reading I’ve ever had. Everything was pretty much spot on it’s kinda scary haha. This reading was far more helpful than the work I am doing with a life coach in my opinion. So thank you!" 


"Thank you so much for the beautiful reading it allresonated so much! It definitely gave me lots of confirmation on things I was hearing and know deep down and gave me so much relief and ease. Thank you again so much for everything you’ve shared !" 


"You are incredible- thank you so much. I really felt like you understood me. You have such a gift. Thanks for much for all the work you do- you are amazing!" 


Lindsey felt called by Spirit to create Rad Radiance to guide others through spirituality, the alchemization and transformation of the body, mind, and soul. Her mission is to assist others in unlocking their destiny, aligning with their truth, freeing themselves from conditioning, and reconnecting them with their Guides.

"When you align with your personal power, you ignite your effortless ability to manifest the life you came to live"

-Lindsey @ Rad Radiance

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From workshops to workbooks and other magical offerings, this is where you can come to learn how to harness your own awareness and connection and utilize it in the world! With all products here in the shop, you can expect to be taught how to integrate in a new awareness and add new tools to your practice so that you can activate your highest potential and learn how to become your own healer and tune into the guidance that is always around you and within you! 

About Lindsey

Her mission is to help empower others to the ability to heal themselves, realign them with their true soul mission, reconnect humanity to the true essence of Christ Consciousness, and to expose all illusions in the world and within ourselves that keep us small. She is here as a Guardian of the Earth to protect this planet and to help guide humanity through the ascension process. At the core of her work is Source and love.