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Lindsey's Story

Lindsey was a vibrant and well in tune child. She loved dancing and singing and her first channeling begun as song writing and poetry> She had a gift of communicating with Spirits at a young age, and felt more welcome by that world than the physical.  

After straying away from her connection in adolescence she fell ill in the year 2010. Physicians could not find a cause for her illness and she spent months in the hospital. During this time Lindsey spent time on another plane of existence. She choose to come back into her body with the information she was here to heal. 

She was diagnosed with autoimmune chronic pancreatitis the following year. She was told she would not live past the age of 30 and her life would not be "normal". 

In 2013, she lost a very close friend unexpectedly and began to see and communicate with his spirit. This slowly awakened her again to her abilities and connection. 

She pursued a traditional path receiving a Bachelors Degree in Integral Sociology and Psychology with a Minor in Anthropology where her studies focused on religion and death. And later explored CBT, neurobiology, and neuropsychology. She loves to learn and frequently explores new information

In 2017, Lindsey decided to go deeper on her spiritual path. She got tired of hating herself and never feeling good enough, that ontop of feeling like shit because of constant health issues made her dive deeper into her own self.  She reconnected with her many past life's as various shamanic healers and begun intuitively working with herbs, food, sound healing, energy work while relying on her medical intuition and knowledge

Lindsey was abruptly diagnosed in September 2018, with organ failure. She was scheduled for an emergency procedure on her 26th birthday. She had a deeper awareness and understanding this was a turning point for her and a right of passage. She came out of the procedure with the news that she was completely healthy; she no longer had chronic pancreatitis, her organs were functioning optimally; she was healed. $50,000.00 in medical bills were completely taken care of by the hospital for the cost of the procedure. In this moment, Lindsey knew she needed to follow the path she was being called to. 

From that point on she has allowed her incredible intuitive abilities and connection to lead her into this space. After her path of shamanic proportions she has vowed her life to be of service to Source. She now uses her connection to assist others.

Lindsey is a gifted energy guru as well as a wise mentor.  She utilizes her unique understanding of energy during her readings through the frequency and power of her voice. In healing sessions, Lindsey utilizes the understanding of energy healing in combination with her education in traditional med (anatomy, neurobiology, physiology, and kinesiology), neuropsychology, hypnosis, understanding of energy pathways and meridians and more to shift your entire being. She prides her self on blending science with Spirit, acknowledging that true power comes from the fusion of both realms. 

Her mission is to help empower others to the ability to heal themselves, realign them with their true soul mission, and to expose all illusions in the world and within ourselves that keep us small. Time to be your biggest and boldest self! Lindsey plans to expand her practice and dreams of creating a network of mind, body, and soul support and community so that others can return to wholeness while connecting to other like-minded humans. Her pure purpose comes from helping others clear all the muck, so that they can reconnect with the inherent joy of being alive! 

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